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Tombstone Inscriptions from Old Sandisfield Cemetery

Town of Sandisfield

Berkshire County, Massachusetts

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Abigail, wife of James Ayrault, d. May 18, 1809 aged 77 yrs.

Abigail, wife of Jonathan, d. 1849

Also Mercy, wife of said John Parsons d. at Watertown, N.Y. Dec. 11, 1831, aged 88 yrs.

Cordelia, d. of Dr. Isaac Smith d. Sec. 13, 1829 ae 17

Freelove, relict of Daniel Hurd (Kibbe, Smith, Hurd) d. Sept. 18, 1840 aged 91 yrs.

In Memory of Lt. John Parsons d. Mar. 6, 1821, aged 84 yrs.

James Ayrault, Esq. d. June 21, 1813 in 83rd yr.

Jonathan G. d. 1850 ae 45

Jonathan Kilborn d. 1828 ae 68

Mary, wife of Nicholas Ayrault d. Mar. 25, 1812, aged 51 yrs.

Nicholas Ayrault d. Oct. 17, 1821 aged 69 yrs.

Persis Leonard d. 18_2, ae 59

Samuel Smith d. 1829 in 17th yr.

Sarah d. Jan. 6, 1831 aged 78 yrs.

Sarah, wife of Jonathan Kilborn d. 1841 ae 79

A tablet saying that this Cemetery was restored in memory of Ruth Hayes (Wolcott) by her son, S. W. Hayes. Descendant of Mayflower Pilgrims; Hopkins, Howland, Rogers, and Tilley. Also other buried in this Cemetery from the same descent.

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