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1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll
Mahoning County, Ohio

January 1, 1883

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1883 Mahoning County, Ohio List of Pensioners on the Roll includes, the name of each pensioner, the cause for which pensioned, the Post Office address, rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance.

Cert. #Name of PensionerPost OfficeAdd. Cause for pensionRateDate of original Allowance
113,623Algier, FrederickYoungstowninjury to abdomen$4.00-
202,402Allinger, JohnYoungstowng s w r little finger$1.00Feb., 1882
94,249Allshouse, WmLowellvilleg s w groin$6.00-
105,917Arms, Emeline EYoungstownwidow$8.00Jan., 1808
174,578Armstrong, Bruce HYoungstownchr diarr$4.00Oct., 1880
119,174Arnold, Wm. H.Boswellchr diarr$12.00-
17,045Baird, MaryYoungstownwidow 1812$8.00Feb., 1879
101,157Baker, EveGreenforddep mother$8.00June, 1868
60,101Baker, MaryYoungstownwidow$8.00-
108,240Bashaw, George MGarfieldchr diarr$3.00-
106,700Bay, Jacob FLowellvillediarr., scurvy &c$3.00-
161,870Beight, AgnesPetersburghwidow$8.00Apr., 1873
207,847Bender, EdwardBoardmang s w r arm$4.00May, 1882
184,763Billis, AnnaBeloitdep mother$8.00July, 1879
20,450Birch, Eliza AYoungstownwidow 1812$8.00Mar., 1879
142,040Bishop, Chas MPolandinjury to abdomen$8.00-
218,764Black, John AYoungstownasthma$6.00Oct., 1882
123,512Bonhotal, Jas AYoungstowninj l angle$14.00-
71,018Bower, CassandraYoungstownwidow$8.00-
133,700Bower, ElijahYoungstowng s w r forearm$4.00-
123,211Bradley, Francis PYoungstownwd r hand$4.00May, 1873
179,049Brister, IsaacYoungstownfrac l leg$6.00Oct., 1880
186,619Brown, JasYoungstowng s w r leg$2.00Apr., 1881
204,686Burton, ThompsonYoungstowndis of lungs & heart$8.00Mar., 1882
103,064Byers, Jas M GPolandg s w r thigh$6.00-
160,303Callahan, AlbertGreenfordg s w head$2.00June, 1879
221,736Callahan, Chas FGreenfordinj to back and kidneys$4.00Dec., 1882
45,430Callahan, ElizabethGreenforddep mother$8.00Apr., 1865
222,407Callahan, JoshuaPolanddis of heart$6.00Dec., 1882
96,362Callahan, Mathias CGreenfordg s w both shoulders & resulting dis lungs$12.00-
52,645Calvin, Luther SGreenfordwd l temple destroy eye$12.00-
53,692Calvin, Margaret JYoungstownwidow$8.00-
35,213Carlon, Wm SLowellvillefrozen feet$6.00-
45,439Carney, Mary AnnYoungstowndpt mother$8.00Apr., 1865
25,201Carroll, Thomas R.Canfieldsurv 1812$8.00July, 1879
120,187Chain, HenryWashingtonvilleinjury to abdomen$6.00-
154,087Chambers, M V BYoungstowng s wd left hip & r foot$6.00-
168,628Charles, ThomasYoungstowninj l leg$2.00May, 1880
138,335Cobb, catharineLowellvilledep mother$8.00Jan., 1870
13,574Coit, Elizabeth MEllsworthwidow 1812$8.00Dec., 1878
23,568Correy, Marv NHaseltonwidow 1812$8.00May, 1879
10,840Courtney, SusannahEllsworthwidow 1812$8.00Nov., 1878
141,370Cowden, MariaLowellvilledep mother$8.00Mar., 1870
221,346Coy, SilasGreenfordfelon little finger r hand$2.00Nov., 1882
76,818Creps, ElizaNorth Limawidow$8.00-
155,993Crumm, HenryAustintowninjury r leg$4.00Oct., 1878
76,264Daub, JacobLowellvilleg s w r arm$6.00Jan., 1867
189,504Detchon, AlfredNorth Jacksondis of eyes$2.00June, 1881
56,905Dickson, Jas RCanfieldwd l hand$6.00-
112,594Edwards, evanYoungstownloss l arm$18.00-
116,540Elliott, Alex CPolandwd r hip$8.00-
207,170Emery, John BYoungstowng s w of head$4.00Apr., 1882
190,058Evans, ChasYoungstownrheum & wd head$8.00-
147,512Evans, Henry AYoungstownw r side head$4.00Aug., 1877
181,633Eyster, SamuelYoungstownspinal irritation$2.00Jun., 1881
173,548Fitch, Van FYoungstowng s w l foot$2.00Sept., 1880
82,422Flack, NancyCanfieldwidow$8.00July, 1867
152,171Flangher, Jos HCanfieldchr diarr$4.00Apr., 1878
163,878Ford, ArabellaYoungstownwidow$30.00Jan., 1874
7,212Ford, MaryPolandwidow 1812$8.00July, 1878
27,763Fording, LloydYoungstownw l shoulder$18.00Apr., 1864
61,974Fosnoucht, EmoryNorth Limawd l leg$8.00-
14,605Foust, Sarah SYoungstownwidow$8.00-
107,340Fowler, Henry M.Canfieldcrysipelas both legs$6.00Jan., 1871
192,237Fox, ChristianLowellvilledis of lungs$4.00Nov., 1881
46,126Fox, ChristianaYoungstownwidow$8.00-
5,354Fox, LucindaStrutherwidow$8.00-
5,508Frankfother, MaryNorth Limawidow 1812$8.00July, 1873
175,885Gallagher, FranklinBeloitfather$8.00Dec., 1876
168,512Ganvey, Geo Bnew Lebanoninjury to abdomen$8.00May, 1880
112,034George, EdwYoungstownws left hand$4.00-
215,682Gibban, RichardYoungstownchr rheu & res dis of heart$8.00July, 1882
857Gilbert, MaryAustintownwidow$8.00Oct., 1871
16,152Gonlt, Calvin BNorth Jacksong s w l hd with loss lit fing$4.00May, 1879
96,896Good, LouisaNew Middletownwidow$8.00July, 1867
117,679Gray, RobertYoungstownwd r forearm$6.00July, 1872
29,797Greenawalt, ElizabethWashingtonvillewidow 1812$8.00June, 1880
116,900Greer, AlexanderBeloitdis of liver$4.00May, 1872
99,119Grist, Thos ELowellvillewd r arm & shoulder$8.00-
144,766Gwynus, Sam'lYoungstownloss l index finger$3.00Apr., 1877
26,870Hahn, Mary SNorth Limawidow 1812$8.00Sept., 1879
136,730Hahn, SamuelBerlin Centredis of lungs$6.00-
27,229Hahn, SarahNorth Limawidow 1812$8.00Oct., 1879
24,210Hamman, ElizabethYoungstownwidow 1812$8.00May, 1879
23,050Hanify, John JYoungstownwd l thigh$6.00-
31,659Hanna, LucindaYoungstownwidow$8.00Sept., 1864
132,625Hanni, RosannaYoungstownwidow$8.00July, 1869
192,140Harber, AaronYoungstowng s w left forearm$4.00June, 1881
212,695Hartman, JacobCornersburghg s w r leg$4.00-
218,957Henne, CorneliusYoungstownincontinence of urine$4.00Oct., 1882
166,609Henry, Cyrus CStrutherchron diarr$6.00Apr., 1880
23,234Henry, JaneNorth Bentonwidow$8.00Apr., 1879
209, 118Hickey, PatrickYoungstowng s w left leg$4.00May, 1882
43,848Hively, MargaretYoungstownwidow$8.00-
159,668Howard, Edward LLowellvilleg s w head$2.00May, 1879
116,272Hudson, MagdalenaNorth Limawidow$8.00July, 1868
145,615Hurd, Martin GYoungstownwd of head$8.00June, 1877
10,781Imbrie, IsabellaLowellvillewidow 1812$8.00Nov., 1878
38,864Jacobs, RachelYoungstownwidow$8.00-
33,703Jennings, RachelYoungstownwidow$8.00Nov., 1864
29,157Jerrel, ThomasYoungstownwd r shoulder$10.00Oct., 1882
14,231Johnson, Monroe WYoungstownwd r forearm$8.00-
45,895Jones, ClarissaCornersburghwidow$8.00-
48,391Jones, MatildaLowellvillewidow$8.00-
171,862Kane, JamesYoungstowng s w of right shoulder & inj middle finger r hand$5.00July, 1889
7,725Kelly, Henrietta FYoungstownwidow$8.00-
183,175Kelter, CatharineYoungstownwidow$12.00Mar., 1879
160,819Kemble, Chauncey C.Calladis of liver$8.00June, 1879
48,484Kennedy, Esther EYoungstownwidow$8.00-
20,444Kimmel, Sarah JYoungstownwidow$8.00Mar., 1879
175,433Kincaid, Isabella LYoungstownwidow$10.00Oct., 1876
44,764King, Martin V BCanfieldwd spine & r lung$15.00-
15,110Knox, ClarkYoungstownwd r elbow joint$12.00-
131,899Lally, MichaelCanfieldamp index finger r hand$3.00-
167,163Lawrence, PeterWest Austintowng s wd of left shoul & left forearm$6.00Apr., 1880
5,083Lechlitner, SalomeNorth Jacksonwidow 1812$8.00Apr., 1873
6,580Leonard, CatharineNorth Bentonwidow$8.00May, 1875
4,088Leonard, IsabellaMiltonwidow 1812$8.00Oct., 1872
189,604Lewis, Henry JYoungstownfract r thigh$4.00June, 1881
50,013Liddle, ArthurCanfieldwd l groin$8.00-
172,253Longhbottom, John HWashingtonvilleg s w l chest$8.00Aug., 1880
27,378Magner, WilliamHaseltonwd l hip$8.00-
130,804Mahan, John dYoungstownw r should & res inj lungs$8.00-
203,443Major, William ONew Middletowng s w left arm$4.00Feb., 1882
60,413Mann, Horace GMiltong s w left thigh$6.00-
111,636Manning, John JYoungstownwds r hip & back$6.00-
-Mapes, MargaretLowellvillemother$8.00Aug., 1878
60,475Martin, OtisCalladis of eyes$5.33-1/2-
44,586Martz, Mary AEast Lewistownwidow$8.00-
185,136Mathews, ElizaLowellvillewidow$14.00Aug., 1879
116,047McCaflery, ManusYoungstowng s w r hand$8.00-
37,614Mccallum, John FYoungstownwd l ankle$6.00-
192,593McCave, peterGreenfordinj of spine & left knee$6.00July, 1881
199,184McClusky, WilsonCoitsvilledis heart & nervous debility$8.00Dec., 1881
74,503McConnaughy, MosesYoungstownwd r foot$8.00-
143,848McDonal, AustinWashingtonvillechron diarr$4.00-
19,273McDonald, EveYoungstownwidow 1812$8.00Feb., 1879
34,999McFadden, Dan'lYoungstownloss l leg$18.00-
60,713McFall, MalcomYoungstownwd r knee$18.00-
18,014McFarland, ElizabethLowellvillewidow 1812$8.00Feb., 1879
243McFarlin, ElizabethYoungstownwidow 1812$8.00Aug., 1871
68,811McGuire, PatrickYoungstownloss r arm$24.00June, 1882
195,753McKim, MargaretPetersburghdep mother$8.00May, 1882
19,472McKinnie, HannahYoungstownwidow 1812$8.00Mar., 1879
140,466McPeek, MaryYoungstownwidow$8.00Sept., 1873
175,662Meeker, Henry MCanfieldinjury to abdomen$8.00Oct., 1880
183,262Meiser, HermanBriar Hillwd l leg & thigh$24.00-
129,357Mieger, PeterCanfieldinj to left foot & chr rheum$4.00-
177,247Moherman, CatharinePolanddep mother$8.00Apr., 1877
29,135Monroe, James MYoungstownamp l leg & pt r foot$24.00-
123,703Moody, Jas CBoardmanfather$8.00Jan., 1869
180,934Moore, JohnBriar Hillwd l breast$2.00Jan., 1881
51,125Moore, Jos TYoungstownwd l lung & r knee$6.00-
28,798Moore, Martha J.Austintownwidow$8.00-
114,512Moore, William LFrederickepilepsy$31.25-
100,029Morgan, ThosYoungstownwd l foot$6.00July, 1880
82,424Morris, Nancy KNorth Bentonwidow$8.00Jan., 1869
179,025Moyer, Sam'l WYoungstownwd l side face & neck$4.00Nov., 1880
169,915Murray, Elizabeth MYoungstownwidow$8.00June, 1875
173,764Myers, Henry RPetersburghinjury of spine & resulting meningitis$8.00Sept., 1880
67,841Nash, James MCanfieldwd l hand$25.00-
107,158Nessle, Isaiah J.Lowellvillewd r thigh$6.00-
165,957Nest, MaximillianYoungstowng s w l hand$2.00Mar., 1889
34,226Newton, Charles ANorth Bentonwd l thigh$4.00-
34,443Oppenhof, HermanNew Middletownw r humerus$4.00-
206,202Osborn, Geo WCanfieldchr diarr$4.00Apr., 1882
78,589Parsons, Jno APolandwd left arm &c$8.00-
139,937Pflug, Jacob WYoungstownwd l shoulder$2.00-
128,846Phillips, John AYoungstownwd r arm near shoulder$6.00-
20,775Phillips, Mary LNorth Bentonwidow$8.00-
96,836Pitzer, LorenzoYoungstownwd r maxillary$18.00-
187,054Plants, DanielYoungstowng s w of neck with resulting dis throat & partial loss of voice$6.00Apr., 1881
18,016Porter, MarthaLowellvillewidow 1812$8.00Feb., 1879
106,300Porter, Sam'lLowellvillewd l shoulder$8.00-
77,351Puffenberger, Blair HYoungstownwd lower joint r shoulder$8.00-
18,173Raub, Mary JPolandwidow$8.00-
220,012Reed, EldridgeYoungstowng s w l knee$2.00Oct., 1882
21,209Reed, HannahAustintownwidow 1812$8.00Mar., 1879
183,043Reed, John WYoungstowng s wds r chest & l thigh$6.00Feb., 1881
158,239Reed, MyersStrutherg s w right shoulder$6.00Mar., 1879
196,390Reid, JohnLowellvillerheum dis of abd viscera chr diarr & scurvy$4.00Oct., 1881
185,277Robbins, Mary LYoungstowndpt mother$8.00Aug., 1879
177,989Robison, Henry HLowellvillegrape s w left side$6.00-
120,523Roby, HarrietYoungstownwidow$8.00Oct., 1868
27,844Rohr, ChristianaPetersburghwidow$8.00-
3,199Rose, RobertBerlin Centresurv 1812$8.00Aug., 1871
43,098Ross, HarrietYoungstownwidow$20.00Sept., 1865
22,651Ross, JusticeBerlin Centresurv 1812$8.00July, 1878
57,844Ruppert, Jacob WNorth Limawd r hand$18.00-
104,507Schisler, SamuelWest Austintownwd l arm$14.00-
130,960Sexton, WashingtonStrutherwd r thigh$4.00-
156,073Shaeffer, Joseph FPolandwd r forearm$4.00Oct., 1878
19,808Shaffer, CatharineNorth Jacksonwidow 1812$8.00Mar., 1879
63,456Shaffer, ConradLowellvillewd l hand & arm$10.00-
220,060Shehy, Dan'l JYoungstowng s w r arm$4.00-
20,674Shook, JohnYoungstownw l hand, loss index finger$4.00-
21,222Simon, Florentine MYoungstownw of pelvis$24.00-
185,676Simpkins, Otis JYoungstownchr diarr & resulting dyspepsia$6.00Mar., 1881
32,873Sisco, Mary JCanfieldwidow$8.00-
134,172Smith, John G.Youngstownwd chin and chr diarr$12.00-
6,172Smith, JudithEllsworthwidow$8.00-
13,156Snyder, ElizabethPatmoswidow 1812$8.00Dec., 1878
19,275Stall, SusannahNorth Jacksonwidow$8.00Feb., 1879
195,867Stigleman, John AYoungstownchr rheum$4.00Sept., 1881
26,714Sullivan, NancyPolandwidow 1812$8.00Sept., 1879
164,541Swisher, Alfred MYoungstownminor$10.00Apr., 1874
3,306Taylor, Jane eCanfieldwidow$8.00-
19,960taylor, Racel BPolandwidow 1812$8.00Mar., 1879
60,712Trout, GeorgeWashingtonvillewd l arm$8.00-
211,620Turner, EdwYoungstowninjury to abdomen$6.00-
195,656Vananker, John WStrutherg s w l thigh$4.00Sept., 1881
96,939Varner, GeorgeBeloitwd r groin$8.00-
199,601Walsh, Andrew BGreenfordinjury to abdomen$4.00Dec., 1881
141,566Walter, LeviYoungstownwd l foot$3.00-
185,802Watson, PorterLowellvilledis of throat$8.00Mar., 1881
99,532Webb, Geo AEllsworthwd l hand$6.00-
81,518Webb, WilliamCanfieldpart paralysis lower extrem$8.00-
21,918Weikert, JacobGreenfordsurv 1812$8.00May, 1878
96,034Whetstone, David CLowellvillewd r thigh--
12,003Whittenberger, HNew Middletownwidow 1812$8.00Nov., 1878
22,980Williams, George JYoungstownloss l leg$24.00-
192,779Willock, StephenYoungstownshell wd l ankle$2.00July, 1881
1,536Wilson, NancyPolandwidow$20.00-
177,219Wilson, William GWashingtonvillepartial deafness & dropsy$8.00Oct., 1889
47,558Winning, JonathanWashingtonvilleloss l leg$24.00-
155,937Wirner, AdamLowellvillewd l thigh$6.00Oct., 1878
58,822Wood, MyronYoungstownloss l leg & g s w r shoulder$24.00-
62,136Woods, KateYoungstownwidow$8.00Jan., 1865
48,737Woodward, OrpheusYoungstownloss r leg-Aug., 1865
193,804Yates, David GYoungstownvar veins both legs & rheum$8.00July, 1865
79,407Yerger, Isaac LYoungstownwd r leg$8.00-
89,986Zedaka, MatildaPolandwidow$8.00Feb., 1867
65,523Zedaker, AbsalomYoungstownwd r hip$14.00-
154,258Zimmerman, ChasYoungstowng s w thigh & rheum$6.00July, 1878

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