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1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll
Passaic County, New Jersey

January 1, 1883

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1883 Passaic County, New Jersey List of Pensioners on the Roll includes, the name of each pensioner, the cause for which pensioned, the Post Office address, rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance.

Cert. #Name of PensionerPost OfficeAdd. Cause for pensionRateDate of original Allowance
202,328Acker, Chas. H.Pomptoninjury to abdomen$6.00Feb., 1866
91,000Ackerman, Peter J.Patersonwd. r. forearm & r. side$12.00May, 1868
92,007Allgeier, ChristopherPatersontotal deafness l. ear, partial deafness of r. ear$4.00June, 1881
16,050Amiraux, JohnPatersonwd. l. leg$4.00July, 1882
2,413Anderson, ElizabethLittle Fallswidow 1812$8.00Apr., 1872
71,387Anderson, JohnPatersonwd. l. thigh$2.00July, 1880
220,666Archer, Chas. H.West Milford-$4.00Nov., 1882
177,673Ashfield, JamesPatersonwd. r. shoulder$8.00Oct., 1880
74,529Atchison, JamesPatersonch. diar$4.00Oct., 1880
145,972Atchison, Wm.Patersonwd. l. hand$6.00June, 1877
2,695Atherton, Francis H.Patersonpartial deafness both ears$4.00Feb., 1882
132,378Auger, AnthonyPatersonwd. r. hand$4.00Mar., 1875
154,611Aventzen, Niel. F.Patersonwd. r. breast & l. hip$8.00Aug., 1878
163,383Baily, Wm.Patersonwd. both arms$6.00Nov., 1879
71,620Baker, JanePatersonmother$8.00Apr., 1866
157,706Barnes, AlexPatersonw. r. side$2.00Mar., 1879
53,687Barnes, Chas. W.Patersonloss r. thigh$24.00Nov., 1864
26,716Barnes, Jas.Paterson-$8.00Apr., 1864
74,475Bartram, Wm. H. H.Patersonw. r. side$4.00Oct., 1880
22,124Berdan, SarahPatersonwidow 1812$8.00Apr., 1879
179,581Berry, JohnBloomingdalewd. & resulting dis. of heart$8.00Dec., 1880
6,650Beslen, HelenaPatersonmother$8.00Oct., 1863
90,167Beveridge, Thos., Jr.Patersonwd. r. hand$2.00June, 1881
114,171Blanchard, ElizabethPatersonmother$8.00June, 1868
66,316Bodenstein, Wm.Patersonwd. l. hand$12.00June, 1866
15,414Bogert, ElizaLake Viewwidow$8.00Feb., 1868
56,431Bowlsby, Margaret J.Patersonmother$8.00Apr., 1873
64,633Brannin, JohnPatersonwd. l. forearm$6.00Mar., 1882
139,750Breen, GertzePatersonwidow$8.00Feb., 1870
73,633Brevoort, JacobPatersonwds. neck & r. leg$6.00Sept., 1880
18,530Brinson, RobertPatersonwd. l. arm$8.00Oct., 1863
156,098Brockman, LenaPatersonmother$8.00Feb., 1872
146,178Brooks, JohnPatersonwd. r. thigh$3.00June, 1877
186,550Brower, James A., minors of.Patersonchild$12.00Jan., 1880
147,978Brown, JohnPatersonfrac. r. shoulder$12.00Aug., 1877
176,840Brown, LeviBloomingdaleloss part of r. index finger, & dis. of heart & lungs, result of typh. fev.$8.00Oct., 1880
8,671Brown, SarahPatersonmother$8.00Nov., 1863
3,411Bryant, JeromePatersoninj. to l. hand$4.00June, 1882
141,313Buckley, John F.Patersonwd. r. leg$3.00Sept., 1879
141,893Buckley, Wm. J.Patersonwd. r. arm & shoulder$12.00Oct., 1876
80,538Burns, MartinPatersonwd. left wrist$6.00Jan., 1881
76,737Bush, Abraham A.Patersonwd. l. forearm$6.00Oct., 1880
123,526Cameron, HughPassaicwd. back of head$6.00June, 1873
160,721Campbell, James H.Patersonwd. r shoulder & face$10.00June, 1879
96,891Campbell, MaryPatersonmother$8.00July, 1867
152,633Carl, Chas.Patersonwd. r. hand$4.00Apr., 1878
154,731Carman, LewisPatersoninj. r. leg$4.00Aug., 1878
64,884Cavanagh, MaryPatersonmother$8.00Feb., 1866
177,674Cavanagh, SylvesterPatersonwd. r. thigh$6.00Oct., 1880
95,936Chadwick, LeonardPatersonch. rheu$4.00Sept., 1881
130,369Chandler, Wm. , alias, ChallonerPatersonwd. l. leg & resulting vari. veins$8.00Oct., 1874
105,238Chase, Danl.Patersonwd. r. forearm$2.00Aug., 1870
90,693Chitty, Henry E.Patersonwd. l arm$18.00-
145,727Christie, Henry C.Patersonwd. l. thigh$4.00June, 1877
179,495Claxton, GeorgePatersonchr. rheu.$24.00Dec., 1880
16,280Clinton, F. DewittPaterson-$18.00Sept., 1863
74,531Cocker, Thos. W.Patersonrheu$8.00Oct., 1880
12,593Coffee, MaryPatersonwidow$8.00Oct., 1867
192,070Coklin, Saml.Midvalewd. in head$2.00June, 1881
109,403Cole, AlansonCharlotteburghwd. r. shoulder$6.00Apr., 1871
138,104Cole, Jacob H.Patersonwd. r. arm & wd. r. leg$12.00Feb., 1876
21,858Comer, Geo. H.Patersonloss r. arm above elbow$24.00Dec., 1863
144,830Conklin, AllenMidvaledeafness of both ears$6.00Apr., 1877
90,797Conklin, AndrewPatersonwd. b. of neck$4.00Jan., 1882
203,247Conklin, Jonas C.Midvalewd. l. thigh$4.00Feb., 1882
23,626Conklin, Thos.Patersonloss toes from frost$8.00Feb., 1864
45,339Conroy, JohnPatersonwd. l. leg$18.00July, 1863
152,025Cook, Jno. E.Patersonloss part thumb & index fiin.$4.00Mar., 1879
78,678Cooper, Henry C.Patersonwd. r. side$2.00Nov., 1880
119,833Corby, Alonzo D.Patersoninjury to abdomen$4.00Nov., 1872
23,907Corby, CorneliusPatersonloss three fingers r. handFeb., 1864
71,597Cornelius, JohnPatersonwd. of thumb$3.00Sept., 1866
54,443Corrigan, EdwardPatersonwd. r. leg$3.00July, 1878
161,391Corrigan, JohnPatersonwd. l. shoulder$2.00July, 1879
27,417Crill, AlicePatersonwidow 1812$8.00Oct., 1879
139,087Cronk, JohnPatersonwd. r. arm$3.00May, 1876
62,670Crosson, JamesPatersonwd. r. arm$2.00Oct., 1879
40,756Crowell, Joseph E.Patersonwd. l. hand$2.00Aug., 1876
2,387Curtis, PeterPatersonwd. l. side abdomen$24.00-
68,095Cuthbert, ElizabethPatersonwidow$8.00-
83,521Daniel, JohnPatersonwd. l. breast$10.00July, 1867
-Danker, AsenathPassaicmother$20.00June, 1865
158,663Davenport, Wm. H.Bloomingdalech. rhen$6.00Apr., 1879
42,624Dayspring, Geo.Patersonwd. r. shoul.$18.00-
40,182Dean, JohnPatersonwd. l. shoulder$8.00Aug., 1876
67,939DeGraw, Issac B.Ringwoodwd. both legs$8.00July, 1866
79,715Denike, JacobPatersonwd. over r. eye$2.00Dec., 1880
57,637Dimond, JamesPatersonbed sores$24.00Feb., 1864
95,045Doherty, JohnPatersonwd. l. arm$8.00Jan. 1869
45,205Donaldson, JamesPatersonwd. r. thigh$5.00May, 1877
70,316Donnelly, ArthurPatersonwd.l. side$12.00Sept., 1866
43,855Donohue, MartinPatersondeafness & neurl. head$4.00Feb., 1877
127,640Dorrmann, Fredk.Little Fallsdeafness from fever$13.00Apr., 1874
192,813Dougherty, Mary E.Patersonwidow$10.00July, 1881
63,151Dougherty, Stephen T.Patersonrheu$8.00Oct., 1879
128,660Dougherty, Thos.Patersonwd. l. leg$8.00June, 1874
126,899Dougherty, WilsonPatersonwd. r. arm$6.00-
131,239Douglass, RobertPatersonw. r. side face$8.00Dec., 1874
16,751Dreher, LewisPatersonwd. l. ankle$6.00-
196,145Emmons, Geo.Patersonwd. l. groin$4.00Sept., 1881
183,231England, HenryPatersoninj. l. leg$4.00Feb., 1881
2,358Entwisle, FannyPatersonmother$8.00July, 1878
7,664Erans, Thos.Patersoninjury to abdomen$4.00Oct., 1881
34,282Ettinger, JosephPaterson-$8.00Nov., 1864
134,358Evans, BridgetPatersonwidow$8.00-
70,380Fairclough, Anna C.Patersonwidow$8.00Apr. 1866
44,705Fanning, EdwardPaterson-$7.50June, 1865
50,348Farrell, Mary A.Patersonwidow$8.00-
218,438Fennucan, MichaelPatersonsuns., resulting brain and ch. diarr., with resulting in dis. of abdominal viscera$6.00Sept. 1882
89,342Finton, MargaretPatersonmother$8.00Jan., 1876
173,129Flannigan, MaryPatersonmother$8.00Apr., 1876
138,582Florence, HannahPatersonwidow$8.00Jan., 1870
95,616Fogtman, JohnPatersonwd. l. leg$12.00-
52,088Force, ColumbusPatersonwd. l. arm$10.00Mar., 1878
90,800Frederick, Chas.Patersoninjury to abdomen$6.00May, 1868
190,688Fredericks, Peter G.Midvalefather$8.00Jan., 1881
33,960Frith, AnnPatersonwidow$8.00-
74,502Gallagher, JohnPatersonwd. l. shoul.$6.00Oct., 1880
182,329Gammell, JanePatersonwidow$8.00Oct., 1878
169,031Gannon, Dan'l.Patersonasthma$4.00June, 1880
36,507Garner, John J.Patersonhydrocele l. side$4.00Nov., 1875
2,638Garrison, James B.Patersonwd. l. foot$1.00July, 1879
115,536Gerard, MaryPassaicwidow$8.00June, 1868
139,927Gilliam, Joseph M.Patersonwd. l. forearmJuly, 1879
4,728Gillies, Fred'k.Patersoninj. to l. side$6.00Feb., 1880
101,164Gillmore, MichaelPaterson-$12.00Nov., 1869
45,927Glass, DanielPatersonwd. r. arm at shoulder$6.00July, 1865
94,237Gorley, Wm.Patersondiar. & scurvy$6.00Aug., 1881
11,197Gould, Moses E.Patersonsurv. 1812$8.00Jan. 1872
190,576Graham, Chas. H.Patersonwd. l. hand$4.00June, 1881
25,454Graul, KindlePaterson-$3.00Oct., 1873
28,704Graves, JamesPatersonwd. r. elbow$3.00-
161,443Gray, Benj.Patersonwd. l. hip$2.00July, 1879
34,539Hackett, JosephPatersonwd. neck$6.00July, 1875
44,556Haggarty, MichaelPatersonwd. r. hand$2.00Apr., 1877
8,644Hall, RosannahWest Milfordwidow 1812$8.00Sept., 1878
192,146Halley, Thos.Patersonch. diar.$4.00June, 1881
22,744Halliwell, JosephPatersonwds. r. chest & thigh$18.00Jan., 1864
22,744Halliwell, JosephPatersonw. r. chest$18.00-
173,212Halliwell, Thos. G.Patersonwd. r. arm$4.00Sept., 1880
221,259Halstead, AlbertPaterson-$2.00Nov., 1882
93,748Hamill, MaryPassaicwidow$8.00May, 1867
18,488Hancock, MariaPatersonwidow 1812$8.00Feb., 1879
114,284Harris, Edwd. H.Patersonwd. head$4.00Nov., 1871
1,816Harvey, Mary A.Patersonwidow$8.00-
79,883Haycock, NathanielPatersoninj. l. hip & groin$4.00Dec., 1880
15,672Hayser, AbbyPatersonwidow 1812$8.00Jan., 1879
141,903Hazen, Wm. H.West Milforddis. of heart$8.00Oct., 1876
17,673Heatley, ElizaPatersonmother$8.00Mar., 1864
48,892Heatly, Benj.Paterson-$2.00Oct., 1877
104,048Heinricks, MatildaPatersonwidow$8.00Dec., 1867
51,381Henderson, Mary A.Patersonwidow$8.00-
17,291Henion, Ann E.Charlotteburghwidow 1812$8.00Feb., 1879
65,433Hiller, HermannPatersonloss l. thumb$4.00June, 1866
52,261Hobson, JosephPatersonfrostbitten r. foot$2.00Apr., 1878
107,263Holl, Mordica W.Patersonwd. l. hand & dis. heart$16.00Dec., 1870
138,682Holt, Wm. J.Patersonwd. l. arm$6.00Apr., 1876
133,416Hornberger, Jno.Patersonwd. l. hand$4.00May, 1875
94,271Horton, MargaretPatersonwidow$8.00May, 1867
94,806Hough, Jno.Patersoninjury to abdomen$6.00Aug., 1881
216,210Howard, Geo. L.Bloomingdalewd. l. hand$2.00Aug., 1882
208,391Howard, Wm.Charlotteburghch. diar., & c$10.00May, 1882
89,881Huffman, John W.Patersonwd. r. arm$8.00May, 1867
133,417Hugg, Jno.Patersonwd. both thighs$6.00-
44,342Hughes, BridgetPatersonwidow$8.00-
85,000Hurst, SemphoreanusPatersonwd. l. leg$4.00Sept. 1867
196,535Huyler, Martha A.Midvalewidow$12.00June, 1882
52,144Jackson, NathanielPatersonwd. r. leg$5.00Nov., 1865
96,994Jeffries, JacobMountain View-$3.00Apr., 1869
211,178Jones, Jno. V.Patersonwd. r. thigh$2.00June, 1882
44,646Judge, Thos.Patersonloss l. leg above knee$24.00June, 1865
184,907Kane, Wm.Patersonchild$10.00July, 1879
176,786Kearsing, Ambrose W.Patersoninjury to abdomen$8.00Oct. 1880
79,736Keating, ElizabethPatersonwidow$8.00-
78,308Keegan, Jas. H.Passaicwd. back & l. side$4.00Mar., 1867
52,686Kehoe, Jno.Passaic-$18.00Nov., 1865
37,818Kennedy, MaryPatersonmother$8.00-
127,849Kimble, DavidCharlotteburghwd. r. leg$6.00Sept., 1874
204,402Kinney, Geo. C.Patersondis. throat$2.00Mar., 1882
142,594Kinsey, Chas.Patersoninjury to abdomen$4.00Nov., 1876
138,859Kirchhoff, chas.Patersoninjury to abdomen$4.00Apr., 1876
148,158Knable, Chas. E.Patersoninjury to abdomen$4.00Sept., 1877
162,514Lacy, JosephPatersondisel'r l. ankle joint$6.00Oct., 1879
22,630Lambeth, Wm.Patersonloss l. arm below shoul.$24.00Jan., 1864
170,227Larue, SamuelWest Milfordwd. in foreheard$6.00June, 1880
220,786Lawler, MichaelPatersonwd. l. leg$2.00Nov., 1882
184,393Lee, JamesPatersondis. of abdominal viscera$6.00Mar., 1881
59,362Lee, James E.Paterson-$18.00Mar., 1866
25,521Lister, JohnPaterson-$6.00Feb., 1867
63,582Lister, JosephPaterson-$18.00May, 1866
116,307Lobmuller, ElnoraPatersonmother$8.00July, 1868
174,408Loewel, AdolphPatersonwd. l. forearm$1.00Oct., 1889
6,403Logue, BridgetPatersonwidow$8.00-
2,827Lovell, Wm.Patersonsurv. 1812$8.00Aug., 1871
35,307Lucas, JohnPatersonwd. l. side of head$3.00Aug., 1875
94,792Lyon, CatherinePassaicwidow$8.00May, 1867
2,606Lyon, Chas. H.Patersonsurv. 1812$8.00Apr. 1872
29,924Magill, John A.Paterson-$8.00June, 1864
44,456Mallinson, JosephPatersoninjury to abdomen$4.00Apr., 1877
36,576Mance, Geo.Patersonamp. r. leg$18.00Jan., 1865
2,394Mance, MaryPatersonwidow 1812$8.00Apr., 1872
12,929Mardle, HenryPatersonwd. head$8.00July, 1878
177,680Masker, Mary J.Patersonwidow$12.00-
20,288Masker, Rich'dPatersonch. diarr$4.00Nov., 1882
36,487Masley, Wm.Patersonwd. r. shoul.$8.00Nov., 1875
73,328McBride, PeterPatersonwd. r. shoulder$4.00Sept., 1880
96,810McCarron, MarthaPatersonwidow$8.00July, 1867
52,942McCousker, JamesPatersoninj. r. arm$18.00May, 1878
8,441McCully, EmelinePatersonwidow 1812$8.00Sept., 1878
1,712McGregor, Cath.Patersonwidow$8.00Mar., 1872
165,885McKiernan, Chas.Little Fallswd. r. arm & leg$5.00Mar., 1880
50,948McKiernan, JemesPatersong. s. w.$10.00Oct., 1865
136,602McLaughlin, Danl.Patersonwd. r. hand$2.00Nov., 1875
96,811McLaughlin, E.Patersonwidow$8.00July, 1867
168,682McLaughlin, JamesPatersoninj. of spine$12.00May, 1880
213,770McMahon, ArthurPatersoninj. r. foot$18.00June, 1882
42,799McMann, Thos.Patersonloss 3d. & rth. finger l. hand$6.00May, 1865
186,771McMullen, MaryPatersonmother$8.00Jan., 1880
31,123McMulligan, JosephPatersonvari. veins both legs$8.00Jan., 1882
25,195McQuilan, Sophia R.Patersonwidow 1812$8.00June, 1879
127,536Mercur, CharlesPassaicw. l. leg$10.00-
162,743Merritt, AbramRingwoodpart'l paral. r. arm$24.00Oct., 1879
135,491Messenger, Sarah A.Patersonmother$8.00Oct., 1869
30,455Mewhiney, JosephPatersondis. r. ankle$4.00Jan., 1882
33,676Mickler, JacobPaterson-$5.33 1/3Oct., 1864
166,530Miller, Chas.Charlotteburghtyphd. fever$8.00Apr., 1880
3,478Miller, Geo.Patersonwd. l. thigh$4.00Oct., 1881
68,017Milligan, Robt. W.Patersonwd. l. hip$6.00May, 1880
25,194Mills, SarahPomptonwidow 1812$8.00June, 1879
134,165Mills, Wm. H.Patersoninj. to spine & lung dis$24.00June, 1875
46,031Milnes, HenryPatersonch. diar$6.00June, 1877
34,293Milnes, Wm.Patersonwd. l. thigh$5.00June, 1875
98,445Monks, LouisaPatersonwidow$8.00Aug, 1867
10,497Morrison, Henry A.Pomptonsurv. 1812$8.00Jan., 1872
30,962Morrison, SarahPomptonwidow 1812$8.00Dec., 1880
57,394Morrissey, JamesPatersonamp. l. hand$18.00Jan., 1879
172,072Morse, Aaron A.Patersonwd. l. jaw$3.00Aug., 1880
55,821Munson, JohnPatersonwd. r. thigh$4.00Oct. 1878
80,642Nield, JohnPatersonwd. r. groin$6.00Jan., 1881
187,436Noonburg, AbrahamPassaicwd. l. thigh$4.00Apr., 1881
143,507Oberer, SebastianPatersoninjury to abdomen$12.00Jan., 1877
195,494Oblenis, Peter G.Patersontyph'd fev.$6.00Sept., 1881
177,206O'Brien, Mary E.Little Fallswidow$10.00Apr., 1877
10,535Odell, MilesPatersonloss r. arm above elbow$24.00Mar., 1862
148,226Ogden, IsaacBloomingdalewd. l. side head$2.00Sept., 1877
12,067Olbon, CharlesPaterson-$10.00June, 1863
147,222Oles, BurnumPatersondis. liv., resulitng dysp.$4.00July, 1877
43,811O'Neil, Wm.Passaicamp. r. arm above elbow$24.00June, 1865
200,854Opp, JacobPatersonchr. diarr$4.00Jan., 1882
76,005Ort, ElizabethPatersonwidow$8.00June, 1866
174,930Osborn, CalvinPassaicwd. r. thigh$4.00Oct., 1880
113,287Osborn, JacobMountain Viewsevere deafness$4.00Feb., 1879
123,855Paine, Jno.Passaicwd. r. hand & foot$2.00July, 1873
23,313Parker, Cornelius E.Patersoninj. to r. shoul.$4.00May, 1873
2,808Paxton, Rich'd D.Patersonsurv. 1812$8.00Aug., 1871
25,268Payn, ElizabethUpper Macopinwidow 1812$8.00June, 1879
80,069Payne, George L.Patersonwd. r. hand$8.00Apr., 1867
103,717Peer, Mary E.Patersonwidow$8.00Nov., 1867
75,093Penrose, James W.Passaicwd. r. arm$4.25-
74,942Peterson, Jas. H.Patersonwd. r. leg$6.00Oct., 1880
171,345Pittinger, Margaret H.Patersonmother$8.00Dec., 1875
139,814Plumstead, MargaretPatersonmother$8.00Feb., 1870
90,779Post, Edwd. H.Patersonwd. l. leg$4.00June, 1881
53,072Post, Rich'dPatersondis. of abdominal viscera$4.00May, 1878
45,876Poulison, SophiaOak Ridgemother$8.00Apr., 1865
175,558Powell, Chas. J.Midvaleinj. r. leg$4.00Oct., 1880
28,240Powell, Wm. R.Passaicwd. abdomen & r. side$2.00May, 1864
86,713Prabert, AnnPatersonmother$8.00Nov., 1866
13,391Price, JacobPatersonwd. l. thigh$6.00June, 1882
24,429Pritchard, Wm.Patersonwd. head$2.00Aug., 1873
111,030Pruden, Phebe S.Passaicmother$8.00Nov., 1868
40,699Pruden, Timothy R.Paterson-$4.00Apr., 1865
141,466Rafferty, GeoPatersonwd. l. ankle$4.00Sept., 1876
6,023Reeve, SophiaBloomingdalewidow 1812$8.00Mar., 1874
37,436Reid, Wm. , 2dPatersonwd. r. thigh$6.00Feb., 1865
24,769Rensen, MarthaPatersonwidow 1812$8.00June, 1879
39,324Rhoades, StephenUpper Macopinwd. r. leg$12.00Mar., 1865
54,240Richards, SusanWest Milfordwidow$8.00-
136,419Riley, BernardBloomingdalewd. l. hand$6.00Oct., 1875
129,742Roach, JohnPatersonwd. r. leg$10.00Sept. 1874
70,378Roach, MargaretPatersonmother$8.00-
2,493Robertson, Jno., alias RobinsonPatersoninj. to r. knee$4.00Apr., 1878
82,287Roe, JohnPatersonwd. l. shoulder$4.00June, 1867
184,571Romain, Mary E.Patersonwidow$12.00June, 1879
221,310Rose, HenryPatersondis. of lungs$8.00Nov., 1882
79,651Rose, HenryPatersonwd. l. thigh$18.00Apr., 1867
136,959Ross, RichardPatersonwd. r. breast$8.00Nov., 1875
24,663Rourke, JohnPatersonwd. l. leg$4.00Mar., 1864
103,514Rude, ElizabethBloomingdalewidow$8.00-
74,231Russell, ValentinePassaicloss r. eye impaired vision of l.$8.00July, 1871
28,746Ryan, BridgetPatersonmother$8.00Aug., 1864
206,713Ryerson, CorneliusPatersoninjury to abdomen$4.00Apr., 1882
127,589Safford, Jas.Passaicloss r. eye$8.00Apr., 1874
179,001Sampson, ElizabethPatersonmother$8.00Nov., 1877
2,156Sandford, PeregrinePatersonsurv. 1812$8.00Aug., 1871
45,120Sanford, LeonardPatersonwd. r. breast$4.00May, 1877
202,763Sappin, HughPatersonwd. l. thigh$4.00Feb., 1882
127,439Sasson, Rob't A.Patersonwd. in neck$4.00Mar., 1874
184,983Saxon, AnnPatersonmother$8.00July, 1879
54,020Sayers, Newton B.Patersonloss r. thumb$4.00May, 1886
4,723Schenck, Otto H., alias Jacob AnthonyPatersonvari. l. side$2.00Mar., 1882
56,070Scofield, EdmundPassaicamp. r. thigh$24.00Jan., 1866
198,134Scott, ElizabethPatersonmother$8.00Dec., 1882
194,980Shackford, Wm. W.Patersonch. diar$4.00Aug., 1881
15,325Shippee, SarahEcho Lakewidow 1812$8.00Jan., 1879
136,080Shirts, Jno.Patersonwd. r. hand$4.00Sept., 1875
9,544Skinner, ElizabethPatersonwidow$8.00Dec. 1863
20,449Sloat, John M.Patersonwd. l. leg$4.00Nov., 1882
143,392Slocum, Wm.Patersonwd. l. shoulder$8.00Jan., 1877
57,383Smith, DavidPatersoninjury to abdomen$8.00Jan., 1879
155,121Smith, Fredk.Passaicloss 2d toe l. foot$4.00-
152,674Smith, GilbertPatersonwd. forehead$6.00Apr., 1878
82,546Smith, HughPatersonwd. l. forearm$6.00Feb., 1881
86,712Smith, Jas.Patersonloss r. thigh$24.00-
60,082Smith, Theodore S.Patersonwd. lumbar region$6.00Mar., 1866
78,808Snyder, Daniel S.Patersonwd. r. arm$6.00Mar., 1867
70,364Sommerville, Alexand'r.Patersonvari. veins, & c$4.00June, 1880
67,367Spear, PeterPatersonwd. r. shoul$3.00Apr., 1880
121,663Staada, ChristianPatersonwd. l. leg$6.00Feb., 1873
211,907Stagg, Wm. W.Patersonwd. l arm$4.00June, 1882
135,815Stapleton, JamesPatersonwd. forehead$12.00Sept., 1875
42,840Steadman, EmilyPassaicwidow$15.00Mar., 1865
155,297Stewart, Edward C.Pomptonwd. r. foot$2.00Sept., 1878
42,696Stewart, Jno.Patersonwd. r. leg$12.00May, 1865
6,301Stewart, Thos.Patersonch. diarr.$6.00Apr., 1882
187,389Stoner, Wm.Patersonwd. r. hand$4.00Apr., 1881
3,182Stratmeyer, AugustLittle Fallswd. in thigh$2.00-
137,311Stryker, Wm. H. H.Patersonwd. r. sideJan., 1876
161,752Stuart, Rob't.Patersonwd. l. thigh$6.00July, 1879
1,233Swartout, Caroline and MargaretPatersonsister$30.00Aug., 1868
132,298Swift, Jas.Passaicwd. r. leg, & c$4.00-
32,263Tachs, JosephPatersonloss l. leg$18.00Sept., 1864
151,475Tay, Frank, alias Patrick TayPatersonwd. l. hip$10.00Mar., 1878
133,677Taylor, EdgarPatersonwd. l. hand$3.00May, 1875
172,381Terhune, Walter S.West Milfordrhen. & dis. of abdominal viscera$10.00Aug., 1880
167,319Terrence, LeonardPatersonwd. r. leg$4.00Jan., 1881
75,854Thompson, JacobPatersonwd. l. hand$8.00Dec., 1866
124,026Thompson, Jno.Patersonwd. l. leg$6.00July, 1874
155,933Thompson, NancyPassaicmother$8.00Feb., 1872
132,852Todd, ArchibaldPatersonwd. head$6.00Apr., 1875
42,212Toleson, Jas.Patersonamp. l. arm$24.00May, 1865
67,419Tomer, Wm. H.Passaicwd. r. hip$8.00July, 1866
57,638Tours, Jno., M.Pomptonamp. r. arm$24.00Feb., 1866
28,231Townsend, Lucy A.Patersonwidow$8.00Nov., 1867
90,772Toy, JuliaPatersonwidow$8.00Feb., 1867
35,837Valentine, DavidPatersonamp. l. arm$24.00Dec., 1864
18,743Vallean, JnoPatersonwd. r. thigh$12.00Oct., 1863
34,539Van Bladeracken R. M.Patersonwidow$8.00Aug., 1867
32,607Van Houten, Henry G.Patersonwd. l. thigh$8.00Aug., 1864
137,405Van Orden, HenryPatersonw. l. foot$2.00Jan., 1876
4,353Van Riper, AbrahamPassaicsurv. 1812$8.00Sept., 1871
15,074Van Riper, FanniePatersonwidow 1812$8.00Jan., 1870
104,476Van Riper, JasperPatersonwd. r. leg$4.00July, 1872
28,849Van Winkle, Jno. V.Patersonwd. r. forearm$18.00Apr., 1864
32,217Vanderhoof, ElizaPatersonwidow 1812$8.00Feb., 1882
140,475VanDerVliet, CorneliusPassaicwd. l. hand$4.00Aug., 1876
195,691Veader, MariaPatersonmother$8.00May, 1882
166,296Vooris, ElizaPatersonwidow$8.00Oct., 1874
100,970Vreeland, EliasPatersonwd. dorsal region$14.00Nov., 1869
191,468Walker, SarahPatersonwidow$8.00Mar., 1881
162,738Wallace, Robt.Patersonwd. l. side$4.00Oct. 1879
81,712Walmsley, Edwd.Patersonwd. l. hand. & c$4.00Jan., 1881
76,614Walthall, Jas.Patersonch. rheu.$8.00Oct., 1880
111,612Warren, Wm.Patersonwd. l. leg$12.00July, 1871
8,468Watt, JanePatersonwidow$8.00-
62,846Watts, Jno.Patersonwd. head & c$8.00May, 1866
75,192Webb, ElizaPatersonmother$8.00June, 1866
35,552Wells, HeberPaterson-$7.50Dec., 1864
134,640Westervelt, CorneliusPatersonwd. to back$8.00July, 1875
34,452Westervelt, LinusPatersonwd. r. arm$4.00July, 1875
25,609Wharry, MargaretPatersonwidow 1812$8.00July, 1879
179,623Wihittaker, MaryPatersonwidow$8.00Jan., 1878
180,744Williams, AnnWest Milfordmother$8.00Apr., 1878
135,529Winters, Jas.Patersonwd. r. thigh$6.00Aug., 1875
132,920Winven, CorneliusPatersonwd. r. leg$4.00Apr., 1875
29,824Wood, NelsonPatersonwd. l. arm$4.00Sept., 1874
1,774Woodruff, MaryWest Milfordwidow$8.00-
127,617Wright, Rob'tPatersonloss of eye, & c$18.00Apr., 1874
185,773Wunder, NicholasPassaicinjury to abdomen$8.00Mar., 1881
26,911Yeury, AnnatyePatersonwidow 1812$8.00Sept., 1879
26,288Young, Chas. H.Patersoninjury to abdomen$4.00Jan., 1871

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