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1822 - 1853
Marriage Records
Trinity Church
Town of Seymour
New Haven County, Connecticut

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Marriages in Seymour, Maine, from the Marriage Records of Trinity Church

1832 Marriages

Hine, George D. and Eliza A. Clark Nov. 27. Washband, J. S. and Sally M. Wheeler of Oxford Nov. 28.

1823 Marriages

Storrs, John and Sally G. Clark Jan. 25. Durand, Hiram and Miss Lucy Baldwin Oct. 26. French, Warren and Lucinda Riggs Nov. 20. French, William, and Malinda Martin of Woodbury Dec. 24.

1824 Marriages

Wheeler, John T. and Almira Chatfield Mar. 25. Wooster, Nathan and Mary Ann Nettleton Apr. 8. Waters, Robert and Mary Beach of New Haven Sept. 19. Nettleton, Dr. Clarke and Ann Hurd Dec. 9.

1825 Marriages

Canfield, Horace, of New York and Jeannette Humphreys Sept. 23. Merrick, Charles D. and Lucinda Johnson Dec. 24.

1827 Marriages

Wooster, Clark and Perry Mariah Clark Feb. 1. Lum, Clark and Jennette Canfield Feb. 5.

1828 Marriages

Wise, Samuel and Ann Adaline Candee, of Oxford Jan. 20. Lum, John, Jr. and Augusta Wooster of Great Hill Feb. 26. Johnson, Dr. Sheldon C. and Susan Hannah Stoddard May 19. Pritchard, Jabez E. and Lucretia Miles Nov. 26. Hawkins, Joseph, Jr. and Grace Holbrook Nov. 27. Kinney, Isaac and Anna Church Dec. 15. Botsford, Isaac and Mary Jennette Miles Dec. 21.

1929 Marriages

Randall, Hiram and Sally Pritchard Jan. 4. Nettleton, David M. and Laura Hull, of Oxford Feb. 12. Riggs, John and Betsey Hawkins Mar. 8. Hine, Edwin and Maria Wheeler Mar. 11. Hawkins, Joseph, Sr., and Elizabeth Wooster June 10. Hine, Robert and Mrs. Anna Lewis of Otsego, N.Y. June 15. Humphreys, John C. and Therza Riggs Dec. 24. Sanford, Harris of Oxford to Martha E. Myrich Dec. 28. Miles, Clark and Mary Ann Reynolds Dec. 28.

1830 Marriages

Fisher, Major H. to Eliza Shaw of New York Jan. 31. Mansfield, Stephen of Derby to Caroline Oatman of Oxford Mar. 4. Baldwin, Merit P. to Eliza Peck of Woodbury Apr. 18. Stoddard, Oliver to Cornelia Sutton June 17. Bassett, Jason to Mary Bassett Sept. 9. Webster, Clark to Sarah M. Stetson Nov. 7. Warner, Steven of Watertown to Harriet Russell Dec. 1. Mallory, Prentice A., of Waterbury to Mary Ann Patchen Dec. 5. Tyrrell, Isaac H., of Newtown to Harriett Blake Dec. 5.

1831 Marriages

Green, James S., of R. I. to Jennette Baldwin Jan. 9. Umberfield, John to Eliza Northrop of Woodbridge Oct. 9.

1832 Marriages

Wheeler, Ransom to Sarah Bristol Jan. 29. Allen, Isaac N. to Mrs. Eleanor Johnson Mar. 1. Lounsbury, Daniel to Jane Patchin Apr. 15. Judd, Erasmus of Bethlem to Charity Johnson June 3. Williams, Nelson B., of Woodbury to Maria Tuttle Dec. 2.

1833 Marriages

Osborn, Lucius S., of Oxford to Almira Hotchkiss of Woodbridge Jan. 13. Sutton, Harry, of Derby to Mary A. Smith of Oxford May 5. Johnson, Sheldon N. to Eliza Patchin Sept. 1. Wells, David of Huntington to Delia H. Clark Sept. 1.

1834 Marriages

Hine, William of Oxford to Julia Ann Hawkins Feb. 1. Lindsley, Isaac to Charlotte Richard Oct. 16.

1835 Marriages

Hinman, Charles to Rachel Russell Jan. 1. Botsford, Treat to Caroline Canfield Jan. 5. Norman, Charley to Phebe Tuttle Jan. 21. Lee, Cyrus to Emily Maria Fisher Jan. 27. Hoadley, Lewis M. to Sally Randall June 10. Buckingham, Edwin to Sarah Beecher Oct. 4.

1836 Marriages

Bassett, John W. to Maria Baldwin Mar. 3. Kendall, Dr. Joshua to Mrs. Therza Humphreys May 17. Snow, Chas. S. to Caroline Daniels Oct. 2. Joice, Daniel S. to Caroline E. Leavenworth Nov. 27. Canfield, Judson to Sarah Miles Nov. 28. Tolles, Nehemiah to Polly Beecher Dec. 4.

1845 Marriages

Smith, Sylvester P., of Birmingham and Sarah Bassett Apr. 21. Johnson, David T., of Ansonia and Sarah Lindley Apr. 20. Frisbie, Thomas I and Laura Smith May 31.

1846 Marriages

Carrington, David and Elizabeth Robinson of Bethany Jan. 17. Baldwin, Eillis D., of Woodbridge and Jane Bassett July 21. Olmstead, Levi of Saratoga Co., N. Y. and Maria M. Beach Sept. 13. Abbott, Robert J. and Sarah A. Beach Sept. 13. Humphrey, Bernard and Sarah C. Hitchcock Oct. 24. Edwards, John B. of Stratford and Sarah Grace Hawkins Nov. 24.

1851 Marriages

Coburn, William of Easton, Pa. and Frances E. Wooster Oct. 22. Ensign, Howard B., of New Haven and Maria C. Wooster Nov. 10. Oatman, George B. and Frances M. Canfield, both of Oxford Nov. 24. Carrington, Albert D. and Lucretia M. Wheeler of Oxford Dec. 24.

1853 Marriages

Fairchild, William A. and Julia Peck of Woodbridge Mar. 27.

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