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Arnold Collection
St. John's Church
City of Providence
Providence County, Rhode Island

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Marriages of St. John's Church is copied from an old book headed the Register Book of King's Church in Providence, since Nov. 29, 1755

The following 112 marriages from March 28, 1756 to Dec. 2, 1781, were solemnized by Rev. John Groves, rector of the church for that period

The matter for his church and the three following Providence Churches, is taken from Dr. Snow's copy

ABORN, Henrietta and James Whitney, May 13, 1770
ABORN, Sarah and Joseph Wanton Rhodes, Nov. 28, 1774
ABORN, Cynthia and Peter Donville, July 26, 1778
ABORN, Mary and Thomas H. Condy, June 2, 1789
ADIE, Alexander and Clementine Sabin, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Oct. 13, 1803
ALDEN, Cyrus and Mary Margaret Jones, married by Rev. N.B. Crocker, May 24, 1813
ALGER, Jonathan and Dorothy Carpenter, Sept. 27, 1778
ALLEN, Zachariah and Sarah Crawford, Aug. 9, 1772
ALLEN, Zachariah and Candace Crawford, Sept. 26, 1773
ALLEN, Allen, Phillip and Lydia Crawford, April 13, 1777
ALLEN, Allen, Comfort and Hector Macclain, Jan. 3, 1790
ALLEN, Allen, Abby and Henry Smith, Oct. 19, 1799
ALLEN, Allen, Lydia and Sullivan Dorr, Oct. 14, 1804
ALLEN, Allen, Sally and Peleg Rhodes, March 10, 1808
ANDREWS, Freelove and John Tweedy, Jan. 29, 1764
ANDREWS, Mary and Joseph, Nov. 26, 1775
ANGELL, Flora and Prince Bucklin, April 3, 1768
ANGELL, Mary and Quaco Butler (col.), Feb. 4, 1770
ANGELL, Rossabellah and Samuel Chase, Jr., Sept. 2, 1770
ANGELL, Nathan and Mary Rogers, March 14, 1773
APLIN, Rebecca and John Nash, Dec. 2, 1759
APLIN, John and Sarah Bowen, April 24, 1760
AUCHMUTY, R.N. and Henrietta Bruce, both of Newport, married by Rev. Moses Badger, Dec. 8, 1785
BAILEY, Sarah and Daniel Stillwill, Feb. 28, 1796
BAKER, William and Cloe Reilly, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, March 13, 1796
BALLARD, John, Jr., and Hannah Greene, married by Rev. N.B. Crocker, July 28, 1811
BARDIN, Jonathan and Lydia Pettis, Widow, June 8, 1775
BARDIN, William and Susanna Gardner, Feb. 1, 1779
BARTLETT, Isaac and Suckey Marsh, married by Rev. Moses Badger, Aug. 9, 1789
BELL, Robert and Jemima Fisk, Feb. 17, 1760
BENNETT, John and Phebe Luther, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clarke, July 25, 1793
BENSON, Margaret and Joseph Smith, April 7, 1771
BENSON, William P.R. and Mrs. Mary Rutenburgh, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Dec. 25, 1794
BERRY, James and Keziah Cross, April 12, 1762
BESSON, Gabrielle V. and John Baptiste Marratt, July 26, 1794
BICKNELL, Jeffrey and Nancy Madison (free blacks), married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Nov. 16, 1796
BLACKMAN, Sarah and Peltiah Phinney, Aug. 15, 1774
BLAKE, Anna and Benjamin Whitman, Jan. 31, 1813
BLODGETT, William and Anne Phillis Chace, Dec. 11, 1774
BLODGETT, William and Mary Ann Power, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clarke, April 30, 1800
BOWEN, Sarah and John Aplin, April 24, 1760
BOWEN, Lydia and John Innes Clark, Sept. 26, 1773
BOWEN, Phebe and Jonathan Clark, Sept. 16, 1790
BOWEN, Ephraim, Jr., and Sarah Whipple, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clarke, Oct. 19, 1794
BOWEN, Oliver, Jr., and Rebecca Demott, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Jan. 24, 1796
BOWEN, Julia and John Dexter Martin, Oct. 17, 1803
BOWLER, George and Polly Sabin, married by Rev. Moses Badger, July 31, 1791
BRATTLE, James and Bethiah Randall, married by Rev. N.B. Crocker, Nov. 12, 1807
BROOKS, Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Oct. 18, 1799
BROWN, Sharper (Obadiah Brown's negro man), and Sylvia Brown (Richard Brown's negro woman), March 15, 1759
BROWN, Sylvia and Sharper Brown (col)., March 15, 1759
BROWN, Martha and Noah Kent., April 5, 1767
BROWN, John of Seckonk, Mass., and Elizabeth Westcott of Providence, Aug. 14, 1774
BROWN, Mary and Thomas Jackson, Sept. 14, 1778
BROWN, Lydia and John Viall, Jan. 21, 178-
BROWN, Nicholas and Ann Carpenter, married by Rev. Moses Badger, Nov. 3, 1791
BROWN, William and Susan Ingram, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Dec. 17, 1793
BROWN, Oliver and Sophia Brown, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Nov. 16, 1794
BROWN, Sophia and Oliver Brown, Nov. 16, 1794
BROWN, Abigail and Nathaniel Coleman, Oct. 21, 1796
BRUCE, Henrietta and R.N. Auchmuty, Dec. 8, 1785
BUCKLIN, Prince (Joseph Bucklin's negro man), and Flora Angell (Nathan Angell's Negro woman), April 3, 1768
BULLOCK, Abigail and Richard Harding, June 19, 1766
BULLOCK, Mary and Alexander Frazier, Aug. 21, 1766
BULLOCK, Kent and Elizabeth Carpenter, both of Rehoboth, May 9, 1776
BURROUGH, James and Hannah Hopkins, March 29, 1767
BURR, Ezekiel and Mary Jackson, Nov. 7, 1759
BURR, Ezekiel and Mercy Olney, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark ----, 1794
BUTLER, Quaco (Samuel Butler's negro man), and Mary Angell
BUTLER, (Nathan Angell's negro woman), Feb. 4, 1770
CAMPBELL, Martha and Robert Terry, Dec. 23, 1770
CARLILE, Polly and John Howland, Jan. 28, 1788
CARLILE, Betsey and John N. Russell, Sept. 14, 1788
CARLILE, Abigail and Samuel S. Newman, April --, 1813
CARPENTER, Elizabeth and Kent Bullock, May 9, 1776
CARPENTER, Dorothy and Jonathan Alger, Sept. 27, 1778
CARPENTER, Peter and Patience Godfrey, married by Rev. N.B. Crocker June 11, 1811
CARTER, John and Almey Crawford, May 14, 1769
CARTER, Ann and Nicholas Brown, Nov. 3, 1791
CARTER, Mrs. Sarah and George James, Dec. 18, 1796
CARTER, Elizabeth Ann and Walter Raleigh Danforth, June 12, 1811
CASCO, (negro) and Judeth (mulatto, both free), March 25, 1764
CEASER, Mary and Jonathan Whipple (col.), June 22, 1760
CHACE, Anne Phillis and William Blodgett, Dec. 11, 1774
CHACE, Austice and Henry Malcolm, Sept. 1, 1776
CHACE, John B. and Harriet F. Jones, married by Rev. N. B. Crocker Nov. 3, 1811
CHAFFEE, William and Nancy Thayer, June 29, 1788
CHAFFEE, Mrs. Lydia and Samuel Godfrey, Dec. 29, 1793
CHASE, Elizabeth and Robert Stonehouse, Nov. 17, 1765
CHASE, Samuel, Jr. and Rosabellah Angell, Sept. 2, 1770
CHASE, Henrietta and William Tillinghast, April 20, 1777
CHASE, John and Prudence Jenkins, Dec. 9, 1778
CHURCH, Nathaniel and Polly Thayer, married by Rev. Moses Badger, Sept. 6, 1789
CLARKE, Peter and Maria Fisher, both of New York, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, July 15, 1797
CLARKE, Harriet and Robert Hare, Sept. 9, 1811
CLARK, John Innes and Lydia Bowen, Sept. 26, 1773
CLARK, Anna and Richard Hinman, March 19, 1780
CLARK, Jonathan and Phebe Brown, married by Rev. Moses Badger Sept. 16, 1790
CLIFFORD, Francis and Phebe Waterman, Dec. 17, 1772
COATES, Daniel and Hannah Weeden, married by Rev. Moses Badger, Oct. 12, 1790
COLE, John and Mary Updike, Jan. 17, 1759
COLEMAN, Nathaniel and Abigail Brown, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Oct. 21, 1796
CONDY, Thomas H. and Mary Aborn, married by Rev. Moses Badger, June 2, 1789
COOK, Ezekiel of Glocester and Elizabeth Usher of Bristol, Feb. 26, 1779
COOKE, Silas and Sarah Crawford, March 28, 1756
CORLIS, John and Susan Russell, married by Rev. Moses Badger Feb. --, 1790
CRAWFORD, Sarah and Silas Cooke, March 28, 1756
CRAWFORD, Mary and Samuel Trype, Sept. 26, 1757
CRAWFORD, Anna and John Updike, Nov. 13, 1760
CRAWFORD, Mary and Abraham Hawkins, March 21, 1762
CRAWFORD, Susannah and Samuel Nightingale, April 19, 1767
CRAWFORD, Mary Barnon and Amos Throop, Nov. 13, 1768
CRAWFORD, Huldah and Benjamin Steele, Nov. 27, 1768
CRAWFORD, Almey and John Carter, May 14, 1769
CRAWFORD, Joseph, Jr. and Abigail Smith, Sept. 1, 1771
CRAWFORD, Sarah and Zachariah Allen, Aug. 5, 1772
CRAWFORD, Candace and Zachariah Allen, Sept. 26, 1773
CRAWFORD, Lydia and Philip Allen, April 13, 1777
CRAWFORD, Freelove and Peleg Greene, April 18, 1779
CRAWFORD, Joseph and Catherine Taylor, April 1, 1781
CROSS, Kezia and James Berry, April 12, 1762
CROSS, George Warren and Frances Maria Halsey, married by Rev. N.B.
CROSS, Crocker Oct. 18, 1812
CROUCH, Charles and Mary Wilkinson, Feb. 13, 1763
DANFORTH, Walter Raleigh and Elizabeth Ann Carter, married by Rev. N. B. Crocker, June 12, 1811
DAVIS, Benjamin and Alice Whipple, Sept. 18, 1768
DAVIS, Hannah and Samuel Kempton, March 18, 1798
DEMOUNT, Phebe and Coley Yates (col.) July 18, 1779
DEMOUNT, Rebecca and Oliver Bowen, Jr., Jan. 24, 1796
DEXTER, Polly and James Sabin, May 21, 1788
DODGE, Nehemiah and Sally Tripe, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Sept. --, 1795
DONVILLE, Peter and Cynthia Aborn, July 26, 1778
DON, Dennis and Sarah Morphey, both of Smith, June 20, 1757
DORR, Sullivan and Lydia Allen, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Oct. 14, 1804
DORRENCE, James B. and Anne Greene, married by Rev. N. B. Crocker, Oct. 20, 1811
DUNN, Esther and Thomas Jones, March 23, 1777
DUNN, Elderkin Eleazer and Harriet Sabin, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Sept. 20, 1803
FENNER, Luke and Mary Hill, both of Coventry, March 26, 1767
FIELD, William and Elizabeth Godfrey, March 5, 1769
FIELD, Alice and William Harding, March 28, 1790
FISHER, Maria and Peter Clarke, July 15, 1797
FISK, Jemima and Robert Bell, Feb. 17, 1760
FLETCHER, Thomas and Abigail Smith, Nov. 25, 1773
FRAZIER, Alexander and Mary Bullock, Aug. 21, 1766
FREEMAN, Hannah and James Pitcher, June 24, 1798
FRETTER, John and Sarah Hearn, March 23, 1775
FULLER, Thankful and John Handell, Jan. 9, 1763
FULLER, Richard and Anna Stanley, May 14, 1766
GARDINER, Benjamin of S. Kingstown and Elizabeth Wickes of Warwick, Jan. 13, 1774
GARDNER, Abigail and Lodowich Updike, Jan. 15, 1759
GARDNER, Susanna and William Bardin, Feb. 1, 1779
GARRETTS, John and Mary McFoy, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Jan. 28, 1796
GODFREY, Elizabeth and William Field, March 5, 1769
GODFREY, Samuel and Patience Sabius, July 30, 1769
GODFREY, Christopher and Rebecca ----, married by Rev. Moses Badger, Aug. 14, 1791
GODFREY, Samuel and Lydia Chaffee, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Dec. 29, 1793
GODFREY, Patience and Peter Carpenter, June 11, 1811
GODFREY, Sarah Sabin and Joseph Hodges, Dec. 6, 1812
GRANT, Moses and Ann Jenkins of Boston, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Feb. 14, 1798
GRAVES, John and Anne Taylor, Sept. 25, 1757
GREAVE, Margaret Coldstream and George Washington Martin, Jan. 1, 1810
GREENE, Christopher and Anne Lippitt, both of Warwick, Jan. 6, 1757
GREENE, Thomas and Sarah Wickes, both of Warwick, Jan. 22, 1769
GREENE, Griffin of Coventry and Sarah Greene of Warwick, Feb. 16, 1769
GREENE, Sarah and Griffin Greene, Feb. 16, 1769
GREENE,	William and Wealthian Lippitt, both of Warwick, Jan. 13, 1774
GREENE, Peleg and Freelove Crawford, April 18, 1779
GREENE, Caleb and Mary Remington, both of Warwick, Nov. 25, 1781
GREENE, Hannah and John Ballard, Jr., July 28, 1811
GREENE, Anne and James B. Dorrence, Oct. 20, 1811
GRIFFETH, Sarah and Thomas Thayer, Jan. 25, 1768
GRIFFETH, John and Sarah Stephens, June 18, 1769
GRIFFETH, Polly and Amos Turner, Oct. 25, 1789
HALSEY, Thomas L. and Maria Smith, married by Rev. Moses Badger, Sept. 21, 1788
HALSEY, Frances Maria and George Warren Cross, Oct. 18, 1812
HARDING, Richard and Abigail Bullock, June 19, 1766
HARDING, Prudence and Simeon Williams, May 19, 1774
HARDING, William and Alice Field, married by Rev. Moses Badger March 28, 1790
HARE, Robert and Harriet Clarke, married by Rev. N.B. Crocker Sept. 9, 1811
HARRIS, Sarah and Ephraim Otis, Oct. 22, 1769
HARRISON, Joseph and Rebecca Paget, June 2, 1776
HARRISON, Elizabeth and James Ludlow, Oct. 22, 1781
HARTSHORN, Lucretia and Hezekiah Ranney, Feb. 28, 1763
HAWKINS, Abraham and Mary Crawford, March 21, 1762
HAWKINS, Jeremiah, widower and Sarah Sweeting, widow, Nov. 23, 1775
HEARN, Sarah and John Fretter, March 23, 1775
HENDELL, John and Thankful Fuller, Jan. 9, 1763
HESCOT, William and Hannah Smith, married by Rev. Moses Badger, Oct. 9, 1791
HEWES, Cloe and John Reed, June 6, 1773
HICKES, William and Elizabeth Wood, both of Pawtucket, Dec. 23, 1772
HILL, Mary and Luke Fenner, March 26, 1767
HINMAN, Richard and Anne Clark, March 19, 1780
HODGES, Joseph and Sarah Sabin Godfrey, married by Rev. N. B. Crocker, Dec. 6, 1812
HOLDEN, Susan and Charles Stewart, May 11, 1806
HONEYWOOD, John and Ruth Potter, both of Leicester, May 29, 1757
HONEYWOOD, John and Elizabeth Stell, both of Leicester, May 13, 1761
HOPKINS, Hannah and James Borrough, March 29, 1767
HOWLAND, John and Polly Carlile, married by Rev. Moses Badger, Jan. 28, 1788
HUNT, Clement Smith and Sarah Ann Senter, married by Rev. N. B. Crocker, Jan. 19, 1813
INGRAM, Susan and William Brown, Dec. 17, 1793
JACKSON, Judeth and Simeon Thayer, Feb. 7, 1759
JACKSON, Mary and Ezekiel Burr, Nov. 7, 1759
JACKSON, Richard and Susanna Waterman, Dec. 31, 1760
JACKSON, Thomas and Mary Brown, Sept. 14, 1778
JAMES, George and Mrs. Sarah Carter, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Dec. 18, 1796
JEAN, John and Hannah Streeter, both of Cumberland, Sept. 1, 1757
JENKINS, Elizabeth and John Thurston, June 21, 1772
JENKINS, Prudence and John Chase, Dec. 9, 1778
JENKINS, Robert of Boston, Mass., and Ann Taylor of Portsmouth, R.I., Dec. 2, 1781
JENKINS, Ann and Moses Grant, Feb. 14, 1798
JETTRO, Emma and Prince Miller (col.), Dec. 27, 1761
JOHNSON, Lucretia and Jones, Nov. 11, 1793
JOHNSON, William P. and Charlotte Rawson, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, July 1, 1797
JONES, Thomas and Esther Dunn, March 23, 1777
JONES, John and Lucretia Johnson, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Nov. 11, 1795
JONES, Eliza Ruth and Joshua Brackett Wood, Oct. 4, 1810
JONES, Harriet F. and John B. Chace, Nov. 3, 1811
JONES, Mary Margaret and Cyrus Alden, May 24, 1813
JONES, Judeth and Casco (Col.), March 25, 1764
KEMPTON, Samuel and Hannah Davis, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, March 18, 1788
KENT, Noah and Martha Brown, April 5, 1767
KINGSBURY, Aaron and Polly Southbridge of Franklin, Mass., (free blacks), married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Jan. 7, 1799
KINNICUTT, Lydia and Ebenezer Thompson, Nov. 4, 1759
KYLE, Polly and Thomas Walsh, Aug. 20, 1789
LAW, Jane Anne and George Taylor, April 11, 1765
LILLIBRIDGE, Robert and Charlotte Sabins, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Aug. 25, 1797
LIPPITT, Anna and Christopher Greene, Jan. 6, 1756
LIPPITT, Mary and Daniel Westrand, Nov. 19, 1765
LIPPITT, Wealthian and William Greene, Jan. 13, 1774
LIPPITT, John and Anne Warner, both of Warwick, May 19, 1776
LIPPITT, Ann F. and Joseph Russell, March 26, 1789
LIPPITT, Mary and Joseph Potter, May 3, 1798
LORING, Phebe and Henry Powers, Jan. 22, 1797
LORING, Mary and James Randall, May 14, 1797
LOWE, Anthony and Sarah Stafford, both of Warwick, Jan. 9, 1766
LOWTHER, Mary and John Young, July 31, 1763
LUDLOW, James and Elizabeth Harrison, married at Newport Oct. 22, 1781
LUTHER, Phebe and John Bennett, July 25, 1793
MacCLAIN, Hector and Comfort Allen, married by Rev. Moses Badger Jan. 3, 1790
MADISON, Nancy and Jeffrey Bicknell, Nov. 16, 1796
MALCOLM, Henry and Austice Chace, Sept. 1776
MARROTT, John Baptiste and Gabrelle V. Besson, both of France, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, July 26, 1794
MARSH, Suckey and Isaac Bartlett, Aug. 9, 1789
MARTIN, John Dexter and Julia Bowen, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Oct. 17, 1803
MARTIN, George Washington and Margaret Coldstream Greave, married by Rev. N.B. Crocker, Jan. 1, 1810
McFOY, Jeremiah and Eleanor Meltowney, Feb. 16, 1777
McFOY, Mary and John Garretts, Jan. 28, 1796
McLANE, John Allen and Rebecca Willeys, married By Rev. N. B. Crocker, July 18, 1811
MELTOWNEY, Eleanor and Jeremiah McFoy, Feb. 16, 1777
MESUZAN, Francis and Martha Smith, widow, Jan. 23, 1777
MILLER, Prince and Emma Jettro (free negro), Dec. 27, 1761
MITCHELL, Jerusha and Elihu Peas, Dec. 24, 1769
MORPHEY, Sarah and Dennis Don. June 20, 1757
MOULTON, Cromwell and Lusina Olney, married by Rev. N. B. Crocker, Dec. 15, 1811
MURRAY, Elizabeth and Edward Hutchinson, Nov. 13, 1785
MURRAY, Andrew and Elizabeth Rice, married by Rev. N. B. Crocker Dec. 6, 1812
NASH, John and Rebecca Aplin, Dec. 2, 1759
NEWMAN, Samuel S. and Abigail Carlile, married by Rev. N. B. Crocker, April --, 1813
NIGHTINGALE, Samuel and Susanna Crawford, April 19, 1767
NOYES, John Miller of Raynhsm, Mass., and Abigail Updike of Providence, published Aug. 17, 24, 31, married by Rev. John L. Blackbourne, Aug. 31, 1806
OLNEY, Joseph and Anne Paget, Nov. 28, 1762
OLNEY, Mercy and Ezekiel Burr, ----, 1794
OLNEY, Lucina and Cromwell Moulton, Dec. 15, 1811
OTIS, Ephraim of Taunton and Sarah Harris of Providence, Oct. 22, 1769
PAGE, Martin and Catherine Reilly, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Feb. 4, 1796
PAGE, Capt. Benjamin and ---- Warner, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Sept. 19
PAGET, Anne and Joseph Olney, Nov. 28, 1762
PAGET, Rebecca and Joseph Harrison, June 2, 1776
PALMER, Benjamin and Silence Price, Sept. 26, 1773
PARKER, Joseph and Mary Andrews, Nov. 26, 1775
PEAS, Elihu and Jerusha Mitchell, Dec. 24, 1769
PECK, Phebe and Henry Young, Aug. 2, 1795
PETTIS, Lydia and Jonathan Bardin, June 8, 1775
PHILLIPS, Bridget and William Smith, Sept. 20, 1764
PHINNEY, Peltiah and Sarah Blackman, both of Middleborough, Mass., Aug. 15, 1774
PITCHER, James and Hannah Freeman, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, June 22, 1798
POTTER, Ruth and John Honeywood, May 29, 1757
POTTER, Joseph and Mary Lippitt, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, May 3, 1798
POWERS, Henry and Phebe Loring, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Jan. 22, 1797
POWER, Mary Ann and William Blodgett, April 30, 1800
PRICE, Silence and Benjamin Palmer, Sept. 26, 1773
RADCLIFFE, Thomas, of son of Thomas and Lucretia Constance, and Wine Field Tracy, daughter of John and Wine, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, July 28, 1801
RAGINS, Sarah and John Wilson, March 23, 1794
RANDALL, James and Mary Loring, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, May 14, 1797
RANDALL, Bethiah and James Brattle, Nov. 12, 1807
RANNEY, Hezekiah and Lucretia Hartshorn, Feb. 28, 1765
RAWSON, Charlotte and William P. Johnson, July 1, 1797
REED, John and Cloe Hewes, June 6, 1773
REILLY, Terrence and Martha Sherman, Feb. 22, 1770
REILLY, Catherine and Martha Page, Feb. 4, 1796
REILLY, Cloe and William Baker, March 13, 1796
REMINGTON, Mary and Caleb Greene, Nov. 25, 1781
REMINGTON, Molly and Thomas Brooks (col.), Oct. 18, 1799
RHODES, Joseph Wanton and Sarah Aborn, both of Pawtucket, Nov. 28, 1774
RHODES, Peleg and Sally Allen, married by Rev. N. B. Crocker March 10, 1868
RICE, Elizabeth and Andrew Murray, Dec. 6, 1812
ROBBINS, Edward Hutchinson of Milton, Mass., and Elizabeth Murray of Boston, married by Rev. Thomas F. Oliver Nov. 13, 1785
ROGERS, Mary and Nathan Angell, March 14, 1773
RUSSELL, John N. and Betsey Carlile, married by Rev. Moses Badger Sept. 14, 1788
RUSSELL, Joseph and Ann F. Lippitt, married by Rev. Moses Badger March 26 1789
RUSSELL, Susan and John Corlis, Feb. --, 1790
RUTTENBER, David and Polly Tripe, married by Rev. Moses Badger, Sept. 27, 1789
RUTTENBURGH, Mrs. Mary and William P. R. Benson, Dec. 25, 1794
SABIN, Patience and Samuel Godfrey, July 30, 1769
SABIN, James and Polly Dexter, married by Rev. Moses Badger, May 21, 1788
SABIN, Polly and George Bowler, July 31, 1791
SABIN, Charlotte and Robert Lillibridge, Aug. 25, 1797
SABIN, Harriet and Eleazer Elderkin, Sept. 20, 1803
SABIN, Clementine and Alexander Adie, Oct. 13, 1803
SABIN, Jonathan and Julia L. Teste, married by Rev. N. B. Crocker April 12, 1812
SAIDNOR, Hannah and Benjamin Whitman, May 6, 1788
SENTER, Sarah Ann and Clement Smith Hunt, Jan. 19, 1813
SHERMAN, Martha and Terrence Reilly, Feb. 22, 1770
SMITH, William and Bridget Phillips, Sept. 20, 1764
SMITH, Joseph (John Smith's negro man) and Margaret Benson (Indian), April 7, 1771
SMITH, Abigail and Joseph Crawford, Jr. Sept. 1, 1771
SMITH, Abigail and Thomas Crawford, Nov. 25, 1773
SMITH, Martha and Francis Mesuzan, Jan. 23, 1777
SMITH, Maria and Thomas L. Halsey, Sept. 21, 1788
SMITH, Alpheus and Polly Smith, married by Rev. Moses Badger, June 4, 1790
SMITH, Polly and Alpheus Smith, June 4, 1790
SMITH, Hannah and William Hescot, Oct. 9, 1791
SMITH, Betsey and James Weeden, April 25, 1792
SMITH, Henry And Abby Allen, married By Rev. Abraham L. Clarke Oct 19, 1799
SOLOMON, Edward Wentworth and Charlotte ----, married by Rev. N. B. Crocker., Aug. 26, 1817
SOUTHBRIDGE, Polly and Aaron Kingsley, Jan. 7, 1799
SPEAR, David of Boston, Mass. and Anne Winthrop of New London, Conn., married by Thomas P. Oliver June 6, 1786
SPYWOOD, Samuel and Jane Watson (Indians), March 6, 1763
STAFFORD, Sarah and Anthony Lowe, Jan. 9, 1766
STANLEY, Anne and Richard Fuller, May 14, 1766
STELL, Benjamin and Huldah Crawford, Nov. 27, 1768
STEPHENS, Sarah and John Griffeth, June 18, 1769
STEWART, Charles and Susan Holden, published at Rehoboth, Mass., May 4, 9, 11, married by Rev. John L. Blackhouse, May 11, 1806
STILLWELL, Daniel and Sarah Bailey, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, Feb. 28, 1796
STONEHOUSER, Robert and Elizabeth Chase, Nov. 27, 1765
THAYER, Simeon and Judeth Jackson, Feb. 7, 1759
THAYER, Thomas and Sarah Griffeth, Jan. 25, 1768
THAYER, Nancy and William Chaffee, June 29, 1788
THAYER, Polly and Nathaniel Church, Sept. 6, 1789
THAYER, William and, married by Rev. Abraham L. Clark, May 16, 1798
THOMPSON, Ebenezer and Lydia Kinnicutt, Nov. 4, 1759
THROOP, Amos and Mary Barnon Crawford, Nov. 13, 1768
THURSTON, John and Elizabeth Jenkins, June 21, 1772
TILLINGHAST, William and Henrietta Chase, April 20, 1777
TRACY, Wine Field and Thomas Radcliffe, July 28, 1801
TRIPE, Polly and David Rottenber, Sept. 27, 1789
TRIPE, Sally and Nehemiah Dodge, Sept. --, 1795
TRYPE, Samuel and Mary Crawford, Sept. 26, 1757
TURNER, Amos and Polly Griffeth, married by Rev. Moses Badger, Oct. 25, 1789
TWEEDY, John and Freelove Andrews, Jan. 29, 1764
UPDIKE, Mary and John Cole, Jan. 17, 1759
UPDIKE, Lodowich and Abigail Gardner, Jan. 25, 1759
UPDIKE, John and Anne Crawford, Nov. 13, 1760
UPDIKE, Abigail and JOhn Miller Noyes, Aug. 31, 1806
USHER, Elizabeth and Ezekiel Cook, Feb. 26, 1779
VOICE, William and Mary Williams, April 23, 1772
VOIL, John and Lydia Brown, Jan. 31, 1781
WALSH, Thomas and polly Kyle, married by Rev. Moses Badger, Aug. 20, 1789
WARNER, Anne and John Lippitt, May 19, 1776
WARNER, -- and Capt. Benjamin Page, Sept. 19, 1799
WATERMAN, Susannah and Richard Jackson, Dec. 31, 1760
WATERMAN, Mary and James Whitne, Aug. 2, 1770
WATERMAN, Phebe and Francis Clifford, Dec. 17, 1772
WATSON, Jane and Samuel Spywood (Indians), March 6, 1763
WEEDEN, Hannah and Daniel Coates, Oct. 12, 1790
WEEDEN, James and Betsey Smith, married by Rev. Moses Badger, April 25, 1792
WESTCOTT, Elizabeth and John Brown, Aug. 14, 1774
WESTRAND, Daniel and Mary Lippitt, Nov. 19, 1765
WHIPPLE, William and Sarah Taylor, Feb. 22, 1758
WHIPPLE, Jonathan (John Whipple's negro man) and Mary Ceaser (free mulatto), June 22, 1760
WHIPPLE, Alice and Benjamin Davis, Sept. 18, 1768
WHIPPLE, Sarah and Ephraim Bowen, Jr., Oct. 19, 1794

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