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1840 Tennessee - Middle District
Census of Pensioners

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Tennessee, Middle District Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	

Bedford County

Robert Majors 79 Robert Majors Samuel Knox 83 William Eoff Richard Keel 87 Richard Keel Matt Martin, sen. 77 Matt Martin, sen. John Davidson 77 John Davidson Zadoc Wood 74 E.B. Jones John Moore, sen. 80 John Moore, sen. John Gibbs 81 Ebenezer F. Gibbs Horatio Coop 84 James Coop Jackson Lisle 78 Jackson Lisle John Morrison 77 John Morrison David Ostean 79 David Ostean John Tacke 86 John Tacke Jacob Bledsoe 79 Jacob Bledsoe Ezekiel Reynolds 80 Michael Reynolds Abram Hilton 90 Abram Hilton James Murray 88 James Murray John Williams 79 John Williams

Cannon County

John Bynum 83 John Bynum Enoch Berry 77 Enoch Berry John Stephenson 89 Abner Alexander Isaac Eoff 79 Isaac Eoff Daniel Carroll 77 George W. Thurston Hardy Lassetor 88 Luke Lassetor David Faulkenburg 101 William Pace Gisbin Lane 89 James C. Greer

Coffee County

Isaac Street 78 Isaac Street Morton Jones 91 Morton Jones John Nelson 84 John Nelson Lewis Taylor 79 Lewis Taylor Charles Pearson 80 William Pearson Sterling Pearson 87 Ellis Pearson George D. Sherrell 77 George D. Sherrell

Dickson County

Benjamin C. Waters 92 Benjamin C. Waters Abraham Hogins 85 Archibald D. Hogins William Willie 90 Reddick Myatt James Daniel 54 James Daniel George Clark 94 Benjamin Clark Christopher Strong 80 Christopher Strong John Nesbitt 84 Allen Nesbitt Robert Nesbitt 80 Robert Nesbitt Simon Deloach 57 Simon Deloach William James 45 William James Gideon Carr 90 John B. Carr John Maybourn 97 Howell Underwood Isaac Walker 85 Isaac Walker Gustavus Rape 77 Gustavus Rape William Tatorn 80 William Tatorn Mary Thompton 71 Mary Thompson Benjamin Darrow 78 Benjamin Darrow

De Kalb County

John Fite 81 Henry Fite Leonard Fite 81 Leonard Fite James Saunders 79 Joseph Saunders Elijah Duncan 90 Elijah Duncan Elizabeth Hooton 93 John Reeves Joseph Rankhorn 81 Joseph Rankhorn John Pucket 76 John Pucket John Bevert 86 John Bevert

Davidson County

Norvell Lipscomb 84 James Walker Perkinson Jackman 77 Perkinson Jackson James Haley 84 James Haley Peter Leslie 80 Peter Leslie Gideon Johnson 86 George Chadwell James Barnes 79 James Barnes Nicholas Hale 78 Nicholas Hale
Civil District No. 9
Cabler Frederick 82 John Corbett Joseph Vick 78 Joseph Vick
Civil District No. 10
John Williamson 79 John Williamson
Civil District No. 11
John McCutchin 87 John McCutchin
Civil District No. 12
William Watkins 85 William E. Watkins Caleb Mason 87 John Davis
Civil District No. 18
John Casey 77 Charles S. Casey Isaiah Alley 91 Thomas Alley
Civil District No. 19
Peter Bashaw 78 Peter Bashaw Benjamin Morgan 78 Benjamin Morgan
Civil District No. 20
William Coats 80 Beverly E. Coats
Civil District No. 22
John McCaslin 90 Joshua Drake
District No. 23
Thomas Hickman 78 Thomas Hickman
District No. 24
Thomas Douglass 84 Thomas Douglass George Smith 80 George Smith

Fentress County

Lucy Chapman 70 Lucy Chapman Andrew Shortridge 85 Andrew Shortridge Anna Flowers 78 Archibald Stonie Jane Evans 72 Thomas Evans Bailey Owen 82 Bailey Owen George Chilton 88 George Chilton George Helm 89 George Helm Smith Willis 78 Smith Willis William Dorse 78 William Dorse

Franklin County

Samuel Handley 89 John Handley Enoch Breedon 82 Enoch Breedon Thomas Wakefield 76 Thomas Wakefield Elihu Berk 75 Alexander Donaldson Patrick McElyea 91 Archer Hatcher Richard Erwin 30 Richard Erwin William Calwell 78 William Calwell Larkin Ragan 93 Larkin Ragan Ann Wilson 40 Mrs. Ann Wilson William Jackson 78 William Jackson William Calwell 78 William Cowan Jonas Hill 76 Jonas Hill Jacob Reynolds 47 Jacob Reynolds Samuel Reynolds 84 Samuel Reynolds

Giles County

Joseph Jones 82 Joseph Jones Nathaniel Tatum 79 Nathaniel Tatum Henry Goodnight 79 David Goodnight John Jones 90 Hizar Jones John Everly 74 George Everly John Ross 89 George B. Ross Thomas Williams 79 Henry E. Williams Benjamin Cheatham 89 Benjamin Cheatham James Tinner 81 James Tinner Aaron Grigsby 85 Amos Grigsby John Erwin 85 John Erwin Richard Jones 77 Richard Jones George Dodson 79 George Dodson Hugh King 85 Hugh King Elles Wood 87 George Erwin John Bradberry 104 J. Bradberry James Higgins, sen. 89 James Higgins, Jun. John Watkins 83 John Watkins Lester Morris 80 T.A. Westmoreland Robert Patterson 83 Robert Patterson Samuel Baker 86 Robert Chapman Lawson Hobson 86 Lawson Hobson Thomas Hobson 78 John Sandusky Samuel Watson 79 Richard Suttle

Hickman County

Elijah Mayfield 80 Elijah Mayfield Josiah Grimett 74 Josiah Grimett Jerdon Milum 90 Jerdon Milum John Tucker 87 John Tucker Richard Campbell 82 Richard Campbell Richard Nalls 77 Richard Nalls

Humphreys County

District No. 1
John Plant 56 John Platt
District No. 3
Simon Steptoe 77 Hilary Caps
District No. 5
Josiah Pucket 91 Josiah Pucket Alexander Anderson 85 Alexander Brown
District No. 9
Isaac Hale 78 Isaac Hale William Gibson 98 Patrick Spicer

Jackson County

District No. 1
James Cayson 83 Edm. Cayson Richard Gordon 78 Richard Gordon
District No. 2
Thomas Wilkerson 77 Jesse Jinkins
District No. 3
Reuben Graves 79 Reuben Graves
District No. 4
William Carlisle 75 William Morse Yelvaton Neville 76 Yelvaton Neville
District No. 5
John Wood 92 Philip Condra
District No. 9
Joseph Hawkins 74 Joseph Hawkins Jeremiah Brown 86 Jeremiah Brown
District No. 10
David Phillips 85 David Phillips Charles Harmon 83 Charles Harmon
District No. 11
David Lyles 84 Joshua Draper Daniel Ramsey 77 Daniel Ramsey
District No. 12
Michael Saylers 82 Thomas Saylers
District No. 13
John Henley 89 John Henley Peter Crumb 81 Peter Crumb Joseph Jared, sen. 80 Joseph Jared, sen. Jacob Newman 75 Catharine Murphy
District No. 15
William Ferrel 83 William Ferrel

Lincoln County

District No. 1
Thomas Davis 81 Thomas Davis
District No. 2
John McNott 105 Charles McNott
District No. 3
Samuel Isaacs 82 Samuel Isaacs Josiah Brandon 80 Josiah Brandon
District No. 6
Thomas Armstrong 85 John Armstrong Aaron D. Gage 82 Easter Westerland William Pamplin 77 Henry Pamplin
District No. 7
William Shaw 82 William Shaw
District Nos. 10 and 11
William George 85 William George David Henderson 49 David Henderson W. C. Smith 82 Larkin Smith Benjamin Rowe 82 Benjamin Rowe Philip Koonce 75 Philip Koonce
District No. 14
John Gibson 80 John Gibson
District No. 17
William Beard 80 Francis A. Beard
District No. 22
William Brown 70 Joshua B. Brown
District No. 23
John R. Vickers 91 John R. Vickers Alexander Forbes, sen. 79 Alexander Forbes, sen. Rapel Smith, sen. 77 Rapel Smith, sen.

Lawrence County

Wilson Rogers 82 Jacob Blyche, sen. Palmore Kendred 95 William Ayers Richard Robinson 104 Catharine Brown Joseph Spears 80 Joseph Spears John Evans 77 John Evans, Jun. Jeremiah Bentley 82 J. Bentley James Waters, sen. 88 James Waters, sen. William H. Redding 81 William H. Redding

Marshall County

Lewis Parham 55 Lewis Parham Benjamin Copeland 76 Benjamin Copeland William Martin 81 William Martin John Dysart, sen. 91 John Dysart Richard Long 82 Richard Long, sen. James Shaw 69 James Shaw Robert Walker 86 Robert Walker James Wilson 86 James Wilson Ezekiel Billington 82 Ezekiel Billington James Bass 83 James Bass Sylvester Chunn 86 Sylvester Robert Cowden 86 Robert Cowdenm, 3d Frederick Fisher 78 Frederick Fisher Shadrach Weaver 74 Shadrach Weaver William Dickson 54 William Dickson Emanuel McConnell 84 Emanuel McConnell Jacob Lawrence 82 John Lawrance Samuel Hilles 81 John Hilles William Bingham 84 William Bingham Elijah Alexander 81 Elijah Alexander Alexander Ewens 79 Alexander Ewens

Montgomery County

Benjamin P. Persons 58 Benjamin P. Persons Lucinda Pool 75 John Pool John Vick 84 John Vick James Fentress 77 James Fentress Alexander Frazier 81 Sol. Neville Joseph Ligon 85 Joseph Ligon Thomas Hackney 88 D.W. Hackney James Bowers 84 James Bowers

Maury County

4th District
Joseph Haynes 89 Joseph Kennedy
9th Civil District
Zachariah Butler 76 Zachariah Butler Jacob Biffle 78 Jacob Biffle
10th Civil District
Samuel Mayers 81 Samuel Mayers Joel Fagg 88 Joel Fagg
12th Civil District
William Gordon 88 Josiah Gordon James Mitchell 74 James Mitchell
14th Civil District
Jacob Gilliam 79 Jacob Gilliam
15th Civil District
James Love 78 James Love
17th Civil District
Martin True 80 Martin True David Dobbins 82 David D. McFalls Abner Johnson 81 Abner Johnson
20th Civil District
Abraham Parker 77 Abraham Parker
22d Civil District
Jacob W. Young 78 Jacob W. Young
23d Civil District
James Lockridge 84 James Lockridge James Hardison 81 James Hardison Elisha Williams 80 Elisha Williams David Long 82 David Long
24th Civil District
George Barker 81 George Barker

Overton County

Samuel Tays 79 Samuel Tays Cornelius Carmack 82 John Carmack William Phillips, sen. 91 William Phillips Jesse Ashlock 84 Jesse Ashlock Abraham Sevier 80 Abraham R. Sevier Henry Dillon 80 Abraham Grimsley Benjamin Reader 80 John Walker Henry Hoover 86 Henry Hoover, sen. Joseph Taylor 78 Joseph Taylor, sen. Smith Ferril 80 Smith Ferril Andrew Swallow 80 Andrew Swallow David Gentry 97 David Gentry, sen. George Henderson 81 George Henderson

Rutherford County

Cornelius Saunders 79 Cornelius Saunders William Burnett 91 William Burnett John M. Leak 88 John M. Leak George C. Booth 82 George C. Booth John Ealter 81 John Ealter Joseph Bennett 83 Thomas Bennett John Bruce 45 John Bruce Peter Jennings 88 Peter Jennings William Mitchell 75 William Mitchell William Leckie 77 W. Leckie A. Miles 91 Patterson Miles John Bradly 84 John Bradly Samuel Rillough 77 Samuel Rillough Joshua Ford 83 Joshua Ford James Saunders 77 Mary Acuff John Brown 80 John Brown John Stephenson 87 Enos McKnight John Barclay 77 John Barclay Jordan Williford 85 Robert Williford Benjamin Todd 78 Benjamin Todd Daniel Bowman 82 Daniel Bowman John Newman, sen. 85 John Newman, sen. Thomas Blanton 78 Thomas Blanton Stephen White 77 Stephen White Joseph Newman 81 Joseph Nesbitt Timothy Parker 81 Timothy Parker George Bruce 81 Joseph Arthur John Stone 76 John Stone Daniel McCoy 89 Thomas Dalton Nathaniel Winston 73 Nathaniel Winston Sylvania Tucker 84 David Tucker John Clark 80 John Clark

Robertson County

John C. Coon 85 Eliza Saunders Charles Gent 85 James W. Gent James Jones 88 James Jones David Jones 86 David Jones, sen. Martin Walton 79 Martin Walton William W. Walker 25 William W. Walker David Henry 89 David Henry Fendal Roland 80 Reuben Adams John Zeck 81 John Zeck Charles Ellison 76 Charles Ellison Ann White 81 Ann White

Smith County

Willis Hodges 93 Willis Hodges Philip Pope 78 Philip Pope William Denny 47 William Denny Isom Beasley 87 Isom Beasley Elizabeth Darnes 79 Elizabeth Darnes Ann Ford 67 Ann Ford Robin Hayse 46 Robin Hayse Berry Gregory 79 Berry Gregory William Gregory 76 William Gregory Francis Cauly 100 Francis Cauly Dabney Cooper 84 Dabney Cooper Henry Wakefield 88 Henry Wakefield Benjamin Jones 81 Simeon Jones Susanna Boon 79 Susanna Boon

Stewart County

Thomas French 88 Thomas French John Ross 88 John Ross Benjamin Daniel 87 Benjamin Daniel Alexander Anderson 88 John Brown

Sumner County

Bathl. Stovall 80 Bathl. Stovall Thomas Parrish 80 Thomas Parrish John Carney, sen. 106 John Carney, sen. Reuben Pruett 80 Reuben Pruett William Fortune 94 Joseph Smith James Gamblin 90 James Gamblin Hudson Thompson 77 H. Thompson William Beard 86 Frank Yourn, sen. William Bruce 77 William Bruce James Pond 75 Mary Rice John McMurtry 86 John McMurtry Joseph Jackson 84 Joseph Jackson Henry Pitt 75 Henry Pitt John B. Miller 79 J.B. Miller Richard Johnson 80 W.A. Sanders Elijah Bayles 81 Elijah Bayles John Sloan 82 John Sloan John Cleburne 82 George Cleburne Benjamin Haynes 94 Thomas Haynes William Morris 80 William Morris John McClung 80 John McClung Albert Hendricks 80 Albert Hendricks Samuel Cockram, sen. 84 Samuel Cockram, sen. William May 85 Major May John McAdams 79 John McAdams Ezekiel Marshall 82 Ezekiel Marshall William Bell 82 William Bell

White County

District No. 2
Patrick Hewet 100 Jonathan Clenny John White, sen. 83 John White Turner Lane, sen. 78 Turner Lane, sen. John H. Miller 77 John H. Miller
District No. 3
Edward Helton 77 Joseph B. Glenn Thomas Hill 84 Winkfield Hill Elijah Alverson 78 Elijah Alverson
District No. 4
Thomas Crawley 86 Thomas Crawley
District No. 5
Burgess Clark 77 Burgess Clark George Ailsworth 83 George Ailsworth
District No. 8
John Ditty 84 John Ditty John Ellisson 78 John Ellisson
District No. 11
Thomas Welch 91 Thomas Welch
District No. 12
Alexander Cooper 77 Alexander Cooper Samuel Weaver 78 Reuben Briles Henry Marsh 75 Henry Marsh William Bertram 81 William Bertram Isaac Graham 100 Charles Graham John Weaver 78 John Weaver
District No. 13
Solomon Yager, sen. 82 Solomon Yager, sen.
District No. 15
Thomas Moore 78 William Shockley Abel Pearson 78 Joseph Cummings Thomas Shockley 80 William Shockley Joseph Cummings 78 Joseph Cummings Jesse Hopkins 78 Joseph Hopkins Samuel Moore 81 Samuel Moore

Wayne County

Benjamin Shaw 75 Hugh Liston Richard Copeland, sen. 81 Richard Copeland Zachariah Goforth 81 Humphrey Goforth Robert Cypert 85 Robert Cypert Isaac Horton 81 Isaac Horton, sen. John Broadway 80 John Broadway

Williamson County

James Potts 81 James Potts Benjamin Ragsdale 82 James Ragsdale Tapley M. Lightfoot 81 Tapley M. Lightfoot Isaac Ferguson 83 Isaac Ferguson Charles Allen, sen. 82 Charles Allen, sen. Joshua Pierce 82 Joshua Pierce Richard Vernon 82 Leonard Vernon Jacob Grimmer 84 Jacob Grimmer John Secrest 82 John Secrest William Kennedy 85 William Kennedy Zachariah Smith 81 Chas. S. McCall Robinson Ross 78 Robinson Ross
20th District
David Ivey 82 David Ivey Laban Hartley 95 Lycurgus McCall Sherrod Smith 79 Sherrod John Hall 83 John Hall

Wilson County

Samuel Shepard 78 Samuel Shepard Abednego Rutland 80 Joseph Rutland Samuel Williams 80 Samuel Williams John Crunk 78 John Clark John W. Beashamp 33 John W. Beashamp John Garrison 82 John Garrison John Gunn, sen. 80 John Gunn, sen. Robert Crisswell 80 John Crisswell Nancy Williams 83 Nancy Williams George Avery 70 George Avery William L. Sypert 45 W. L. Sypert Thomas Conner 83 Thomas Conner John Bonner 76 John Bonner William Colly 88 William Colly Austin Colly 84 Austin Colly Susan Oakley 82 Susan Oakley Moses Allen 86 Moses Allen Henry Criswell 80 Henry Criswell Jonathan Tipton 85 James Tipton Charles Blalock 75 Charles Blalock William Donald 94 Thomas Pentacost Charles Smith 88 Archibald Ray William Teag 78 John Pemberton

Warren County

Robert Brown 78 Robert Brown Thomas Brown 91 Thomas Brown William Bond 75 William Bond John Cunningham 93 William Kennard Samuel Hand 85 James Hand Reuben Robert 80 Reuben Roberts, sen. Robert Carson 87 Andrew Michael John Lockheart 83 Robert Tate John Kersy 84 Jonah Duty

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