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1840 Census of Pensioners
Providence County, Rhode Island

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Providence County Rhode Island Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

Providence County, Rhode Island

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	


Asa Shelldin 83 Asa Shelldin Elisha Sayles 83 Angell Sayles John Williams 80 John Williams Lydia Mathewson 87 John Mathewson Rachel Logee 83 Joseph Emerson Othenial Young 82 Alpheus Young Olive Phillips 71 Silas Mowry Rose Bowen 69 Rose Bowen George Whipple 81 George Whipple John Esteen 78 John Esteen Joanna Inmon 87 Jeremiah Mowry Martha Cook 94 John Arnold


Esek Dyer 82 Esek Dyer Richard Fenner 87 Welcome Fenner Elisha Arnold 76 Elisha Arnold John Arnold 76 John Arnold Simeon Smith 95 Remington Smith Reuben Smith 80 Reuben Smith Esther Waterman 79 Henry Waterman Sarah Greene 83 Caleb Williams Mary Ramsey 89 Anstress Waterman Abigail Mathewson 82 Mary G. Potter Mary Calvin 89 Caleb Calvin Mary Westcott 80 Niles Westcott Jonathan Knight 80 Sheldon Knight James Hill 87 James A. Hill Pardon Burlingame 84 Pardon Burlingame Mary Brayton 86 Mary Brayton


Hannah Tower 93 Elijah Brown Noah Ballow 89 Noah Ballow Noah Butterworth 79 Susan Bullock Nathaniel Cook 92 Nathaniel Cook Stephen Chace 81 Stephen Chace Joseph Capron 89 Elisha Capron John S. Dexter 86 John S. Dexter Jerusha Darling 83 Jerusha Darling William Follett 82 William Follett Amey Fisk 79 Amey Fisk Lepha Haskill 72 Lepha Haskill Darius Hawkins 81 Rufus Hawkins Oliver Harris 81 Oliver Harris Abigail Havens 75 Lovett Havens Levi Lee 81 Levi Lee Jonathan Peck 80 Jonathan Peck William Rude 88 William Rude Amey Scott 84 Olney Scott Mary Sawyer 81 Mary Sawyer Ann Wilkinson 91 James Thompson Jeremiah Vose 74 Jeremiah Vose Leah Weatherhead 81 Daniel Weatherhead Samuel Haskill 85 Whipple Weatherhead Sylvia Whipple 81 Sylvia Whipple Elizabeth Grant 74 Eliab Whipple Lavina Whipple 84 Nathan Whipple Amaziah Weatherhead 82 Joseph Whipple Jedediah Jencks 79 Welcome Whipple Priscilla Faxon 75 Horatio Stockbridge Mary Howard 84 Ichabod Howard


Oliver Arnold 80 Oliver Arnold Patience Brayton 77 John Brayton Mary Bennett 82 Mary Bennett Mary Bennett 83 Asher Bennett Francis Brayton 76 Francis Brayton Dorothy Cole 71 Dorothy Cole Betsey Drown 81 Betsey Drown Obadiah Easton 90 Obadiah Easton Dorothy Howard 82 Dorothy Howard Elizabeth Wilkinson 90 Benjamin Hopkins Josiah Harrington 80 Josiah Harrington Peleg Hopkins 85 Peleg Hopkins Freelove Harrington 72 Freelove Harrington James Howard 81 James Howard Pernilepa Harrington 85 Peleg Harrington Ezekiel Hopkins 82 Ezekiel Hopkins Peter Hopkins 85 Peter Hopkins Bethiah Morse 84 Bethiah Morse Marcy Stone 77 Barton Randall Solomon Shipper 92 Solomon Shipper, jr. Mercy Taylor 77 Mercy Taylor Drusilla Tucker 83 Drusilla Tucker Ephraim Williams 84 Ephraim Williams Martha Cornell 87 Daniel Walker


Rachel Keech 89 Stephen Keech Samuel Winsor 82 Hannah Winsor Squire Williams 88 Joshua Williams Molly Wade 90 Oliver Wade Willard Wade 83 Willard Wade Jeremy Sweet 83 Jeremy Sweet Roby Wood 84 Luther Wood Sarah Mann 93 Charles Wade Aaron Bardine 77 Horace Bardine Nathaniel Sheldon 51 Nathaniel Sheldon John Trask 81 John Trask James Bowen 80 James Bowen Jesse Armstrong 80 Job Armstrong Obed Seaver 80 John Hawkins Esek Brown 85 Esek Brown Reuben Place 79 Reuben Place Thankful Wilbour 84 Thankful Wilbour Elizabeth Mitchell 75 Joseph Mitchell Sarah Andrews 81 Sarah Andrews Temperance Edwards 75 Temperance Edwards Simeon Bowen 82 Lyman Bowen Jemima Warner 78 Jemima Warner David Kelley 88 Abel Whitaker Martha Medbury 79 Samuel Steere Mary Steere 77 Mary Steere Sarah Daggett 76 Seril M. Daggett Thankful Smith 79 Pardon Hunt


James Olney 77 James Olney Jeremiah Manton 77 Jeremiah Manton Catharine Manton 79 Catharine Manton Esther Waterman 85 Resolved Waterman, 2d John Alverson 83 John Alverson Edward Waterman 82 Edward Waterman Russell Hall 84 Russell Hall

City of Providence 1st ward

Mary Daggett 84 Mary Daggett Sarah Olney 84 Mary J. Carr Elisha Dillingham 75 Elisha Dillingham Thomas Luther 87 Josias L. Luther Susanna Bradford 80 Susanna Bradford Lewis Hill 49 Lewis Hill Jabez Allen 78 Mary Montgomery

City of Providence 2nd ward

William Harding 80 William Harding Mary Vaughan 84 Ably Vaughan Rhoda Barton 88 Rhoda Barton William Wilkinson 79 William Wilkinson Mary Spelman 85 Robert Perkegs James Calder 85 John Calder Hannah Wilbour 82 Hannah Wilbour Samuel McClanan 80 Samuel McClanan Daniel Dexter 82 Susan Thurber Hannah Robinson 78 Mary Lovell Rhoda Newcomb 49 Rhoda Newcomb Grace Man 66 Grace Man Fenna Angell 83 Fenna Angell Andrew Burnett 69 Andrew Burnett

City of Providence 3rd ward

Benjamin Hodges 87 Peter Langley Elias D. Trafton 73 Elias D. Trafton Elizabeth Page 84 William Aplin Simeon Ingraham 91 Simeon Ingraham Samuel Ethforth 85 Samuel Ethforth John Howland 82 John Howland Elizabeth Rogers 80 Frances R. Arnold

City of Providence 4th ward

Mary Cranston 85 William B. Cranston Mary Hoppin 88 Royal Farnum Ephraim Bowen 87 Ephraim Bowen John Perrin 87 John Perrin Thomas Philburk 80 Henry Cushing Susanna Weld 79 Susanna Weld Sarah Collins 68 Welcome Collins Esther Stone 78 Ethan Stone Reuben Wright 53 Reuben Wright Susanna Anthony 85 Burrington Anthony Huldat Mahony 84 Horace Capson Calvin Tower 42 Calvin Tower Sarah Dyer 95 Sarah Dyer Benjamin Eddy 26 Benjamin Eddy Elizabeth Slocum 85 Ruth Spink Pardon Mason 81 Pardon Mason Thomas Coles 87 Thomas Coles Benjamin Peck 70 Benjamin Peck Sarah Larned 72 Sarah Larned

City of Providence 5th ward

Charles Lippitt 86 Charles Lippitt Martha Fales 77 Betsey Paine Barnard Eddy 77 Barnard Eddy Elizabeth Rauson 75 Joseph Rauson Rosamond Brown 79 John Humphrey Samuel Currie 79 Samuel Currie Sarah Westcott 87 Sarah Westcott Elizabeth Hull 80 Jacob C. Gould Phebe Gladding 77 John Cladding Zipporah Field 77 Zipporah Field Nathan B. Leonard 78 Luther Buffington Elizabeth Dawley 83 Welthon Dawley Thankful Clarke 83 Pardon Clarke Ruth Oswell 73 Hezekiah Willard Aaron Turner 82 Patience T. Battley

City of Providence 6th ward

Sabia Walcott 73 Isaac Field, 2d Tabitha Smith 84 Tabitha Smith Daniel Pettey 83 Enos H. Weeden Lydia Fenner 73 Cornelius G. Fenner Sarah Smith 85 Sarah Smith Peleg Hull 85 Peleg Hull Mary Low 85 Mary Low Penelope Williams 75 Sheldon Battey Henry Whitman 76 Benjamin R. Whitman Mary Sweet 84 Mary Sweet Betsey Williams 76 Benajah Williams

North Providence

Benjamin Burrell 81 Benjamin Burrell Huldah Swetland 84 Huldah Swetland Lois Marsh 89 Jefferson Inmorn Lucy Field 75 Lucy Field Calvin Ripley 93 Charles Ripley John Montgomery 81 John Montgomery Elizabeth Gregory 91 Joseph Smith Dorcas Sherman 77 Dorcas Sherman Sarah Hawkins 80 Sarah Hawkins Stephen Randall 79 Stephen Randall Leonard Williams 81 Leonard Williams Waite Brown 87 Jason Young


Joseph Carpenter 84 Joseph Carpenter Waity Luther 81 Zadoe Luther Abigail Jencks 84 Abigail Jencks Thomas Smith 79 Joshua Smith Hannah Hill 89 Thomas Hill Priscilla Davis 77 Stephen R. Davis Sarah Walker 83 Jarvis Eddy Sarah Randall 69 Sarah Randall Job Taylor 78 Richard Olny Marcy Pakham 87 Josiah Westcott Ezekiel Bishop 78 Ezekiel Bishop Lydia Westcott 82 Thomas R. Westcott Jonathan Smith 94 Jonathan Smith Nicholas Thomas 84 Richard R. Thomas Amey Salesbury - Abel Salsbury Benjamin Boss 83 Benjamin Boss Stephen Harris 81 Russell Harris Samuel Kemball 78 Robert S. W. Hopkins Ruth Staples 79 Simon Staples Lydia Cole 80 Lydia Cole Reuben Stern 85 Reuben Stern Roby Atwood 84 Job W. Fiske David Burlingame 83 David Burlingame Huldah Aldrich 90 Huldah Aldrich Welthan Hughes 83 Welthan Hughes Martha Colwell 77 Uriah Colwell Abel Mowry 82 Abel Mowry John W. Cook 78 John W. Cook Stephen Westcott 77 Joshua Angell Christopher Edwards 83 Otis Mathewson Mary Randall 78 Oliver Randall Israel Knight 79 Israel Knight Samuel Henrys 83 Samuel Henrys Elizabeth Colvin 84 Moses Colvin Roby Collins 83 Richard Matteson Rebecca Eldred 78 Rebecca Eldred Sarah Ralph 77 Sarah Ralph William Battey 80 William Battey Nabby Manchester 74 Nehemiah Manchester Stephen Young 82 Stephen Young Comfort Knight 80 John Graves Sarah Baker 81 Sarah Baker John Vaughan 86 Eharer Phillips


Jane Vose 79 Mary Eddy Jemima Tucker 93 Nancy Tucker Abial Tripp 77 Abial Tripp Jesse Carrol 77 Jesse Carrol Mary Morse 80 Ellis Tompson David Calwell 85 Willard Calwell Noah Crossman 86 Alpheus Crossman Joel Aldrich 82 Joel Aldrich Abigail Sayles 82 Olney Mowry Zelotes Tyler 80 David S. Standley Delia Sprague 84 Daniel P. Sprague Ebenezer Balcome 48 Ebenezer Balcome Tampson Tripp 73 Tampson Tripp Isreal Arnold 85 Israel Arnold Mary McIntire 84 Mary Jencks Lois Baker 79 Benjamin F. Holley Smith Sayles 81 Smith Sayles Rose Sayles 78 Rose Sayles Jeremiah Mowry 78 Jeremiah Mowry Daniel Wilbour 79 Daniel Wilbour Jonathan Mowry 78 Benjamin Cushing Susanna Mowry 76 Susanna Mowry Oliver Smith 83 Oliver Smith Salsbury Freeman 80 Salsbury Freeman Betty Matthewson 86 Lewis Follett Elijah Smith 80 Simon Smith Benjamin Evans 77 Benjamin Evans Phebe Mann 93 Anna Mann Olive Aldrich 88 Welcome Aldrich Hannah Gross 83 Stephen Gross Stephen Hawkins 86 Hannah Taylor Lucretia Whitman 84 Lucinda Butler Nathaniel Arnold 77 John Waiscott Simon Paine 78 Amey Burlingame

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