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U.S. Military Fatal Casualties
of the Korean War for
Boulder County, Colorado

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Incident or
Death Date
Doherty, John C. ARMY CPL 19280000 UNKNOWN BOULDER 19511012 Y
Dunn, Gifford Eugene MARINE CORPS SGT 19300708 LONGMONT BOULDER 19510828 Y
Edginton, Alvin Lee MARINE CORPS PFC 19321004 LONGMONT BOULDER 19520707 Y
Floyd, Ernest L. ARMY PVT 19300000 UNKNOWN BOULDER 19520405 Y
Gribble, Clark Wales MARINE CORPS PFC 19300710 BOULDER BOULDER 19510922 Y
Johnson, Donald H. ARMY PVT 19290000 UNKNOWN BOULDER 19520801 N
Jones, Oliver Eugene AIR FORCE 1STLT 19251108 LONGMONT BOULDER 19511022 N
Karr, Alvis E. ARMY PFC 19290000 UNKNOWN BOULDER 19500722 N
Olson, Leonard Stanley AIR FORCE 1STLT 19231128 BOULDER BOULDER 19520514 Y
Romero, Joe C. ARMY PFC 19310000 UNKNOWN BOULDER 19501124 Y
Teegarden, Gail R. ARMY PFC 19320000 UNKNOWN BOULDER 19511003 Y
Whitmer, Harold W. ARMY PFC 19260000 UNKNOWN BOULDER 19500819 Y

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