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1840 Tennessee - Eastern District

Census of Pensioners

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Tennessee, Eastern District Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	

Anderson County

James Trowell 78 James Trowell Douglass Oliver 88 Douglass Oliver William Cross 80 William Cross William Patterson 87 William Patterson Peter Johnson 81 Peter Johnson Page Portwood 83 Page Portwood Thomas Brummett 87 Thomas Brumment J.J. Williams 81 J.J. Williams

Bradley County

Charles Lain 81 Charles Lain Joseph Lain 83 Sarah Lain Sarah Cry 78 Sarah Cry Robert McCormack 83 Lemuel Carpenter James Hamilton 84 James Hamilton William McAllister, sen.80 William McAllister Robert Forrester 80 William Forrester William Dodd 83 George Couch James Sellers 85 James Sellers

Blount County

Robert McCay 81 Robert McCay Thomas Hunter 82 Thomas Hunter James Houston 82 Robert Tedford William Tipton 79 William Tipton James Taylor 82 Joshua Taylor John Davis 86 John Davis, sen. Robert Tedford 80 Robert A. Tedford James McKensey 87 William McKensey Robert Bryant 93 Thomas Bryant George Haden 91 George Haden James Symms 90 John Symms George Ewing 80 Samuel McColley James Carthers 80to90 James Carathers Robert Rhea 76 Robert Rhea William Hamby 97 William Dunn

Bledsoe County

District No. 1.
John Narramore 79 John Narremore
District No. 2
Chatten D. Pollard 79 Chatten D. Pollard John Ford 78 John Ford, sen.
District No. 3
Charles Shurmon 86 Charles Shurmon
District No. 6
Philip Shurmon 82 Philip Shurmon John Hail 86 John Hail Andrew Davis 83 Andrew Davis
District No. 7
Andrew McDonough 80 Anna McDonough
District No. 9
Francis Hughs 80 Margaret Hughs

Carter County

District No. 1
Charles Moreland 76 Wright Moreland James Campbell 80 James Filyou
District No. 3
Jeremiah Campbell 78 Jeremiah Campbell
Civil District No. 5
Ephraim Buck 49 Ephraim Buck John Scott 87 John McInturff Isaac Taylor 84 Isaac Taylor
District No. 6
Solomon Hendrix 86 Solomon Hendrix Andrew Taylor 80 Andrew Taylor
District No. 7
Abner McLeod 44 Abner McLeod Elizabeth Carter 75 Benjamin Brewer
School District No. 8
John Miller 75 John Miller George Emert 83 Elizabeth Emert Richard Kelley 76 Richard Kelley
District No. 9
Leonard Bowers 80 Leonard Bower

Claiborne County

Harman Hopper 78 John Hopper Richard Harper 76 Richard Harper Andrew Presley 90 Squire J. Harper Thomas Nun 90 Sarah Larcham Jesse Webb 63 Jesse Webb Thomas Hardy 74 Thomas Hardy John Ousley 82 John Ousley Solomon Lewis 90 David Rogers John Braden 80 John Braden John Jones, sen. 77 John Jones, sen. Peter Peck 78 Peter Peck Whorton Nunn 85 Henry Nunn Matthew Bussle 93 Matthew Bussle

Cocke County

William Bragg 75 William Bragg Peter Wise 89 Joseph Wise Darius O'Neal 76 Darius O'Neal Bartlett Sisk 79 Lawson Sisk Samuel Yeates 83 Samuel Yeates Joseph Burke 75 Joseph Burke Henry Click 59 Henry Click Allen Seratt 77 Allen Seratt

Campbell County

John Cabbage 83 Chaplen Waters James McDonald 79 James McDonald Martha Rogers 75 William A. Wright Dennis Trammel - David Trammel Richard Crabtree 76 Richard Crabtree

Greene County

Peter Kent 80 Peter Kent John Sexton 79 John Sexton William Houston 77 William Houston George House 78 Washington House Thomas Morgan, sen. 88 Thomas Morgan, sen. Martin Waddle 80 Martin Waddle Nasma Sevier 97 John Rector Joseph Dunlap 92 William Wykle William Sharp 79 William Sharp
Northern Division
Jacob Bruner 76 Ide Bruner John Morrison 83 John Morrison John Gass, sen. 83 John Gass, sen. Azariah Doty 96 Ephraim Doty John Carter 83 Ezekiel Carter Thomas Bryant 86 Austin Bryant Frederick Shaffer 82 Frederick Shaffer John Kesterman 85 John Kesterson

Grainger County

John Tanner 81 John Tanner Lewis Collins 87 Lewis Collins Chapman Poindexter 81 Chapman Poindexter Richard Grantham 85 Richard Grantham John Bathel 84 John Bethel Joseph Yadon 84 Joseph Yadon James Hines 89 James Hines William Clay 80 William Clay Thomas Brown 77 Thomas Brown Joseph Ellis 77 Joseph Ellis Adam Cabbage 85 Adam Cabbage John Hammock 86 John Hammock Israel McBee 79 Israel McBee Thomas Lay 79 Thomas Lay

Hamilton County

Moses Nelson 41 Moses Nelson Robert Martin 84 Alexander Martin William Reid 75 James Roy James Davis 80 James Davis Thomas Palmer 81 Thomas Palmer Joseph Campbell 86 Joseph Campbell

Hawkins County

William Thurman 79 Benjamin Thurman Robert Hensley 81 John Hicks Mary Beaty 86 Samuel Beaty Henry Frazier 57 Henry Frazier Thomas A. Fletcher 90 Anthony Smith Robert Campbell 80 Robert Campbell Washington Denham 54 Washington Denham William Molsbey, sen. 82 William Molsbey, sen. James Simmons 81 James Simmons Henry Blevins 84 Henry Blevins John Hicks 80 John Hicks, sen. Thomas Brooks 80 Thomas Brooks Wright Bond 87 Arthur Bond James Lovin 81 Edmund Lovin Richard Matlock 79 George Matlock Notley Thomas 93 Notley Thomas, sen. John Sowel 80 William Ritter Momon Lawson 95 Peter Lawson Littleton Brooks 90 Littleton Brooks Seth Manis 78 Seth Manis Alexander Trent 81 Alexander Trent, sen. Bartlet Belcher 76 Bartlet Belcher Francis Winstead 81 Margaret Winstead John Rains 81 John Rains Abner Gordon 82 Abner Gordon Pharaoh Cobb 90 Jesse Cobb Samuel Riggs 80 Samuel Riggs Elizabeth Smith 79 Joseph Mooney Thomas Price 79 Thomas Price Jonathan Long, sen. 78 Jonathan Long, sen. Letitia Rorack 93 Letitia Rorack John Leonard 82 John Leonard Daniel Jones, sen. 86 Daniel Jones, Jr. William Bussell 77 William Bussell John Light 76 John Light, sen. William Jewell 97 William Jewell Jesse Morris 86 James Morrison Flower Mullins 77 Flower Mullins William Skelton 79 William Skelton Joseph Britton 87 Joseph Britton

Johnson County

William Wilson 82 William Wilson, Jr. James McDaniel 82 James McDaniel Jacob Hood 96 Nancy Morley

Jefferson County

Northern Division
Stephen McLaughlon 82 Stephen McLaughlon John Petty 83 William T. Allerson Jacob Maddox 76 Jacob Maddox Allen Kelley 55 Allen Kelley William Murphy 83 Samuel Box Benjamin Bradshaw 82 Benjamin Bradshaw William Caldwell, sen. 80 William Caldwell John McCoy 88 William McCoy John Hasket 90 John Hasket Samuel McSpadden 83 Thomas McSpadden Jesse Gammon 75 Jesse Gammon Spencer Watkins 80 Spencer Watkins Richard Cheek 79 Richard Cheek Tide Lane 78 Tide Lane James Anderson 80 James Anderson Michael Treace 85 Michael Treace
Southern Division
George Turnley 78 George Turnley John Fain 51 John Fain Zaccheus Copeland 76 Zaccheus Copeland George Gregory 61 George Gregory James Fuller 49 James Fuller John Russell 55 John Russell Michael Barnet 80 Michael Barnet John Henry 81 John Henry Jesse Webb 74 Jesse Webb Joel Davis 77 Joel Davis Ely Sartin 55 Ely Sartin, sen.

Knox County

David Pinn 80 Lutilda Dabney Philip Titlow 57 Philip Titlow Edward Smith 80 Edward Smith Samuel Tarvey 80 Samuel Tarver Thomas Dove 86 Thomas Dove Perrin Cardwell 76 Perrin Cardwell Absalom Rutherford 78 Absalom Rutherford Vincent Jackson 95 Alexander Blain Marcus Swadley 80 Ann Defriese Thomas Sumpter 76 Thomas Sumpter Joseph Brown 84 Joseph Brown Mitchell Childress 90 Mitchell Childress John Fox 83 John Fox David Falkner 83 David Flakner Joseph Large 84 Joseph Large Edmund Newman 77 Edmund Newman James Campbell 83 James Campbell Harris Gammon 83 Lewis Gammon John Childress 81 John Childress Garnett Smith 78 Bolin Smith Jesse Wells 91 Michael Jacob Gallespie 86 Jacob Gallespie Card Cox, sen. 77 Card Cox, sen. Luke Stansbury 88 Luke Stansbury Richard Porterfield 82 Richard Porterfield Jesse Perry 83 Lewis Perry James Crews 86 James Crews Robert Johnson 81 Robert Johnson John McLemore 85 William McLemore Abraham Hankins 86 Abraham Henkins

McMinn County

Isaac Lane 81 Isaac Lane Jno. Honey 79 John Honey Will Peters 79 George Monroe William Norman 76 William Norman Spencer Benson 76 John Benson Edmond Roberts 83 Ed. Roberts Elizabeth McNabb 80 William McNabb James Cunningham 80 J.B. Cunningham John Raney 84 John Raney James Riggins 88 James Riggins Maximilian Rector 82 Maximilian Rector Henry Matlock 54 Henry Matlock Charles Carter 73 Charles Carter William Barnett 79 James M. Barnett Simeon Eldridge 78 Simeon Eldridge John Kurtus 85 John Kurtus Benjamin Brown 87 Benjamin Brown E. Cooper 45 Ebenezer Cooper

Monroe County

26th Regiment
Gideon Morgan 65 Gideon Morgan Henry Stephens 66 Nathaniel Watson Nathaniel Watson 99 John Harris Christopher 81 Christopher Boston Bergiss Wit 79 Bergiss Wit William Duggan 49 William Duggan John Allgood 85 John Allgood
27th Regiment
Thomas Vernon 88 Thomas Vermon Jacob Patton 83 Jacob Patton Thomas Duncan 76 Thomas Duncan James Montgomery 49 James Montgomery John Pannel 49 John Pannel John Simms 90 John Gentry John Denton 81 John Denton James McGill 83 Harvey McGill Samuel Steel 81 Samuel Steel

Morgan County

Betsey Staples 76 B. Staples Rebecca Holloway 76 Rachel Holloway Joseph Mcpeters 83 Joseph McPeters Marsha Green 87 Marsha Green Abel Peak 79 Abel Peak Esther Sexton 79 Timothy Sexton Nathaniel Milton 80 Nathaniel Milton Jonathan Deldine 77 J. Deldine John Howard 73 John Howard Ryal Pren 77 Ryal Pren John Williams 80 John Williams Joseph Patton 78 Joseph Patton Joseph Stincupphor 85 Joseph Stincuphor Thomas Kindred 81 Thomas Kindred John Crinshaw 83 John Crinshaw Matthew Williams 85 Matthew Williams

Meigs County

John Dyer 80 Robert Phariss John Sutton 90 Thomas P. Davis

Marion County

Ransom Smith 81 Ransom Smith Ezekiel Stone 83 Richard W. Stone Letitia Rains 71 Robert Rains Laton Smith 84 Aaron Smith William Everett 78 William Everett James Morgan 81 James Morgan

Polk County

William May 75 William May William Longley 82 William Longley Samuel Walker 80 William Parker Thomas Towns 89 John Towns Samuel Carter 85 Amos Carter

Rhea County

Daniel Broiles 80 Cornelius Broiles James Furgison 81 Samuel Furgison Thomas Hamilton 80 Thomas Hamilton Thomas McKeddy 86 William McKeddy Mary Reace 23 Mary Reace Harris Ryan 76 Harris

Roane County

Thomas Landrim 86 Thomas Landrim James Acree 86 James Acree John Baman 86 John Barman Adam Miller 83 Adam Miller David Blackwell 82 David Blackwell Benjamin Chapman 78 Benjamin Chapman Samuel Evans 84 L.B. Davis John Hood 78 John Hood John Wooddy 81 Samuel Wooddy John McNatt 78 John McNatt James Allen 81 James Allen Edward Wyatt 81 Daniel White James Akin 80 James Akin Robert Liles 81 Robert D. Liles Thomas Ives 82 Thomas Ives Carter Barnard 78 Carter Barnard Solomon Gearran 80 Solomon Gearran Tandy Senter 82 Tandy Senter Lard Burns 85 Lard Barns John Cox 82 Samuel Cox George Fuller, sen. 83 George Fuller, sen. Nathaniel Orsbourn 89 Elizabeth Burk William Boyd 84 William Boyd William Moore 82 James Moore Benjamin Clark 77 Benjamin Clark Williams Hyden 76 William Hyden David C. Demey 86 David C. Demey

Sullivan County

Thomas King 86 Thomas King David Hughes 82 David Hughes John Almoney 58 John Almoney John Grier 79 Jacob Crumley Thomas Jones 78 Thomas Jones Thomas Morrell 80 Thomas Morrell Joshua Hamilton 79 Joshua Hamilton Elijah Cross 84 David L. Cross Abraham Cross 90 Abraham Cross Edward Cox 83 John Cox Jacob Bealer 89 Jacob Bealer Joseph Grey 76 Joseph Grey Jacob Hawk 82 Jacob Hawk George Bushong 48 George Bushong Jacob Slaughter 84 Jacob Slaughter William Snodgrass 80 William Snodgrass Samuel Taylor 85 Edward Taylor Thomas Cox 84 Stephen Miller Henry Maggot 80 Richard Shipley John Hudson 85 Hamilton Perry Henry Maggot 54 Henry Maggot Ankey Godsey 77 Jacob Millers William King 88 Benjamin H. King William Bolen 83 William Bolen David Childress 78 W.P. Nelms Benjamin Birdwell 74 Benjamin Birdwell William Goad 86 William Goad Richard Parkers 55 Richard Parkers John Chester 86 John Chester John Douglass 76 John Douglass Robert Tribbett 57 Robert Tribbett Micajah Adams 81 Micajah Adams

Sevier County

Penelope Porter 77 Ashley Winn Lydia Atchley 75 Noah Atchley Jacob Layman 78 Jacob Layman William Trotter 77 William Trotter Jeremiah Compton 87 Cyrus Compton George Parsons 79 George Parsons Daniel Fox 66 Martha James John McCroskey 84 John McCroskey

Washington County

John Crouch 84 David Mains Loyd Ford 83 Loyd Ford Amon Hale 83 Amon Hale William Ledman 67 William Ledmon Jeremiah Keys 43 Jeremiah Keys Elizabeth Lacky 80 Elizabeth Hundley James Simmons 49 James Simmons William Slaughter 85 David Lawson John Thornburg 61 John Thornburg Jacob Brown 91 Jacob Brown Hugh Harriss 84 Hugh Harriss Adam Harman 75 Adam Harman Andrew Hannah 79 Andrew Hannah Zadoc Freeman 55 Zadoc Freeman Adam Ingle 86 Adam Ingle James Sevier 76 James Sevier Elizabeth Jackson 75 Alfred Jackson Darling Jones 77 Darling Jones

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