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North Purchase Cemetery Records
Town of Attleborough
Bristol County, Massachusetts

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Massachusetts Genealogy

North Purchase Cemetery is located in the Town of Attleborough, Bristol County, Massachusetts.

Aldrich, Irene, wife of Clarence E. Weeman, 1896-1988

Anderson, A. Lillian, wife of John E., 1862-1934

Anderson, Charles, 1871-1940

Anderson, Effie I., 1891-1936

Anderson, Johanna M., wife of Charles, 1879-1957

Anderson, John E., 1863-----

Arnold, Alice A., wife of Dr. Joshua Clarke, 1865-1938

Barlow, Irene C., 1901-1978

Barlow, Leroy, 1898-1945

Barnhill, Emma M., 1885-1972

Barnhill, Flora L., wife of William Haley, 1881-1969

Bosworth, Annie G., 1872-1940

Bosworth, Linneus M., 1863-1945

Bowater, Florence A., wife of Sidney W. Dovey, 1869-1940

Bowen, Terrence F., 1888-1943

Brennan, Florence, wife of Leith Young, 1883-1958

Brewer, John C., 1884-1954

Brown, Hazel P., wife of Bryon M. Veazer, 1912-1989

Chase, Florence E., wife of Frank K. Kendall, 1890-1984

Clarke, Joshua W., MD, 1870-----

Clitheroe, Elsie M., wife of Howard Mann Swift, 1901-1982

Crowe, Ella F., wife of William O. Weeman, 1868-1946

Dovey, Lillian E., wife of Sideny W., 1896-----

Dovey, Sidney W., 1873-1954

Ellis, Verna L., wife of Terrence F. Bowen, 1888-1987

Elsbree, Milton, son of William M. and Susie A., 1903-1972

Elsbree, William M., 1873-1941

Fales, Evelyn, wife of Robert C. Smith, 1899-1953

Fales, Lewis A., 1873-1946

Feid, Jeralin (Richards), 1900-1986

Frederick, Ida M., wife of Lucius H., 1867-1930

Fuller, Sadie, wife of George, 1896-1987

Gereck, Edward, died 1940

Gereck, Harriet, wife of Edward, died 1930

Godfrey, Lillie H., wife of Charles O. Mathewson, 1882-1963

Gonia, Annie G., wife of Lewis A. Fales, 1871-1950

Grant, Helen A., wife of Linwood S. Neval, 1896-1950

Greenwood, James N., 1870-1929

Greenwood, Margaret, wife of James N., 1876-1947

Greenwood, Martha J., wife of Thomas, 1872-1954

Greenwood, Thomas, 1867-1939

Guild, Mary L., wife of Alexander White, 1873-1953

Gusten, George M., 1874-1939

Haley, William, 1876-1929

Hall, Anson Louis, 1920-----

Harrington, Frances J., 1907-1982

Hinds, Abbie, wife of Calvin Tyndall, 1888-1978

Hodges, Harold W., 1890-1975

Hodges, Helen M., wife of Harold W., 1895-1937

Hodges, Nellie B., wife of William M., 1855-1929

Hodges, William M., 1855-1952

Holmes, Annie Mary, wife of Levi Pratt Swift, 1875-1950

Keil, Josephine R., wife of George M. Gusten, 1879-1979

Kendall, Frank K., 1879-1946

Kendall, Louise, wife of Robert O. Olson, 1903-1991

Kendall, Mabel E., wife of I. Edwin Sherman, 1882-1965

Kendall, Mary H., 1857-1953

Larsen, Engval, 1864-1982

Lee, Emma H., wife of Elmer M. Veazer, 1874-1951

Limerick, Virginia R., 1916-1967

Llewellyn, Clara, wife of Albert L. Young, 1876-1946

Lovenbury, Harry, 1904-1967

Lovenbury, Martha, wife of Harry, 1904-1989

Lundin, Bertha A., wife of John Alfred Olson, 1877-1939

Luther, Carl D., 1889-1969

MacLellan, Ella M., wife of John W. Seeton, 1885-1977

MacLeod, Grace, wife of Capt. Roscoe Sanborn, 1884-1960

MacLeod, Mary, wife of John C. Brewer, 1881-1958

Mathewson, Charles O., 1883-1946

McMann, Ella M., wife of Carl D. Luther, 1889-1960

McMann, Sidney, 1858-1941

Moberg, Carl E., 1872-1942

Mosher, Susie A., wife of William M. Elsbree, 1873-1941

Neval, Edwin H., 1869-1926

Neval, Linwood S., 1894-1943

Nicholson, Mary J., wife of Milton M., ----

Oldham, Marie B., 1860-1943

Olson, John Alfred, 1875-1950

Olson, Robert O., 1902-1989

Perry, Margaret, wife of William S., 1888-1976

Perry, William S., 1885-1946

Pitman, Harriet E., wife of Frank R. Sweet, born 27 Sept. 1883, died 1 June 1931

Reese, John A., MD, 1885-1947

Reese, Mary Clarke, 1914-1929

Reese, Taylor B., wife of Dr. John A., 1889-1967

Rhodes, Estelle, wife of Eben Wilde, 1876-1945

Richards, Anna R. (Richardson), 1864-1943

Richardson, Deborah, wife of Roger King, 1911-----

Richardson, Jean Elizabeth, wife of Anson Louis Hall, 1922-1955

Richardson, ROger King, 1909-----

Rounseville, Atherton H., 1897-1961

Rounseville, Chester O., 1894-1923

Rounseville, Lucius H., 1865-1940

Sanborn, Captain Roscoe G., 1880-1940

Sargeant, William J., born 25 Oct. 1871, died 18 Dec. 1948

Seeton, John W., 1877-1944

Seeton, Lola Brown, 1890-1956

Sherman, I. Edwrin, 1882-1959

Sinclair, Jennie C., wife of John H., 1878-1949

Sinclair, John H., 1877-1942

Sinclair, Mildred L., daughter of John and Jennie, 1905-1927

Smith, Robert, 1901-1982

Snead, Florence, wife of Walter J. Thomas, 1880-1954

Spatcher, George I., 1902-1981

Sweet, Frank R., born 31 Oct. 1880, died 27 May 1936

Sweet, William Otis, born 11 March 1919, died 27 Nov. 1975

Swift, Howard Mann, 1890-1973

Swift, Levi Pratt, 1873-1943

Thomas, Walter J., 1878-1946

Thurber, Eva M., 1893-1930

Tyndall, Bradford, 1915-1951

Tyndall, Calvin, 1880-1938

Vallette, John H., 1874-1929

Vallette, Nellie F., 1874-1934

Veazer, Bryon M., 1913-1972

Veazer, Elmer M., 1885-1945

Watkins, Frederick Lyman, born 17 May 1873, died 29 Dec. 1948

Watkins, Marjorie Marilyn, wife of William James Watson, born 28 Feb. 1897, died ----

Watson, William James, born 17 Sept. 1869, died 2 Dec. 1939

Weeman, Clarence E., 1893-1963

Weeman, William O., 1862-1938

Wells, Ada, wife of Frederick Lyman Watkins, born 1 March 1873, died 15 Nov. 1945

White, Alexander, 1868-1940

White, Alice M., wife of Edwin H. Neval, 1869-1929

White, Archie E., 1873-1928

White, Earl Russell, MD, 1894-1968

White, Raymond B., son of Alexander and Mary, 1891-1945

Wikman, Emma S., wife of Carl E. Moberg, 1871-1965

Wilde, Eben, 1866-1929

Wilde, Mary, wife of William J. Sargeant, born 6 May 1871, died 8 March 1936

Young, Albert F., 1914-1958

Young, Albert L., 1877-1965

Young, Leith, 1882-1958

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Massachusetts Genealogy

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