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1855 Halifax State Census Records
Plymouth County, Massachusetts
Section 2

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  1. Line number
  2. Dwelling-house numbered in the order of visitation.
  3. Families numbered in the order of visitation.
  4. Name of every Person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June, 1855, was in this family.
  5. Age
  6. Sex
  7. Color
  8. Profession, Occupation or Trade, of each Male Person, over 15 years of age.
  9. Place of Birth.

Page 1

Inhabitants in Hanson, in the County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the first day of June, 1855.

NameAgeSexColorOccupationPlace of Birth
11/1Poole, Eliab55mwFarmerMA
21/1Poole, Caroline46fw-MA
31/1Poole, Horrace16mwMerchantMA
41/1Poole, Sarah12fw-MA
5/2Poole, Caleb64mwMerchantMA
6/2Poole, Caleb, Jr.19mwPedlarMA
7/2Poole, Isaac18mwStudentMA
8/2Poole, Alson13mw-MA
92/3Bosworth, Martin46mwFarmerMA
102/3Bosworth, Susan50fw-VT
112/3Bosworth, Mary E.20fw-MA
122/3Bosworth, Saba S.18fw-MA
132/3Bosworth, Henry M.16mwFarmerMA
142/3Bosworth, Daniel O.13mw-MA
152/3Bosworth, Deborah70fw-MA
162/3Snow, Wallace33mwShoe MakerMA
173/4Thompson, Dexter C.55mwFarmerMA
183/4Thompson, Harriet48fw-MA
193/4Thompson, Harriet D.14fw-MA
204/5Morton, Albert53mwFarmerMA
214/5Morton, Rachel46fw-MA
224/5Morton, Mary J.23fw-MA
234/5Lyon, Josiah T.31mwShoe MakerMA
244/5Lyon, Sarah T.25fw-MA
254/5Lyon, Albert C.7mmw-MA
265/6Vaughan, Cornelius P.32mwFarmerMA
275/6Vaughan, Elsa B.30fw-MA
285/6Vaughan, Edwin H.6mw-MA
295/6Clark, Stella15fw-MA
306/7Drew, Thomas75mwFarmerMA
316/7Reed, Achsah53fw-MA
326/7Robinson, Frances C.10fw-MA
337/8Holmes, John38mwShoe MakerMA
347/8Holmes, Lucy M.32fw-MA
357/8Holmes, Jabez S.11mw-MA
367/8Holmes, Abba M.7fw-MA
377/8Holmes, Salina N.5fw-MA
387/8Holmes, Lucy S.17mfw-MA
398/9Fuller, Cyrus43mwFarmerMA
408/9Fuller, Mary F.38fw-MA
418/9Fuller, Mary A.13fw-MA
428/9Fuller, Laurah10fw-MA

Page 2

Inhabitants in Hanson, in the County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the first day of June, 1855.

19/10Fuller, Hannah71fw-MA
29/10Fuller, Abigail46fw-MA
39/10Fuller, Louis42fw-MA
4/11Sulivan, Timothy27mwFarmerIreland
5/11Sulivan, Ellen24fw-Ireland
6/11Sulivan, Julia18mfw-MA
710/12Thompson, Ephm. B.41mwFarmerMA
810/12Thompson, Eliza R.38fw-MA
910/12Thompson, Ellen A.18fw-MA
1010/12Thompson, Sarah B.17fw-MA
1110/12Thompson, Lucy M.15fw-MA
1210/12Thompson, Jabez P.26mmw-MA
1310/12Thompson, Sally B.67fw-MA
1411/13Thompson, Lewes58mwFarmerMA
1511/13Thompson, Huldah60fw-MA
1611/13Thompson, Elvina23fw-MA
1711/13Thompson, Matilda21fw-MA
1811/13Thompson, Marcus M.15mwShoe MakerMA
1911/13Thompson, Lewis H.28mwShoe MakerMA
2011/13Thompson, Gustamon H.33mfw-MA
2111/13Raymond, Isaac22mwShoe MakerMA
2212/14Mitchell, George W.51mwBlacksmithMA
2312/14Mitchell, Mercy D.52fw-MA
2412/14Mitchell, Eugene14fw-MA
2512/14Mitchell, Fanny F.12fw-MA
2612/14Mitchell, George D.6mw-MA
2713/15Crooker, Melvin71mwCarpenterMA
2813/15Crooker, Mary68fw-MA
2913/15Crooker, Stephen26mwShoe MakerMA
3014/16Washburn, Nahum63mwFarmerMA
3114/16Washburn, Anna64fw-MA
3215/17Washburn, John L.33mwFarmerMA
3315/17Washburn, Harriet29fw-MA
3415/17Washburn, Julia A.6fw-MA
35/18Cushman, Noah39mwFarmerMA
36/18Cushman, Susan S.38fw-MA
37/18Cushman, Nahum W.11mw-MA
38/18Cushman, Anna M.6fw-MA
39/18Cushman, Frances26mfw-MA
40/19Thompson, Learned H.49mwFarmerMA
41/19Thompson, Hannah P.49fw-MA
42/19Thompson, Morton11mw-MA

Page 3

Inhabitants in Hanson, in the County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the first day of June, 1855.

116/20Holmes, Oliver68mwFarmerMA
216/20Holmes, Clarasa65fw-MA
317/21Pope, Henry56mwFarmerMA
417/21Pope, Lydia W.47fw-MA
517/21Pope, Frances20fw-MA
617/21Pope, Mercy A.18fw-MA
717/21Pope, Henry S.15mwFarmerMA
817/21Pope, John T.13mw-MA
917/21Pope, George W.10mw-MA
1017/21Pope, Esra8mw-MA
1118/22Pratt, Stillman62mwFarmerMA
1218/22Pratt, Mercy62fw-MA
1319/23Carver, Samuel B.38mwFarmerMA
1419/23Carver, Sarah W.35fw-MA
1519/23Carver, Charles G.12mw-MA
1619/23Carver, Allice T.11fw-MA
1719/23Carver, Saml. T.9mw-MA
1819/23Carver, Josiah T.7mw-MA
1919/23Carver, Herbert S.48mmw-MA
2020/24Perkins, Friend S.53mwShoe MakerVT
2120/24Perkins, Anna46fw-MA
2220/24Perkins, Lucy S.16fw-MA
2320/24Perkins, Robert T.8mw-MA
2420/24Leach, Selden17mwFarmerMA
2521/25Ingles, Saml. S.44mwFarmerMA
2621/25Ingles, Rebecca39fw-MA
2721/25Ingles, Lucy T.20fw-MA
2821/25Ingles, Charles9mw-MA
2921/25Ingles, Deborah T.8fw-MA
30/26Ingles, Lucy67fw-MA
31/26Ingles, Lucius28mwFarmerMA
3222/27Thompson, Cyrus36mwFarmerMA
3322/27Thompson, Clara G.28fw-MA
3423/28Porter, Chipman58mwFarmerMA
3523/28Porter, Cyntha56fw-MA
3623/28Porter, Oliver C.28mwFarmerMA
3723/28Porter, Henry M.17mwFarmerMA
3823/28Sears, Hannah R.19fw-MA
3923/28Sears, Lucinda13fw-MA
4024/29Wood, Asaph S.45mwFarmerMA
4124/29Wood, Abba L.33fw-MA
4224/29Wood, Abba P.5mfw-MA

Page 4

Inhabitants in Hanson, in the County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the first day of June, 1855.

125/30Wright, Cyrus35mwFarmerMA
225/30Wright, Sarah A.28fw-MA
325/30Wright, Margaret P.7fw-MA
425/30Bolton, Sarah (Pauper)72fw-MA
526/31Drew, George67mwFarmerMA
626/31Drew, Sarah70fw-MA
726/31Drew, James T.42mwMerchantMA
826/31Hearsey, Amanda13fw-MA
927/32Drew, George, Jr.44mwFarmerMA
1027/32Drew, Lucy L.40fw-MA
1127/32Drew, George 3d.14mw-MA
1227/32Drew, Cephas9mw-MA
1328/33Thompson, Asa79mwFarmerMA
1428/33Thompson, Hannah72fw-MA
1528/33Thompson, Stella46fw-MA
1628/33Thompson, Mahitable40fw-MA
1728/33Thompson, Rebecca29fw-MA
18/34Tinkham, Precilla75fw-MA
1929/35Pratt, Otis28mwFarmerMA
2029/35Pratt, Emily W.23fw-MA
2129/35Pratt, Emily J.34mfw-MA
2229/35Sears, Josiah E.11mw-MA
2330/36Sampson, Jeremy68mwFarmerMA
2430/36Sampson, Clara63fw-MA
2531/37Soule, Jacob47mwShoe MakerMA
2631/37Soule, Lydia49fw-MA
2731/37Soule, Charlottiah M.17fw-MA
2831/37Soule, Charles H.9mw-MA
2931/37Thompson, Asaph P.23mwShoemakerMA
3031/37Orcut, Alpheus S.16mwShoemakerMA
3132/38Wood, Ebenr., Jr.54mwFarmerMA
3232/38Wood, Hannah M.44fw-MA
3332/38Wood, Theadore10mw-MA
3432/38Wood, Jane7fw-MA
3532/38Wood, Albert F.48mmw-MA
3633/39Fuller, Alfred38mwFarmerMA
3733/39Fuller, Mary P.43fw-MA
3833/39Fuller, Nancy17fw-MA
3933/39Fuller, Jane F.15fw-MA
4033/39Fuller, Mary10fw-MA
4133/39Fuller, Elizabeth E.5fw-MA
4233/39Curney, Marcus A.17mw-MA

Page 5

Inhabitants in Hanson, in the County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the first day of June, 1855.

134/40Wood, Ebenezer84mwFarmerMA
234/40Wood, Tiley48fw-MA
334/40Sears, Amanda17fw-MA
435/41Wood, Isaac64mwFarmerMA
535/41Wood, Mehitable54fw-MA
6/42Wood, Martin51mwFarmerMA
7/42Wood, Emily31fw-MA
8/42Vinica, Rachel72fw-MA
9/42Wood, Lydia10fw-MA
1036/43Thompson, Zadock65mwFarmerMA
1136/43Thompson, Deborah61fw-MA
1236/43Gillson, Elisabeth21fw-MA
13/44Williams, Simeon H.29mwCarpenterMA
14/44Williams, Salina F.24fw-MA
15/44Williams, Emma P.42mfw-MA
16/44Williams, Ellen T.18mfw-MA
1737/45Thompson, Albert40mwCarpenterMA
1837/45Thompson, Charlotte M.32fw-MA
1937/45Thompson, Albert C.11mw-MA
2038/46Wood, Nathan F.44mwShoemakerMA
2138/46Wood, Anna M.40fw-MA
2238/46Wood, Susan E.19fw-MA
2338/46Wood, Philander18mwShoemakerMA
2438/46Wood, Erland J.18mmw-MA
2538/46Wood, Newell E.1mmw-MA
2639/47Colwell, George35mwShoemakerMA
2739/47Colwell, Elizabeth32fw-MA
2839/47Colwell, George W.7mw-MA
2939/47Colwell, Warren H.5mw-MA
3040/48Thompson, Isaac, Jr.40mwCarpenterMA
3140/48Thompson, Lydia R.41fw-MA
3240/48Thompson, Deborah A.9fw-MA
3341/49Thompson, Isaac81mwFarmerMA
3441/49Thompson, Deborah50fw-MA
3541/49Thompson, Olive79fw-MA
3642/50Thompson, Lysander44mwCarpenterMA
3742/50Thompson, Abigail46fw-MA
3842/50Thompson, Lysander M.21mwCarpenterMA
3942/50Thompson, Saranus18mwShoemakerMA
4042/50Thompson, Sidney H.5mw-MA
4143/51Fuller, Natham70mwFarmerMA
4243/51Fuller, Faith69fw-MA

Page 6

Inhabitants in Hanson, in the County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the first day of June, 1855.

144/52Fuller, Chipman45mwFarmerMA
244/52Fuller, Hannah38fw-MA
344/52Fuller, Granville13mw-MA
444/52Brown, Robert (Pauper)72mw-MA
5/53Fuller, Nathan, Jr.41mwFarmerMA
6/53Fuller, Sarah S.34fw-MA
7/53Fuller, Emily T.11fw-MA
8/53Fuller, Lovesta9fw-MA
9/53Fuller, Edmund H.6mw-MA
1045/54Fuller, Ebenezer34mwFarmerMA
1145/54Fuller, Mary A.31fw-MA
1245/54Fuller, Nelson H.12mw-MA
1345/54Fuller, Frederic E.10mw-MA
1445/54Fuller, Charlotte A.5fw-MA
1545/54Fuller, Ellen F.48mfw-MA
1645/54Fuller, Eberts E.3mmw-MA
17/55Fuller, Abigail61fw-MA
18/56Osbourn, Martin24mwShoemakerMA
19/56Osbourn, Sarah J.22fw-MA
20/56Osbourn, Earl H.5mw-MA
21/56Osbourn, Martin W.24mmw-MA
2246/57Fuller, Samuel62mwFarmerMA
2346/57Fuller, Nancy58fw-MA
2446/57Fuller, Thomas S.20mwShoemakerMA
2546/57Fuller, Estas18mwShoemakerMA
2646/57Fuller, Nancy15fw-MA
2746/57Ellis, Sarah F.8fw-MA
28/58Nevens, William L.44mwSeamanMA
2946/57Nevens, Betsey F.37fw-MA
30/58Nevens, Laura L.11fw-MA
31/58Nevens, Charles T.36mmw-MA
32/58Nevens, Lebeus L.13mw-MA
3347/59Fuller, Isaac56mwFarmerMA
3447/59Fuller, Cyntha51fw-MA
3548/60Sturtevant, Dependance70mwFarmerMA
3648/60Sturtevant, Mary S.34fw-MA
37/61Sturtevant, Ira L.37mwFarmerMA
38/61Sturtevant, Irene S.31fw-MA
39/61Sturtevant, Irene L.47mfw-MA
4049/62Bosworth, Lebeus52mwFarmer-
4150/63Tillson, Caroline57----

Page 7

Inhabitants in Hanson, in the County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the first day of June, 1855.

151/64Morton, Elbridge G.50mwFarmerMA
251/64Morton, Louisa49fw-MA
351/64Morton, Louisa M.21fw-MA
451/64Morton, Nathaniel14mw-MA
551/64Soule, Elijah29mwFarmerME
651/64Cook, Mary A.11fw-MA