1875 Marriage Records extracted from the Orleans County, New York State Census

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Town of Albion

Date of MarriageName of city or town
where the Marriage occurred.
Marriage how solemnized
By a
By a civil
Haight John 52 W Sandel Mary 38 W April 15 Jaim ?
Gray Charles B. 24 S Rowland Mary 21 S December 29 Albion ?
Ralph William F. 21 S Armorer Hattie 22 S April 7 Clarendon Judge
Witcomb Edward 34 W Aldin Amelia 38 S October 5 Rochester ?
Baldwin ? 20 S Hartland Agness 22 S December 22 Village of Albion Epis.
Hartland Soloman D. 34 S Root Florence 30 S August 5 Town of Albion Bap.

Village of Albion

VanstWilliam20SCowanAmy17SSept6Holley, Orleans P-
JewellJohn _,49WLiscombMary Jane40SDec3Albion, OrleansB-
RileyThomas30WMcCrackenPercie22SFeb4Albion, OrleansB-
BlanchardCharles20SSullivanCatherine17 SSept10Albion, OrleansME-
MackeyElmer19_WilsonFanny 15S Dec19Albion, Orleans M-
HarrisJacob22SHoweClara C.19S Sept8Albion, OrleansLM-
ReynoldsFrank23SClark Ida 25WApril7Albion, OrleansM-
DonnelleyArthur27SKennedyMary Jane 21 SSept16MedinaRC-
TylerAlfred22SThurstonSarah15 SSept6Brockport, NY -J.P.
SpaffordJohn _,24SMattensonLizzie 21SJan 6Rochester, NYRC-
CurtisJudson35SCranFanny C.21SOct.14AlbionP-
SmithSamuel S.32SBaileyFanny H.24SSept24 Albion, Orleans B-
ButlerFrederick C.23SGrayMartha23SDec16AlbionP-
ClarkSeldon20SColburnLewellen16SJan3 Albion, Orleans FM-
LesterEugene18SPalmerLouisa15 SJan 3Albion, OrleansFM-
CooperPeter45SPalmerPhoebe45 SJuly 30 Albion, OrleansFM-
ColburnLewis18SPalmer Elizabeth16 S May 3Albion, Orleans FM-
WilkinsRobt. R.24SSnow Anna 19 S Sept17Albion, NYB-
RomaineJohn40 SMurray Mary Jane22 S Feb 9 Rochester, NY RC-
FarnsworthGeorge27 SFrue Sarah J.20 S March30 Holley, NY M-
______Lewis C. 26S Gormley Elizabeth30 S May 28 AlbionRC-
____________ 33S DriscollEllen30S Oct 20 Albion, NY RC-
McKinney______23SMurphy Mary Jane21 S Nov 26 Albion, NY RC-
Townsend______24SBentonAlice 21 S Sept8 Albion, NY FM-
BrownCharles B.25SPangborn Eliza A.22 S Jan 16Albion, NYFM-
MooreCharles 22SCollins Julia22 S July 11 AlbionME-
FisherChristopher30S Acker Hattie23 S July 17Albion ME-
_attaFrank __SSamponFrances _26 SNov 16 AlbionP-
Gray Charles B. 23SHowlandMary _ 26S Dec 29 AlbionP-

Transcribers notes:
_ Notes that a letter or letters were hard to read.


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