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Van Dusen Cemetery Records

Town of Great Barrington

Berkshire County, Massachusetts

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Van Duesen Cemetery, Great Barrington Mass.

The Van Dusen Burial Ground, sometimes called the Pelton Brook Cemetery, lies a little remote from the Housatonic highway and west of the home of Thomas S. Ramsdell. It originally was a private burial place of the Van Deusen family and was located on the land of Isaac Van Deusen. I. The first grave was that of Isaac's youngest daughter, Gesie, who died in 1738. On the south side of this ground and without the fence which encloses it, the negro slaves of the early Dutch set- tlers of that neighborhood are reputed to have been buried, but time and culivation have obliterated the unmarked graves, This burial place remained private property until 1819, when Joseph Pelton, into whose possession it had fallen, conveyed it to the town. In 1935, the stones in this cemetery were re-set and the ground ploughed and re-seeded. There are still burials in this cemetery.

Austin, Hanna. wife of Ross Austin. died Aug. 21, 1841. aged 52 years

Bills, Charles Bills. died Feb. 27, 1873 aged 69 years, 10 months

Bills, Ida A. Daughter of Charles and Nancy Bills died Dec. 25, 1862. aged 14 years 4 months

Bills, John H. son of Charles and Nancy Bills died July 16, 1845. aged 7 years 10 months

Burgert, Electa. wife of Garret Burgert. died Feb. 25, 1864. ae. 67 years

Burgert, Evelyn A. Stone. wife of Garret Burgert. 1827-----1903

Burgert, Garret Burgert. died Sept. 26, 1881. ae. 86 years, 5 months

Burget, Katie S. daughter of George L. and Mary S. Burget. died Dec. 29, 1857. ae. 2 yrs. 6 mos. 29 days

Burget, Mary Sylvinia Hollenbeck, wife of George L. Burget. 1830-1905

Burget, Mr. George L. Burget died Aug. 14, 1879 aged 58 years. Civil War veteran (Both inscriptions on one stone.)

Busby, Our Little Jessie. daughter of Edwin F. and Carrie J. Bixby. died May 3, 1882 ae. 4 years, 6 months, 11 days

Church, Caroline, widow of Marvin S. Church died April 28, 1892. aged 87 years

Church, Jackson Church, son of Marvin and Caroline Church, died Nov. 17, 1870 aged 22 years (Inscriptions on same stone.)

Church, Joseph Church, son of Marvin and Caroline Church, died Dec. 25, 1864 aged 23 years

Church, Marvin S. Church. Civil War Veteran died May 1, 1885. aged 84 years

Comstock, Harry L. Comstock. son of Harry and Phoebe Comstock, 1860---1917

Comstock, Lettie Comstock. daughter of Harry and Phoebe Comstock. 1858---1907

Comstock, Phoebe H. Church. wife of Harry M. Comstock 1838

Deming, Mary Deming. died Jan. 19, 1850. ae. 39. (The 2 above on one stone.)

Deming, Thetis. wife of John Y. Deming. died Aug. 25, 1842. aged 33

Ferguson, Annie M. daughter of John and Mary J. Ferguson. died Sept. 3, 1866 aged 3 years, 10 months, 12 days

Ferguson, John F. Ferguson. died Feb. 18, 1906 aged 74 years

Ferguson, Mary J. Van Deusen. wife of John H. Ferguson. died Nov. 28, 1894. aged 67

Fuller, Harriett. wife of Hosea Fuller. died May 16, 1866. aged 44 years

Gordon, Charles E. son of Alex and S.L. Gordon died Oct. 7, 1865. aged 1 year, 6 months

Grand Jean, Jean Grand Jean. 1845---1919

Grand Jean, Jean. 1868---1881

Grand Jean, Julie Toupence. wife of Jena Grand-Jean. 1851---1893

Groat, Abrams Groat. died Sept. 17, 1842. ae. 25 yrs.

H-----, Amos H. ---- son of ---- A.H.H. on foot Stone. (Lettering obliterated on this stone.)

Hardick, Emma Ann. daughter of John and Dorothy Hardick, died Sept. 6, 1843, in the 2nd year of her age.

Healy, Penelope. wife of Thos. Healy died Nov. 6, 1837. aged 85 years

Hug, Victor. son of Joseph and Agnes Hug. died June 20, 1868. ae. 4 yrs. 8 mos. 5 days

Lewton, Ann, wife of Moses Lawton. died July 18, 1849. aged 30 years. 10 months

Lewton, Joseph B. Their son. died Aug. 26, 1849 aged 3 months (Both inscriptions on one stone.)

Matison, In memory of Israel Matison died Jl. 3, 1839. aged 40 years

Mignerey, Julie Migerney. wife of Jena Grand-Jean. 1847---1880

Mycus, Joseph H. son of Joseph and Hulda Mycus died Mr. 2, 1852. aged 3 mos. 5 days

Mycus, Nelson. son of Nelson and Libby Mycus died D. 31, 1851

Norton, Ella M. daughter of G.P. and E.G. Norton died Sept. 2, 1874. ae. 5 months, 5 days

Reuwee, Ella Harriett. daughter of Zadock and Angeline Reuwee. died Aug. 31, 1852 aged 1 year, 1 month, 24 days

Reuwee, Zadock M. son of Zadock and Angeline C. Reuwee. died Aug. 16, 1854 aged 1 year, 9 months, 9 days

Reuwee, Zadock Reuwee. died Feb. 14, 1858 aged 44 years, 5 days

Righton, Frederick Righton. 1832-1908

Righton, Martha. his wife. 1849-1909

Robertson, Helen Stickles. wife of Thomas Robertson 1892---1928

Robertson, Infant son Thomas Robertson, 1922

Seymour, died Dec. 30, 1837. James H. the son of H.A. and Mary L. Seymour. ae. 11 months, 28 days

Seymour, Harvey Seymour died Apr. 11, 1847. ae. 38 yrs.

Seymour, Mary L. wife of Harvey Seymour. died Jan. 7, 1838. ae. 29

Shaw, Frances. his wife. 1812-1890

Shaw, Joseph Shaw. 1821---1899

Soudant, Charles M. son of Elizabeth Soudant died April 21, 1849. aged 3 years 9 days

Spoor, In memory of Mrs. Jamima Spoor. wife of Mr. Michael Spoor and daughter of Mr. Abraham Van Deusen, who died Sept. 24, 1815 in the 17th year of her age

Stickles, Julia M.R. Daughter of Louis and Louise Stickles. 1894---1931

Stickles, Louis A. Stickles 1869--- .

Stickles, Louis E. son of Louis and Louise Stickles 1899---1900

Stickles, Louisa Grand Jean. wife of Louis Stickles 1874---1925

Stickles, Louise R. daughter of Louis and Louise Stickles. 1902---1908

Tymeson, Margaret E. daughter of Matthias and Charity Tymeson. died Dec. 3, 1870 aged 23 years

Tymeson, Melvin. son of Matthias and Charity Tymeson. died June 11, 1868 aged 21 years, 8 months

Van Deusen, Abraham Van Deusen. died May 12, 1856. aged 83 years

Van Deusen, Anna Mariah. wife of Mason Van Deusen, died June 20, 1834, in the 27 year of her age

van Deusen, Capt. Richard H. Van Deusen died Aug. 30, 1833, in the 27th year of his age

Van Deusen, Charles H. son of Michael and Gertrude Van Deusen. died Feb. 18, 1837 aged 14 months, 16 days

In memory of Mrs. Katherine Van Deusen, the late consort of Mr. Isaac Van Deusen, Junior, the daughter
of Mr. Jacob Spoor, who was born Nov. 30, 1744 and was joined in matrimony with said Isaac, Oct. 7, 1767
and died May 4, 1794, in the 50th year of her age
In memory of Isaac Van Deusen Jr. who died the 11th of April, 1816 in the 73rd year of his age

Van Deusen, Christina Van Deusen. died Nov. 11, 1865. aged 70 years

Van Deusen, Christine. wife of Isaac I. Van Deusen died Sept. 2, 1830, in the 65th year of her age

Van Deusen, Daughter and son of Loring and Harriett Van Deusen. Electa E. Died May 12, 1832. aged 8 years. Harold. Died Apr. 10, 1832. aged 9 months

Van Deusen, Edwin R. son of Wm. and May Van Deusen. died Dec. 21, 1839. aged 2 yrs.

Van Deusen, Eve. wife of Isaac Van Deusen. died Mar. 14, 1830. ae. 63

van Deusen, Francis A. son of Richard and Mary A. Van Deusen. died Oct. 2, 1853. ae. 4 yrs.

Van Deusen, Gertrude. wife of Michael Van Deusen. died Oct. 30, 1865. aged 64 years, 2 months 12 days

Van Deusen, Harriett. wife of Loring A. Van Deusen died May 27, 1878. ae. 73 yrs. 7 mos. 20 days

Van Deusen, In memory of Cordelia, wife of Richard Van Deusen who died Mar. 15, 1830. In the 26 year of her age

Van Deusen, In memory of Electa. daughter of Isaac and Eve Van Deusen, who died Dec. 8, 1794. ae. 3 yrs. 10 mos. 8 days Also of Fische. Sister of the above who died Apr. 2, 1809. ae. 7 mos. and 9 days

Van Deusen, In memory of Isaac Van Deusen, who died January 14, 1796, in the 92nd. year of his age

Van Deusen, In memory of Mrs. Cary. wife of Mr. John Van Deusen, who died Ag. 4, AD 1789, in the 46 year of her age

Van Deusen, In memory of Mrs. Fiche Van Deusen, the late consort of Mr. Isaac Van Deusen, who was born Nov. 30th, 1702 and died June the 28th, 1777, in the 75th year of her age

Van Deusen, Isaac Van Deusen died Mar. 14, 1854. ae. 85

Van Deusen, Isaac Van Deusen died May 16, 1831, in the 64th year of his age. (Isaac G.)

Van Deusen, Jacob H. Van Deusen. Born May 27, 1844 died Nov. 27, 1894

Van Deusen, Jacob Van Deusen. died Sept. 26, 1842, in the 73rd year of his age.

Van Deusen, Jane Eliza Van Deusen. died Apr. 12, 1839 ae. 22 years

Van Deusen, Jane. wife of Jacob van Deusen. died Jan. 12, 1853. aged 78

Van Deusen, Katherine Van Deusen was born Aug. 26, 1794 and died Apr. 6, 1796. daughter of ----- (Stone Sunk)

Van Deusen, Lanah. daughter of Michael and Gertrude Van Deusen. died Oct. 23, 1839, in the 10th year of her age

Van Deusen, Lany. wife of Mason Van Deusen. died June 5, 1873. aged 81 years

Van Deusen, Loring A. Van Deusen died Ag. 10, 1853 aged 50 years, 5 months, 17 days

Van Deusen, Lucinda Van Deusen died Sept. 26, 1864. ae. 63

Van Deusen, Mason Van Deusen died Aug. 31, 1860. ae. 58 yrs.

Van Deusen, Michael Van Deusen. died Aug. 12, 1873 aged 71 years.

van Deusen, Philena Van Deusen. died Mar. 18, 1837 aged 32 years

Van Deusen, Richard van Deusen died Sept. 7, 1855 aged 50 years, 5 months, 14 days

Van Deusen, Sarah Ann Van Deusen died June 27, 1837 aged 27 years

Van Deusen, Sarah. wife of Abraham Van Deusen. died Dec. 3, 1837. aged 67 years

Van Deusen, William Van Deusen. died Feb. 3, 1873 aged 73 years

Vosburg, Abraham V.D. son of R. and F. Vosburg died Aug. 21, 1850. aged 4 years, 7 mos.

Vosburg, Ficha Van Deusen. wife of Richard Vosburg died Sept. 7, 1877 aged 65 years

Vosburg, Freelove Van Deusen. wife of Henry A. Vosburg. died Jan. 22, 1883. aged 70 years

Vosburg, Mary Ann Vosburg. died Dec. 9, 1836 aged 27 years. daughter of Mary and Isaac Vosbury

Vosburg, Mary Vosbury. daughter of Richard and Ficha V.D. Vosbury. died Feb. 19, 1914 aged 63 years

Vosburg, Richard Vosburg. died Sept. 12, 1886 aged 75

Vosbury, Alma. daughter of Henry A. and Freelove Vosburg. died Oct. 17, 1859 ae. 5 yrs., 10 months, 9 days

Wilson, Charles M. son of S. and H. Wilson died May 16, 1838. aged 7 months, 9 days

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