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1840 Virginia - Eastern District
Census of Pensioners

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Virginia, Eastern District Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	

Accomack County

Accomack Parish
Elkaneh Andrews 77 Elkaneh Andrews
St. George's Parish
John Charnock 81 John Charnock Peter P. Copes 76 Peter P. Copes William Kinnehorn 91 William Kinnehorn

Albemarle County

Fredericksville Parish
James Dunn, Sen. 80 James Dunn, Jr. James Gentry 82 James Gentry William Harris 80 William Harris, Jr. James Herring, Sen. 80 James Herring George Gentry 80 James A. Johnson William Jordan 79 William Jordan Adam Keblinger 77 Adam Keblinger Walker Watson 79 F.F. Kirby William Maupin 80 William Maupin, Jr. Richard Snow 86 Richard Snow John Wood, sen. 83 John Wood, sen.
St. Ann's Parish
Samuel Backsdale 81 Samuel Backsdale M. Bowen 83 William Bowen William Boyd 90 William Boyd L. Drumheller 75 L. Drumheller Richard Harrison 83 Richard Harrison John Jones 82 John Jones Jesse Lewis 77 Jesse Lewis William Morgan 51 William Morgan Thomas Burton 83 William Reynolds David Strange 78 David Strange

Amelia County

Larkin Foster 79 Larkin Foster Claiborn Wade 85 Claiborn Wade Boswell, Richards 53 Boswell Richards John Hutcherson 76 John Hutcherson Samuel Burton 85 Chas. H. Featherston

Amherst County

Jones Gill 78 Jonas Gill William Lockard 110 William Lockard Thomas Coppedge 88 Abraham Martin William Cashwell 78 William Cashwell Alexander Logan 79 Alexander Logan James Evans 82 Nancy Blair Jeremiah Brown 82 Jeremiah Brown Thomas Miles 79 Thomas Miles Dudley Calaway 90 Susanna Thacker Jesse Beck 85 Jesse Beck Giles Davidson 78 Giles Davidson George Wise 83 Almshouse Ebenezer Hickox 81 Ebenezer Hickox

Bedford County

Jonathan Grooms 84 Reuben Atkinson William Oliver 85 James C. Oliver Thomas Andrews 79 Thomas Andrews Thomas Pullin 78 Thomas Pullin Joseph White 100 Joseph White John Arthur, sen. 82 John Arthur, sen. Isaac Gross, sen. 96 Isaac Gross, sen. Isaac Cundiff 79 Isaac Cundiff John McCormahay 78 John McCormahay John Hudnall 78 John Hudnall William J. Walker, sen. 79 William J. Walker, sen. Francis Woods 79 William Green Jane Hancock 75 Samuel Hancock John Buford 83 John Buford John Carter 88 Thomas Stewart William Arthur, sen. 78 William Arthur, sen. John Haynes 88 Edmund Haynes Jonathan Dakin 79 Jonathan Dakin Henry Brown, sen. 79 Henry Brown, sen. Abram Blankenship 82 Abram Blankenship Gray Jones 84 Gray Jones T. Minor, sen. 82 T. Minor, sen. John Wigginton 80 John Wigginton Ann Hancock 79 Mary Brown Jacob Shepperd 80 Jacob Shepperd David Saunders, sen. 80 David Saunders, sen. Joseph Crews 84 - John Halley 79 - Mary Beard 85 - William Davenport 75 - Richard Austin 84 - John Gills 80 - Ann Moseley 75 - Philip Lockhust 90 - Benjamin Robinson 85 -

Brunswick County

Jesse Vaughan 83 John M. Vaughan Ruel Lewis 81 Ruel Lewis Thomas Whitlock 84 Thomas Whitlock William Wilkinson 79 William Wilkinson Thomas Delbridge 74 Thomas Delbridge

Buckingham County

Northern District
William Starks 85 William Harrison Abram Jones 79 Abram Jones John C. Harris 85 James Harris Mary Mosely 75 Rolfe Eldridge John Thomas 85 John C. Thomas Charles Howel 80 Gideon Howel John Harris 79 Joseph Riddle
Southern District
Timothy Scruggs 86 Timothy Scruggs James Routon 79 James Routon, sen. Olive Branch 80 Olive Branch William Thornhill 82 William Thornhill, sen. John Doss 85 Rane Walker William Duval 92 Major William Duval James Wilkerson 85 Archibald Drinkard William Bigbie 83 William Bigbie

Campbell County

Southern District
John Preble 84 John Preble Thomas P. Franklin 76 Thomas P. Franklin John Cobbs 80 John Cobbs Jesse Rice 80 Jesse Rice Isham Hall 90 Isham Hall John Willard 84 John Willard Edward Herndon 87 Edward Herndon
Northeastern District-Lynchburg
General Joel Leftwich 80 Rug Leftwich Arthur Litchfield 82 Arthur Litchford Richard Daniel 92 Richard Daniel David Calleham 82 David Calleham Sampson Evans 89 Sampson Evans James Brooks 85 James Brooks Thomas Franklin 83 Thomas Franklin Harry Walthal 79 Harry Walthal Samuel Mathews 77 Samuel Mathews James Howard 75 James Howard James Whitaker 77 James Whitaker

Caroline County

Daniel Atkinson 89 Daniel Atkinson James Bradley 89 James Bradley William Coates 85 William Coates Patrick Carnall 80 Patrick Carnall William Gatewood 76 William Gatewood Edmund Gatewood 78 Edmund Gatewood William Madison 75 William Madison Betsy Perry 72 Betsy Perry Moses Stanly 82 Moses Stanly Robert Satterwhite 87 Robert Satterwhite Lucy Southworth 75 Lucy Southworth George Saunders 79 George Saunders Bartholomew Taylor 78 Bartholomew Taylor Catlett Thomas 77 Catlett Thomas, sen. James Thomas 75 James Thomas William Tucker 75 William Tucker Agnes Yarborough 74 Agnes Yarborough

Charlotte County

Elizabeth Ashworth 69 Elizabeth Ashworch Joanna Bouldin 88 Joanna Bouldin Martha Brown 78 Martha Brown Clement Carrington 77 Clement Carrington Susan Davis 91 Susan Davis Solomon H. Elam 82 Solomon H. Elam David Bartee 74 George Harvey William P. Hamlett 81 William P. Hamlett Daniel Hendrick 78 Daniel Hendrick Ambrose Hailey 82 Ambrose Hailey James Mullins 89 James Johnson James Rudder 80 Major J. Drury Nancy Mathews 80 Nancy Mathews Isaac Robertson 86 Isaac Robertson, sen. Isaac Smith 74 Isaac Smith Agnes St. John 75 Jacob A. St. John Lucy Spencer 80 William W. Spencer Joseph Sammons 55 Joseph Sammons William Skelton 83 William Skelton Elizabeth Tombs 75 Charles Tombs William Walker 78 William Walker

Chesterfield County

Upper District
William Hill 80to90 William Hill Jordan Anderson 80to90 Jordan Anderson Nathaniel Puckett 85 Nathaniel Puckett Moses Fergusson 79 Moses Fergusson William Goode, sen. 79 William Goode, sen. John Bass, sen. 79 John Bass, sen. John Spears 80 John Spears Jacob Flourney 79 Jacob Flournoy
Lower District
John Dyson 78 John Dyson Isham Andrews 93 Isham Andrews Ezekiel Perkenson 82 Ezekiel Perkenson Levi Newby 85 Levi Newby Thomas Newby 79 Thomas Newby Thomas Gregory, sen. 88 Thomas Gregory, sen.

Culpepper County

Catharine Allen 79 Catharine Allen Nancy Bailey 75 Armstead Bailey John Creel - John Creel Sarah Calvin 78 Sarah Calvin John Cannady 77 John Cannady Lucy Pettit 78 John L. Conner Elizabeth Edwards 90 Elizabeth Edwards John Freeman 83 John Freeman Zachariah Griffin 79 Zachariah Griffin Gabriel Gray 77 Gabriel Gray Humphrey Hill 77 Humphrey Hill Julius Hunt 78 Julius Hunt John Hall 79 John Hall William Jett 77 William Jett William Lewis 77 William Lewis Mary Lambkin 78 Mary Lambkin Hannah Clark 87 Madden Willis Abner Newman 85 Abner Newman Richard Payne, sen. 77 Richard Payne, sen. Reuben Rosson 87 Reuben Rosson Randolph Stallard 83 Randolph Stallard, Jr. Phillip Slaughter 82 Philip C. Slaughter Peter Triplett 88 Peter Triplett Almond Vaughan 84 Almond Vaughan Isaiah Welsh - Isaiah Welsh

Cumberland County

Bartlett Cox 85 Bartlett Cox Richard Taylor 84 Richard Taylor Daniel Tolty 75 Daniel Tolty James Morton 83 William S. Morton William Walker 83 William Walker

Dinwiddie County

James Bishop, sen. 79 James Bishop, sen. Samuel Major 78 Samuel Major George Simmons 83 George Simmons Thomas Wilkinson 82 Thomas Wilkinson Josiah Grigg 79 Theoderick H. Grigg Joel Sturdivant, sen. 78 Joel Sturdivant, sen. Claiborne Elder 82 Claiborne Elder Bollin Wells 81 Bolling Wells Peter Epes 81 Peter Epes William Nunnally 84 William Nunnally James Ross 80 Jane Ross James Spicely 78 James Spicely
Petersburg-Centre ward
Joseph Scott 55 Joseph Scott
South ward
William R. Cheeves 55 William R. Cheeves

Essex County

John Armstrong 78 Joseph Armstrong Carter Croxton 80 Carter Croxton Benjamin H. Munday 77 Benjamin H. Munday Reuben Atkinson 90 Robert Atkinson Thomas Cognell 78 Thomas Cognell Ann D. Butler 80 Lewis Warner

Fairfax County

Daniel Saunders 90 Daniel Saunders

Fauguier County

Ann Blackweel 79 James Blackweel Susan Burke 96 Susan Burke Robert Combs 87 Robert Combs Anthony Ethel 83 Anthony Ethel George Purcell 90 William German George Green 80 George J. Green Martha Howell 70 Martha Howell Alexander Jeffries 77 George Jeffries Hannah Lear 70 James Lear Elizabeth Maffett 82 John A. Maffett William Pattie 78 William Pattie Martha Roach 80 James M. Roach William Rawles 80 William Rawles Michael Wiser 85 Michael Wiser Rose Merry 75 Samuel Wharton John Welch 68 William A. Bowen Amie Claggett 68 Ferdinand Claggett Elizabeth Arrowsmith 75 Day Mildred Ann Vowles 88 Newton Vowles Frances Walker 80 Solomon Walker

Fluvanna County

Stephen Mayo 82 Stephen Mayo Isaac Lucado 82 Littlebury Lucado Hopper Ward 88 Archibald Creary Martin Faris 77 Martin Faris Charles Clements, sen. 81 Charles Clements, sen. John S. Haiship 80 John S. Haiship Daniel Thacher 81 Daniel Thacher Zaccheus Granger 79 Allen T. Watson Jesse Saunders 88 Jesse Saunders Richard Cawthorn, sen. 76 Richard Cawthorn, sen. Thomas Shores 85 Thomas Shores Jesse Wood 86 Jesse Wood John Maddox 76 John Maddox Nathaniel Harlow 97 Nathaniel Harlow

Franklin County

Walter Bernard 82 Walter Bernard Thomas Crag 90 Thomas Crag, sen. Lewis Davis 84 William Davis Richard Dale 81 Richard Dale Martel Lashow 85 Martel Lashow Richard Robertson 79 Richard Robertson Bednego Hodge 81 William Stegall, sen. Martin Woody 80 Martin Woody Elisha Walker 94 Elisha Walker Abraham Absher 92 George A. Absher Elisha Barton 80 Elisha Barton John Campbell 79 John Campbell Will Cuff 92 Will Cuff Isles Cooper 90 Isles Cooper Cheseham Griffeth 80 Cheseham Griffeth Leonard Hutts 86 Leonard Hutts, sen. Jacob McNeal 81 Jacob McNeal Richard Pew 82 Richard Pew Jacob Paitsell, who was a Pensioners, and lost his warrant 83 Jacob Paitsell Richard Richerson 84 Richard Richerson Abraham Sink 75 John Sink William Stuard 80 William Stuard John Wright 94 John Wright Benjamin Wray 84 Benjamin Wray

Gloucester County

Thomas Hogg 75 Thomas Hogg Lucy Berry, widow of Robert Berry 88 James Berry William James 80 William James

Goochland County

Elizabeth Clark, widow of Turner Clark 78 Elizabeth Clark Elizabeth Johnson 83 Elizabeth Johnson Jesse Wite 74 Jesse Wite Joseph D. Watkins 85 Joseph D. Watkins William Grinstead 80 John P. Wite Elizabeth Alvis 70 Elizabeth Alvis John Sanders 78 Samuel H. Sanders James Gray 77 James Gray Jacob Woodson 79 Jacob Woodson John Mallory 79 John Mallory Henry Isbell 79 H. Isbell John Beadshaw 78 John Beadshaw Benjamin Isbell 77 Z. Isbell Richard Toler 79 Richard Toler John Banks 92 N. Banks S. Chandoin 87 S. Chandoin B. Woodward 82 B. Woodward John Salmon 87 John Salmon Joseph Shelton 79 Joseph Shelton Nathaniel Smith 77 Nathaniel Smith Robert Pace 77 Robert Pace A. Layne 81 A. Layne Thornton Lowry 78 Thornton Lowry John Martin 88 John Martin John Richards 86 John Richards

Greensville County

John Goodrum 84 John Goodrum Balaam Bowers 87 Balaam Bowers, sen.

Greene County

John Davis, sen. 80 John Davis, sen. William Davis 82 William Davis Richard Goodall 82 Richard Goodall Nehemiah Greening 84 Nehemiah Greening Robert Holbert 39 Robert Holbert James Holmes 82 James Holmes William Parrott, sen. 86 William Parrott, sen. George Sherman 77 George Sherman Bland Shiflet (died 15th of July 1840) 89 Bland Shiflet Zachariah Taylor 81 Zachariah Taylor Richard White 84 Richard White

Halifax County

Northern District
William Abbott 84 William Abbott Charles Allen 78 James Allen Thomas Bailey 75 Thomas Bailey John Coats, sen. 84 John Coats, sen. Charles Hudson 75 Hilary Hudson William Hubbard 82 William Hubbard David Street 86 David Street Moses Woosley 86 Holeman Woosley John Yates 87 John Yates
Southern District
Edward Tuck, sen. 78 - Wallace, Wilson 87 - William White 78 William White James Willis 77 James Willis Andrew Porgan 79 - John Wesby 76 John Wesby Alva Oliver 76 - Alexander Kent 84 - Patrick Mason 75 Patrick Mason Thomas Tuck 77 - Lewis Harley 100 Ambrose Harley Noah Harbour 83 Hartwell Harbour John Phillips 80 John Phillips William Guill 77 William Guill

Hanover County

Richard Shackelford 84 John P. Shackelford John Gilman 80 John Gilman John Woodson 77 John Woodson John Hope 77 John Hope Edmund Gilman 78 Edmund Gilman Ann Fontaine 74 Edmund Fontaine John Hall 85 John Hall James Seay 80 James Seay Hensley Grubbs 83 Stephen V. Stone

Henrico County

Samuel Drewin 76 Samuel Drewin John Hudson, sen. 89 John Hudson, sen. Thomas Clopton 79 R.M. Pulleam John Whitlock, sen. 77 Charles Whitlock, sen. John Tinsley 81 John Tinsley William Roundtree 77 William Roundtree Samuel Drewin 76 -
City of Richmond
Jefferson ward, No. 1
Jane Dunn 74 Richard Deny Isaiah Parker 52 Jabez Parker
Madison ward No. 2
Robert Pollard 84 Robert Pollard
Monroe ward, No. 3

Henry County

John Redd 84 John Redd Moses Spencer 88 Elizabeth Stone Lewis Franklin 82 Lewis Franklin Nusom Pau 86 Nusom Pau. Elisha Arnold 82 Elisha Arnold John Price 78 John Price Matthew Seay 75 Matthew Seay, sen. Benjamin Stratton 87 James Stratton William Shackleford 81 William Shackleford James Johnson 84 James Johnson John Thompson 83 John Thompson James Johnston 94 James Johnston

Isle of Wight County

Joseph Parkinson 53 Joseph Parkinson

King George County

George Strother 80 James Strother George Strother 80 Benjamin Weaver

King William County

John Butler 76 John Butler James Whitlock 77 James Whitlock, sen. Mason Collins 82 Mason Collins

King and Queen County

Wilson Lumpkin 86 Susanna Watkins William Gatewood 82 William Gatewood John Clarke 80 John Clarke Leonard Shackleford 81 Leonard Shackleford

Loudoun County

James Hogland 81 John Hogland John Russell 92 John Smith Charles B. Atwell 75 Hugh Smith Edward Harvin 85 Edward Harvin Issachar Brown 80 Issachar Brown Enoch Furr 95 Enoch Furr Hannah West 68 John Onison Sarah Copeland 72 Sarah Copeland
1st city District
Margaret M. Stousonberger-78 Margaret M. Stousonberger Joseph Gilbert 92 Joseph Gilbert Mary Magdalena 73 Samuel Dan Sarah Butler 78 George Marlow John H. Richardson 83 John Wor Elizabeth Quick 78 Elizabeth Quick Mary E. McPherson 40 John S. Edwards Benjamin Widington 76 Benjamin Widington Jacob Long 88 Jacob Long Jesse Dailey 79 Jesse Dailey William Newton 52 Judith Newton

Louisa County

Joseph Spicer 79 Joseph Spicer, sen. John Morrison 79 John Morrison Thomas Poindexter 79 Thomas Poindexter Samuel Wharton 77 Samuel Wharton Austin Hancock, sen. 78 Austin Hancock, sen. Henry Bibb 81 Henry Bibb Robert Tate 88 Robert Tate Thomas Badget 82 Thomas Badget Dudley Degges 80 Seneca T.P. Degges Nathaniel Snelson 88 Nathaniel Snelson John Meeks, sen. 76 John Meeks, sen. Harden Duke 80 Harden Duke Nathaniel Scales 82 Nathaniel Scales

Lunenburg County

Charles Cooksey 78 Charles Cooksey Shadrach Clark 81 S.S. Field Clark John Estes 84 John Estes John Frame 83 John Frame Peter Hudson 78 Peter Hudson Julius Hite 83 Julius Hite John Mohorn 84 John Mohorn Robert Mitchell 80 Robert Mitchell William Stokes 79 William Stokes

Madison County

Churchill Gibbs 84 Churchill Gibbs J. & B. Haneson 81,83 John Haneson L. Taylor 90 Ann Huffman Tavner Jones 86 Tavner Jones William Madison 82 William Madison Abram Tanner 78 Abram Tanner William Taylor 86 William Taylor William Tuyman 84 William Tuyman

Matthews County

Thomas Davis 78 Thomas Davis, sen. Avarilla Owen 74 James D. Owen George Callis 78 George Callis, sen. Johanna Watson 84 George Callis, sen. Nancy Morgan 74 Nancy Morgan William Degges 80 William Degges, sen. Bathsheba Brooks 75 Bathsheba Brooks Mary Minter 76 Mary Minter Josiah Pugh 78 Josiah Pugh, sen. Matthias Gayle 78 Matthias Gayle, sen. Thomas Hall 75 Thomas Hall, sen. Dorothy White 78 Dorothy White William D. White 48 William D. White Elizabeth White 67 Elizabeth White Mary Davis 86 Mary Davis Hugh Hudgins 76 Hugh Hudgins, sen. Joice Gayle 79 Bartlett Gayle

Mecklenburg County

Joseph Butler, sen. 84 Joseph Butler, sen. Charles Hudson 89 Charles Hudson, sen. James McCarton 81 James Henareck Royall Lockett, sen. 88 Royall Lockett
Eastern District
William Coleman 79 Wesley Coleman Daniel Hicks 78 Daniel Hicks Abel Farrar 75 Abel Farrar Varney Andrews 86 Varney Andrews Bartlett Cox 74 Bartlett Cox

Middlesex County

Elizabeth Daniel 78 Mecklenburg Daniel George Gardner 85 George Gardner

Nansemond County

Henry Skinner 81 - William Boytt, sen. 82 William Boytt, sen. William Byrd 81 - Jeremiah Peale 83 Jeremiah Peale

Nelson County

Hawes Coleman 83 Hawes N. Coleman Benjamin Fitzgerald 81 Benjamin Fitzgerald Richard Hare 91 Richard Hare William Jordan 90 William Jordan Alexander McAlexander 84 Alexander McAlexander Hudson Martin 79 Hudson Martin Henry McLayne 90 Henry McLayne Micass Pendleton 82 Micass Pendleton John Pugh 82 John Pugh Clifton Tombs 46 Clifton Tombs Bransford West 85 Bransford West Micass Wheeler 81 Micass Wheeler Thomas Ware 78 Thomas Ware

New Kent County

Anselm Bailey, sen. - Anselm Bailey, sen. Samuel Moss 77 Samuel Moss James Williams - James Williams

Norfolk County

John Butler 85 J.O. Butler D. Wright 84 D. Wright William Stark 85 William Stark

Northampton County

Obadiah Johnson 48 Obadiah Johnson James Carter 85 Sarah Becket William Dennis 87 Nathaniel Dalby

Orange County

John Almond 86 John Almond Lucy Cowherd 77 Lucy Cowherd Susan Campbell 71 Susan Campbell William Crittendon 80 William Crittendon James Chiles 81 James Chiles William Fisher 79 William Fisher George Morris 75 George Morris Jonathan Pratt 74 Jonathan Pratt Philomel Richards 84 Philomel Richards Daniel Young 49 Daniel Young

Patrick County

William Tinch 81 William Tinch James Harris 85 William Cassel Benjamin Beasley 82 William Blancitt Martha Martin 81 Stephen Martin Elihu Ayers 80 Elihu Ayers James Boyd 81 John Boyd William Carter 82 William carter, sen. James Boaz 94 James Boaz, sen. Joseph varner 82 Joseph Varner John Spencer 80 John Spencer, sen.

Pittsylvania County

James Thomas 81 James Thomas James Hopkins 75 James Hopkins John Robertson 78 John Robertson Moore Lumpkin 78 Moore Lumpkin Henry H. Norvell 82 George Dove Joseph Hundley 95 John Parker Elisha Jones 82 Alexander Jones Joseph Hubbard 78 Joseph Hubbard Anthony P. Lipford 85 Anthony P. Lipford Ann Miller, (died July 28, 1840 73 Samuel J. Miller James Roach 78 James Roach John Neal 79 John Neal William Dove, sen. 82 William Dove, sen. Griffeth Dickenson 84 Griffeth Dickenson
Southern District
Robert W. Fitz 83 Tandy W. Fitz William M. Nance 82 William M. Nance William Dickson 85 William Dickson Peter Wall 87 Peter Wall Jennings Thompson 78 Jennings Thompson Zachariah Pruit 83 Zachariah Pruit John D. Martin 45 John D. Martin Elisha Ford 79 Elisha Ford Jacob Anderson 90 Jacob Anderson, Jr.

Powhatan County

Henry Lipford 91 George W. Pace Thomas Tucker 86 Thomas Tucker Seth Hatcher 80 Seth Hatcher Susanna Mosby 72 Edward C. Mosby Sally Taylor 72 Sally Taylor Susanna Mosby 75 Susanna Mosby Archibald Short 79 Dutoy Bass. John Sledd 81 John Sledd James Hall 87 James Hall

Princess Anne County

John Brown, sen. 82 Joh Brown, sen. Charles Anderson 85 Charles Anderson

Prince Edward County

Charles Brightwell 83 Charles Brightwell, sen. John Crute 85 John Crute John Cunningham 82 John Cummingham Bartholomew Cyrus 82 Bartholomew Cyrus Joseph Davidson 86 Joseph Davidson Mary Dupey 73 Mary Dupey Nathan Grubbs 81 Nathan Grubbs Obadiah Hendrick 82 Obadiah Hendrick William Hill 82 William Hill, sen. William Jesse 81 William Jesse James Moss 80 James Moss Ann Pugh 74 John M. Pugh William F. Scott 80 William F. Scott Jehu Simmons 78 Jehu Simmons Samuel Walker 48 Samuel Walker

Prince George County

Samuel Temple 78 Samuel Temple Augustine Heath 78 Augustine Heath Daniel Hair 80 - Joel Cheives 85 Joel Cheives

Prince William County

John Sullivan 82 John Sullivan John Gill 80 John Gill Hugh Davis 81 Hugh Davis

Portsmouth County

Elizabeth Porter 75 - Ann Watts 74 -

Rappahannock County

George M. Houck 83 Francis Carey Mary Drummond 75 Mary Drummond William Brown 85 William Brown Lucy Slaughter 71 Robert Slaughter Elizabeth Towles 80 Samuel Decamp Mason Colvin 80 Mason Colvin John Corder 80 John Corder Spencer Withers 75 Spencer Withers William Smith 84 William Smith, sen. John Roberts 82 John Roberts Vincent Tapp 76 Vincent Tapp David Kennaird 82 David Kennaird Delpha Smith 68 John W. Garner George Mozingo 79 George Mozingo, sen. James Jones 83 James Jones

Richmond County

John France, sen. 78 John France, sen. James Burgess, sen. 77 James Burgess, sen. John Brown 58 John Brown

Southhampton County

Jesse Croker 80 Jesse Croker Samuel Corbit 83 Johnson Corbit Joshua Joyner 83 Joshua Joyner William Owney 78 William Owney Revell Holiday 83 Revell Holiday, sen.

Spottsylvania County

Town of Fredericksburg
James Jones 80 James Jones
Berkeley Parish
William Cason 75 William Cason Thomas R. Jones 85 Thomas R. Jones William Knight 80 William Knight John Pierce, sen. 88 John Pierce, sen. P. Pendleton 79 Phil. Pendleton Richard Stears 78 Jenny Stears John Stewart 79 John Stewart Philip Smith 83 Philip Smith James Smith 90 James A. Smith George Trible 85 George Trible Philip Vass 78 Philip Vass H. Willoughby 79 Henry Willoughby Abr. Wilson 80 Abr. Wilson
St. George's Parish
William Griffin 86 William Griffin George Mansfield 84 George Mansfield John Sorrill 88 Frances Strutton

Stafford County

James Nickens 85 James Nickens Travers Fritter 43 Travers Fritter

Surry County

Jesse Brown 83 Benjamin Brown Jesse King 86 Jesse King

Sussex County

William Chappell 78 William Chappell Absalom Flowers 82 Absalom Flowers Joseph Prince 76 Joseph Prince John Wrenn 78 John Wrenn Henry Bailey 84 Henry Bailey William Shands, sen. 82 William Shands, sen.

Westmoreland County

William Brann 93 William Brann, sen. Robert Beale 82 Robert Beale James Deatly 90 James Deatly Charles Green 81 Charles Green Charles Hegdon 76 Charles Hegdon Gerard Hutt 75 Gerard Hutt, sen. William S. Jett 76 William Starke Jett James McKoy, sen. 80 James C. McKoy, sen. Samuel Templeman 82 Samuel Templeman

[ 1840 Census of Pensioners ]