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Roster of Nathainel Lyon Post No. 5
Grand Army of the Republic (GAR)
Boulder, Colorado

Meetings Every First and Third Saturday

Transcribed by: Matthew Tooley

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Andrus, Horace Pri., C., 44th Ind. Inf. Boulder, Colo.
Baldwin, Frank D. 1st Lieut., D., 19th Mich. Inf. Denver, Colo.
Bay, A. M. Sergt., D., 33rd Ill. Inf. Boulder, Colo.
Bergen, Peter C. Pri., H., 3rd N. Y. Cav. Boulder, Colo.
Berkley, Granville Pri., D., 3rd Colo. Cav. Boulder, Colo.
Bolton, Frank I. Sergt., B., 2nd Mich. Cav. Niwot, Colo.
Bradfield, Z. Pri., H., 21st Mo. Inf. Boulder, Colo.
Church, Jno. I. 2nd Lieut., F., 1st Mich. Cav. Boulder, Colo.
Clark, A. J. Bugler, F., 2nd O. Cav. Boulder, Colo.
Cluphy, Wm. Pri., B., 163rd N. Y. Inf. Boulder, Colo.
Cromwell, F. C. Corp., A., 12th Iowa Inf., S. & S. Home Monte Vista, Colo.
Donifelser, Wm. Corp., C., 10th Ill. Cav. Boulder, Colo.
Farmer, John S. Sergt., H., 69th Ind. Boulder, Colo.
Greenfield, John Pri., L., 22nd N. Y. Cav. Boulder, Colo.
Hallett, Samuel Pri., F., 6th Iowa Cav. Boulder, Colo.
Hastings, Henry H. Pri., H., 7th Vt. Boulder, Colo.
Holabaur, Jos. Pri., K., 22nd Iowa Boulder, Colo.
Hunter, Jas. W. Pri., H., 196th Pa. Boulder, Colo.
Jay, Manuel Pri., A., 130th Ind. Inf. Indianapolis, Ind.
Jones, John R. Pri., B., 4th Wis. Inf. Boulder, Colo.
Lovey, Wm. J. Pri., C., 102nd Ill. Inf. Boulder, Colo.
Matthews, Newton Pri., I., 118th Ill. Inf. Boulder, Colo.
Mitchell, Bolus Pri., B., 3rd Colo. Cav. Sugar Loaf, Colo.
Montgomery, Jos. P. Pri., K., 2nd Minn. Inf. Boulder, Colo.
Myring, Henry U. S. Navy Salina, Colo.
Parks, Edw. F. Corp., A., 3rd Colo. Cav. Soldiers' Home, Colo.
Potter, G. W. Pri., E., 8th Conn. Inf., Sugar Loaf, Colo. -
Rinkle, Jno. W. Pri., 2nd Kan. Lt. Art. Boulder, Colo.
Sanborn, C. W. Sergt., B., 15th Vt. Inf. Boulder, Colo.
Shumwey, Henry A. Pri., C., 4th Mass. Cav. Boulder, Colo.
Slocum, C. H. Pri., A., 34th Ill. Inf. Boulder, Colo.
Stevenson, Chas. M. Sergt., A., 138th Ill. Inf. Boulder, Colo.
Strong, Hayden Sergt., F., 34th N. Y. Inf. Boulder, Colo.
Talmage, Henry C. Pri., C., 12th Ind. Cav. Boulder, Colo.
Taylor, John M. Pri., C., 34th Iowa Inf. Boulder, Colo.
Urie, John Pri., I., 40th Iowa Inf. Boulder, Colo.
Van, Clay M. Pri., C., 145th Ill. Inf. Boulder, Colo.
Waite, F. P. Corp., C., 130th O. Inf. Boulder, Colo.
Walton, Thomas Pri., H., 77th Pa. Inf. Boulder, Colo.
Weaver, D. E. Pri., H., 15th Iowa Inf. Boulder, Colo.
West, Samuel Capt., I., 59th Ill. Inf. Boulder, Colo.

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