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1840 South Carolina Census of Pensioners

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 South Carolina Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	

City of Charleston

1st ward Joseph Righton 78 Joseph Rightion Marty G. Mathews 79 O. L. Dobson Richard Wall 102 Richard Wall Elizabeth Jeffords 86 Richard Clark Mrs. Isaac Motte 85 Mrs. Isaac Motte 2d ward David Sarzedas 80 F. Spencer S. Cardozo 74 S. Cardozo Susanna Hall 81 Susanna Hall Mrs. C.C. 68 Mrs. C.C. Smith Mrs. Rachel Lazarus 78 Mrs. Mrs. Marks Lazarus Mrs. Mary Brown 78 Mrs. Mary Brown 3d ward Margaret B. Gruber 81 Margaret B. Gruber Mary R. Hatch 64 Mary M. Hatch 4th ward Sarah Godfrey 74 Ann Jacks Catharine Lafar 78 Catharine Lafar Judith Abrahams 77 Judith Abrahams Charlotte Head 80 Mathias Mathewson Nap Raymond 79 C. P. Frasier Ann Kingman 65 Ann Kingman Job Palmer 93 Basil Lanneau Charleston Neck Charlotte Haskell 71 James Rhett Catharine Edward 80 H. L. ba William Purse 79 William Purse St. James's (Goose Creek) Parish John Stoutmay 95 Johnsoutmay Thomas Burbage 83 Rev. Thomas Burbage St. George's Dorchester Elizabeth Stroble 74 David Stroble St. Luke's Parish Richard Freeman 80 Richard Freeman

Barnwell District

Tarlton Brown 83 Tarlton Brown Jesse Griffin 81 Mathew Alexander Daniel O. Dom 83 Daniel O. Dom Henry B. Rice 26 Henry B. Rice Orange Parish Leven Argrove 85 Leven Argrove Hugh Phillips 85 Hugh Phillips Andrew Houser 82 Andrew Houser Erasmus Gibson 86 Erasmus Gibson St. Matthew's Parish Adam Garick 80 Adam Garick

Edgefield District

Smith Brooks 76 Smith Brooks Miles Radford 94 Richard Prescott Basil Lowe 81 Basil Lowe Dennis Lowe 70 Samuel Posey John B. Mitchell 83 William Riley George Seigler 76 George Seigler Richard Burton 81 Richard Burton William Nobles 80 William Nobles U. Richardson 81 U. Richardson Drewry Hearn 85 Drewry Hearn James King 82 Margaret Sharpton Daniel Rodgers 82 Daniel Rodgers William Howle 85 William Howle Colonel Samuel Hammond 85 Colonel Samuel Hammond James Eidson 74 James Eidson Benjamin Lindsey 87 Benjamin Lindsey William Smith 78 William Smith Moses Harris 88 Moses Harris Jacob Wise 82 Jacob Wise Elizabeth Carter 74 Elizabeth Carter Thomas M. Chandler 29 Thomas M. Chandler Thomas Williams 98 Warde Glover Henry Timmanson 82 Wm. T. Timmanson William Cook 86 Jeremiah Cook Peter Hilliard - Peter Hilliard Zlipha Nobles - Theophilus Loudy Abner Corley 82 J. W. Devore Phebe Randal 76 Alfred Randal

Lexington District

Clem. Clemmons 75 Clem. Clemmons Needham Busby 80 Needham Busby

Richland District

Nancy Higgins 83 Martha Howell

Sumter District

Obadiah Spears 76 Obadiah Spears Redden McCoy 82 Redden McCoy John China 76 George Broadway John James 80 John James Joseph West 80 Joseph West William Vaughan 76 William Vaughan Charles Spann, sen. 88 Charles Spann, sen. Samuel Higgins 81 Samuel Huggins Peter Dubose 79 Peter Dobose John McDonald, sen. 83 John McDonald Ripley Copeland 79 Ripley Copeland William McIntosh 76 William McIntosh Samuel Chandler 77 Samuel Chandler

Williamsburg District

Archy Campbell 75 Archy Campbell Jesse Hicks, sen. 78 Jesse Hicks, sen.

Abbeville District

1st Part Willis Scroggins 78 W. Scroggins James Lockhart 84 James Lockhart James Carlisle 78 James Carlisle Solomon Hall 82 S. Hall Pollard Brown 78 P. Brown Peter Roberts 79 P. Roberts Christina Teulon 85 William Beazly 2d Part James Frashier 74 James Frashier Zachariah Corwill 90 Zachariah Thomas Milford 84 Thomas Milford Joseph Black 77 Joseph Black

Laurens District

Captain Ambrose Hudgens 76 Major John Hudgens Andrew Burnside 78 Andrew Burnside Thomas wood 88 John Walcomb Robert Long, Esq. 79 Robert Long, Esq. John Freeman 73 Henry Pope Sally Downs 83 James Bruster John Osborn 77 John osborn Joseph Griffin 77 Joshua Burns Charles Allen, Esq. 76 Charles Allen, Esq. Leanard Beasly 76 Leonard Beasly John Farrow 82 John Farrow Henry Pitts 81 Henry Pitts Henry Meredith 83 Henry Meredith John Knight 92 William Pucket William Blakely, sen. 80 William Blakely, sen. Paul Finley 78 Paul Finley

Newberry District

Thomas Denson 77 Thomas Denson John Hays 76 John Hays Edmund Kelly 95 Robert Kelly

Fairfield District

Robert Killpatrick 105 Thomas Killpatrick, sen. John Sloan 77 J. Sloan

Kershaw District

Delilah Williams 66 Delilah Williams Lewis Cook 84 Lewis Cook Adam Teem 79 Adam Teem John Steward 86 John Steward Nathaniel Jones 86 Nathaniel Jones Samuel Jones 78 Samuel Jones

Darlington District

Martin Dewett 77 Martin Dewett Albert Forte 85 Albert Forte Ephraim Gandy 98 Ephraim Gandy Jesse Jordan 80 Jesse Jordan John Kolb 83 John Kolb James Neill 85 James Neill Augustin Wilson 85 Augustin Wilson

Marion Dostrict

Ezekiel Daniel 76 Mary Meggs Levi Odam 83 Levi Odam L. R. Munnerling 88 Thomas M. Munnerling Dura Pilkington, sen. 79 Dura Pilkington, sen.

Pickens District

Levi Phillips 94 Levi Phillips Charles Williamson 76 Charles Williamson Jacob Jones 87 Major Cole John Verner 77 John Verner William Day 83 Reuben Day William Hughes 79 James Hughes William Guest 77 William Guest Jesse Neville 83 Alexander Neville John Wilson 107 John Wilson John Buckner Smith 79 Buckner Smith John Thrift 79 John Thrift William Dodd 80 William Dodd Benjamin Neighbour 78 Benjamin Neighbour Andrew Hughes 85 James Hughes John Craig 81 John Craig John Cobb 82 John Cobb Jordan Holcomb 78 William Holcomb Charles Smith 81 Cullen Rains Thomas Hays 89 Thomas Hays Archibald McMahan 82 Archibald McMahan Jesse Smith 82 Jesse Smith Thomas Henderson 79 Thomas Henderson

Anderson District

1st Part Joseph Caldwell 78 Joseph Caldwell James Caldwell 84 James Caldwell James Brown 83 James Brown William Grant 80 William Grant John Barns 83 John Burns John Harris 87 Andrew Harris Samuel Warren 86 Samuel Warren David Saddler, sen. 78 David Saddler, sen. William Armstrong 78 Thomas Runnels Harmon Cummins 84 Harmon Cummins Joshua Betterton 78 John Chappel David Verner 81 Mary Ledbitter James Young 88 John Young 2d Part William Moore 83 James Moore John Warnock 84 John Warnock William Entreken 79 William Entreken Frederick Owen 83 Frederick Owen Shedrick Owen 79 Shedrick Smith William Hubbard 79 James Smith Stephen Huff 83 Nicholas Tripp Aaron Guyton 79 Aaron Guyton Peter McMahan 85 Peter McMahan William Gibbs 76 William Gibbs John Willson 85 John Willson Reuben Brock 86 Headon Brock Reuben Brock 86 Headon Brock John Bagwell 79 John Bagwell William Williamson 77 William Williamson Joshua Pruett 87 William Pruett John Parker 84 Robert Parker Nicholas Bishop 79 Nicholas Bishop Major William Millun 87 Major William Millum

Greenville District

1st Part William Bagwell 83 Jesse Bagwell John Brooksher 80 John Brooksher Henry Canon 89 Henry Canon Greenbury Caps 80 Greenbury caps William Crane, sen. 76 William Crane, sen. Jonathan Davis 82 Jonathan Davis Robert Duncan 78 Robert Duncan Runnels Dill 76 Runnels Dill Philips Evans 81 Philip Evans Isaac Gregory 102 Isaac Gregory Ezekiel Henderson 78 Ezekiel Henderson Jacob Kittle 80 Jacob Kittle Richard Locke 79 Richard Locke Lewis Land 78 Lewis Land David Morton 80 David Morton Alexander Peden 84 Robert Peden John Rogers 91 John Rogers Samuel Roberts, sen. 79 Samuel Roberts, sen. 2d Part William Gossett 75 William Gossett

Spartanburgh District

1st Part Newman Wilson 85 Isham Wilson Joel Calaham 81 Joel Calaham Samuel Fowler 93 Samuel Fowler William Wingo 81 John Wingo George Roebuck 89 Willis Pierson Reuben Newman 80 Reuben Newman Paul Castleberry 83 Paul Castleberry John Collins, sen, 85 John Collins, sen. Ellis Johnston 86 Samuel Brice Thomas Farrar 85 Thomas Farrar William Holme 85 Mordecai Taylor Solomon Crocker 86 Solomon Crocker Samuel Morrow 81 Samuel Morrow William West, sen. 80 William West, sen. Drury Parkham 85 Drury Parkham John O'Shields 80 John O'shields James Seay 88 James Seay Mourning Smith 77 Mourning Smith Geoffrey O'shields 78 Geoffrey O'shields Howell Johnson 78 Howell Johnson John King 82 John King Anthony Crocker 82 Anthony Crocker Rowland Johnson 80 Rowland Johnson Claburn Holt 87 Claburn Holt Solomon Abbott 83 Solomon Abbott Robert Belcher 82 Cyrus Belcher William G. Hopkins 80 William G. Hopkins John McClure 81 John McClure Edward Clement 81 T. J. Rollins 2d Part Henry Emerson 78 Henry Emerson George Walker 75 George Walker

Union District

Richard Addis 91 Andrew Culbertson Robin Savage 82 Robin Savage Hancock Porter 92 Hancock Porter Mordecai Chandler 78 Mordecai Chandler Mrs. E.F. Farr 75 Mrs. E.F. Farr James Smith 89 James Smith Ann Rochester 70 Ann Rochester Thomas Word 88 John D. Word Major Thomas Young 76 Major Thomas Young Meshack Chandler 96 Meshack Chandler Major Joseph McJemkin 85 Major Joseph McJemkin Perry Evans 80 Perry Evans Tilmon Bobo 78 Tilmon Bobo James Hollis 82 Thomas Hollis James Howard 78 James Howard Daniel Palmer 85 Daniel Palmer Daniel Holder 83 Daniel Holder Sherwood Nance 86 David Adams James McWherter 83 James McWherter William Morehead 77 Walter Morehead William Bailey 92 William Bailey Nicholas Cump, sen. 88 Nicholas Cump, sen. John Bird 82 Daniel Smith

York District

1st Part Daniel Gilmore 76 Daniel Gilmore Daniel Quinn 82 David Gaston J.B. Fulton 75 A. Fulton John McElwee 75 John McElwee John Barber 80 Robert Barber Gilly Moss 76 Samuel Moss Samuel Turner, Esq. 77 Samuel Turner, Esq. William Carson 77 - James Campbell 86 James Campbell James Brian, sen. 80 James Brian, sen. Robert Wilson 82 Robert Wilson Jacob Black 86 Jacob Black Joseph Jameson 76 Joseph Jameson Henry Rhay 81 Henry Rhay David Stinson, sen. 84 David Stinson, sen. Thomas Bailey 84 - Robert Harris 83 Robert Harris William Shaw 82 - Andrew Kerr 85 Andrew Kerr William Clark 79 William Clark David Patton 78 David Patton Benjamin McWhorter 75 - 2d Part Thomas Boggs 95 J.W. Jennings John Starr 70 Mary Boggs Robert Hannah 80 Eli More Samuel McElhenny 81 Allen Robertson

Chester District

John Brown 87 David Sexton Jane Gaston 75 James A.H. Gaston John McDill 78 James McDill John Culp 79 John Culp John Bishop 79 John Bishop Isabella King 88 Martin King Francis Wylie 90 Francis Wylie John Holcomb 52 John Holcomb Colonel George 79 Colonel George Gill Stephen McElhenny 80 Stephen McElhenny John Con 85 John Con John Colwell 79 John Colwell Robert Cowley 88 Robert Cowley

Lancaster District

John Hinson, sen. 89 John Hinson, sen. Mrs. Bell, widow of George Bell 80 Nelson Bell William Hopkins 84 William Hopkins Isham Peoples 70 Isham Peoples Thomas McKay 78 Thomas McKay Reuben Bennett 80 Reuben Bennett P. Connor 88 Philemon Connor W. Valendenham 87 William Valendenham James Ramsey 80 James Ramsey John McMurry 92 John McMurry R. James Hunter 70 James Hunter

Chesterfield District

Peter Arant 91 Peter Arant John Blakney 82 John Blakney George Bone 77 George Bone Thomas Davis 81 Thomas Davis Ahaz Rogers 84 Ahaz Rogers

Marlborough District

John Haskew 76 John Haskew William Hodges 83 William Hodges Lewis Stubbs, sen. 81 Lewis Stubbs, sen. William Coxe 77 William Coxe William Lister, sen. 81 William Lister

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