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1855 Halifax State Census Records
Plymouth County, Massachusetts
Section 3

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  1. Line number
  2. Dwelling-house numbered in the order of visitation.
  3. Families numbered in the order of visitation.
  4. Name of every Person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June, 1855, was in this family.
  5. Age
  6. Sex
  7. Color
  8. Profession, Occupation or Trade, of each Male Person, over 15 years of age.
  9. Place of Birth.

Page 1

Inhabitants in Hanson, in the County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the first day of June, 1855.

NameAgeSexColorOccupationPlace of Birth
11/1Lyon, Edwin37mwShoemakerMA
21/1Lyon, Abby W.28fw-MA
32/2Lyon, Sally63fw-MA
42/2Lyon, Abigail T.42fw-MA
52/2Lyon, Priam33mwManufacturerMA
62/2Lyon, George F.25mwShoemakerMA
72/2Lyon, Lydia C.21fw-MA
82/2Paddock, Septa52fw-MA
92/2Sturtevant, George W.25mwShoemakerMA
103/3Lyon, Charles P.31mwShoemakerMA
113/3Lyon, Sarah B.22fw-MA
123/3Lyon, Obadiah-mw-MA
134/4Parris, Benj. F.H.31mwShoemakerMA
144/4Parris, Eliza28fw-MA
154/4Parris, Isaac N.9mw-MA
164/4Parris, Mary E.58mfw-MA
174/4Pratt, Thompson L.19mwShoemakerMA
184/4Stetson, Ephraim61mwFarmerME
195/5Lyon, Alpha52mwFarmerMA
205/5Lyon, Tabitha53fw-MA
215/5Lyon, Joanna25fw-MA
225/5Lyon, Mary P.23fw-MA
235/5Lyon, Almera C.20fw-MA
245/5Lyon, William A.18mwShoemakerMA
255/5Lyon, Sylvanus M.13mw-MA
265/5Leach, Thompson82mwFarmerMA
275/5Leach, Alden51mwFarmerMA
286/6Marston, Nymphus W.25mwShoemakerMA
296/6Marston, Mary L.20fw-MA
306/6Marston, Nymphus H.26mmw-MA
316/6Marston, Edith M.5mfw-MA
32/7Wade, James, Jr.39mwShoemakerMA
33/7Wade, Lucia S.35fw-MA
347/8Bryant, Paul58mwShoemakerMA
35Blank Line
367/8Bryant, Mercy59fw-MA
377/8Bryant, Thomas H. B.21mwShoemakerMA
387/8Bryant, Oliver E.18mwShoemakerMA
397/8Bryant, Francis E.16mwShoemakerMA
408/9Marston, William T.20mwShoemakerMA
418/9Marston, Henrietta M.25fw-MA

Page 2

Inhabitants in Hanson, in the County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the first day of June, 1855.

19/10Thomas, Horace33mwShoemakerMA
29/10Thomas, Lucy36fw-MA
39/10Thomas, James T.9mw-MA
49/10Thomas, Ida W.8fw-MA
59/10Thomas, Joshua C.6mw-MA
69/10Thomas, Lucy A.36mfw-MA
79/10Lyon, Freelove60fw-MA
810/11Thompson, Josiah42mwCarpenterMA
910/11Thompson, Jane A.38fw-MA
1010/11Thompson, Eliza J.15fw-MA
1110/11Thompson, Josiah, Jr.13mw-MA
1210/11Thompson, Zenus M.11mw-MA
1310/11Thompson, Adelaide8fw-MA
1410/11Thompson, Betsey W.5fw-MA
1511/12Bourne, Joseph T.32mwSawyerMA
1611/12Bourne, Mary W.26fw-ME
1711/12Bourne, James M.6mw-MA
1811/12Bourne, Willson M.48mmw-MA
1911/12Bourne, Loretta M.12mfw-MA
2011/12Dow, Jonah72mw-ME
21/13Moore, Grenville C.33mwSawyerME
22/13Moore, Mary27fw-MA
23/13Moore, Charles G.6mw-MA
24/13Moore, Tamer P.36mfw-MA
25/13Moore, Julia A.7mfw-MA
26/13Dow, Joseph E.18mwLabourerME
2712/14Nesmith, Charles H.31mwShoemakerEng
2812/14Nesmith, Betsey S.25fw-MA
2912/14Nesmith, Charles H., Jr.40mmw-MA
3012/14Nesmith, Edgar E.12mmw-MA
3113/15Paine, Charles H.35mwShoemakerMA
3213/15Paine, Cordedia A.32fw-MA
3313/15Paine, Charles P.8mw-MA
3413/15Paine, Lucy E.14mfw-MA
3513/15Paine, Ann R.8mfw-MA
3614/16Wade, James72mwFarmerMA
3714/16Wade, Sabina70fw-MA
3815/17Cobb, Elvira C.49fw-MA
3915/17Cobb, Henry F.23mwShoemakerMA
4015/17Cobb, Christiana21fw-MA

Page 3

Inhabitants in Hanson, in the County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the first day of June, 1855.

116/18Allen, Lucy64fw-MA
216/18Allen, Julia42fw-MA
316/18Inglee, Edwin37mwMerchantMA
416/18Crocker, William H.20mwMerchantMA
517/19Wood, Cyrus33mwShoemakerMA
617/19Wood, Catherine F.28fw-MA
717/19Wood, Herbert L.8mmw-MA
818/20Tillson, William51mwFarmerMA
918/20Tillson, Clara S.39fw-MA
1018/20Tillson, William M.10mw-MA
1118/20Bourne, Charles29mwFarmerMA
1219/21Holmes, Melvin74mwFarmerMA
1319/21Holmes, Betsey T.53fw-MA
1420/22Jackson, George W., Jr.42mwFarmerMA
1520/22Jackson, Elizabeth T.34fw-MA
1620/22Jackson, Georgianna S.9fw-MA
1720/22Jackson, George W.79mwFarmerMA
1821/23Munroe, James L.35mwShoemakerMA
1921/23Munroe, Eliza A.27fw-MA
2021/23Munroe, James M.8mw-MA
2121/23Munroe, Benjamin F.5mw-MA
2222/24Hayward, Kinsley45mwFarmerMA
2322/24Hayward, Sarah A.40fw-MA
2422/24Hayward, Luther W.16mwShoemakerMA
2522/24Hayward, Kinsley, Jr.13mw-MA
2622/24Hayward, Rachel C.10fw-MA
2722/24Hayward, Elmira T.6fw-MA
2823/25Hudson, Isaac64mwFarmerMA
2923/25Hudson, Mary58fw-MA
3023/25Bonney, Elbridge P.26mwShoemakerMA
3123/25Bonney, Mary M.23fw-MA
3223/25Bonney, Mercy M.32mfw-MA
3324/26Parris, Jonathan52mwFarmerMA
3424/26Parris, Hannah R.64fw-MA
3525/27Peasley, William A.45mwFarmerNH
3625/27Peasley, Melinda41fw-MA
3725/27Peasley, William A., Jr.17mwShoemakerMA
3825/27Peasley, Hannah W.11fw-MA
3926/28Thrasher, Cyrus40mwFarmerMA
4026/28Thrasher, Elizabeth34fw-MA
4126/28Thrasher, Cyrus H.2mmw-MA

Page 4

Inhabitants in Hanson, in the County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the first day of June, 1855.

127/29Thompson, John T. L.43mwFarmerMA
227/29Thompson, Sagy B.35fw-MA
327/29Thompson, Clara S.12fw-MA
427/29Thompson, Zebadiah10mw-MA
527/29Thompson, John T.9mw-MA
627/29Thompson, Mary S.6fw-MA
727/29Thompson, Christopher T.24mmw-MA
828/30Bourne, Abraham42mwFarmerMA
928/30Bourne, Mary A.39fw-MA
1028/30Bourne, William N.18mwShoemakerMA
1128/30Bourne, Sylvanus16mwShoemakerMA
1228/30Bourne, Mary W.11fw-MA
1328/30Bourne, Eliza56mfw-MA
1428/30Bourne, Unice F.28mfw-MA
15/31Wade, Lavinia B.44fw-MA
16/31Wade, Emily P.12fw-MA
1729/32Holmes, Calvin27mwShoemakerMA
1829/32Holmes, Julia A.27fw-MA
1929/32Holmes, Frances M.55mfw-MA
2029/32Wade, Levitt50mwFarmerMA
2130/33Harlow, Stephen47mwFarmerMA
2230/33Harlow, Hope C.47fw-MA
2330/33Harlow, Joseph17mwShoemakerMA
2430/33Harlow, George14mwShoemakerMA
2531/34Wood, Leavitt57mwCarpenterMA
2631/34Wood, Rachel56fw-MA
2731/34Wood, Rachel L.16fw-MA
2831/34Wood, John H.10mw-MA
2931/34Wade, Francis M.22mwFarmerMA
3032/35Wood, Alvinzer29mwShoemakerMA
3132/35Wood, Mary B.23fw-MA
3232/35Wood, Mary A.27mfw-MA
3332/35Wood, Lucy53fw-MA
3432/35Rider, Lucy L.21fw-MA
3532/35Rider, Francena G.4mfw-MA
36Blank Line
3733/36Morton, Cyrus58mwPhysicianMA
3833/36Morton, Lydia H.40fw-MA
3933/36Morton, Lucy W.12fw-MA
4033/36Morton, Thomas D.7mw-MA

Page 5

Inhabitants in Hanson, in the County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the first day of June, 1855.

134/37Sturtevant, Simeon52mwFarmerMA
234/37Sturtevant, Thomas56mwFarmerMA
334/37Sturtevant, Mary53fw-MA
434/37Sturtevant, Mary80fw-MA
535/38Sturtevant, Ward64mwFarmerMA
635/38Sturtevant, Angeline19fw-MA
736/39Thompson, Jacob52mwShoemakerMA
836/39Thompson, Emeline M.50fw-MA
936/39Thompson, George W.26mwShoemakerMA
1036/39Thompson, Mary J.20fw-MA
1136/39Thompson, Vernon M.18mwShoemakerMA
1236/39Thompson, Frances M.16fw-MA
1336/39Thompson, Jacob P.13mw-MA
1437/40Eldridge, George W.43mwShoemakerMA
1537/40Eldridge, Sylvia W.36fw-MA
1637/40Eldridge, Benjamin F.15mwShoemakerMA
1738/41Wood, Samuel54mwFarmerMA
1838/41Wood, Sophia S.50fw-MA
1938/41Wood, Leander P.20mwFarmerMA
2038/41Wood, Hariet M.15fw-MA
2139/42Thompson, Ichabod42mwFarmerMA
2239/42Thompson, Lucy C.40fw-MA
2339/42Thompson, Sarah10fw-MA
2439/42Thompson, Asa C.6mw-MA
25Blank Line
26/43Wood, Timothy F.30mwShoemakerMA
27/43Wood, Hannah F.27fw-MA
2840/44Perkins, Jason55mwFarmerMA
2940/44Perkins, Ann T.50fw-MA
3040/44Perkins, Edward T.13mw-MA
3140/44Perkins, Ann E.11fw-MA
3240/44Perkins, Lydia W.6fw-MA
3340/44Fuller, Charles H.19mwShoemaker-
3440/45Bosworth, Lydia58fw-MA
35/46Cornish, Seviah F.45fw-MA
36/46Cornish, Giles W.9mw-MA
3741/47Venaca, Eliza72fw-MA
38Blank Line
3941/47Perkins, Mercy63fw-MA

Page 6

Inhabitants in Hanson, in the County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the first day of June, 1855.

142/48Cornish, Ellis52mwFarmerMA
242/48Cornish, Sally42fw-MA
342/48Cornish, Mary F.17fw-MA
442/48Cornish, Ellis H.15mwFarmerMA
542/48Cornish, Horatio W.13mw-MA
642/48Cornish, Sarah W.11mw-MA
742/48Cornish, Lucy G.8fw-MA
842/48Cornish, Jerusha E.6fw-MA
942/48Cornish, Elmer C.38mmw-MA
1042/48Cornish, Rozella E.9mfw-MA
1143/49Thompson, Lucy71fw-MA
1243/49Copeland, Sarah82fw-MA
1343/49Holmes, Martin40mwShoemakerMA
1443/49Holmes, Winslow C.33mwShoemakerMA
1543/49Holmes, Henry M.14mw-MA
1643/49Wiswell, John B.18mwShoemakerMA
1744/50Fuller, John81mwFarmerMA
1844/50Fuller, Hannah68fw-MA
1944/50Cooper, Polly62fw-MA
2044/50Fuller, John, Jr.37mwFarmerMA
2144/50Fuller, James D.34mwShoemakerMA
2244/50Fuller, James T.5mw-MA