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1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll
Cape May County, New Jersey

January 1, 1883

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1883 Cape May County, New Jersey List of Pensioners on the Roll includes, the name of each pensioner, the cause for which pensioned, the Post Office address, rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance.

Cert. #Name of PensionerPost OfficeAdd. Cause for pensionRateDate of original Allowance
49,475Abrams, JosephCape Mayloss left arm above elbow$24.00Sept, 1865
160,944Ansback, JosephCold Springg.s.w.rt.thigh & rt.thumb$18.00-
579Bacan, Ann ElizabethCape Maywidow$8.00Mar, 1867
69,659Baker, JohnCold Springscorbutic ulcers & varicose veins both legs$18.00Aug, 1866
198,313Barnett, FurmanCape Maychr.rheumatism$4.00Nov, 1881
183,254Bennett, MaryCape Maymother$8.00Mar, 1879
19,400Birch, William PCape Mayg.s.w.r.axilla & inj. To abd$10.00Nov, 1863
2,094Buck, Rachel GCape May C.H.mother (Navy)$8.00Aug, 1880
210,806Burch, David DCape Mayinjury to abdomen$4.00June, 1882
192,592Camp, NaomiDennisvillemother$8.00June, 1886
186,747Campbell, Chas FSeavilleg.s.w.left side$1.00Apr, 1881
116,950Chester, MaryGosbenmother$8.00Jan, 1868
38,969Clark, James VCape May-$8.00Mar, 1865
178,815Clark, Thomas STuckahoechr.rheu & res.dis.of heart$8.00Nov, 1880
164,263Cole, ArtheliaSeavillewidow$8.00Mar, 1874
122,249Coveth, IsaacGosbeninjury to right ankle$6.00Mar, 1873
121,660Cox, Charles JrCape Mayg.s.w.left arm$4.00Feb, 1873
174,195Craig, John DCape Maydis.lungs$6.00Sept, 1890
64,256Duke, Francis KCape Mayfrac.r.leg$11.25Jan, 1875
193,785Earnest, NathanielTuckahoedis.liver & kidneys$6.00Aug, 1881
186,649Eldridge, Geo HCold Springdisease of skin$8.00Apr, 1881
26,415Farrow, WmCape Mayg.s.w.left hip$6.00Apr, 1864
167,377Gandy, Thomas r.side$8.00Apr, 1880
177,227Garrard, Rachel RPalermowidow$10.00Apr, 1877
112,406Hackney, MaylonCape Mayg.s.w.r.knee$6.00July, 1871
114,476Hand, Enoch WCape may Pointg.s.w.head$14.00Nov, 1871
1,528Hand, Henry WDias CreekNavy$10.00-
179,973Hand, Jno WRio Grandechr.diarrhea$8.00Dec, 1880
150,374Hankins, Eleazer FCape Maydis.of abdominal viscera$4.00Dec, 1880
19,521Hoffman, Mary JaneCold Springwidow 1812$8.00Mar, 1879
2,419Hollingshead, LeviGosbensurv. 1812$8.00Aug, 1871
99,353Hooper, Wm SCape May-$24.00Aug, 1869
109,274Ingersoll, SusannahTuckahoewidow$8.00Mar, 1868
180,254Johnson, Levi ECape Mayinjury to abdomen$8.00Dec, 1880
167,793Magonagh, Mary ECape Maywidow$8.00Mar, 1875
15,322Manlove, RebeccaCape Maywidow 1812$8.00Jan, 1879
139,726Matthews, Mopa WCold Springg.s.w.l.side$4.00June, 1871
193,031Mitchell, Edward MCape Mayvar.veins leggs, inj.back$8.00July,1881
126,073Morton, ElizaDennisvilledep.mother$8.00Mar, 1869
2,680Murray, SarahCold Springwidow (Navy)$8.00Mar, 1880
93,291Peoples, Jno ACold Springg.s.w.both hips$6.00Oct, 1868
206,295Porch, Chas WSouth Seavilleinj.r.side$2.00Apr, 1882
167,662Price, TenbrooksTownsend's Inletchr.diarr, etc$6.00Apr, 1880
93,606Pulson, AlfredRio Grande-$3.00Oct, 1868
92,273Reeves, Swain SCape Mayg.s.w.left hip$6.00July, 1868
7,344Robinson, Mary SCape Maywidow$8.00-
157,047Sawyer, Henry WCape hip$10.00Dec, 1878
176,606Seeley, EarnestDennisvillechr.diarrhea$6.00Oct, 1880
33,740Shewer, WmCape Mayw.l.hip$18.00-
134,763Smith, Geo, WCape Mayg.s.wd.lower jaw$8.00July, 1875
92,504Souders, AlfredCape Mayloss rgt.index finger$3.00Aug , 1868
181,895Spalding, JunoCape Maydis.lungs$4.00Jan, 1881
36,715Steelman, MulfordTuckahoe-$8.00-
191,839Sutton, Jno PSouth Seavilledis.lungs$6.00June, 1881
214,268Swain, David ECape Mayrheum$4.00June, 1882
172,725Swain, Nicholas TCape Mayinj.back$8.00Aug, 1880
187,514Taylor, ThomasGreen Creekfather$8.00Mar, 1880
147,063Tozar, WilliamSouth Dennisdep.father$8.00Jan, 1871
193,804Trusty, JudithCold Springmother$8.00Dec, 1881
30,302Vanaman, HannahTuckahoewidow 1812$8.00Sept, 1880
56,252Waggoner, Jno SOcean Citywd.l.elbow$17.00Jan. 1866
72,068Wellman, BenjCape Mayg.w.wd.head, & c$6.00Oct, 1866
178,750Wescott, Elva EDennisvilleinjury to abdomen$8.00Nov, 1880
105,962Whitney, GeoCape Mayg.s.wd.l.lung$12.00Oct, 1870
210,135Wilbetts, JonathanGreen Creekinjury to abdomen$8.00May, 1882
189,847Williams, Enos RCape Mayinjury to abdomen$8.00June, 1881
1,477Williams, HenriettaCape Maymother(Navy)$8.00Mar, 1867
22,153Willis, AlonzoCape May C.H.g.s.w.l.shoulder$6.00Dec.1863
151,557Wood, Benj SCold Springg.s.wd.l.thigh$4.00Mar, 1878
118,107Wright, JnoOcean Cityg.s.w.l.foot$4.00July, 1872
16,839Young, MaryTuckahoewidow 1812$8.00Feb, 1879

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