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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

DEATHS - 1850 Federal Census, Mortality Schedule

Dukes County, Massachusetts

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The 1850 Mortality Census year begins June 1, 1849 and ends May 31, 1850

Towns included in this Mortality Schedule: Chilmark, Edgartown, Tisbury.

Town of Chilmark

Mar. Name Age Sex Wid. Born Died Mayhew, Jane S. 31 11/12 F M Chilmark May Tilton, Anna 72 8/12 F - Chilmark Sept. Tilton, Margaret 73 F M Chilmark Nov. Hancock, Samuel 77 M M Tisbury June Stewart, Mary 84 F W Chilmark Sept. Mayhew, Lydia 69 F - Chilmark Aug.

Town of Edgartown

Worth, Velina 83 F W Rdgartown June Norton, Susan 82 F W Edgartown July Marchant, Ephraim 56 M W Edgartown Aug. Swift, Caroline W. 6 6/12 F - Falmouth Aug. Luce, Cordelia D. 8/12 F - Edgartown Sept. Pease, Mary L. 19 F M Edgartown Sept. Coffin, Mary 48 F W Edgartown Oct. Dunham, Joseph 69 M W Edgartown Oct. Pease, George F. 14 M - Nantucket Oct. Mitchell, William 3 M - Edgartown Dec. Norton, Julia 51 10/12 F W Edgartown Feb. Simpson, Mary Ann 2 F - Edgartown March Worth, Mercy 2 F - Edgartown March Pease, Elizabeth 75 11/12 F W Edgartown March Coon, George M. 4 M - Edgartown April Collins, Benjamin W. 25 M - Edgartown May Marchant, Gamaliel 14 M - Gloucester, Ms May

Town of Tisbury

Smith, Mary 75 F W Tisbury June Tilton, Helen M. - F M Tisbury June Look, Charles 60 M M Tisbury July Earl, Richard 54 M M England July Manter, Rosalinda 27 F M Farmington, Me Aug. West, Leonora 1 F - Tisbury Aug. Luce, Martha 31 F M Tisbury Aug. Brush, Emily B. 2 F - Tisbury Sept. Luce, Cordelia 8/12 F - Tisbury Sept. Chase, Thomas G. R. 3 M - Tisbury Sept. Cleveland, Lydia G. 1 F - Tisbury Sept. Holmes, Sarah M. 16 F - Tisbury Sept. Daggett, Louisa 1/12 F - Tisbury Sept. Luce, Mary D. 2 F - Tisbury Oct. Hawks, Susan 74 F - Farmington, Me. Oct. Lewis, Keziah 67 F W Tisbury Oct. Betsey, Luce 63 F M Tisbury Oct. Norton, Mary 66 F M Tisbury Oct. Heald, John 58 M M Farmington, Me. Oct. Lambert, Augustus M. 4/12 M - Tisbury Oct. Crosthwaite, David 32 M - England Oct. Lamphere, Sarah H. 16 F M Tisbury Nov. Luce, Mary E. 6/12 F - Tisbury Nov. Butler, Sarah 77 F W Tisbury Dec. Andrews, Celia 62 F W Tisbury Dec. Luce, Mehitable 95 F W Tisbury Dec. Daggett, Mary 69 F M Tisbury Jan. Athearn, Ezra 60 M M Tisbury Apr. Winslow, George R. 2/12 M - Tisbury Oct. Earl, Eunice 1 F - Tisbury Aug. Athearn, Solomon 69 M M Tisbury Apr. Richardson, George 77 M W - Feb. Winslow, Rhoda 76 F W Tisbury Feb. Winslow, Rebecca 60 F M Tisbury Feb.
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Home | Mortality Schedules | Massachusetts Mortality Schedules | 1850 Mortality Schedule Dukes County, Massachusetts

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