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1840 Tennessee - Western District
Census of Pensioners

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Tennessee, Western District Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	

Benton County

William Cockram 73 J.T. Florance Samuel Wadkins 80 Samuel Wadkins Thomas Petty 76 Thomas Petty

Carroll County

Elias Miars 83 William Stoker Thomas Seamore 80 William Seamore William Matheny 96 Peter Matheny Pleasant Henderson 84 James M. Henderson John McKenrie 84 John McKenzie Frederick Miller 81 Frederick Miller Matthew Sparks 79 Isaac Sparks, sen. Jonathan Montgomery 78 Jonathan Montgomery John Chambers 88 Wilson Chambers Arthur Brown 78 Arthur Brown William Whitesides 77 John Whitesides

Dyer County

John Given 76 Alexander McCullock Joseph Scoby 66 Joseph Scoby

Fayette County

Samuel Martin 84 Samuel Martin David Blalock 93 Margaret Hurley Mark Miller 75 Jefferson Miller James McKee 76 James McKee Benjamin Starret 76 Benjamin Starret John Birdsong 77 John Birdsong Andrew Pickens 86 J.S. Pickens James Belloat 80 C.S. Belloat Henry Randolph 84 Samuel Morgan Charles Turner 75 Colin Turner Hugh Luckey 77 Hugh Luckey

Gibson County

Thomas Frazier 81 Thomas Frazier Thomas May 78 Thomas May David Hambleton 89 David Hambleton Stephen Richards 75 Patrick Glason John Crisp 85 William Crisp Beverly Williams 57 Beverly Williams Thomas Morton 45 Thomas Morton James Givens 76 James Givens Anderson Davis 30 Benjamin Wickum Josiah Reed 84 Josiah Reed Jacob Trout 105 Joseph Trout James Bell 79 James Bell

Hardin County

1st District
William Lingo 44 William Lingo Allegany McGuire 78 Halladay McGuire
2d District
Ezekiel Fortner 79 Ezekiel Fortner
5th District
John Thorp 63 John Thorp
7th District
George Ross 79 George Ross
8th District
Stephen Austin 82 Saunders Austin John Perkins 77 James Saxson
9th District
Shadrach Nolen 89 Shadrach Nolen
10th District
Richard Strame 77 Richard Strame
12th District
Samuel McFerren 79 Smith D. Cooper

Hardiman County

Sames Vales 82 Samuel Vales, Jr. Richard Glasgow 87 John Glasgow Jeremiah Doxcy 87 Stephen H. Doxcy John Holliday 78 John Holliday Elijah Warren 87 William Warren

Henderson County

Joseph Purviance 78 Joseph Purviance Nathan Green 80 Nathan Green Archibald McCorcle 81 Archibald McCorcle John Foster 86 John Foster Daniel Murphy 78 Daniel H. Murphy John Andrews 52 John Andrews

Haywood County

Westward A. Jones 64 James Waddill John Maxwell 76 John Maxwell Hemdon Hamilton 82 Hemdon Hamilton John Moore 77 John Moore

Henry County

Elias Bowden 77 Elias Bowden Daniel Rogers 72 Daniel Rogers Alexander Craig 85 Alexander Craig Polly Simmons 74 James P. Simmons Susanna Palmer 77 John L. Palmer Matthew Alexander 85 Matthew Alexander William Powel 74 William Powel Joseph Weatherington 82 Joseph Weatherington Matthew Myrick 88 William Myrick James Haynes 79 James Haynes Martin Neace, sen. 82 Martin Neace, sen. William Bunton 73 William Bunton Robert Ramsey 82 Robert Ramsey Britton George 102 Britton George

Lauderdale County

James Barefield 58 James Barefield Shadrach Elkins 79 Robert Walker

McNairy County

Pugh Cannon 80 Terrill Siveat Jovan Cox 79 Jovan Cox Alexander N. McColler, sen. 81 Alex. McColler, sen. William Barns 75 William Barns Robert Moore 78 Janey Moore James Roland 87 James Roland John Stewart 83 Jane Edwards Daniel Hill 83 Daniel Hill Robert Rankin 83 Robert Rankin Allen Sweat 81 Allen Sweat

Madison County

Daniel Madding 45 Francis Madding Ann Fenner 73 Ann Fenner David Eckleburger 43 Isaac Malett Jonas Clark, sen. 82 Jonas Clark, sen. Bradley Madlin 80 Eaton Lenusford

Obion County

Thomas Parker 85 Thomas Parker

Perry County

Philip Rushing 78 Berrill Rushing Bartholomew Murphey 81 Bartholomew Murphey John Tolly 78 John Tolly William Higginbottom 79 William Higginbottom James Kelly 81 James Kelly John Eply 78 John Eply Edward Box 68 Edward Box William Gibson 92 William Gibson Richard Rushing 92 Richard Rushing John Bregins 67 John Bregins

Shelby County

A.B. Shannon 48 A.B. Shannon William Hope 79 William Hope

Tipton County

Colonel Thomas Good 81 Colonel Thomas Good William McFerrin 85 Cullin Curlee Vincent Voss 84 E.O. Chambers Henry Varbrough, sen. 84 Henry Yarbrough

Weakley County

John Chester 88 John Chester Presley Thonton 86 William Jones

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