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Arnold Collection
United Brethren
City of Newport
Newport County, Rhode Island

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The deed of Church lot from Mary Mallens to Society of United Brethren, is recorded in Book 16, of Land Evidence, Page 53

A bequest of $200 by Mrs. Abigail Handy to the Society, is recorded in Book 4, Probate Record, page 643

The Society was established by Brother Spangenberry, roth of 11th month, November, 1758

Brother John Elwein laid foundation stone of Chapel, May 20, 1767. Chapel was consecrated December 7, 1768, by Brother Rosmeyer. Brother Harsfied came in March, 1760, married Sally Mumford, July 21, 1769. Consecrated hall and upper Chamber, December 31, 1772. Consecrated burial ground by Brother Rosmeyer.

From 1766 to 1783 ministers were Brother Jarrel and wife, Richard Tatley and wife, Frederick Smith and Rosmeyer.

Bethlehem gave 507; New York, 507; Lancaster, 147; Rosmeyer, 57; Besides finishing the house while they lived in it, 597. The rest was subscribed by the Congregation.

Richard writes: I was born in Winchten, Hampshire, Old England, near Christ's Church, in April, 1693. Some missionaries bound to Sariman, stopped at Newport, at the time Mr. Whitefield was there, and captivated the hearts of Mr. Haywood and his friends. This was the germ of the Moravian Church, at Newport. The names of the founders of this society are:

Richard Haywood Samuel Hayward John Workman John Greene William Brown Ebenezer Dunton James Stephens Israel Barney John West Peter Daniel Joseph Haywood
Hannah Hayward Merry Barney Elizabeth Salter Tabitha Daniel Sarah Brown Ann Haws Sarah Stephens Miriam Vias Ann West Mary Malling Abigail Haywood Elizabeth Crandle Hannah Church Elizabeth Church Mary Handler Rachel Dunham Dorothy Denton Marriages of United Brethren, Newport, Rhode Island Albro, Phebe, widow, and William Rogers, sailor single, Roxbury, May 2, 1819 Almy, Louisa and Israel M. Ambrose, Nov. 20, 1832 Ambrose, Israel and Louisa Almy, Nov. 20, 1832 Anthony, Joseph, Lowell, and Ann Elizabeth Barber, May 22, 1832 Bailey, Sarah C. and Charles Cozzens, widower, Nov. 8, 1832 Bailey, Elizabeth C. and William H. Gorton, Nov. 8, 1832 Bailey, Jonathan and Hannah Peckham, July 14, 1833 Baker, Joseph L. and Abigail Church, May 17, 1807 Baker, Abigail, maiden name Church, and Moses Thurston, Oct. 6, 1822 second wife Barber, Ann Elizabeth and Joseph Anthony, Lowell, Mass., May 22, 1832 Bardin, Miss Ann and Capt. Jacob Smith, widower, Sept. 29, 1822 Barker, John Lamberd and Elizabeth Tomkins, April 6, 1809 Barker, Noah and Eliza Mills, both single, Oct. 31, 1814 Barker, Miss Mary and William H. Durfee, May 2, 1833 Bentley, Elizabeth and Stephen Greene, June 10, 1794 Bentley, Martha Mary and William Oman, Nov. 14, 1804 Boss, Thomas L. and Miss Abby C. Congdon, June 23, 1833 Bowen, Olla Eberson, Providence, and Miss Eliza Bowen Greene, Hoosac, N. Y., Oct. 28, 1833 Brinley, Thomas and Mary Townsend, both single, Feb. 26, 1823 Callahan, Michael, Ireland, and Mary Freeborn, Newport, July 22, 1822 Calvert, Lydia Ann and Thomas P. White, Aug. 26, 1821 Carr, Joseph Allen, providence, and Miss Catherine Sherman, Newport, Dec. 1, 1833 Castoff, Peter, and Mary Greene, of John and Mary, Oct. 6, 1790 Chace, Amewy and Isaac Hedley, Portsmouth, Sept. 2, 1830 Chace, Jacob and Hannah Hall, Portsmouth, both single, Nov. 10, 1831 Church, Abigail and Joseph Baker, May 17, 1807 Congdon, Miss Abby C. and Thomas L. Boss, June 23, 1833 Cornell, Miss Elizabeth H., Portsmouth, and Isaac Rigg, Roachdale, England, March 3, 1833 Cottrell, Sarah, and William Greene, Portsmouth, both single, Dec. 25, 1805 Crandall, William H., a widower, and Mary H. Moore, single, July 25, 1831 Cozzens, Charles and Sarah C. Bailey, single, Nov. 8, 1832 Dennis, Ayrault Wanton and Miss Sarah Thurston, April 2, 1838 Dickson, Gordon and Abigail and Abigail Oxx, June 14, 1807 Downer, Esther and William Bentley Oman, both single, Sept. 10, 1810 Durfee, Hannah B. and William Spooner, single, June 3, 1819. Durfee, William H. and Miss Mary Barker, May 2, 1833 Easton, Elizabeth and Moses Thurston, April 30, 1807 Easton, Ruth Coggeshall and William Thurston, Sept. 30, 1815 Engs, Miss Betsey E. and John R. Randolph, Providence, Nov. 6, 1837 Freeborn, Mary and Michael Callahan (Ireland), July 22, 1822 Garrison, Nicholas, widower, and S. Deborah King, widow, March 2, 1800 Gersdorf, Mary, Newport, and James Hadwen, widower, Bristol, Sept. 22, 1806 Gorton, William H. and Miss Elizabeth Bailey, Nov. 8, 1832 Green, Eliza Bowen, Hoosac, N. Y., and Olla Eberson Bowen, Providence, Oct. 28, 1833 Greene, Samuel and Abigail Hayward, oct. 2, 1787 Greene, Stephen and Elizabeth Bently, June 10, 1794 Greene, Samuel, widower, and widow Sarah Elizabeth Sinken, Oct. 30, 1804 Greene, Mary E. and John Foster Lincoln, Feb. 21, 1813 Greene, James A. and Elizabeth Oman, Sept. 5, 1820 Grey, George A. and Sarah Ann Thurston, both of Portsmouth, March 1, 1831 Hadwen, James, widower, Bristol, and Mary Gersdorf, Newport, Sept. 22, 1806 Hall, Hannah and Jacob Chace, Portsmouth, both Single, Nov. 10, 1831 Hayward, Joseph and Catherine White, Feb. 13, 1785 Hayward, Abigail and Samuel Greene, Oct. 2, 1787 Hayward, Miss Hannah and Samuel Oxx, widower, Sept. 11, 1820 Heath, William H., Dartmouth, and Caroline Tanner, Newport, Dec. 15, 1833 Hedley, Isaac and Amy Chace, Portsmouth, Sept. 2, 1830 Hitch, William M., Fairhaven, and Miss Elizabeth Vaughan, Newport, Nov. 25, 1832 Hogan, Patrick (Irish), and Elizabeth Oman, widow, April 20, 1827 Hubbard, Miss Caroline and Joseph H. Record, Dec. 20, 1832 Hudson, Deliverance and Samuel Oxx, Oct. 23, 1808 Hunt, Mary and John Oman, June 21, 1813 King, S. Deborah, widow, and Nicholas Garrison, widower, March 2, 1800 Lawson, Ann, widow, maiden name Way, and William Williams, March 28, 1819 Lawton, Moses, widower, and Miss Rebecca Oxx, Oct. 5, 1829 Lee, William and Miss Sarah Romans, Jan. 24, 1833 Lincoln, John Foster and Mary E. Greene, Feb. 21, 1813 Mils, Eliza and Norah Barker, single, June 21, 1814 Moore, Miss Mary H. and William H. Crandall, widower, July 25, 1831 Morris, George A., U. S. A. and Sarah R. Mumford, Oct. 7, 1817 Mumford, Sarah R. and George A. Morris, U. S. A., Oct. 7, 1817 Newman, Clarissa Clarke and Sylvester Robinson Perry, N. Y., Oct. 25, 1832 Oman, William, widower, and Martha Mary Bentley, Nov. 14, 1804 Oman, William Bentley and Esther Downey, both single, Sept. 10, 1810 Oman, John and Mary Hunt, June 21, 1813 Oman, Elizabeth and James A. Greene, Sept. 5, 1820 Oman, Elizabeth, widow, and Patrick Hogan, Irish, April 20, 1820 Oxx, Abigail and Gordon Dickson, June 14, 1807 Oxx, Samuel and Deliverance Hudson, Oct. 23, 1803\ Oxx, Samuel, Sr., Widower, and Hannah Hayward, single, Sept. 11, 1820 Oxx, Rebecca, single, and Moses Lawton, widower, Troy, Mass., Oct. 5, 1829 Peckham, Miss Hannah and Jonathan Bailey, July 14, 1833 Perry, Portsmouth, Oct. 25, 1832 Randolph, John R. and Miss Betsey E. Engs, Newport, Nov. 6, 1837 Record, Jonathan and Lydia Hayward, only daughter of Thomas and Mary, Dec. 4, 1796 Record, Joseph H. and Caroline Hubbard, single, Dec. 26, 1832 Reynolds, Gardner B., North Kingstown, and Miss Elizabeth Shaw, Newport, Jan. 5, 1834 Rigg, Isaac, Roachdale, England, and Miss Elizabeth H. Cornell, Portsmouth, March 3, 1833 Rogers, William, sailor, Roxbury, and Phebe Albro, widow, May 2, 1819 Romans, Miss Sarah and William Lee, Jan. 24, 1833 Shaw, Miss Elizabeth, Newport, and Gardner B. Reynolds, North Kingstown, Jan. 5, 1834 Sheen, Patrick, Ireland, and Sarah Weeden, Newport, May 9, 1827 Sherman, Miss Catherine and Joseph Allen Carr, Providence, Dec. 1, 1833 Sinken, Sarah Elizabeth, widow, and Samuel Greene, widower, Oct. 30, 1804 Smith, Capt. Jacob, widower, and Ann Barden, single, Sept. 29, 1822 Spooner, William, single, and Hannah B. Durfee, June 3, 1819 Tanner, Miss Caroline, Newport, and William H. Heath, Dartmouth, Dec. 15, 1833 Thurston, Moses and Elizabeth Easton, Newport, April 30, 1807 Thurston, William and Ruth Coggeshall Easton, Sept. 30, 1813 Thurston, Moses, widower, and Abigail Baker, maiden name Church, Oct. 6, 1822 Thurston, Sarah Ann and George Grey, both of Portsmouth, March 1, 1831 Thurston, Miss Sarah and Ayrault Wanton Dennis, April 2, 1838 Tomkins, Elizabeth and John Lambert Barker, both single, April 6, 1809 Townsend, Miss Mary and Thomas Brinley, single, Feb. 26, 1823 Vaughan, Miss Elizabeth and William M. Hitch, Fairhaven, Nov. 25, 1832 Weeden, Sarah and Patrick Sheen, May 9, 1827 White, Catharine and Joseph Hayward, Feb. 13, 1785 White, Thomas P. and Lydia Ann Calvert, Aug. 26, 1821 Williams, William, a sailor, and Ann Lawson, widow, maiden name Way, March 28, 1819

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