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1840 Virginia - Western District
Census of Pensioners

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Virginia, Western District Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	

Allegany County

Jacob Persinger 96 Jacob Persinger Jacob Hoover 93 Jacob Hoover George Semmon 82 Conrad Semmon

Augusta County

Mary Knowles 85 John Gordon John McWilliams 82 Andrew Anderson William Armstrong 81 Archibald Armstrong John McCutchin 91 James McCutchin Thomas Johnston 79 Thomas Johnston David Steele 83 John Steele Alexander Hamilton 76 William Brown Robert Porterfield 88 Robert Porterfield John Nee 80 John Nee Christian Gregory 74 John S. Kesterson Claudius Buster 76 Claudius Buster Elizabeth Eskridge 73 George Walls Peter Lohr 88 Peter Lohr John Hewitt 77 John Hewitt Phillip Crist 82 Philip Crist, Jr.

Bath County

Ann Payne 80 James Howell Robert Thompson 84 James Thomas James Stuart 84 St. Clair Stuart John Stuart 79 John Stuart William Boner, sen. 80 William Boner, sen. Rachel Cameron 68 Andrew W. Cameron Samuel Gilmor 80 Alexander Gilmor Timothy Holcomb 85 Roger Gum

Berkeley County

Charles Young 84 Charles Young Catharine McKeeven 84 Elizabeth McKeeven Erasmus Gant 81 Erasmus Gant Paul Taylor 90 Paul Taylor Basil Lucas 83 Basil Lucas Henry Bedinger 86 Henry Bedinger Susan Shober 70 Susan Shober

Braxton County

Jacob Fisher 77 William Cutlip

Cabell County

John Everritt, sen. 87 John Everritt, Jr. Asher Crocket 81 Asher Crocket Valentine Blose 82 Isaac Blose John Stephenson 79 John Stephenson Robert Rutherford 77 Thomas Rutherford Thomas Roberts 78 Thomas Roberts James Gellengwaters 74 John Gellengwaters John Lesley 79 Milton Stratton William Meade 78 Theophilus Goodwin Adam Crom 85 Adam Crom John Adkins, sen. 84 John Adkins Aaron Sullivan 85 Aaron Sullivan Thomas Chandler 78 Thomas Chandler

Clark County

Jacob Berlin 95 Philip Berlin

Frederick County

George Escridge 84 Stephen Prichards Philip Booher 90 Philip Booher Robert Finley 76 Robert Finley Henry Bailis 80 Henry Bailis John Lewis 92 John Lewis George Black 82 James Garvin Jacob Shade 84 Jacob Shade

Fayette County

Abraham Vandal 80 E.D. Vandal John Reins 96 John Reins William Richmond 89 Shadrick Martin

Floyd County

John King 80 John King Benjamin Edwards 87 Benjamin Edwards Daniel Shelor 89 George Shelor, sen.

Grayson County

Eastern District
Mary Frost 79 Simon Frost Lawrence Dean 75 Susanna Dean Mary Spencer 79 Mary Spencer Anthony Foster 84 Anthony Foster William Cloud 89 William Cloud Sarah McCraw 81 Levi Jones Joel Ashworth 78 Joel Ashworth
Western District
William Vaughn 79 William Vanghn

Greenbrier County

Northern District
John Fryer 81 John Fryer Eli Perkins, sen. 82 Eli Perkins, Jr.
Southern District
Berryman Jones 78 Berryman James McLaughlin 58 James Scott Thomas Perry 89 Thomas Perry

Giles County

William Neel 79 John M. Neel William Brown 86 William H. Brown John Kirk 86 John Kirk, Jr. Andrew Straley 88 James Straley

Harrison County

Joshua Jones, sen. 79 Joshua Jones, sen. Job Goff, sen. 79 Job Goff, sen. Peter Knight 81 Peter Knight Jacob Harrow 84 Jacob Harrow Peter Johnson 88 Peter Johnson William Shingleton 80 William Shingleton John Waldo 79 John Waldo Pamela Keyser 76 George Keyser John Latham 74 John Latham Susanna Roe 77 James Roe Leonard Cutzer 81 Leonard Cutzer William Martin 78 William Martin John Bennet 61 John Bennet, sen. John Nay 91 Oliver Nay Jacob Thompson 80 Jacob Thompson Elisha Griffith 89 Charles McEntire William Nichol 84 Kezin Fowler Edward Stewart 81 Edward Stewart, sen. Christopher Nutter 80 Christopher Nutter Rhodam Rogers 84 Benjamin Harvey Mary Lindsey 76 Mary Lindsey William Davis 82 John Sutton Jonathan Hughes 86 Robert Stutler Henry McWhorter 80 Leonard S. Ward

Hardy County

John Rosebraugh 101 John Rosebraugh Adam Bullinger 73 Adam Bullinger Jacob Randall 81 Jacob Randall Cichman Ours 85 Cichman Ours John Ebills 76 John Ebills Christopher 78 Christopher Goodnight Daniel Ketterman 78 Daniel Ketterman John Berry 96 John Berry Richard Redman 84 John Martin

Hampshire County

George Little 84 George Little John Mailick 78 John Mail John Queen 85 Stephen Queen Henry Powelson 79 Henry Powelson Asa Simons 81 Asa Simons John Peters 86 John Peters Christian Hass 88 Peter Hass Thomas Shores 86 William Abernathy Alexander Doran 80 Joseph Doran John Hansbrough 75 John Hansbrough Wilmore Male (colored) 84 Wilmore Male Henry Kump 82 Henry Kump Major William Heron 78 William Heron Daniel Taylor 83 Daniel Taylor Isaac James 78 Isaac James

Jefferson County

Peter Haines 90 John Avis
Daniel Folck 86 Daniel Folck

Jackson County

Thomas Good 82 Thomas Good Andrew Welch 82 Andrew Welch John McKown 83 John McKown Samuel Carpenter 77 Samuel Carpenter Elijah Runnion 78 Elijah Runnion David Harris 71 David Harris Henry Raburn 100 Weden Carney

Kanawha County

Benjamin Stone 80 Benjamin Stone

Lee County

Edward Smyth 75 Edward Smyth Francis Mills 83 Francis Mills Samuel Marion 94 Samuel Marion Jacob Mrabtree 81 Jacob Crabtree Enoch Bush 91 Enoch Bush William Carmack 77 William Carmack William Ely 91 William Ely Samuel Gilbert 77 Samuel Gilbert

Logan County

William Davis 96 William Davis John S. Barsden 90 Edward Barsden Samuel Mead 90 Samuel Mead

Lewis County

John Waggoner 90 Samuel Waggoner John Rains 83 William R. Sturcher Jacob Hunt 85 John Hunt Philip Reeger 73 Nathan Reeger James Tenney 75 James Tenney Jacob Hyse 83 Jacob Hyse John Cutright 87 Christopher Cutright John Davis 86 Benjamin Shammon William Powers 75 William Powers Joseph Wilson 83 Dolpheas D. Holbert Peter Cogar 85 Adam Starcher Phebe Cunningham 80 Benjamin Hardman

Mason County

John Hereford 83 John Hereford Samuel Hayes 59 Samuel Hayes James Harrison 85 George Chapman George Lemastor 43 George Lemastor John Kersey 78 John Kersey Luman Gibbs 75 Luman Gibbs, sen. William Hawkins 76 Nancy Hawkins Robert Love 78 Robert Love Andrew Eckard 80 Andrew Eckard

Monroe County

John Wright 82 David G. Givens John Foster 80 John Foster Flora Smith 95 Thomas Prift James Jones 79 James Jones James Larkin 96 Robert Young John Hutchinson 86 Isaac Hutchinson James Boyd 81 James Boyd Nathaniel Garlen 78 Nathaniel Garlen Henry Arnott, sen. 80 Henry Arnott, Jr. Samuel Clarke 76 Samuel Clarke William Kirby 81 Martin Kirby Samuel Allen 95 George Allen, sen. Thomas Walker 77 Thomas Walker

Eastern Monongalia County

Evan Morgan 88 Evan Morgan William Wilson 84 William Wilson Isaac Reed 82 Isaac Reed James Devars 86 James Devars George Keller 81 John Keller

Western Monongalia County

James Collins 85 James Collins Charles Simkins 82 Charles Simkins Benjamin Chesney 80 William Cole James Scott 75 James Scott John Dent 85 John Dent Elisha Clayton 83 Elisha Clayton Asaph M. Colegate 77 Asaph M. Colegate Samuel Dudley 77 Samuel Dudley Robert Derrah 71 Robert Derrah Amos Morris 77 Amos Morris Zadoc Morris 79 Zadoc Morris

Montgomery County

Frederick Bolt 90 Frederick Bolt Francis Charlton 82 Francis Charlton John Emmons 77 John Emmons Jesse Hall, sen. 80 John L. Hall Asa Hall, sen. 82 Asa Hall, sen. Mary Lucas 82 Wilson Lucas Andrew Lewis 82 Andrew Lewis Alexander McClure 64 Thomas Moses Rice D. Montagu, sen. 72 Rice D. Montagu, sen. Elijah Meacham 80 Elijah Meacham John Miles 89 John Miles, sen. Elizabeth Elliott 66 Samuel Otey James P. Preston 66 James P. Preston Elizabeth Crow 84 William S. Ronald Bolen Rogers 78 Bolen Rogers Giles Thomas 76 William Thomas Elizabeth Robinson 82 William L. Woolwine

Marshall County

David Ferrel 75 David Ferrel John Caldwell 90 Ezekiel Caldwell John Cummins 85 John Cummins John Fox 85 John Fox, Jr. Henry Yoho 88 Henry Yoho

Morgan County

Nicholas Henry 84 Peter Henry

Mercer County

Josiah Meadows 83 Green Meadows

Ohio County

James Holliday 86 James Holliday Samuel Miller 85 Joseph Miller John Curtis 89 James Darling

Pendleton County

Charles Borror 83 Charles Borror John Devericks 78 John Devericks, sen. William Eagle 79 William Eagle Michael Hoover 88 Michael Hoover Thomas Kinkead 76 Thomas Kinkead William Lawrence 73 William Lawrence Edward Morton 75 Edward Morton Zachariah Rexroad 79 Solomon Rexroad George Rymer 90 George Rymer, sen. Eli B. Wilson 84 Eli B. Wilson

Pocahontas County

John Young, sen. 79 John Young, sen. Adam Abegart, sen. 80 Adam Abegart, sen. John Webb 89 Martin Dilley

Page County

Daniel Anderson 88 Daniel Anderson Sarah Anderson - Moses Wood Thomas Tharp 80 Thomas Tharp John C. Aleshire 84 Henry Mauck James McCullough - Joseph McCullough --, Cook - Strawther Cook Virginia Page Carder - Robert Carder Sarah Strickler - David J. Strickler John Burkholder - William Burkholder --, Burner - John R. Burner Jane Roads - John H. Roads Ann Stover - Joseph Stover Henry Aleshire 89 Conrad Aleshire

Pulaski County

Jacob Anderson 83 Jacob Anderson John Carper 80 John Carper, Jr. Henry Wysor, sen. 86 Henry Wysor, sen.

Preston County

Isaac Matthew 84 Isaac Matthew John Jennings 90 Jonathan Jenkins John Hartman 84 John Hartman Daniel Martin 89 Daniel Martin Dabney Ford 89 Frederick K. Ford Asa Wilson 78 Asa Wilson Nathan Ashby 75 Elijah Hardesty Abner Messenger 81 Samuel Messenger

Rockingham County

Elizabeth Brown 83 Peter Brown Andrew Huling 79 Joseph Weltshire Philip Koontz 95 Philip Koontz James Meadows 81 James Meadows Henry Hammer 84 Henry Hammer Leonard Davis 79 Susanna Marshall Francis Yancy 70 Francis Yancy William Bryan 78 Elisha Bryan Agnes Vanpelt 77 Jacob Vanpelt David Ralston 79 David Ralston Magdaline Bible 75 Christian Bible Mary Gibbons 80 Samuel Gibbons Philip Hartman 83 Elias Horn Matthew Tate 87 Russel Wright James Palmer 77 James Palmer

Russell County

Michael Sword, sen. 82 Michael Sword, Jr. Benjamin Ray 83 William Wallis Francis Browning, sen. 87 Francis Browning, sen. Thomas Lovelady 93 George Gose John Hackney 85 John Hackney Daniel Price 77 Daniel Price John Sykes 83 James Sykes Joel Ramsey 81 Joel Ramsey James Rose 80 Jona. Skeen Jesse Vermillion 88 Jesse Vermillion

Randolph County

Mary Chenoweth 78 Jehu Chenoweth John Neville 75 John Neville, sen. Henry Transler 79 Andrew Tansler Jacob Kittle 83 Jacob Kittle Nancy Ann Hart 83 Nancy Ann Hart

Rockbridge County

Captain William Moore 90 Nancy Harvey John Green 91 Lawrence Green John Strickland 91 Joseph Strickland William Smith 76 William Smith James Barley 80 Samuel Barley Adam Hickman 78 Adam Hickman David Shepperson 77 David Shepperson Absalom Ailstock 84 Absalom Ailstock

Roanoke County

Douglass Ebley 87 John Reley William Henry 87 William Henry Joel Davenport 87 Joel Davenport Eusom Hannon 91 Eusom Hannon

Smyth County

Moses Allen 89 Moses Allen Zachariah Hurt 75 Washington Hurt Nathaniel Harris, sen. 78 Nathaniel Harris, sen. John Musser 83 John Musser William Reagan 84 William Reagan

Scott County

Absalom Hamonds 86 Sarah Hamonds William Stewart 83 Nimrod Taylor William Fields 86 William Fields John Smith 79 William B. Smith William Lawson, sen. 76 William Lawson, sen. Alexander M. Gray 52 Alexander M. Gray William Sloane, sen. 82 William Sloane, sen.

Shenadoah County

Daniel Gray 76 James McCan Michael Rootz 94 Thornton A. Bowman Thomas Hudson 83 Thomas Hudson

Tazewell County

Low Brown 89 Low Brown, sen. Joseph Oney 90 Isaac Oney Jarrett Bolling 72 Jarrett Bolling Thomas Witten 88 James S. Witten, Jr. Lyles Dollsberry 80 Lyles Dollsberry William Brooks 88 William Brooks John McGlotholin 75 John McGlotholin

Tyler County

Charles Swan 86 Charles Swan Thomas Weekley 88 Thomas Weekley, sen. William Bennet 94 William Bennet Sarah Wells 85 Eli Wells Jacob Lewis 85 Jacob Lewis Philip Miller 83 Philip Miller Samuel Wheeler 80 Samuel Wheeler Richard Dotson 88 James Dotson James S. Ferrell, sen. 78 James S. Ferrell, sen. Jeremiah Williams, sen. 79 Jeremiah Williams John Burden, sen. 81 John Burden, sen. Temperance Cochran 79 Samuel Cochran

Warren County

Thomas Buck, sen. 84 Thomas Buck, sen. William Monroe 80 William Monroe Samuel Stokes 87 Samuel Stokes Moses Henry 86 Moses Henry Benjamin McKnight 80 John Sansberry John Sansberry 60 John Sansberry Daniel Edmonds 83 Jos. Brown Jeffrey Collins 85 Jeffrey Collins Robert Russell 84 Robert Russell James Cheek 77 James Cheek

Wythe County

Joseph Ramsey 80 Joseph Ramsey Hugh McGavock 79 Hugh McGavock

Washington County

Edward Barker 88 Edward Barker Samuel Henseley 86 Samuel Henseley James Hilland 82 David G. Hilland Samuel Johnson 81 Samuel Johnson James Keyes 84 Robert Keyes Henry Low 94 Henry Low Frederick Leonard 82 Henry Leonard, sen. John McCauly 84 John McCauly Robert Pippin, sen. 83 Robert Pippin, sen. Thomas McGee 99 Hannah Re John Shaffer 87 Samuel Shaffer Jacob Woodard 80 Jacob Woodard Michael Widener 82 Michael Widener

Wood County

Thomas Leach 78 John Cooper Bailey Rice 85 Bailey Rice Patrick Sumett 83 George Sumett William Cunningham 76 William Cunningham Moses Rollin 76 Henry Rollins

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