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1840 Census of Pensioners
Montgomery County, New York

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Montgomery County New York Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.


NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing
Catharine Craw75Abraham Craw
Amos Schenehorn96-
Banajah Mills99-
Gerrit Smith88Gerrit Smith
Abraham Hoagland82Jacob Hoagland
Abraham Siesco92Abraham Siesco
Samuel French82Willaim French
Lucinda Shephard86Horace Shephard
Mary Lepper88Jacob F. Lepper
Israel Stearns76Israel Stearns


Thomas Thompson77Thomas Thompson
George Young81George Young
Samuel Hubbs75Samuel Hubbs
Martin Becker91Martin Becker
Elijah Herrick79Elijah Herrick
Hendrick Kunck83Hendrick Kunck


Peter Lambert84Peter Lambert
Nicholas Dunckle81Nicholas Dunckle
John Roof78John Roof
Elizabeth Cochran74Phenix Lane
John Wood77Isaac Wood
Hiram Chappell76Benj. Sixbury
Daniel Spencer77Daniel Spencer
Benj. Britton81John Hodges
Adam Brown92Daniel Brown
Christian Rapp69Christian Rapp
Margaret Stillwell77John Wemple
Margaret Van Netter72C. Frolick
Maria Gates87Andolph Seeber
Henry Lake73Henry Lake
John H. Waffle78Peter Hevener
Christian Hufnoglo77Henry Stam
Gideon Elliot77Gideon Elliot
Hannah Ritter76John Ritter
Percy Elliot79Percy Elliot
Jonathan Silsbury78Jonathan Sillsbury
Abijah White77Abijah White


Amos Daws79Palmer Ohlin
Nicholas Hill74Nicholas Daws
Joseph Earl83Joseph Earl
John Lott80-
Derrick Van Vechten87Derrick Van Vechten


John Mount80John Mount
John Serviss85Samuel Serviss
Abigail Vanslyke80Richard Hudson
James Williamson81James Williamson
Ruth Cady82Heny Cady
Susan Wooliver86Susan Wooliver
Caty Quackenboss78John Quackenboss
Magdalem Quackenboss79Isaac Quackenboss
Caty Newkirk79Catharine Newkirk
Isaac Conhover80Isaac Conhover
Catharine Frank85Widow Frank


Nicholas Casler76Nicholas Casler
Peter Sitts81Peter Sitts
Frederick Weller82Frederick Weller
Adam Casler75Peter A. Casler
Elizabeth Wilson82John Wilson
Jacob A. Diefendorf72Jacob A. Diefendorf
Peter Young80Peter Young
William Hackney75Adam Hackney
Peter Eggabroat82George Phillips
Margaret Charlesworth74James Burns


Ann Schenk82Edward J. Schenk
John Degraff86Haronymus Degraff
Abraham Vosburgh82John Vosburgh
Nancy Van Dusen75Abraham Van Dusen
Jacob Van Alstine91Jacob Van Alstine


Henry Flanders80John Flanders
Hannah Walker86Jacob Shill
John Nellis78John J. Nellis, Jr.
Peter Fox81Peter Fox
George Ecker79George Ecker, Jr.
Elizabeth Kelly80John Kelly
Gloudy Vandusen86Gloudy Vandusen
Delilah Casler84John Casler


Daniel Dey83James Dey
James Lettis86Jacob Lettis
Philip Hemestreet95Benjamin Hemestreet
William Allen62William Allen
Albert Vedder80Albert Vedder
David Parks75David Parks
Coonrad Friday77Coonrad Friday

St. Johnsville

Elizabeth Tumiorman88Jacob H. Tumiorman
Willaim M. Sanderson75William M. Sanderson
George R. Turen85George Hillecoss
Catharine Nestle86Betsey Wright

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