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1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll
Knox County, Ohio

January 1, 1883

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1883 Knox County, Ohio List of Pensioners on the Roll includes, the name of each pensioner, the cause for which pensioned, the Post Office address, rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance.

Cert. #Name of PensionerPost OfficeAdd. Cause for pensionRateDate of original Allowance
163,875Aaron, MuckFredericktowng.s.w. right hand$14.00 Dec. 1879
56,547Anderson, IsaiahBlandensburgscurvy & resulting disease of heart$18.00 -
86,013Armsbaugh, Christopher C.Shaler's Millswound left hip$4.00 -
195,166Armstrong, George W.Mount Vernondisease of abdominal viscera$4.00 Aug. 1881
21,509Arnold, RichardDanvillewound left shoulder$8.00 -
202,479Babbs, Isaac V.Banksdisease of eyes, resulting total blindness$72.00 Feb. 1882
47,312Babbs, LucinaBrandonwidow$8.00 -
46,481Bailey, MaryMount Vernonwidow$8.00 -
120,114Baker, AmosHowardwound left hip$8.00 -
97,654Ball, MaryFredericktownwidow$8.00 July 1867
12,978Ball, RosannahFredericktowndependent mother$8.00 Jan. 1864
144,162Banbury, SolomonDanvillewound left arm$4.00 -
60,467Barber, AquillaCentreburghpartial paralysis$8.00 -
207,668Barnes, George W.Centreburghatrophy of left arm$8.00 Apr. 1882
222,735Barnes, WilsonDemocracychronic diarrhea, malarial poisoning, resulting disease of liver$4.00 Dec. 1882
45,576Barr, John F.Mount Vernonwound left leg$8.00 -
27,692Bates, Cyrus S.Gambierg.s.w. right thigh$24.00 -
116,747Beane, Joseph R.Fredericktownwound right side$6.00 -
73,044Bebout, MalindaMartinsburgwidow$8.00 -
89,237Beeman, NormanJellowaytotal blindness$8.00 -
142,204Bennett, George S.Mount Vernonvaricose veins left leg$6.00 -
58,250Bennett, Henry P.Mount Vernoninjury of spine$15.00 -
125,187Bergin, Walter B.Mount Vernonchronic bronchitis, chronic$6.00 -
23,005Berry, MaryMount Vernonwidow 1812$8.00 Apr. 1879
40,458Best, SylvesterCentreburghwound left hand$18.00 -
8,824Betchel, CharlesMount Vernonchronic diarrhea, results$6.00 -
187,326Bigbee, William H.Leveringvaricose veins both legs$4.00 Apr. 1881
108,136Black, George A.Gambierg.s.w. left foot$3.00 -
19,102Blue, EveBlandensburgwidow 1812$8.00 Feb. 1879
64,727Blyson, DavidBlandensburgwound left lung$17.00 -
56,549Body, JohnDanvilledisease nervous system$18.00 -
1,796Boudinot, JohnMount Vernonsurvivor 1812$8.00 July 1871
30,143Brent, Edward V.Mount Vernonwound left arm$17.00 -
422,223Brenthinger, GeorgeMount Vernonchronic diarrhea, results camp fever$6.00 Dec. 1882
122,931Brillhart, William R.Gannwound right foot$3.00 -
150,630Brock, WilliamMount Vernonwound right hip$4.00 Jan. 1878
171,572Bumpus, AlexanderMount Vernondiseased lungs & throat$4.00 July 1880
205,518Bushfield, John O.Mount Vernonshell wound, left hip & spine$4.00 Feb. 1882
103,247Bushfield, Sarah J.Martinsburgdependent mother$8.00 Nov. 1867
187,798Butler, JohnMillwoodchronic rheumatism$12.00 May 1881
138,022Calhoun, MargaretDanvillewidow$8.00 Jan. 1870
31,989Carpenter, GeorgeMillwoodwound left wrist$18.00 -
9,316Carpenter, SusannahMount Vernonwidow$8.00 -
83,256Cassell, LeviFredericktownwound left hand$15.00 -
24,070Cassill, AlexanderMount Vernoninjury spinal column$10.00 -
36,658Castner, John W.Fredericktownwound left lung$12.00 -
159,499Conter, SarahFredericktownwidow$8.00 Sept. 1872
56,902Cosford, DavidGambierloss left arm$24.00 -
193,996Cotton, Thomas B.Mount Vernonchronic rheumatism$7.50 Aug. 1881
206Craig, PollyMount Vernonwidow 1812$8.00 Aug. 1871
157,114Critchfield, RolandHowarddisease of abdominal viscera$4.00 Jan. 1879
996Crowe, JohnMount Vernonsurvivor 1812$8.00 July 1871
72,596Cullison, RoseannMillwoodwindow$8.00 -
21,911Curtis, Charles C.Mount Vernonaffected spine from typhoid fever$24.00 -
176,132Darby, AlbertMount Vernonwidow$22.00 Jan. 1877
195,103Davidson, John S.Mount Vernong.s.w. left foot$4.00 Aug. 1881
5,082Davidson, SamuelBlandensburgsurvivor 1812$8.00 Sept. 1871
222,907Davis, FieldingFredericktowndisease of lungs$6.00 Dec. 1882
161,801Deal, Rolin, alias Leon D. BearnayMartinsburgg.s.w. face$2.00 Aug. 1879
115,561Derry, MichaelJellowaywound left ankle$8.00 -
147,256DeWitt, JohnGreersvillechronic diarrhea & diseased heart$12.00 July 1877
174,600Dial, ElizabethGanndependent mother$8.00 July 1876
208,893Disney, Dorson V.Brandonchronic diarrhea$4.00 May 1882
22,119Dopp, FrederickMillwoodwound left breast$18.00 -
115,107Dunn, Cynthia A.Ganndependent mother$8.00 Dec. 1868
127,317Duval, Jane A.Mount Libertydependent mother$8.00 Apr. 1869
94,109Eaches, Joseph C.Mount Vernonwound right hand$2.00 Dec. 1868
140,413Edgar, EleanorDemocracywidow$8.00 Mar. 1870
13,573Edwards, CatharineFredericktownwidow 1812$8.00 Dec. 1878
-Electa, SheldonMount Vernonwidow 1812$8.00 May 1879
190,496Elliott, PriscillaMount Vernonwidow$14.00 Dec. 1880
102,838Ellis, LymanMonroe Millswound right thigh$7.00 -
189,388Elwell, William T.Mount Vernonvaricose veins both legs$8.00 May 1881
45,376Estile, Mary R.Fredericktownwidow$8.00 -
114,619Farley, NancyFredericktownwidow$8.00 June 1876
29,180Fearns, Sarah J.Gambierwidow$17.00 -
114,619Ferriss, HarrisonFredericktownwound left foot$2.00 -
68,887Fink, William H.Mount Vernoninjury to abdomen$6.00 -
186,878Fish, CharlesJellowaydisease of lungs$2.00 Apr. 1881
33,796Fletcher, JacobCentreburghwound left leg$4.00 Feb. 1869
189,225Flynn, MargaretMount Vernondependent mother$8.00 July 1880
20,851Frances, James P.Mount Vernondiarrhea$2.00 -
146,459Freeman, EdwinMount Vernoninjury to abdomen$4.00 June 1877
65,222Fry, JaneBrandonwidow$8.00 -
14,450Fuller, JobMount Vernoninjury to abdomen$4.00 -
113,728Fults, John W.Mount Vernondisease of lungs$18.00 -
196,643Galleber, America C.Leveringwidow$10.00 June 1882
23,928Goodrich, EllaCentreburghwidow 1812$8.00 May 1878
154,464Goosuch, James A.Greersvilleg.s.w. left leg$2.00 July 1878
54,854Gray, AnnieCentreburghwidow$8.00 -
143,112Greer, Benjamin A. F.Mount Vernonchronic diarrhea & bronchitis$20.00 Jan. 1877
30,232Hair, William O.Fredericktownshell wound left knee$2.00 -
76,042Hall, Edward M.Fredericktownwound left thigh$5.00 -
98,620Hall, John M.Mount Vernondisease of lungs$12.00 -
86,014Hardin, JobGambierwound right leg$6.00 Oct. 1867
202,761Hasson, Marvin F.Centreburghg.s.w. left thigh, left knee & head$6.00 Mar. 1882
22,463Headington, Cath. A.Mount Vernonwidow 1812$8.00 Apr. 1880
13,288Heskett, Elmira V.Martinsburgwidow$20.00 -
180,715Hess, Thomas K.Blandensburgwidow$10.00 Apr. 1878
146,552Hildreth, CarolineMount Vernonwidow$12.00 Dec. 1870
153,112Hill, MarghMount Vernonwidow$15.00 Jan. 1869
7,653Hoagland, NellyGannwidow 1812$8.00 Aug. 1878
182,612Hoagland, SolomonGanng.s.w. right leg$8.00 Feb. 1881
221,656Hoar, Thomas P.Mount Vernonshell wound left shoulder$4.00 Dec. 1882
157,623Hood, Maria L.Mount Vernonwidow$25.00 Apr. 1872
63,289Hull, ElizaMount Vernondependent mother$8.00 Jan. 1866
37,600Humbert, AmosMillwoodwound right arm$8.00 -
58,334Hunt, EllenMount Vernonwidow$8.00 -
103,343Hunter, JohnMount Vernonwound right hand$6.00 June 1870
218,334Huntsberry, UriasMount Vernonchronic diarrhea$4.00 Sept. 1882
158,158Hutchinson, Mary E.Mount Vernonwidow$8.00 May 1872
14,463Hyatt, RispahMount Vernonwidow 1812$8.00 July 1879
60,961Hyatt, SarahMount Vernonwidow$8.00 -
186,218Jackson, John W.Mount Libertydisease of eyes$4.00 Apr. 1881
14,193Jackson, SusannahFredericktownwidow 1812$8.00 Jan. 1879
219,157Jackson, SylvadoreMount Vernondiseased eyes, fractured skull$24.00 Oct. 1882
198,415Johnson, Robert L.Mount Vernonchronic diarrhea$4.00 Nov. 1881
175,435Jordan, CatharineGannwidow$8.00 Oct. 1876
17,256Jordan, PhebeCentreburghwidow 1812$8.00 Feb. 1879
200,340Kellar, John L.Mount Vernong.s.w. right thigh & resulting atrophy$4.00 Jan. 1882
15,890Kerr, Eva D.Mount Vernonwidow$20.00 -
102,513Kilkenny, EdwardMount Vernonwound right forearm & back neck$4.00 -
32,359Klein, HenryDanvillewound left thigh$4.00 -
51,528Knox, CharlesBankswound right hand$8.00 -
92,906Koons, Elizabeth W.Mount Vernondependent mother$8.00 Apr. 1867
69,017Lammer, ChristenaJellowaywidow$8.00 -
138,684Lane, John R.Mount Vernoninjury to abdomen$6.00 -
31,984Larimore, Frank C.Mount Vernong.s.w. left knee$6.00 -
42,747Leiter, George H.Mount Vernonwound leg$6.00 -
7,612Lepley, GeorgeMillwoodsurvivor 1812$8.00 Nov. 1871
61,402Lewis, Mary A.Mount Vernonwidow$8.00 -
4,765Lindsey, John M.Mount Vernoninjury left side, diarrhea, resulting debility$4.00 -
23,882Lineweaver, CatharineMount Libertywidow 1812$8.00 May 1879
195,230Litzenburg, GeorgeCentreburghrheumatism , disease of stomach$8.00 Aug. 1881
121,467Lockwood, Eliakim E.Mount Vernong.s.w. right thigh$4.00 Nov. 1882
122,545Lockwood, Ira L.Brandonatony of digestive system & diarrhea, resultant atrophy$8.00 -
182,721Logsdon, FrankGanndiseased throat from diphtheria$6.00 Feb. 1881
13,814Long, FrancisJellowaywound left hand$14.00 -
37,393Lybarger, JacobMillwoodwound left forearm & right breast$16.00 -
1,197Magers, NathanMount Vernonsurvivor 1812$8.00 July 1871
200,342Mahaffey, MiltonMount Vernonsunstroke, resultant$8.00 Jan. 1882
7,838Martin, AnnMount Vernonwidow 1812$8.00 Aug.1878
23,192Martin, JamesFredericktownsurvivor 1812$8.00 July 1878
19,959Martin, MaryFredericktownwidow 1812$8.00 Mar. 1879
77,457Marts, John C.Fredericktownwound left leg$14.00 -
171,777Marvin, LinasDemocracyg.s.w. of right should, right$4.00 Sept. 1880
123,176Mather, Daniel S.Mount Vernonshell wound head$18.00 -
83,716McCammant, Marjary E.Blandensburgwidow$8.00 -
12,585McCammant, RebeccaBlandensburgwidow 1812$8.00 Dec. 1878
165,210McConnell, ThomasFredericktownchronic diarrhea, partial paralysis$8.00 Mar. 1880
19,893McCreary, MatildaMount Vernonwidow$17.00 Apr. 1864
131,320McDonald, WilliamMount Vernoncontusion back$6.00 -
186,231McKee, MilanBuckeye Cityrheumatism & diseased heart, lungs$6.00 Apr. 1881
215,547McKenzie, Joseph C.Mount Vernonbuckshot wound hand$4.00 July 1882
73,591McMillen, Harriet N.Martinsburgwidow$15.00 -
209,474Mead, AlfredCentreburghg.s.w. left leg$4.00 Mary 1882
169,865Mefford, Jacob M.Mount Vernondisease of abdominal viscera$6.00 June 1880
158,754Messmore, HarveyCentreburghdiarrhea & disease of abdominal viscera$4.00 Apr. 1879
26,215Miller, MargaretMonroe Millswidow 1812$8.00 Aug. 1879
-Miller, MarthaMount Vernonwidow--
7,527Mitchell, LydiaMount Vernonwidow 1812$8.00 July 1878
141,877Moats, AlonzoLeveringwound both legs$8.00 -
167,969Montis, JohnMount Vernonchronic diarrhea$4.00 May 1880
71,957Moore, Aaron B.Mount Vernonchronic diarrhea$2.00 -
72,387Moree, Anna E.Fredericktownwidow$8.00 -
140,858Morris, Benjamin F.Mount Vernondisease of heart$6.00 -
147,126Mount, Phebe D.Fredericktownwidow$8.00 Jan. 1871
173,265Murphy, Marcena M.Mount Vernondisease of lungs$8.00 Sept. 1880
69,684Myers, ElizabethMillwooddependent mother$8.00 Apr. 1866
1,347Nichols, ThomasBlandensburgsurvivor 1812$8.00 July 1871
16,826Parker, ElizaGambierwidow$8.00 -
218,314Parker, SamuelMartinsburgshell wound forehead$4.00 Sept. 1882
177,481Payne, HuldahMount Vernonwidow$10.00 May 1877
36,597Payne, JoshuaMount Vernonwound left leg$6.00 -
54,373Pealer, SusanDemocracywidow$15.00 -
20,770Penrose SusannahMount Vernonwidow$8.00 -
119,564Perrin, JamesMount Vernonwound left hip$8.00 -
150,149Petkins, Theodore S.Mount Libertywound right breast$2.00 Dec. 1877
88,175Phifer, CarolineMount Vernondependent mother$8.00 Dec. 1866
29,859Phile, WilliamMount Vernonwound left elbow$18.00 -
169,864Pierce, IsaacCentreburghchronic rheumatism, resulting disease of heart$8.00 June 1880
17,285Pitkin, JohnMount Vernonsurvivor 1812$8.00 June 1872
125,185Place, JamesMount Vernonwound right thigh$4.00 -
120,900Plett, Mary A.Mount Vernonwidow$8.00 Nov. 1868
141,633Porter, CartharineMount Vernondependent mother$8.00 Mar. 1870
185,120Porter, Mary A.Gannwidow$8.00 Aug. 1879
65,316Reader, John M.Gannwound left hand & of foot$8.00 -
52,138Rhoades, HannahGambierdependent mother$8.00 July 1865
75,751Richards, Anna C.Gann. . . .$8.00 -
4,474Rikey, JosephMount Libertysurvivor 1812$8.00 Apr. 1871
79,048Roberts, Eliza J.Mount Vernonwidow$8.00 Oct. 1867
219,336Rockwell, WilliamBrandonchronic diarrhea$4.00 Oct. 1882
86,621Rook, Robinson S.Danvillewound left hip$15.00 -
72,390Roop, SusannahDanvillewidow$8.00 -
154,613Rose, William A.Mount Vernonwound of head$4.00 Aug. 1878
29,100Rouse, CatherineBrandonwidow$8.00 -
166,148Rowley, Melville B.Fredericktowninjury to abdomen & injury of back$6.00 Mar. 1880
33,207Rowley, William H.Fredericktownwound right thigh$6.00 -
32,308Royce, Abbie M.Fredericktownwidow 1812$8.00 Mar. 1882
24,348Royce, Amos H.Fredericktownsurvivor 1812$8.00 Oct. 1878
26,173Runyan, Thomas B.Mount Vernonloss both eyes$72.00 -
131,510Sapp, Madison N., alias Napoleon M.Mount Vernondiseased stomach & lungs$8.00 Jan. 1875
151,757Saucerman, DanielBlandensburgdiseased ear$8.00 -
203,197Scarborough, William H.Mount Vernong.s.w. cause loss of left index finger$3.00 Feb. 1882
96,142Scott, William P.Blandensburgwound left arm$4.00 -
101,151Shafer, JosephCentreburghwound right leg$3.00 -
133,302Shuma, Jacob A.Fredericktowninjury to abdomen$10.00 -
108,573Simkins, Rachael S.North Libertywidow$8.00 Feb. 1868
100,786Sims, EllenMount Vernonwidow$8.00 Oct. 1868
38,782Sims, JohnsonMartinsburgwound right arm$14.00 -
161,473Singer, Gilbert L.Mount Vernonchronic diarrhea$4.00 July 1879
57,502Smith, RebeccaGannwidow$8.00 -
81,102Smith, Ruth A.Fredericktowndependent mother$15.00 Aug. 1866
29,746Smith, SarahMount Vernonwidow 1812$8.00 June 1880
32,227Smith, Sarah A.Fredericktowndependent mother$8.00 Oct. 1864
201,313Smith, WilliamMount Vernonchronic diarrhea$4.00 Jan. 1882
95,291Smith, William L.Jellowaywound right hip$6.00 -
56,028Snow, FreemanDanvilleloss 1st & 2nd fingers, left hand, & wound of left hand$4.00 -
30,678Snow, MatildaFredericktownwidow 1812$8.00 Nov. 1880
139,297Soverns, Andrew J.Mount Vernonchronic diarrhea$4.00 -
24,009Spry, MaryDemocracywidow 1812$8.00 May 1879
201,923Stanford, James A.Mount Vernong.s.w. right side head$4.00 Jan. 1882
146,619Stevenson, John G.Mount Vernonwound neck$2.00 June 1877
131,613Stoughton, Omar L.Mount Vernonloss little finger, injury to left hand from g.s.w.$4.00 -
57,195Stover, LydiaJellowaywidow$8.00 -
18,959Strong, ElviraFredericktownwidow 1812$8.00 Feb. 1879
123,660Stroup, Philip B.Mount Vernondiseased eye$8.00 -
219,004Stull, WilliamNorth Libertyshell wound back$4.00 Oct. 1882
40,801Tallman, AlmiraMount Vernonwidow$8.00 -
48,737Tathwell, EllenMount Vernonwidow$8.00 -
17,547Taylor, HenryMount Vernonanchylosis left knee$4.00 -
112,014Taylor, Sarah R.Mount Vernondependent mother$8.00 Apr. 1868
198,153Thayer, Alfred A.Mount Vernonwidow$10.00 Dec. 1882
36,818Thoms, SarahGambierwidow$8.00 -
15,887Tobin, Sarah E.Fredericktownwidow$8.00 -
37,792Tress, RuhamahGambierwidow$8.00 -
146,715Trott, WilliamMount Vernonwound right arm$6.00 Jan. 1877
25,119True, JohnMount Vernonsurvivor 1812$8.00 May 1878
139,296Tucker, CharlesMillwoodinjury to abdomen$4.00 May 1876
175,386Tucker, Wesley S.Huntrheumatism, diarrhea & diseased abdominal viscera$8.00 Oct. 1880
52,761Underwood, ObediahPipesvilleloss left arm$24.00 -
27,331Vanasdel, MaryJellowaywidow 1812$8.00 Oct. 1878
7,879Walker, JohnDemocracysurvivor 1812$8.00 Nov. 1881
143,638Ward, ByronMount Vernonwound left thigh$6.00 -
200,633Ward, Joel M.Mount Vernonchronic diarrhea$6.00 Jan. 1882
7,933Warle, James E.Mount Vernonchronic diarrhea$15.00 -
106,795Warner, Ann C.Mount Vernonwidow$8.00 July 1868
70,761Warren, John B.Mount Vernonwound right hip$4.00 -
138,850Watkins, RebeccaGambierdependent mother$8.00 Jan. 1870
22,987Weirich, James L.Buckeye Cityloss 1st & 2nd fingers right hand$4.00 -
19,600Welker, ElizabethMillwoodwidow 1812$8.00 Mar. 1879
109,082Welker, Oscar D.Millwoodchronic diarrhea, &c.$11.25 Apr. 1871
173,450Welsh, Zehamiah B.Mount Vernondisease of abdominal viscera$6.00 Sept. 1880
69,639Whitney, AnnMount Vernonwidow$8.00 -
65,520Williams, GraftonLeveringwound right breast$15.00 -
41,764Williams, Lucy L.Mount Vernonwidow$20.00 Sept. 1863
181,041Wise, AmeliaCentreburghwidow$8.00 May 1878
45,168Wolverton, John B.Mount Vernonwound left breast$6.00 -
512,056Wood, SidneyMount Vernonwound right arm$12.00 -
77,106Wythe, GeorgeMount Vernonwound right hand$5.00 -
20,983Youst, Hannah C.Mount Vernonwidow$8.00 -

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