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1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll
Windham County, Vermont

January 1, 1883

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1883 Windham County, Vermont List of Pensioners on the Roll includes, the name of each pensioner, the cause for which pensioned, the Post Office address, rate of pension per month, and the date of origional allowance.

Cert. #Name of PensionerPost OfficeAdd. Cause for pensionRateDate of Original Allowance
59,217Abbott, DianaLondonderrywidow$8.00-
62,158Abbott, George TSouth Londonderrywd. rt. arm$18.00-
216,430Adams, George HWest Doverparalysis, result of typh fever$8.00Aug. 14, 1882
112,400Aikes, Walter A.East Doverchr. diarrh$8.00-
34,188Akeley, Clark BBrattleboroughg. s. w. head & result. impairment of vision$8.00-
158,525Allard, Goerge MSadawgag. s. w. l. thigh$2.00Mar. 31, 1879
179,448Allbee, John HSaxton's Riverchr. diarrh. & dis. liver & kid.$10.00-
218,115Allen James MBrattleboroughinj. of rt. hip$4.00Sept 16,1882
82,300Allen, George WBellows Fallsg. s. w. l. arm$10.00-
101,507Allen, Henry J.East Jamaicafracture l. forearm$6.00-
34,354Allen, JamesBellows Fallsg. s. w. shoulder$8.50Nov. 19, 1864
222,496Austin, Royal MTownsendchr. diarrh. and nervous exhaustion$6.00Dec. 15, 1882
26,777Bailey, LymanPutneyg. s. w. l. leg$4.00-
193,461Bailey, Mary BWindhammother$8.00Oct. 6, 1881
158,196Bailey, Silas WVernong. s. w. rt. thigh$4.00-
206,444Baker, David GGuilfordchr. diarrh. & bronchitis$6.00Apr. 8, 1882
198,441Ballon David SWilmingtong. s. w. rt. thigh$2.00Nov. 29, 1881
83,543Barker, Frederick LBellows Fallsdis. lungs and g.s.w.rt. thigh$8.00-
174,065Barnes, Daniel DWest Halifaxg. s. w. l hip & inj of back$4.00Sept. 27, 1880
126,510Barrett, Cortes PWest Townshenddis. of abdominal viscera & deafness$3.00-
143,529Barrett, Henry DBrattleboroughg. s. w. head$4.00Nov. 8, 1879
129,235Beckwith, Albert DBellows Fallsg. s. w. l. shoulder & l leg.$6.00-
162,392Belding, William HSouth Londonderrysaber wd. Of head$2.00Sept. 19, 1879
137,620Bellows, NelsonWest Doverg. s. w. rt. thigh & var. veins$8.00-
47,333Benjamin, Roxana FBrattleboroughwidow$8.00-
137,796Bickford, SylvesterWhitinghamg. s. w. l. thigh$10.00-
190,672Bishop, George IWest Brattleborroughs. wd. L. knee & var. veins rt. leg.$8.00June 15, 1881
57,026Bissell, Edward BWardsboroughloss rt. arm$24.00-
117,176Bissell, Lucius WSaxton's Riverpart. loss sight fr. sun-stroke$18.00-
121,157Bixby, Armentus BSouth Londonderrytypho. mal. fever & chr. diarrh$17.00-
90,683Bliss, William CNewfanewd. rt. elbow$4.00May 8, 1868
30,640Blood, DorrPutneyg. s. w. rt. hip & var. veins$16.00-
198,220Bostwick, Royal E.South Londonderryg. s. w. l. leg$4.00Nov. 29, 1881
56,417Boyden, Dexter EWest Townshendg. s. w. l. lung$4.00-
39,777Brackett, Mellenda WBrattleboroughmother$8.00Jan. 30, 1865
215,489Bremenstuhl, BenjGreen Riverchr. diarrh$4.00July 31, 1882
53,518Brooks, William H.Bellows Fallsg. s. w. l. side of body over crest of ilium.$8.00-
296,136Brown, Clark L.East Doverchr. diarrh$6.00Sept. 29, 1881
30Brown, MaryBellows Fallswidow$8.00-
110,503Bruce, Martin LBrattleboroughg. s. w. rt. thigh$6.00May 19, 1871
160,083Bugbee, Danford ASaxton's Riverg. s. w. both thighs$8.00-
200,278Bugbee, Edwin WWilmingtonpart. deaf. both ears, dis. heart$6.00May 23, 1882
86,567Bugboe, HarrietGraftonwidow$8.00Nov. 14, 1866
184,632Burbee, LucindaSouth Londonderrywidow$8.00June 25, 1879
111,262Burgess, Marion MGreen Riverwidow$8.00Apr. 8, 1868
85,183Burton, Dana SGreen Riverg. s. w. l hd$8.00-
17,754Butterfield, Abner LBrattleboroughdis. knee joint$18.00-
166,287Butters, James C.Graftons. wd. l. side & dis. or heart$8.00-
214,841Cannon, Barney, jrBellows Fallssciatica$4.00June 30, 1882
187,346Carley, LuanaWhitinghammother$8.00Mar. 13, 1880
162,055Chandler, James CBrattleboroughmal. pois. & results$4.00Aug. 9, 1879
183,810Chapin, Charles CBellows Fallsg. s. w. l. side and loss gt. toe$4.00Mar., 8, 1881
173,779Chase, George AJacksonvilledis. of lungs$4.00Sept. 22, 1880
50,727Chase, Peter SBrattleboroughwd. l. thigh$18.00-
164,754Cheney, Martha ABrattleboroughmother$8.00May 5, 1874
23,150Cheney, WalesJamaicawd rt. leg$4.00Jan. 23, 1864
60,991Choate, Henry GBrattleboroughdis. of lungs$18.00Apr. 3, 1866
197,268Church, BetseyBellows Fallsmother$8.00Sept. 21, 1882
189,485Church, HenryWilmingtondis. heart & liver$8.00June 2, 1881
9,635Clark, Elam AJamaicaloss thumb rt. hd$4.00-
194,224Clark, Henry M.Graftonchr. diarrh$6.00Aug. 10, 1881
20,749Clark, Lemira MGraftonwidow$30.00-
99,487Clayton, Austin WWest Brattleborroughdis. heart & chr. diarrh$12.00-
35,273Co??ew, Henry MSaxton's Riverloss rt. l$18.00-
94,430Colburn Charles OBrattleboroughinj. to back$6.00Dec.21, 1868
13,732Colburn, Seraphina ABrattleboroughwidow$8.00-
34,737Colt, George MBrattleboroughg. s. w. rt. forearem, l., thigh, & inj. of breast$10.00-
66,298Combs, Carroll LWest Dummorstonloss pt. index finger rt. hd$3.00-
68,153Combs, WilliamWest Dummorstonchills & feb. & rheum.$6.00-
3,761Conant, NathanGuilfor Centresurv. 1812$8.00Sept. 1, 1871
41,282Cook, Calvin LVernonwd. rt. arm$4.00-
50,453Cook, Edward RWest Doverloss. l. arm$24.00-
191,300Cook, Mark HBrattleboroughdis. of abdominal viscera$10.00-
191,553Corey, StephenLondonderryg. s. w. l. arm, rt. shoul. & rt. jaw$8.00June 28, 1881
92,367Croft, JoannaPutneymother$8.00-
206,332Cronin, William LansingWindhamchr. diarrh., inj l. leg & sunstroke$8.00Apr. 6, 1882
79,956Currier, Henry MBrattleboroughg. s. w. l. knee$4.00-
170,733Cutting, Samuel CGreen Riverinjury to abdomen$10.00June 30, 1880
62,474Daggett, James CJamaicaparalysis$72.00-
126,248Daley, JohnBrattleboroughg. s. w. neck$4.00Jan 10, 1871
59,826Darey, JamesBellows Fallswd. rt. hand$4.00-
143,616Darling, ClarissaSaxton's Rivermother$8.00July 12, 1870
191,302Darling, Henry RSouth Londonderrychr. diarrh., dis. lungs & g. s. w. rt. hd$12.00June 25, 1881
119,641Davidson, Riley AJamaicag. s. w. rt. L. & head and result epilepsy$18.00-
205,154Davis, B?huel JBellows Fallschills & fever & chr. diarrh. & result. indg. & dis. liver$4.00Mar. 25, 1882
190,912Davis, Benjamin FBrattleboroughinj. l. side$4.00June 20, 1881
153,978Davis, HiramWardsboroughinj. to rt. side$8.00-
160,557Davison(?), John MBellows Fallsg. s. w. l. leg$2.00-
175,188Davison, A. MelindaPutneywidow$10.00Oct. 5, 1876
135,391Dearborn, LydiaNorth Woodstockwidow$8.00Oct. 7, 1869
15,642DePutrin, ChristianAthenssurv. 1812$8.00Jan. 21, 1879
190,013Derry, Benjamin FTownsendmal. pois., diarrh., dis. liver & kid.$4.00June 8, 1881
156,079Dinsmore, Harlan PWestminister Wests. wd. rt. ft$2.00Oct. 25, 1878
18,419Dinsmore, ZilphaWestminister Westwidow 1812$8.00Feb 18, 1879
72,111Donahue, EllenBrattleboroughwidow$8.00-
220,684Dorsett, John MRawsonvilledis. lungs$8.00Nov. 20, 1882
35,645Downer, David EBrattleboroughg. s. w. l. arm & shoulder$4.00-
145,841Dresser, Addie WGraftonwidow$8.00Nov. 11, 1870
79,999Dunklee, Amanda WMarlboroughwidow$8.00-
6,909Dutton, DorothySaxton's Riverwidow$8.00-
92,858Dutton, Hannah CJamaicawidow$8.00Apr. 17, 1867
96,947Eames, OrindaJacksonvillewidow$15.00-
77,742Eastman, Lewis H.Cambridgeportconsumption & c$6.00Feb. 25, 1867
1552??Eaton, David (2d)Bellows Fallsdis. Lungs$6.00-
154,079Ellis, John EWestministerg. s. w. l. leg & var. veins$6.00-
141,234Elmer, Edmund SJamaicaparalysis lower extrem$24.00-
91,374Elmer, James PBrattleboroughw. r. side$4.00June -, 1868
97,832Emery, Samuel H. R.Bartonvilleg. s. w.$2.00May 21, 1869
188,709Estabroook, Susan MWest Dovermother$8.00June 17, 1880
8,595Evans, Abby JanePutneywidow$8.00-
200,810Fairbanks, ChasBrattleboroughchr. rheum$10.00Jan. 16, 1882
207,544Fairbanks, Samuel ASaxton's Rivervaricose veins l. leg$6.00Apr. 27, 1882
33,956Fairman, Mary AVernonwidow$8.00-
169,220Farnum, Abigail LWilmingtonmother$8.00May 22, 1875
36,363Fisher, Abigail WWilliamsvillemother$8.00Dec. 23, 1864
174,116Fisher, William HWest Brattleborroughinjury to abdomen$4.00-
104,159Fitts, ElmerSouth Wardsborog. s. w. r. arm$12.00July --, 1870
193,301Foster, Lyman DBartonvilleinj of spine$4.00July 25, 1881
164,069Franklin, Alvin BTownsendg. s. w. rt. breast, & chills & fever$17.00Jan. 10, 1880
53,510Frost, LauraWest Brattleborroughwidow$8.00-
58,156Gale, David JBrattleboroughg. s. w. rt. foot$6.00-
103,956Gates, AlvinNewfanedis. Of eyes$18.00-
206,091Gates, John ESaxton's Riverchr. diarrh$4.00Apr. 4, 1882
113,848Gates, Peter SSouth Halifaxchr. diarrh$6.00-
39,893Gee, Abigail ABellows Fallswidow$8.00-
7,384Gilbert, Mary EBrattleboroughwidow$8.00-
50,188Gillett, LucianSouth Londonderrywd. l. thigh$6.00Sept. 28, 1865
198,624Goddard, David BSouth Londonderryg. s. w. l. wrist$2.00Dec. 2, 1881
107,509Gordon, FrankBellows Fallsaphonia$4.00-
177,579Gould, Catharine LJamaicamother$8.00June 1, 1877
134,437Gould, Charles SBrattleboroughdis. rt. eye$8.00-
6,384Gould, EmelineWindhamwidow$8.00-
102,406Gould, Mary CTownsendwidow$8.00Nov. 4, 1867
173,684Graves, TheodoreJacksonvilleinjury to abdomen$6.00Sept. 18, 1880
54,954Grout, JoelNewfanewd. l. foot$6.00-
12,851Hall, Martha ABrattleboroughwidow$8.00-
58,793Hamilton, William HBrattleboroughinj. rt. shoulder$12.00-
42,441Harlow, George RWestminister Westloss r. arm above elbow$24.00-
63,804Harris, ElliottWest Halifaxg. s. w. l. thigh & l. arm$6.00-
156,739Harris, EmersonSouth Halifaxinj. l. knee$2.00Nov. 30, 1878
63,802Harris, LorenzoBrattleboroughg. s. w. top of head$4.00-
217,537Harris, Romano A.Graftonchr. diarrh. and dipt. and dis. of throat$8.00Aug. 30, 1882
57,022Hart, George WBrattleboroughg. s. w. both arms$8.00-
101,785Harwood, Harriet SWest Brattleborroughmother$8.00Oct. 28, 1867
17,705Hawley, SarahBellows Fallswidow 1812$8.00Feb. 13, 1879
127,150Hazelton, ThankfullLondonderrymother$8.00Apr. 6, 1869
103,469Hazleton, Abraham HLondonderrydis. of heart$18.00-
45,653Herney, James MBellows Fallswd. l. hand$18.00-
162,185Hescock, Rinaldo NBrattleboroughg. s. w. rt. arm and forearm$3.00Aug. 16, 1879
52,938Higgins, DanielBellows Fallsloss l. leg$18.00-
168,448Hildreth, Austin OBrattleboroughinj. l. chest, & dis. of heart.$8.00May 22, 1886
30,755Hill, LucindaWest Halifaxwidow$8.00-
194,353Hill, Rebecca HWest Dovermother$8.00Feb. 4, 1882
130,347Hogan, MichaelSaxton's Riverg. s. w. l. thigh$3.00Oct. 6, 1874
58,808Holbrook, Selah HJacksonvilleloss. l. arm$18.00-
154,855Holden HarrisonSaxton's Riverg. s. w. 3d finger l. hd. & injury to abdomen$14.00-
15,790Holden, MelendaSaxton's Riverwidow 1812$8.00Apr. 5, 1882
70,219Holland, Cordelia SJamaicawidow$8.00-
91,178Hooker, Geo. WBrattleboroughw. l. shoul$8.50May 30, 1868
53,650Houghton, EmilyGraftonwidow$8.00-
192,170Houghton, John PBrattleboroughg. s. w. l. thigh$2.00June 30, 1881
98,031Houghton, Susannah RPutneymother$8.00Aug. 5, 1867
6,063Hovey, IsaacWilliamsvillesurv. 1812$8.00Oct. 11, 1871
126,907Howard, Ann MRockinghammother$8.00Mar. 30, 1869
196,536Howard, James AJamaicafather$8.00June 30, 1882
195,892Howard, James GBrattleboroughg. s. w. l. arm$4.00Sept. 19, 1881
214,439Howard, Mason FJamaicainj. rt. elbow$6.00June 30, 1882
127,751Howard, Sewell TWindhamKid. dis$8.00-
90,477Howard, Sylva JNorth Windhamwidow$8.00Feb. 18, 1867
189,229Howe, Edmund PWest Brattleborroughg. s. w. l. arm$4.00May 26, 1881
152,194Hull, Horace AWhitinghamg. s. w. rt. side, back$2.00Apr. 4, 1878
25,322Hunt, JohnBrattleboroughg. s. w. l. shoulder$12.00-
126,854Hunter, Moses RSaxton's Riverinsanity$72.00-
22,623Huntling, JesseSouth Londonderrysurv. 1812$8.00June 22, 1878
82,224Ingraham, Charles WWilliamsvillewd. rt. hd.$3.00June 19, 1867
87,625Jaquith, Thomas JLondonderrywd rt. hip$5.00Dec. 9, 1867
210,030Jeffrey, JohnPutneyg. s. w. gt. toe (left)$2.00May 31, 1882
184,748Johnson, Edwin S.Townsenddis. of lungs$4.00Mar. 23, 1881
89,960Johnson, Maria SWilliamsvillewidow$8.00Feb. 8, 1867
31,823Johnson, Williard R. F.Putneywd. neck & shoulder$8.00-
54,791Jordan, Willis BVernong. s. w. rt. leg$6.00-
179,431Keach, John BWestministerparalysis$18.00Dec. 6,1880
197,035Kimball, Addie AWest Dummorstonwidow$14.00Aug. 25, 1882
160,747King, Cornelius LBellows Fallsg. s. w. rt. leg$10.00June 4, 1879
103,907Kingsbury, Betsey M.Rawsonvillewidow$8.00Nov. 30, 1867
137,611Kingsbury, Ezra BJamaicainjury to abdomen$2.00Jan. 31, 1876
16,221Knight Willard ESaxton's Riverchr. Bronchitis$4.00Sept. 2, 1863
88,416Lackey, Franklin GStrattong. s. w. shoul., affect. Lungs$14.00-
184,012Larrabee, TimothyWest Halifaxg. s. w. l. hip$4.00Mar. 12, 1881
59,650Lee, Henry GVernong. s. w. abdomen$4.00-
14,130Leonard, Henry OBrattleboroughdis. spine and part paralysis$8.00-
168,710Loomis, Alden CBrattleboroughg. s. w. rt. clavicle$2.00Mar. 18, 1871
154,353Loomis, William EWhitinghamloss pt. rt. Index finger$2.00July 16, 1878
40,565Lynde, Lewis HBrattleboroughwd. l. arm$4.00-
187,721Mack, Archibald HWindhamrheum$6.00Apr. 30, 1881
184,816Manning, EllenBrattleboroughmother$8.00July 8, 1879
147,669Manning, William HBellows Fallsdis. lungs$4.00-
65,189Mansfield, JamesBellows Fallswd. L. arm$8.00-
185,725Mansfield, Jesse J.Dummerstonfather$8.00Oct. 11, 1879
18,609Mansfield, MelenthaWestministerwidow 1812$8.00Feb 19, 1879
208,211Marsh, Daniel HWest Brattleborroughvar. veins both legs & result, ulcers$12.00May 6, 1882
67,200Martin, Joshua BLondonderryg. s. w. rt. hd$6.00-
41,280Matthew, Hiram PBrattleboroughwd. of face$4.00Apr. 25, 1865
164,828McClure, Gilbert NBrattleboroughbronchitis$6.00-
23,476Metcalf, Royal DLondonderryvaricose veins both legs$16.00-
128,404Mican, ThomasBellows Fallsg. s. w. l. hd., loss mid. finger at 2d joint$2.00May 23, 1874
1??878Miller, William ABellows Fallsloss end gt. toe rt. ft.$3.00Oct. 2, 1871
170,302Miner, ThomasWest Halifaxs. wd. l. side$4.00June 25, 1880
46,753Morris, Mary S.Brattleboroughwidow$8.00-
88,328Moulton, Edward WBellows Fallschr. diarrh & result functional dis. heart$8.00-
14,721Myers, WmJamaicaw. l. ft.$4.00July -, 1863
223,259Newcomb, Harlen GBrattleboroughdis. kidneys$6.00Dec. 21, 1882
137,515Newell, SusannahWhitinghammother$8.00Dec. 15, 1869
187,319Newman, WilliamLondonderryfather$8.00Mar. 11, 1880
14,435Niles, AnnaJacksonvillewidow 1812$8.00Jan. 6, 1879
221,683Niles, HenryWest Brattleborroughchr. rheum$8.00Dec. 2, 1882
91,028Nims, George HBellows Fallschills & fever$4.00-
12,007Oaks, BetseyAthenswidow 1812$8.00Nov. 25, 1878
64,821Olden, Joseph JBellows Fallsg. s. w. rt. shoulder$4.00June 4, 1866
170,408Packard, AlonzoSaxton's Riverg. s. w. l. thigh & forearm$6.00June 28, 1880
111,783Park, Isaac LGraftong. s. w. rt. hd$6.00July 14, 1871
26,278Parker, George HGraftonwd. back & spine$18.00-
40,586Pellett, John CBrattleboroughloss rt. arm$24.00-
71,434Penniman, ThomasCambridgeportwd. ??$3.00Sept. 19, 1866
130,294Perham, ParmeliaWest Brattleborroughmother$8.00-
142,062Perkins, JaneWest Brattleborroughwidow$8.00Apr. 16, 1870
296,784Perry Amasa, RBellows Fallsrheum. & sunstroke & result. giddiness$8.00Apr. 13, 1882
178,841Perry, William BSouth Londonderryfather$8.00Oct. 10, 1877
169,905Petee, AnreliusBrattleboroughsunstroke, &c$12.00-
159,613Phelps, Brigham TBellows Fallsinj. of head$4.00-
213,223Pierce, Albert RWest Townshendg. s. w. rt. leg & var. veins$8.00June 30, 1882
210,915Pierce, Franklin C.East Putneyinjury to abdomen$4.00June 10, 1882
218,463Pierce, LemSouth Londonderrychr. diarrh. & dis. of abdominal viscera$6.00Sept. 28, 1882
54,960Pierce, William WSouth Londonderryg. s. w. rt. arm$6.00-
29,889Pratt, Augustus HBellows Fallsg. s. w. head & result. epilepsy$18.00-
218,742Pratt, Melvin RTownsendinj. rt. knee$4.00Oct. 5, 1882
179,161Preston, GeorgeSouth Halifaxfather$8.00Nov. 20, 1877
165,197Putnam, Benjamin FRockinghaminj. l. side$4.00Mar. 4, 1880
18,615Putnam, Laura AWindhamwidow 1812$8.00Feb. 19, 1879
35,262Ramsdell, CyrusBrattleboroughg. s. w. l. hand$18.00-
183,394Read, Lavant MBellows Fallsg. s. w. face$4.00Feb. 28, 1881
72,592Rhoades, Aaron, AWindhamint. fever$3.00Oct. 15, 1866
79,959Rhoades, RandallWindhamg. s. w. l. forearm$12.00-
126,807Rhoades, Sumner MNorth Windhamg. s. w. l. hand$2.00Feb. 7, 1874
32,034Rice, Charles BBrattleboroughg. s. w. l leg$8.00-
166,989Rice, ClarissaBrattleboroughmother$8.00-
92,406Rice, Minerva OGraftonwidow$8.00Apr. 9, 1867
15,339Richardson, George AWindhamg. s. w. rt. arm$8.00-
71,252Richardson, Silas WBrattleboroughwd. rt. eye & ear$8.00-
164,899Rockwell, Charles FBrattleboroughminor of$19.00May 15, 1874
130,574Rumtill, MaryBartonvillemother$8.00June 17, 1869
181,849Sanders, UnityJamaicamother$8.00Aug. 24, 1878
206,659Scott, Henry ABrattleboroughdis. bowels, g. s. w.$6.00Apr. 12, 1882
23,756Shattuck, Samuel AWestminister Westg. s. w. rt. arm$3.00-
61,411Sheldon, Charles FBartonvillewd. left leg$18.00-
155,210Sheldon, Thomas LVernonchr. diarrh$4.00Sep. 3, 1878
187,553Shepard, Sibyl EJamaicamother$8.00Mar. 29, 1880
141,810Sitterly, CatharineWhitinghammother$8.00Apr. 5, 1870
85,626Smead, Lucinda GWardsboroughwidow$8.00Oct. 26, 1866
91,225Smith, Berilla MWardsboroughwidow$8.00Mar. 7, 1867
192,271Smith, Camden MBrattleboroughinjury to abdomen$8.00June 30, 1881
169,114Smith, Elisha BBellows Fallssciatic rheum$4.00June 4, 1880
179,956Smith, MiloBrattleboroughchills and fever & dis. Of abdominal viscera$4.00-
155,213Snow, Alvoy ATownsendg. s. w. rt. shoulder$4.00-
50,982Spring, Ann SGraftonmother$8.00-
180,561Stanley, Sanford EBrattleboroughinjury to abdomen$8.00Jan. 4, 1881
188,423Starks, AbigailJamaicamother$8.00May 26, 1880
209,397Stockwell, FranklinBrattleboroughchr. diarrh$4.00May, 24, 1882
212,598Stone, Henry BWest Halifaxinj. l. ankle & chr. diarrh$6.00June 28, 1882
114,390Stoodley, George WGraftondis. liver & bowels$8.00-
193,870Stratton, Asa HWilliamsvilledis. eyes$4.00Sept. 17, 1881
156,401Streeter, Densil MJamaicag. s. w. l. thigh$2.00Nov. 13, 1878
58,914Streeter, Joseph JWhitinghamwd. l. leg$14.00-
174,908Streeter, Lucien SBrattleboroughinjury to abdomen$12.00Oct. 6, 1880
151,424Strong, LycurgusBellows Fallsg. s. w. rt. leg$4.00Mar. 5, 1878
39,035Tarbell, James MLondonderryg. s. w. rt. arm$14.00-
37,051Taylor, Herbert EBrattleboroughwd. back and l ft$8.00-
207,212Teeney, Ellery CGraftondyspepsia$6.00Apr. 20, 1882
212,381Tenney, WhitneyWest Dummorstoncontused (shell) w. l .side$2.00June 26, 1882
18,257Thomas, DesireBrattleboroughwidow 1812$8.00Feb. 17, 1879
19,941Thomas, GrataBrattleboroughsurv. 1812$8.00Mar. 4, 1879
193,054Thompson, Mary EBrattleboroughwidow$8.00Aug. 3, 1881
13,334Thrasher, AnnaCambridgeportwidow 1812$8.00Dec. 12, 1878
39,031Tibbetts, Lorinda RPutneywidow$8.00-
46,908Tolles, David NBrattleboroughwd rt. hand$4.00Aug. 2, 1865
179,203Tower, George RSaxton's Riverinj. rt. knee$6.00-
161,642Townsend, John EBrattleboroughg. s. w. rt. thigh$2.00-
198,232Trombly, Sibel, BEast Jamaicamother$8.00Dec. 30, 1882
27,008Twitchell, Rachel LSaxton's Riverwidow$8.00-
25,869Underwood, AlmiraBrattleboroughwidow 1812$8.00July 14, 1879
190,177Underwood, Cyrus KPutneyfather$8.00Oct. 28, 1880
62,193Upton, JohnBrattleboroughg. s. w. rt. knee$8.00-
54,471Voce, MaryWilmingtonmother$8.00-
50,726Wales, ElijahBrattleboroughg. s. w. chest$15.00-
180,180Walker, Henry W.Brattleboroughasthma$6.00-
115,519Walker, Wesley WBrattleboroughshell wd. head$2.00Feb. 3, 1872
162,489Wallace, JosephGreen Riverg. s.w. rt. side-chest$6.00-
137,398Wallen, HarrisonHalifaxg. s. w. forearem & rt. chest$8.00-
78,399Warden, Alfred SWilliamsvilleg. s. w. l. thigh$8.00-
87,993Warner, Frank RBrattleboroughchr. diarrh$3.25Dec. 24, 1867
194,346Waterman, Azro. BBellows Fallschr. rheum & bronchitis$6.00Aug. 12, 1881
193,487Weeks, Frank WBrattleboroughg. s. w. rt. thigh$8.00July 27, 1881
63,411Wells, Receta RGuilfordwidow$8.00-
10,770Wheelock, CatharineTownsendwidow 1812$8.00Nov. 5, 1878
150,763White, Cyrus MVernong. s. w. l. shoul. & both thighs$8.00-
65,849White, Marshall AWardsboroughwd. rt. hip$18.00-
212,533Whitman, FrankBellows Fallschr. diarrh$8.50June 27, 1882
86,182Whitney, Sarah CPutneymother$8.00Nov. 6, 1866
194,939Whittemore, Daniel WMarlboroughg. s. w. l. thigh$4.00Aug. 25, 1881
213,403Wilder, AndrewBrattleboroughs.wd. L. breast, l. lung$4.00June 30, 1882
65,143Willard, HenryGraftonloss rt. eye and part. loss of left$6.00-
202,943Willard, James, DPutneyg. s. w. l. leg$4.00Feb. 15, 1882
76,042Wilt, Harriet MVernonwidow$8.00June 14, 1866
99,516Winslow, WilliamBrattleboroughdis. heart$8.00-
192,385Wood, IsraelWest Brattleborroughfather$8.00May 23, 1881
12,636Wood, Lucy BWest Townshendwidow 1812$8.00Dec. 6, 1878
146,680Woodworth, William GSouth Londonderryg. s. w. rt. side$2.00June 29, 1877
28,954Wyman, ?uldahCambridgeportwidow 1813$8.00Mar. 27, 1880
51,375Wyman, Hollis FWestministerloss l. arm$24.00-

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