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1855 Massachusetts State Census Index
Town of Bedford
Middlesex County, Mass.

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Please Note: This index is designed to be used with these 1855 Bedford, Ma. Census Records

Abbott, Eliza12
Abbott, Mary Ann12
Adams, Abel B.13
Adams, Edwin13
Adams, Mary P.13
Adams, Susan15
Adams, Susan F.13
Ashby, Emma F.15
Ashby, Eunice M.15
Ashby, Wm. M.15
Atchison, Clariot19
Atchison, James S.19
Atchison, Millnot M.19
Bacon, Albert17
Bacon, Betsey17
Bacon, Charlotte14
Bacon, Charlotte E.14
Bacon, Clara A.17
Bacon, Clara D.14
Bacon, Clara E.14
Bacon, Edward14
Bacon, Elijah23
Bacon, Ellen A.13
Bacon, Emma Augusta14
Bacon, Esther18
Bacon, Eugene17
Bacon, Geo. H.17
Bacon, Harriet L.23
Bacon, Henry A.17
Bacon, Isaac P.13
Bacon, Jane M.15
Bacon, Jerome A.14
Bacon, John17
Bacon, John Otis17
Bacon, Jonathan14
Bacon, Josephine17
Bacon, Louisa22
Bacon, Lydia Ella14
Bacon, Marion M.14
Bacon, Mary W.23
Bacon, R. Alonzo15
Bacon, Reuben15
Bacon, Reuben, Jr.15
Bacon, Sarah15
Bacon, Susan17
Bacon, Susan E.13
Bailey, Elisabeth21
Bailey, Levi21
Balcomb, Lydia3
Balcomb, Vespatian O.3
Barker, Hiram P.21
Barker, Julia21
Barker, Sarah21
Barron, Franklin S.21
Benjamin, Abijah 16
Benjamin, Ann Maria16
Benjamin, Lucretia16
Billings, Eliza A.18
Billings, John D.18
Bingay, Bridget20
Blake, Arthur W.22
Blake, Clara M.22
Blake, Edwin H.22
Blake, Eveline M.22
Blake, Frederic W.22
Blake, Harriet M.2
Blake, Irene A.22
Blake, John Q.22
Blake, Lucretia22
Blake, Martha W.2
Blake, Sarah C.2
Blake, Sarah S.2
Blake, Theodore E.22
Blake, Walter F.22
Blake, William2
Blake, William S.2
Blood, James4
Blood, Leonard1
Blynn, William23
Boutwell, Jonathan9
Boutwell, Sarah S.9
Boynton, John T.15
Boynton, Marietta15
Boynton, Mary15
Boynton, Nellie A.15
Brockway, Willard3
Brooks, Edward M.16
Brooks, Nancy16
Brooks, Silas16
Brown, Abram B.11
Brown, Alden11
Brown, Alden T.1
Brown, Chas.1
Brown, Elijah1
Brown, Elisabeth11
Brown, John F.1
Brown, John H.11
Brown, Joseph11
Brown, Mary E.1
Brown, Moses F.11
Brown, Rachel11
Brown, Thos. S.1
Brown, Waldo L.1
Burtwell, Ellen3
Burtwell, James C.3
Butler, Benj. F.17
Butler, Eleanor M.12
Butler, Lucy P.12
Butler, Luther17
Butler, Mary B.17
Butler, Mary H.12
Butler, Sarah P.12
Butler, Semantha9
Butler, Wm. W.9
Butterfield, C. M.14
Butterfield, Clara18
Butterfield, Eldora15
Butterfield, Elisabeth15
Butterfield, Ellen M.18
Butterfield, John14
Butterfield, John Herbert15
Butterfield, Joseph M.18
Butterfield, Louisa14
Butterfield, Lucy M.14
Butterfield, Mary L.14
Butters, Chas. H.14
Butters, Danl. H.14
Butters, Edward A.14
Butters, Elisabeth13
Butters, Elvira6
Butters, Geo. A.14
Butters, Mary14
Butters, Mary S.13
Butters, Nath.6
Butters, Thos. G.13
Cahill, Ann4
Callahan, Johan4
Callahan, Mary4
Campbell, Hiram19
Carroll, Mary8
Carroll, Michael8
Center, Betsey F.3
Center, Elisabeth A.3
Center, Ellen A.3
Center, Lyman R.3
Center, Rodney2
Center, Warren F.3
Chamberlain, Almira18
Chamberlain, Augusta18
Chamberlain, P.W.18
Clark, Annette M.16
Clark, Elisabeth10
Clark, Hiram16
Clark, John10
Clark, John H.13
Clark, Mary A.16
Clark, Mary M.16
Clark, Sally B.13
Clark, Sarah10
Clark, Susan10
Clark, Susan10
Clark, William10
Clement, Elisabeth23
Colburn, Hannah6
Cole, Lyman14
Cole, Susanna14
Comstock, Augusta20
Comstock, Elisha20
Comstock, Matilda20
Connel, John8
Constantine, Abigail24
Constantine, David24
Cook, Olive17
Cook, Robert A.17
Cooper, Edward A.9
Cooper, Rachel9
Cooper, Willie N.9
Copeland, William8
Corey, Chas. A.20
Corey, Chas. C.19
Corey, E. Adelaide20
Corey, Hannah20
Cotton, Henry9
Crosby, Abigail H.4
Crosby, Frederic4
Crosby, George4
Crosby, George4
Crosby, Loammi4
Crosby, Mary L.4
Crosby, Michael4
Crosby, William4
Cryne, John1
Cushing, Cath. W.6
Cushing, Chas. C.6
Cushing, Henry T.6
Cushing, John E.6
Cushing, Josiah S.6
Cushing, Margaret L.6
Cushing, Margaret W.6
Cushing, Mary L.6
Cushing, William6
Cutler, Amos B.19
Cutler, Clark7
Cutler, Czarina7
Cutler, Elisabeth23
Cutler, Emerson B.19
Cutler, Frederic A.19
Cutler, Geo. W.14
Cutler, Grace A.23
Cutler, Henry7
Cutler, L. Evaline14
Cutler, Leonard C.7
Cutler, Lois7
Cutler, Mary19
Cutler, Mary7
Cutler, Mary A.19
Cutler, Nath. C.23
Cutler, Samuel7
Cutler, Thos. C.7
Daly, Joanna18
Darling, Annie L.2
Darling, Hannah L.2
Davis, Abby C.10
Davis, Almira20
Davis, Betsey10
Davis, Eleazer P.10
Davis, Ellen M.10
Davis, Emily M.10
Davis, Frederic20
Davis, George F.20
Davis, John S.2
Davis, Josiah B.10
Davis, Lucy C.2
Davis, Martha10
Davis, Martha C.2
Davis, Martha M.10
Davis, Mary L.20
Davis, Mary S.10
Davis, Saml.10
Davis, Sarah A.20
Davis, Susan M.10
Davis, Thaddeus H.20
Dean, Chas. W.2
Dean, Ellen2
Dean, Prudence M.2
Dean, Quincy2
Dean, Timothy18
Dearborn, Stephen23
Doyle, Mary16
Doyle, Thos.15
Dutton, Albert L.20
Dutton, Chas. W.20
Dutton, Ellen20
Dutton, Emeline20
Dutton, Geo. H.20
Dutton, George19
Dutton, Hiram E.20
Dutton, Hiram L.20
Dutton, Louisa C.19
Dutton, Lucy A.19
Dutton, Lydia P.19
Dutton, Susan L.19
Earl, Sargent3
Eaton, Luther1
Eaton, Mary1
Eaton, Susanna14
Eayres, Ann B.5
Edwards, Emeline9
Edwards, Emma D.9
Edwards, Robert W.9
Edwards, Wm. A.9
Eustace, Ann16
Eustace, Johanna16
Everett, Anne E.10
Everett, Eliza20
Everett, Marion D.10
Everett, Mary10
Everett, William20
Fane, Michael21
Farmer, Alfred A.7
Farmer, Ann A.21
Farmer, Dorcas21
Farmer, Hiram A.7
Farmer, Lucretia E.7
Farmer, Peter21
Farnsworth, Asa14
Farnsworth, Susan J.14
Farnsworth, Susanna C.14
Felt, Aaron12
Felt, Albert T.12
Felt, Henry S.12
Felt, Joseph P.12
Felt, Sarah A.12
Felt, Sarah S.12
Felt, Susan C.12
Fitch, Abel P.9
Fitch, Almanzo B.2
Fitch, Benjamin2
Fitch, David17
Fitch, David L.B.2
Fitch, Franklin P.2
Fitch, Isaac E.2
Fitch, Louisa2
Fitch, Martha1
Fitch, Martha L.2
Fitch, Nancy J.9
Fitch, Nathan2
Fitch, Olive17
Fitch, Olive M.2
Fitch, Silas2
Fitzgerald, Cath.11
Fitzgerald, Eugene11
Fitzgerald, Wm.11
Flint, Abel16
Flint, Chas. L.16
Flint, Edward15
Flint, Sarah15
Flint, Sarah C.15
Flint, Susan B.16
Friend, Mary A.24
Frost, Frank18
Frost, Frank20
Frost, Lucy J.18
Frost, Malvinia20
Frost, Rebecca18
Frost, William E.18
Frost, William F.18
Gaffany, Ann5
Gaffany, Cath.5
Gaffany, Elisabeth5
Gaffany, Ellen1
Gaffany, Frank5
Gaffany, John5
Gaffany, John5
Gaffany, Mary5
Gaffany, Michael1
Gaffany, Michael5
Gaffany, Patrick5
Gaffany, Thos. F.5
Gallagher, Thos.1
Gannon, Michael10
Gardner, Samuel8
Gassett, Henry21
Gillespie, Mary23
Gillooly, Brian16
Gillooly, Lizzie16
Gillooly, Margaret D.16
Gillooly, Mary16
Glancy, Michael5
Gleason, Frank B.12
Gleason, Henry A.12
Gleason, John F.19
Gleason, Lewis P.19
Gleason, Lewis P., Jr.19
Gleason, Sarah A.12
Gleason, Susan19
Glodwin, Martha E.15
Golderman, Amelia D.21
Golderman, Caspor21
Goodrich, Czarina7
Goodrich, Lavinia7
Goodrich, Wm. B.7
Goodwin, Abby J.16
Goodwin, Ann E.6
Goodwin, Catherine A.16
Goodwin, Chas. W.22
Goodwin, Eliza J.6
Goodwin, Francis W.22
Goodwin, Geo. A.22
Goodwin, H. Oliver22
Goodwin, Henry22
Goodwin, Joseph A.22
Goodwin, Joseph H.16
Goodwin, Mary A.16
Goodwin, Nancy H.21
Goodwin, Sarah E.22
Goodwin, Uriah21
Goodwin, William6
Goodwin, Wm. W.6
Gragg, Alice3
Gragg, Chas. C.3
Gragg, Chas. O.3
Gragg, Deborah21
Gragg, Dolly23
Gragg, Edward P.3
Gragg, Elliot R.3
Gragg, Emily3
Gragg, George22
Gragg, Harriet A.3
Gragg, John21
Gragg, John F.21
Gragg, Josephine3
Gragg, Josiah Q.23
Gragg, Maria22
Gragg, Maria E.22
Gragg, Mary A.22
Gragg, Mary J.21
Gragg, Sarah A.3
Gragg, Sarah J.21
Gragg, Wm. F.22
Gragg, Wm. F.14
Gross, Jane5
Gurney, Beatrice B.2
Gurney, Emily F.2
Gurney, Henry A.2
Gurney, Henry L.2
Gurney, Mary C.2
Gurney, Mary C.2
Haley, Martin11
Ham, Joseph F.5
Ham, Lucy Ann5
Ham, Mary5
Ham, Mary P.5
Ham, Walter5
Ham, William5
Ham, William, Jr.5
Harrigan, Thos.20
Harrington, Mary11
Hartwell, Abby L.8
Hartwell, Amos8
Hartwell, Benj. F.8
Hartwell, Caroline A.11
Hartwell, Chas. Henry11
Hartwell, Edwin A.15
Hartwell, Eldridge15
Hartwell, Elisabeth8
Hartwell, Ellen E.8
Hartwell, Ellen F.11
Hartwell, Frank11
Hartwell, Frederic A.8
Hartwell, George A.11
Hartwell, H. Elisabeth11
Hartwell, Hannah11
Hartwell, Harriet F.8
Hartwell, Isaac15
Hartwell, Isaac N.11
Hartwell, John A.11
Hartwell, Joseph11
Hartwell, Joseph8
Hartwell, Louisa H.8
Hartwell, Lucy P.15
Hartwell, Lucy W.8
Hartwell, Martha J.8
Hartwell, Mary8
Hartwell, Mary Alsina8
Hartwell, Nancy J.11
Hartwell, Wm. G.8
Hastings, Francis21
Hastings, Justin P.21
Hastings, Maria L.21
Hastings, Wm. M.10
Hayer, Ann3
Hayer, James3
Hayer, John3
Hayer, Mary3
Hayer, Patrick3
Hayer, Thomas3
Haynes, Catharine9
Haynes, Stephen9
Haynes, Stephen, Jr.9
Hayward, Mary24
Hewes, William17
Hill, Constantine10
Hill, Geo. W.10
Hill, John H.10
Hill, Lucy E.10
Hill, Martha M.10
Hill, Mary E.10
Hill, Sarah A.10
Hill, William D.10
Hindman, Anna23
Hindman, Anna P.23
Hoar, Betsey W.12
Hoar, Charles E.12
Hoar, Edmund12
Hoar, Joseph12
Hoar, Maria A.12
Hoar, Mary F.12
Hodgman, Caroline M.3
Hodgman, Chas. Otis3
Hodgman, Joseph3
Holbrook, Almira B.1
Holbrook, Caroline1
Holbrook, Ella A.1
Holbrook, Emily1
Holbrook, Geo. A.1
Holbrook, Naaman1
Holbrook, Warren C.1
Holmes, George6
Hooker, Rachel10
Hooker, Stephen10
Horton, Emily8
Hosmer, Benj. G.16
Hosmer, Castalio20
Hosmer, Cath. G.15
Hosmer, Charlotte M.17
Hosmer, Dolly20
Hosmer, Hannah17
Hosmer, Henry15
Hosmer, Hilton F.15
Hosmer, Horace R.17
Hosmer, Inez16
Hosmer, Joseph16
Hosmer, Leander9
Hosmer, Lucinda20
Hosmer, Lydia16
Hosmer, Olive16
Hosmer, Randall D.15
Hosmer, Sophronia9
Hosmer, Thos. B.17
Hosmer, Winnifred16
Hurd, Caroline14
Hurd, Chas. H.14
Hurd, Mary Frances14
Hurd, Mary W.11
Hurd, Thomas11
Hurd, William T.14
Hurley, Morris7
Hurley, Nancy7
Hurley, Timothy8
Isaac, George21
Isaac, Maria L.22
Jackson, George H.21
Jackson, Joshua21
Jackson, Josiah N.21
Jackson, Mary21
Jackson, Mary S.21
Jackson, William A.21
Jigger, Keziah9
Jigger, Sarah9
Jigger, William9
Johnson, Abby M.12
Johnson, Abigail N.11
Johnson, Alfred P.12
Johnson, Chas.7
Johnson, Edwin A.11
Johnson, Marcus R.12
Johnson, O.P.11
Johnson, Sarah J.9
Jones, Abigail10
Jones, Chas. H.1
Jones, Elbridge10
Jones, Eliza B.1
Jones, Ephraim1
Jones, Francis10
Kellaher, Cath.5
Kellaher, Catharine5
Kellaher, Ellen5
Kellaher, Michael5
Kelly, Ann4
Kelly, Catharine11
Kelly, Elisabeth4
Kelly, Elisabeth4
Kelly, John4
Kelly, John T.4
Kelly, Peter11
Kelly, Thos. P.11
Kendrick, Abner4
Kendrick, Alex W.4
Kendrick, Anthony4
Kendrick, Earl4
Kendrick, Franklin P.4
Kendrick, George4
Kendrick, Henrietta4
Kendrick, Lucy L.4
Kennevic, John9
Kenney, Margaret13
Kilroy, Mary2
Kinevan, Bridget13
Kinevan, Bridget10
Kinevan, Danl.13
Kinevan, Margaret13
Kinevan, Margaret13
Kinevan, Mary13
Kinevan, Michael13
Lane, A. Bridge21
Lane, Amasa6
Lane, Betsey B.22
Lane, Caroline A.6
Lane, Chandler B.21
Lane, Charles6
Lane, Elliot15
Lane, Emelina15
Lane, George15
Lane, Harriet22
Lane, James22
Lane, Job B.22
Lane, John W.18
Lane, Jonathan3
Lane, Julia M.22
Lane, Laura A.22
Lane, Lavina15
Lane, Lydia21
Lane, M. Ella22
Lane, Mary19
Lane, Mary A.18
Lane, Olive19
Lane, Oliver J.18
Lane, Oliver W.22
Lane, Reula6
Lane, Ruhamah3
Lane, Sally P.15
Lane, Saml. L.19
Lane, Sophronia15
Lane, Wm. A.22
Lane, Zelina15
Lehman, William3
Leonards, Chas. E.4
Litchfield, Albert19
Litchfield, Joseph16
Litchfield, Joseph W.16
Lunt, Chas. W.13
Lunt, Eliza A.13
Lunt, John13
Lynch, Ellen5
Lynch, Julia5
Mansfield, Elbridge B.22
Mansfield, Emily F.22
Mansfield, Joel22
Mansfield, Maria S.22
Markahan, Ann5
Markahan, James5
Markahan, John5
Mason, Edward E.10
McClement, James21
McClosky, John23
McClosky, John23
McClosky, Joseph23
McClosky, Mary23
McClosky, Mary A.23
McDonough, Bridget8
McDonough, John8
McDonough, Mary8
McDonough, Mary8
McDonough, Michael8
McDonough, Michael8
McDonough, Patrick8
McDonough, Thos.1
McGloughlin, James3
McGloughlin, John3
McGonagle, Edward9
McGuire, Ann2
McGuire, Thos.1
McLeach, Mary6
McNamara, Bridget13
McNamara, Bridget5
McNamara, Bridget5
McNamara, Ellen5
McNamara, Henry5
McNamara, Mary5
McNamara, Patrick23
McNamara, Patrick5
McNamara, Thos.5
McNulty, James A.1
McNulty, John F.1
McNulty, Nancy1
McNulty, Wm.1
Merriam, Asa Minot7
Merriam, Elbridge7
Merriam, Elliot7
Merriam, Geo. H.7
Merriam, Isaac 18
Merriam, John A.7
Merriam, Mary13
Merriam, Mary A.7
Merriam, Mary J.7
Merriam, Nancy7
Merriam, Nancy7
Merriam, Nath. Albert7
Merriam, Wm. A.7
Merritt, Caroline17
Merritt, Caroline17
Merritt, Edward17
Merritt, Edward17
Merritt, Emily17
Merritt, Helia17
Miller, Reuben B.9
Monroe, Abel S.19
Monroe, Almira17
Monroe, Caroline19
Monroe, Caroline19
Monroe, Ellen M.19
Monroe, Fredson J.17
Monroe, Geo. H.19
Monroe, Geo. W.19
Monroe, James17
Monroe, Jonas18
Monroe, Jonas E.19
Monroe, Jonathan17
Monroe, Julia A.17
Monroe, Mary Ann18
Monroe, Sarah E.19
Morey, Michael21
Morn, Catharine9
Morse, Christopher M.19
Morse, R. Elisabeth19
Mow, Michael7
Murdock, Agnes23
Murdock, Agnes23
Murdock, Ellen23
Murdock, Flora J.23
Murdock, James23
Murdock, James23
Murdock, John23
Murdock, Mary A.23
Nones, John9
Nutter, Sarah9
Nutter, William9
Osgood, P. Saml.7
Page, Abigail12
Page, Bellamy 24
Page, Cyrus2
Page, Cyrus A.2
Page, David20
Page, Evaline6
Page, Grovener6
Page, Harriet F.2
Page, Henrietta2
Page, Isadora2
Page, Isannah6
Page, Isannah H.6
Page, John6
Page, Larkin P.5
Page, Moses8
Page, Nathaniel2
Page, Nathaniel2
Page, Rebecca6
Page, Susan E.2
Page, Timothy6
Parker, Albert F.9
Parker, Lillie9
Parker, Mary E.9
Parker, Minnie9
Parker, Wm.9
Parker, Wm. L.9
Parkhurst, Geo. W.19
Parkhurst, Mary E.19
Parkhurst, Sewall19
Patio, John10
Patrick, Henry J.3
Payne, Hannah7
Peters, John11
Phelps, Emma E.11
Phelps, Joseph10
Phelps, Joseph W.11
Phelps, Mary C.10
Phelps, Mary H.11
Phillips, Estella M.9
Phillips, George8
Phillips, George, Jr.8
Phillips, Minerva8
Pierce, Henry A.13
Pierce, John A.13
Pierce, Joseph H.13
Piper, William24
Proctor, Alexus M.20
Proctor, Hannah20
Proctor, John M.20
Proctor, John R.20
Pushee, Edward W.24
Pushee, Henrietta24
Pushee, James M.24
Pushee, Mary A.24
Putnam, Emeline O.8
Putnam, Howard20
Putnam, Jonas8
Putnam, Mary A.20
Putnam, Wm. A.20
Quinlin, Bridget3
Quinlin, Honora6
Quinlin, Michael3
Quinlin, Owen3
Quinn, John11
Rann, Elisabeth18
Rann, Susan18
Reed, Ann18
Reed, Ann Maria8
Reed, Anna Bella8
Reed, Jacob H.18
Reed, Joel8
Reed, John M.21
Reed, John P.21
Reed, Lydia S.19
Reed, Martha F.9
Reed, Mary8
Reed, Mary C.9
Reed, N. Lawrence18
Reed, Nancy9
Reed, Nancy J.21
Reed, Nancy J.21
Reed, Nathan H.9
Reed, Nathan O.9
Reed, Sarah8
Reed, Sarah23
Reed, Wm. D.19
Richardson, Wm. H.10
Robbins, Chas. P.19
Robbins, Emily A.19
Robinson, Chas.13
Robinson, Chas. F.13
Robinson, Eliza13
Robinson, Ellen S.13
Robinson, Rebecca13
Robinson, Sophia13
Robinson, Walter B.13
Russell, John 24
Russell, Sarah24
Ryan, Margaret5
Sage, Lucy23
Sage, Mary23
Sage, Saml., Jr.23
Sage, Samuel23
Sanborn, Ann Maria5
Sanborn, Clara5
Sanborn, Elisabeth4
Sanborn, Geo. B.4
Sanborn, John E.4
Sanborn, Mary E.5
Saunders, Charles20
Saunders, George20
Saunders, Loammi20
Saunders, Sarah20
Saunders, Sarah S.20
Shillendaugh, Mary1
Simonds, Ann J.18
Simonds, George18
Simonds, John W.17
Simonds, Laura Ann18
Simonds, Merton18
Skelton, Cynthia17
Skelton, Elias17
Skelton, Elijah1
Skelton, Emily1
Skelton, Sarah1
Skinner, Joseph1
Skinner, Lydia1
Smith, Bethiah11
Smith, Caroline19
Smith, Geo. H.11
Smith, Isabella22
Smith, Jane22
Smith, John11
Smith, John L.22
Smith, Laura20
Smith, Loring22
Smith, Thos.22
Spalding, Anna B.24
Spalding, Anna C.24
Spalding, Chas.7
Spalding, Elisabeth C.7
Spalding, Lewis24
Stearns, Abigail18
Stearns, Ann Cath.18
Stearns, Clarissa23
Stearns, Curtis6
Stearns, Edward F.6
Stearns, Elbridge W.17
Stearns, Elijah W.18
Stearns, Elisabeth18
Stearns, Emily A.23
Stearns, Frederic23
Stearns, Lucy M.21
Stearns, Margaret E.6
Stearns, Mary A.6
Stearns, Mehitable7
Stearns, Obed7
Stearns, Ruthy F.17
Stearns, Sally21
Stearns, Samuel23
Stearns, Wm. A.23
Stiles, Almira A.6
Stiles, Ann W.23
Stiles, Chas. F.6
Stiles, Edwin D.6
Stiles, Eliza6
Stiles, Francis6
Stiles, Lewis C.6
Stiles, Mary E.6
Stiles, Thomas23
Stone, George23
Stone, Thomas23
Stowell, Joshua7
Sullivan, Hannah15
Taylor, Jane17
Taylor, Saml.17
Taylor, Sarah S.7
Thompson, Isabella8
Tompkins, Abby21
Trimmins, Michael6
Tucker, Emma I.14
Tucker, Mary E.14
Twiss, Daniel18
Twiss, Eleanor L.18
Twiss, Ella F.18
Twomey, Bridget4
Twomey, Dannis4
Twomey, David3
Twomey, Julia3
Twomey, Julia3
Twomey, Julia4
Twomey, Mary Ann4
Twomey, Thomas3
Twomey, Thos.4
Upton, Argus24
Upton, Charles24
Watts, Angeline T.12
Watts, Ann Maria12
Watts, Charles F.12
Watts, Isaac L.11
Watts, Jenny D.11
Watts, Martha E.11
Watts, Nathaniel P.12
Webb, Lydia A.13
Webber, Cate P.12
Webber, Chas. W.18
Webber, Edwin F.18
Webber, Elisabeth F.12
Webber, Eliza16
Webber, Henry P.16
Webber, Irene16
Webber, Levi W.16
Webber, Marcus B.12
Webber, Maria C.12
Webber, Maria E.16
Webber, Mary W.18
Webber, Nancy12
Webber, Ruth A.12
Webber, Sarah12
Webber, Sarah W.12
Webber, Susan17
Webber, Wm. A.18
Wheeler, Ruhanah24
Whitcomb, Emma F.14
Whitcomb, Hannah14
Whitcomb, Helena R.14
Whitcomb, Merrill14
White, Leonard4
Whitford, Chas.17
Whitney, Asa8
Whitney, Julia16
Whitney, Rhoda8
Wilkins, Ann Cath.12
Wilkins, Cath. W.12
Wilkins, S. Granville12
Wilkins, Silas12
Wilkins, Susan L.15
Wilkins, Susan M.15
Williams, Deodat14
Williams, Mary F.14
Williams, Rachel F.14
Willis, John P.7
Willis, William19
Wilson, Adeline A.4
Wilson, Elisabeth4
Wilson, Elisabeth G.13
Wilson, Ellen E.4
Wilson, Ellen F.13
Wilson, Ellen L.16
Wilson, Elvira4
Wilson, Elvira A.4
Wilson, Emeline E.4
Wilson, F. Llewellyn13
Wilson, Francis4
Wilson, Frank W.13
Wilson, Ida A.13
Wilson, Joseph H.10
Wilson, Mary A.16
Wilson, Wallace13
Wilson, Willard13
Wood, Augusta7
Wood, Charles7
Wood, Elisabeth7
Wood, Gayton O.16
Wood, Henry7
Wood, Sarah A.16
Woods, Catharine1
Woods, Catharine1
Woods, Charles5
Woods, Elisabeth1
Woods, James1
Woods, Jane1
Woodward, David24
Woodward, Timothy24
Wyman, Saml. T.15
Wyman, Samuel15
Wyman, Sarah15