1875 Deaths from the Wyoming County New York State Census

Transcribed by: Jeffrey Tooley, June 15, 2007


Perry - 1st Election District

Name of person deceased
Date of Death
State or Country
Trade or OccupationDisease or cause of Death
SmithBelle D. 28 FS March 25 Wyoming .Serofulu Consumption
NeedhamHorace M.71 MM March 1 Vermont FarmerPlurisy
NeedhamCelinda 48 FM May 11 Wyoming . Inflamation of bowells
Mc NelliaAmelia11F S September 10 Wyoming. Typroid pnumonia
Mc Nellia Martha9 F S September 11 Livingston.Typroid pnumonia
Wygant Ida E. 44 FM September 8 Pa .Pervins prostrution
Homur John B. 72MM March 4 Dutchess ButcherInflamation of stomach
Allberty Charles H.33M S October 5 WyomingMachinist Consumption
HawleyEmma S.19F M November 19 Canada Keeping homeConsumption
DabympleEdward22M S December 29 LivingstonStudent Consumption
Chamberlain Ellen22 FSMarch 5 Wyoming . Typroid fever
AbellLyman H.23 MSJuly 13 Wyoming FarmerConsumption
BeuttieJohn B.82M M September 20 England .Old age
WallsFrankie3M S Jan 31 Wyoming .Typroid pnumonia

Perry - 2nd Election District

BrattAndrew73M M July 28 Otsego Farmerdon't know
RelyaEmma30F MSept 1 Wyoming . Weekness
SilverSusan98F W June 29 New York .Old
ButlerHerbert S. 15 M S May 26 Wyoming Farmer Consumption
TaylorMillie H. 25 F M May 7 Wyoming .Heart disease
PennockAlexander 84 M W Jan 21 VT FarmerOld age
Oh_erson Laura A.82 F W Sept 12 OntarioHouseworkOld Age
LewisburyMary A. 2 1/2F S March 23 Wyoming . Punmonia
SpearHenry F.32M SJune 7 Wyoming Farmer Got hooked by a cow
Otis Mary S.19F S July 27 Penn . Eplepsy
Mc DonaldMary1 1/2FS Dec 24 Wyoming . _iftherie
PerkinsWilber3/12M SMarch 4 Wyoming . Congestion of lungs


Campbell Sehie M.9/12FS May 23 New York . Choleru Infection
BennettIris6/12FSSept 14 New York . Choleru Infection
Rich Willie H.1 1/2MS March 6 New York .Croup Sparmodie
AilsworthDexter70MS Nov 8 New York FarmerParalysis
Ghiny Reheince54FM Apr 15 New York . Dropsy of the heart
HenriettaFrank35MM April 4 New York Farm LaborConsumption
Van SlykeJohn J.56M M Aug 29 New York PhysicianTyproid Fever
EttiFreerJulia2 F S Jan 3 New York .Burned to death
PuffGoodley52MM Feb 25 Germany FarmerTyphiril fever
FreizerWm44M M Oct 26 Scotland FarmerKilled in a thrashing machine
OsborneOrennel72M M Feb 12 Vermont FarmerCancer of stomach
BryantDavid30MS Jan 4 New York FarmerHeart disease
WilyrisHepsibeth93F W Dec 23 New York .Infrimitus of age
JonesAmelie30FM March 23 New York . Hemorage of lungs
JonesEstelle7F S Nov 5 New York . Scarlet fever
JonesFrank5 MS Nov 17 New York .Scarlet fever
SpencerMary A.6/12FS Apr 8 New York .Whooping cough
HalsteadMaggie1 1/2FS Sept 21 New York . Chaleru infection
MooreAnn28FM Aug 28 New York . Birth of a child
ClockNathaniel87M W Aug 15 VermontFarmer Broke his hip
SathrapWinnie1 3/12FS Feb 5 New York .Group
Transcribers notes:
_ Notes that a letter or letters were hard to read.


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