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1840 Census of Pensioners
Washington County, Rhode Island

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Washington County Rhode Island Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

Washington County, Rhode Island

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	


Isaiah Burdich 79 Augustus Burdich Sarah Stanton 92 Lodowick Hoxsie Ethan Crandall 82 Ethan Crandall Augustus J. Lewis 81 Joseph H. Lewis Margaret Anthony 69 Margaret Anthony Thomas Chappell 84 Scranton Chappell Martha Kenyon 78 Martha Kenyon


Anne Kinsley 73 Caleb Lawton Sarah Ann Gardner 75 Varnum Gardner Joshua Brown 83 Joshua Brown John Place 75 John Place Sarah Bales 86 Sarah Bales William Greene 85 Christopher C. Greene Landerick Sherman 78 Clarke Sherman Job Sherman 83 Job Sherman Daniel Sunderlin 85 Daniel Sunderlin Rufus Sherman 82 Othanial Sherman Deborah Whitman 70 Deborah Whitman Ezekiel Austin 83 Ezekiel Austin, jr. Roger Sheldin 83 Roger Sheldin Daniel Barber 92 Daniel Barber


Joseph Braman 77 George W. Braman James Stanbry 81 James Stanbry Christopher Brown 84 Christopher Brown Thomas Brightman 89 Thomas Brightman Adam B. Champlin 77 Adam B. Champlin Nathaniel Hall 76 Nathaniel Hall

North Kingston

William Reynolds 87 William Reynolds Oliver Spink 85 Oliver Spink Robert Eldred 79 Robert Eldred Elizabeth Reynolds 70 Emily Reynolds Ruth Whitehorne 73 Annos Baker Hannah Sherman 86 Joshua C. Baker Mary Nichols 77 George M. Shaw David Bissel 79 David Bissel James Updike 78 James Updike Elsey Babcock 77 Elsey Babcock George Congdon 80 George Congdon Sarah Clarke 86 Sarah Clarke Sylvester Johnson 84 Sylvester Johnson Joseph Corey 83 Joseph Corey Elizabeth Reynolds 79 Ezra D. Davis Samuel Browning 86 Stephen Smith Isaac Hall 79 Isaac Hall, jr. Sarah Brown 85 Sarah Brown Zebulon Northup 98 William Corey Elizabeth Sweet 67 Elizabeth Sweet Peleg Card 85 Peleg Card Stukely Hill 85 Stukely Hill Sylvester Northup 79 Sylvester Northup

South Kingston

Samuel R. Potter 83 Samuel potter Ebenezer Smith 84 John A. Smith Mary Gardner 84 Mary Gardner William Willson 79 William Willson Thomas Billington 83 William Hill Sweet Briggs 85 Job Briggs Stephen Greene 84 Stephen Greene William C. Clarke 83 William C. Clarke Abigail Gardner 78 James A. Gardner Joseph Champlin 81 Frederick Chappell Gideon Greenman 88 Gideon Greenman Enoch Lewis 87 Enoch Lewis Sylvester Willcox 84 William Willcox Mary Oatley 75 Isaac J. Hopkins David Knight 84 Nathan Knight Silas Gardner 85 Cranston Gardner Margaret Barber 94 Moses Barber Abigail Gardner 94 William Sims Mary Smith 86 Mary Smith John Aldrich 81 Luke Aldrich William Lunt 95 William Lunt Timothy Peckham 85 Timothy Peckham William Tourjee 89 William Tourjee James Reynolds 83 James Reynolds Gideon Lillibridge 86 Gideon Lillibridge


Moses Clark 92 Moses Clark Silas Moore 80 Silas Moore John Vallet 85 John Vallet William Kenyon 84 William Kenyon


John Cranston 87 John Cranston Rebecca Sims 85 Maxson Chase Desire Govit 86 Benajah Govit Smith Murphy 88 Smith Murphy Paul Babcock 80 Paul Babcock, jr. Arnold Crumb 87 Coddington Bliven Sarah Ray 83 Gideon Ray Catharine Edwards 83 Clarke Edwards Thomas Sisson 81 Lebeas Sisson Esther Greene 78 Charles K. Greene Jude Taylor 86 Jude Taylor Perry Brumbley 81 Perry Brumbley Lois Chapman 80 Lois Chapman James Crandal 77 James Crandal Mary Peckham 88 William York Nathan Blivin 79 Nathan Blivin Clarke Hiscox 79 Clarke Hiscox Peleg Pukham 78 Peleg Pukham

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