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1840 Census of Pensioners

Oswego County, New York

June 1, 1840

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing


Sarah Powers 87 Benj. Cross Ebenezer Carr 85 Stillman Preston


Billings Worden 87 Billings Worden Lydia Coop 87 James Riddle Jesse Kinney 78 Jesse Kinney Esther Brown 79 Asa Brown


Almon Ormsby 92 Alanson Ormsby


Anna Ford 75 William Ford Joel Legg 82 Stephen Taft Moses Nelson 75 Moses Nelson


William Heiner 84 William Heiner Joseph Farrer 67 Joseph Farrer Gilbert Parkhurst 79 Gilbert Parkhurst


Jesse Smith 83 Jesse Smith Caleb C. Whipple 78 Caleb C. Whipple Experiance Ormsby 71 Philander Ormsby John Kinyon 80 John Kinyon Amos Reed 87 Amos Reed Alexander Beebe 81 Asa Beebe Bathsheba Alexander 87 Gardener Hagan


Samuel Stowell 77 Samuel Stowell JOhn Brooks 81 Michael Calb Allen Gilbert 84 Jabez H. Gilbert


Philip Chesley 78 Philip Chesley Nathan Franklin 78 Nathan Franklin Timothy Rider 76 Putnam Rider


Experience Warren 102 Samuel Warren Joshua Wood 74 Joshua Wood Amos Johnson 76 Samuel N. Johnson William Lord 81 William Lord


Salley Weed 82 Elihu Phillips Ezra Lampher 83 Ezra Lampher Abigail McChesany 76 J. A. McChesany Ruth Price 80 Isaac Price Isaac Fellows 82 Augustus Fellows Levi Cary 81 Zenas Cary Mary Mason 82 E. Mason JOhn Earskin 88 John Earskin Edward Wade 87 Edward Wade Ebenezer Roberts 84 Ebenezer Roberts John Breed 85 Joseph Breed Abijah Hubbel 79 Abijah Hubbel Dennis Wright 79 N. Wright

Sandy Creek

Nathaniel Jacobs 80 Nathaniel Jacobs Peter Barga 84 L. Widick Ephraim Kimdle 84 E. Kimdle Nicholas Winters 83 N. Winters


Peter Bergen 94 Peter Bergen


Daniel Dunham 77 David Dunham Epaphious Loomis 84 Joseph Langdon


Austin Smith 87 Sidney Tracy James Wheeler 79 L. A. Wheeler Joseph H. Perigo 77 Robert Perigo


Elihu Bradley 84 Elihu Bradley Aaron Fish 81 H. Norton


Samuel Murray 84 T. Seely


Isaac Packard 78 Isaac Packard


Aaron Wheeler 80 Aaron Wheeler

New Haven

Richard Risley 86 Richard Risley


Samuel Starks 79 Samuel Starks Jason Thomas 78 Jason Thomas William Colby 80 William Colby Sylvanus Bishop 74 Lewis Bishop Simon J. Vroman 81 Simon J. Vrooman

[ New York Census of Pensioners: 1840 ]

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