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1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll
Merrick County, Nebraska

January 1, 1883

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1883 Merrick County, Nebraska List of Pensioners on the Roll includes, the name of each pensioner, the cause for which pensioned, the Post Office address, rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance.

Cert. #Name of PensionerPost OfficeAdd. Cause for pensionRateDate of original Allowance
12,980Abbott, ElizabethChapmanwidow$8.00 Jan 1867
138,002Agnew, FranklinCentral Cityheart dis$6.00 -
71,953Alspaugh, BenjaminBurlingameg.s.w.l.arm$8.00 -
193,040Benedict, Alfred K.Central Cityminor of$14.00 Aug 1882
190,078Bessey, JohnCentral Cityinj to abdomen$4.00 Jun 1881
115,517Blodgett, Eugene A.Silver Creekg.s.w.l.thigh$4.00 -
223,658Bonner, Central C.Central Cityloss pt. r. thumb$2.00 Dec 1882
170,312Brown, James D.Chapmanchr. diarr$8.00 Jun 1880
216,065Burk, Milton M.Central Cityparalysis l arm, side$18.00 Jul 1882
207,964Calkins, Kirkland J.Clarkspar. Deafness both ears$2.00 May 1882
172,208Conner, Andrew W.Central Citydis. Of abdominal viscera$8.00 Aug 1880
204,201Coolidge, Charles L.Central Cityg.s.w.r.breast$4.00 Mar 1882
49,968Cutting, Henry P.Central Cityloss l. arm above elbow$24.00 -
121,288Dodd, JeremiahClarksw.l.arm$4.00 -
121,569Dunham, John S.Clarkssunstroke, diarr$13.25 -
211,077Dykeman, James N.Central Citychronic bronchitis$4.00 Jun 1882
131Eddy, Gardner P.Central Cityg.s.w.r.arm$8.00 -
22,397Fanquire, MargaretChapmanwidow$8.00 Oct 1867
121,557Findley, MartinCentral Cityg.s.w.l.shoul$8.00 -
120,684Foreman, AlexanderCentral Cityvalvular dis. Heart$18.00 -
190,442Foster, GeorgeClarksg.s.w.l.hand$4.00 Jun 1881
120,438Foster, WilliamBurlingameinj. To back$8.00 -
64,717Fox, Mary A.Silver Creekwidow$8.00 Mar 1867
96,413Greiner, David L.Chapmang.s.w.l.side spine$11.25 -
167,827Groevener, James M.Clarksg.s.w.toe, chr. Diarr$8.00 May 1880
162,193Holden, John M.Central Cityg.s.w.r.hand$4.00 Aug 1879
16,612Hulce, Gabriel C.Central Cityfevr sores$8.00 -
202,435Hyatt, John W.Central Citychr. Diarr$6.00 Feb 1882
59,126Larcom, William R.Central Cityg.s.w.lit.fin.r.hand$2.00 -
135,319Lebert, William R.Bethelsh. W. throat$8.00 -
56,444Leroy, Charlotte A.Central Citywidow$8.00 -
137,673Letcher, William E.Central Cityg.s.w.r.thigh$6.00 -
170,194Litten, Michael L.Chapmanchr. Rheum$6.00 Jun 1880
29,552Mason, William E.Silver Creekg.s.w.face$6.00 -
129,090McBride, Lewis C.Central Cityg.s.w.r.knee$6.00 -
135,677McCargar, TyrusChapmantyphid fever, ulcers on spine$6.00 -
45,148Morse, JohnClarksg.s.w.rt.lumbar region$8.00 -
66,187Newcomer, ClarkCentral Citywd. R. breast, shoulder$2.67 -
150,437Nickle, WilliamAmityinj to abdomen$4.00 -
12,938Parsons, Harrison W.Central Cityparalysis$18.00 -
19,332Peck, Eli E.Clarksg.s.w.both thighs$6.00 -
35,761Pelton, Sarah A.Clarkswidow$8.00 -
219,876Phelps, AustinCentral Citylung dis$4.00 Oct 1882
120,498Prouty, IraCentral Cityg.s.w.r.knee$6.00 -
122,456Rose, Josiah H.Amityinj to abdomen$4.00 Feb 1863
95,262Scudder, AlbertClarksrheum$4.00 -
129,114Simmons, CharlesClarksw.l.foot$10.00 -
164,181Skull, NancyClarksmother$8.00 Mar 1874
155,096Smith, AaronCentral Cityg.s.w.l.thigh$8.00 Sep 1878
185,689Smith, Henry M.Central Cityg.s.w.r.thigh$4.00 Mar 1881
143,466Sparks, Cornelius W.Silver Creekinj to abdomen$4.00 -
130,082Stone, AddisonCentral Cityasthma, rheum$8.00 -
86,824Sweet, FranklinClarksw.l.hip$6.00 -
48,471Templin, Jacob B.Central Cityg.s.w.r.thigh$7.50 -
218,322Timm, LewisSilver Creekg.s.w.r.hand$2.00 Sep 1882
207,149Van Hoozen, JeromeCentral Cityinj. Sping, dis. Kidneys$8.00 Apr 1882
19,858Vanleer, JohnMerricksh.w.r.hand, loss fin$14.00 -
19,482Webster, William H.Central Cityparalysis from g.s.w.back$18.00 -
40,250Wells, Henry C.Burlingameg.s.w.r.shoul$10.00 -
93,871Wherrett, CharlesBurlingamepowder burn both hands$18.00 -
180,591Wilson, SamuelSilver Creekw.s.w.rt.leg$4.00 Jan 1881
124,953Wooster, CharlesSilver Creekg.s.w.r.thigh$6.00 -
122,476Wright, Morgan L.Central Cityconsumption$14.00 -

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