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1855 Massachusetts State Census Index
Town of Hanson
Plymouth County, Mass.

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Please Note: This index is designed to be used with these 1855 Hanson, Ma. Census Records

Ames, John C.426
Ames, Marcus423
Ames, Marcus F.425
Ames, Sarah H.424
Anderson, Margaret1331
Arnold, Caleb729
Arnold, Isaac P.732
Arnold, Lucius W.731
Arnold, Priscilla730
Arnold, Walter S.733
Bailey, Calvin826
Bailey, Elbridge613
Bailey, George C.511
Bailey, Julia A.512
Bailey, Julia E.513
Bailey, Lucy F.827
Bailey, Lucy M.614
Bailey, Oretta M.615
Banican, Bridget1711
Banican, Catharine624
Banican, John1814
Banican, John J.521
Banican, Mathew1710
Banican, Patrick H.520
Banican, Patrick O.518
Banican, Rose519
Barker, Albert S.2314
Barker, Benjamin1637
Barker, Benjamin, Jr.1818
Barker, Bowen2317
Barker, Charles1823
Barker, Deborah A.1822
Barker, Deborah C.1819
Barker, Deborah D.537
Barker, Dewitt C.541
Barker, Eliza2311
Barker, Eliza C.2312
Barker, Ellen A.61
Barker, Frederic Q.542
Barker, George F.1824
Barker, Hannah55
Barker, Hannah1821
Barker, Isaac B.2313
Barker, John1820
Barker, Josiah2310
Barker, Lorinda W.538
Barker, Lot P.536
Barker, Lydia1638
Barker, Mary E.2315
Barker, Mary T.2318
Barker, Nabby1639
Barker, Philip H.540
Barker, Ruth2319
Barker, Sarah E.539
Barker, Sarah E.1825
Barker, William62
Barker, William T.2316
Bass, Charlotte1334
Bass, Charlottee W.2129
Bass, Delia1335
Bass, Delia M.2132
Bates, Abigail N.119
Bates, Andrew H.118
Bates, Clarra W.1629
Bates, Clarra W., Jr.1630
Bates, Elbridge G.1628
Bates, Ellen F.1631
Bates, Gilman120
Bates, Lorenzo T.117
Bates, Zilpha A.121
Beal, Alden257
Beal, Allice2012
Beal, Alonzo208
Beal, Bernard C.1228
Beal, Celia2014
Beal, Charles M.259
Beal, Edward F.2513
Beal, Edwin204
Beal, Edwin, Jr.209
Beal, Flavel2013
Beal, George B.2510
Beal, George H.1231
Beal, George P.1229
Beal, Gibson2010
Beal, Harriet206
Beal, Henry A.2436
Beal, John207
Beal, Lillice2015
Beal, Lucy B.2437
Beal, Mary1227
Beal, Mary1230
Beal, Mary F.1232
Beal, Naomi258
Beal, Naomi T.2511
Beal, Sarah2011
Beal, Sarah D.205
Beal, William O.2512
Bearce, Benjamin262
Bearce, Benjamin H.2541
Bearce, Betsey2642
Bearce, Betsey D.2723
Bearce, Chloe W.2340
Bearce, Deborah S.271
Bearce, Fanny2720
Bearce, Isaiah2335
Bearce, Jacob2333
Bearce, Joseph2641
Bearce, Joseph T.2721
Bearce, Joseph, Jr.2719
Bearce, Loretta W.2722
Bearce, Maria A.2341
Bearce, Marina A.2336
Bearce, Marina W.T.2338
Bearce, Millie K.2337
Bearce, Polly2542
Bearce, Vergil V.P.2339
Bearce, William H.261
Bearce, William W.2019
Behon, Bridget1731
Behon, John1732
Bennett, Manard E.1539
Bisbee, Ann L.1634
Bisbee, Auraanna1636
Bisbee, Lorenzo1633
Bisbee, Vesta L.1635
Bonney, Betsey240
Bonney, Betsey911
Bonney, Celia1135
Bonney, Chloe M.2218
Bonney, Crowe239
Bonney, Eleazer241
Bonney, Eliza920
Bonney, Eliza M.2219
Bonney, Franklin W.228
Bonney, George222
Bonney, Hannah3022
Bonney, Joseph S.2217
Bonney, Josiah229
Bonney, Judah1114
Bonney, Julia A.223
Bonney, Lucian1136
Bonney, Martha2210
Bonney, Mary E.921
Bonney, Mary R.2211
Bonney, Melinda2236
Bonney, Morton V.B.227
Bonney, Noah1134
Bonney, Orpha912
Bonney, Polly2212
Bonney, Rebecca24
Bonney, Seth919
Bosworth, Ichabod1216
Bosworth, Jane B.1217
Bosworth, Sarah J.1218
Bourn, Abel2525
Bourn, Allice1625
Bourn, Almira A.2429
Bourn, Augusta3017
Bourn, Calvin F.1813
Bourn, Caroline H.176
Bourn, Charles3011
Bourn, Charles W.263
Bourn, Chloe D.185
Bourn, Clarra1214
Bourn, Clarrissa1210
Bourn, Cornelia A.186
Bourn, Daniel3013
Bourn, Deborah3012
Bourn, Ebenezer B.2523
Bourn, Edward177
Bourn, Ella J.1624
Bourn, Emma1626
Bourn, Ephraim1213
Bourn, Fanny309
Bourn, Ferdinand A.184
Bourn, Flora2430
Bourn, Francis1515
Bourn, Francis W.1524
Bourn, George H.3010
Bourn, Isaac3015
Bourn, James305
Bourn, James A.307
Bourn, Jane1525
Bourn, Jane T.1623
Bourn, Jarvis187
Bourn, Josiah245
Bourn, Josiah 2d.1212
Bourn, Levi1215
Bourn, Marcia1211
Bourn, Martin W.1810
Bourn, Mary J.1811
Bourn, Oliver129
Bourn, Priscilla C.308
Bourn, Rachel2524
Bourn, Rhoda E.246
Bourn, Samuel T.175
Bourn, Sarah C.306
Bourn, Sarah S.1516
Bourn, Sarah W.2526
Bourn, Sophronia3014
Bourn, Sylvia189
Bourn, Sylvia A.1812
Bourn, Tamer3016
Bourn, Thomas1526
Bourn, William188
Bourn, William H.1627
Bowker, Andrew1310
Bowker, Betsey1311
Bowker, Gad111
Bowker, Geo. T.1239
Bowker, Hannah43
Bowker, Harriet41
Bowker, John113
Bowker, Luther934
Bowker, Maranda1240
Bowker, Mary J.42
Bowker, Rachel112
Bowker, Roselle929
Brewster, Bethiah2033
Brewster, Edwin J.2036
Brewster, James B.2034
Brewster, Maria F.2037
Brewster, Philip2032
Brewster, Rachel S.2035
Briggs, Caroline E.2918
Briggs, Jane H.1735
Briggs, John S.292
Briggs, Lydia C.1734
Briggs, Mary C.2919
Briggs, Samuel1733
Briggs, Seth M.2917
Bryant, Elizabeth E.1225
Bryant, Fanny W.1224
Bryant, Florianna J.212
Bryant, George A.2042
Bryant, Josephus1223
Bryant, Lucia L.1226
Bryant, Lucinda211
Burnham, Francis A.439
Burnham, Mary440
Carr, Almus F.127
Carr, Frank B.126
Carr, Jane C.128
Carr, John E.124
Carr, Mary E.125
Carson, John332
Chamberlain, Augusta1910
Chapman, Hulda A.123
Chapman, Luther122
Chapman, Luther W.124
Clark, Edwin638
Clark, Edwin T.640
Clark, Eliza A.628
Clark, Ellen629
Clark, Harriet H.182
Clark, Harriet T.183
Clark, Jane627
Clark, Louisa639
Clark, Sarah H.626
Clark, Thomas G.625
Clark, Thomas G., Jr.181
Clark, Warren B.641
Cobb, Betsey1719
Cobb, Grace L.1721
Cobb, Sarah H.1720
Colbert, Benjamin1640
Cole, Silvesta1040
Collins, Joanna1417
Colton, Alonzo2322
Colton, Sophronia2323
Conant, Charles202
Conant, George W.201
Conant, Mary E.203
Conant, Phebe1942
Conant, Winslow1941
Conn, Melinda616
Conway, Dennis1332
Conway, James1815
Cook, Bethiah B.116
Cook, Isaac115
Cook, John99
Cook, Lucy910
Cooms, William2925
Corthel, Amelia M.1323
Corthel, Daniel M.1322
Corthel, Fred H.1324
Corthel, Willie M.1325
Cox, Albert812
Cox, Almira829
Cox, Charlotte89
Cox, Eliza J.811
Cox, Ephraim88
Cox, Hannah B.816
Cox, Joseph813
Cox, Levi S.810
Cox, Lydia814
Cox, Phebe H.87
Cox, Samuel O.815
Cox, Whitcom828
Cox, William86
Crehove, Hannah2334
Croak, Patrick1333
Crocker, Luther O.2018
Crocker, Olive215
Crocker, Silvina2331
Curtis, William H.2832
Cushing, Ann636
Cushing, Anna P.152
Cushing, Catharine622
Cushing, Charles621
Cushing, Charles166
Cushing, Elijah617
Cushing, Eliza618
Cushing, Frederic T.168
Cushing, Galen P.155
Cushing, George619
Cushing, John154
Cushing, Mary E.156
Cushing, Nathaniel W.163
Cushing, Nathaniel W., Jr.167
Cushing, Rachel635
Cushing, Rachel1513
Cushing, Rachel164
Cushing, Ruth1512
Cushing, Sally B.165
Cushing, Theodore620
Cushing, Walter623
Cushing, William151
Cushing, William H.153
Daland, Daniel2329
Daland, Hannah2330
Damon, Elijah2625
Damon, Elijah, Jr.2628
Damon, Emily2626
Damon, Emily, Jr.2627
Damon, William2629
Dary, Harriet2824
Delano, Elizabeth320
Delano, George P.322
Delano, Hellen321
Delano, Thomas B.319
Dempsey, James296
Dempsey, Phebe A.297
Donley, Ann1934
Donley, Catharine1935
Donley, Edward1933
Dorr, Amos L.2038
Dorr, Georgianna M.2041
Dorr, Mary F.2039
Dorr, Mary L.2040
Doten, Betsey19
Doten, George D.110
Doten, John18
Doten, John T.111
Dow, Josephene247
Drake, Betsey A.2728
Drake, Frank2730
Drake, Lucy1726
Drake, Lucy2727
Drake, Mardin2725
Drake, Nathaniel M.2729
Drake, Rhoda F.2726
Drayton, Daniel W.74
Drayton, Florenda72
Drayton, George73
Drayton, John71
Drayton, Lydia75
Drew, Cyrus1712
Drew, Everline1713
Drew, Everline W.1715
Drew, Thomas1714
Dugan, Mary A.2718
Dunham, Alfreda2636
Dunham, Charles W.2638
Dunham, Experience2640
Dunham, Lavina2637
Dunham, Martha2635
Dunham, Mary E.2639
Dunham, Silas2634
Durgan, Caroline1912
Durgan, Edward G.1914
Durgan, Emily J.1916
Durgan, Joseph1911
Durgan, Rosina F.1917
Durgan, Sarah E.1913
Durgan, Sophronia1915
Dwelley, Amy M.13
Ellis, Charles H.94
Ellis, Eliza K.97
Ellis, Emerline E.98
Ellis, George W.95
Ellis, Jason92
Ellis, Sarah93
Ellis, Sarah W.96
Elmes, Abigail223
Elmes, Augustus224
Elmes, Daniel R.222
Elmes, George83
Elmes, Harriet82
Elmes, Ida S.225
Elmes, John L.81
Elmes, Sarah L.84
Elmes, William G.85
Eson, Alexander C.2232
Eson, Jane A.2235
Eson, Mary2233
Eson, William H.2234
Estes, Abby F.2230
Estes, Abby J.330
Estes, Bethiah64
Estes, Betsey328
Estes, Calvin235
Estes, Carrie237
Estes, Daniel B.66
Estes, Diana H.2229
Estes, Doratha65
Estes, Edward238
Estes, Florin326
Estes, Florin P.329
Estes, Harriet327
Estes, Harriet A.331
Estes, Julia A.236
Estes, Stephen C.2231
Estes, Stephen H.2228
Estes, William63
Everon, Nabby3024
Everson, Adelia D.2433
Everson, Alpheus2419
Everson, Barnabass2431
Everson, Betsey E.265
Everson, Calvin2613
Everson, Caroline2420
Everson, Deborah2432
Everson, Francis M.2417
Everson, Frederick O.2827
Everson, Harriet E.278
Everson, Henry E.2712
Everson, Henry H.279
Everson, Imogene L.2435
Everson, Issacher F.264
Everson, Issacher F.266
Everson, Joan M.2710
Everson, Joseph H.277
Everson, Levi2415
Everson, Margaret123
Everson, Mary122
Everson, Mary T.2416
Everson, Olando D.267
Everson, Richard121
Everson, Richard A.2434
Everson, Rufus2421
Everson, Salome B.2826
Everson, Samuel2332
Everson, Sarah D.2418
Everson, Silvenus2612
Everson, Silvenus B.2614
Everson, Sylvina2828
Everson, William F.2825
Everson, Wilmot V.2711
Ewell, Henry114
Farras, Caroline C.421
Farras, Daniel420
Farras, Daniel, Jr.422
Fish, Andrew J.1141
Fish, Daniel317
Fish, Experience318
Fish, Joseph L.1140
Fish, Lewis1137
Fish, Rosanna O.1139
Fish, Sarah1138
Ford, Elbridge G.1536
Ford, Susan L.1537
Foster, Almira J.1125
Foster, Alvira S.1117
Foster, Hanibal1127
Foster, Hezediah C.1124
Foster, Horatio1119
Foster, Isaac1120
Foster, Isaac N.1126
Foster, Joanna1118
Foster, M.D.L.1129
Foster, Mary J.1116
Foster, Nahum1115
Foster, Phebe1122
Foster, Presley1128
Foster, Seth1123
Foster, Susanna1121
Freeman, Josephene143
Freeman, Mehitable142
Fuller, Ansel146
Fuller, Eliza1532
Fuller, Ella1533
Fuller, Lucius1531
Fuller, Nancy1535
Fuller, Nathan T.149
Fuller, Patience1534
Gannett, Eliza1620
Gannett, Seth1619
Golbert, George S.217
Gorman, Ellen178
Gorman, Margaret169
Goss, Henry P.2138
Goss, Louisa2139
Goss, Mary Ann2140
Gurney, Adah2831
Gurney, Almira2533
Gurney, Andrew H.1621
Gurney, Deborah2531
Gurney, Deborah2535
Gurney, E. Henry2536
Gurney, Ebenezer B.K.2532
Gurney, Ellar J.2538
Gurney, Ellen E.1622
Gurney, Freeman J.2539
Gurney, Georgianna L.2537
Gurney, Lucy B.2830
Gurney, Theron J.2829
Gurney, Thomas2530
Gurney, Thomas2534
Hamilton, Lucius2731
Hamilton, Mary A.2732
Hamilton, Morton W.2733
Harden, Alpheus C.1936
Harden, Amos1939
Harden, Elmer H.1938
Harden, George1940
Harden, Hannah C.1937
Harden, Louisa2833
Harden, Louisa A.2834
Harris, Eliza58
Harris, Hannah H.57
Harris, Seth56
Hatch, Ada J.35
Hatch, Alford F.34
Hatch, George O.33
Hatch, Henrietta T.79
Hatch, John T.31
Hatch, Lydia F.78
Hatch, Nathaniel T.77
Hatch, Patty242
Hatch, Sarah T.32
Hathaway, Hannah W.517
Hathaway, Joseph R.516
Hathaway, Joseph T.514
Hathaway, Mary C.515
Hedge, John228
Hedge, Maria229
Hewitt, James E.53
Hewitt, Ruth C.54
Hill, Frusilla H.2914
Hill, Abigail G.2939
Hill, Ann199
Hill, Charles R.198
Hill, Cushman A.2934
Hill, Eddy2632
Hill, Elizabeth2739
Hill, Elliott M.2916
Hill, Frances C.2936
Hill, George H.434
Hill, Harriet L.2822
Hill, Isaac F.196
Hill, Jacob P.2913
Hill, Laura3026
Hill, Leonard B.2938
Hill, Lorenzo F.2821
Hill, Lucinda433
Hill, Lucy2935
Hill, Lucy A.2937
Hill, Lydia435
Hill, Martha J.2940
Hill, Nahum S.2738
Hill, Phebe436
Hill, Susan197
Hill, Susan A.2740
Hill, William E.2741
Hill, William E. D.2915
Hill, William H.F.2823
Hinckley, Andrew933
Hinckley, Catharine942
Hinckley, John941
Hinckley, Sarah E.101
Hitchcock, Francis139
Hitchcock, Patty926
Hobart, Angelia F.2125
Hobart, Isaac2118
Hobart, Lettuce2119
Hobart, Sarah M.2126
Hobart, Sarah R.2124
Hobart, Theodore2123
Holmes, Edward1741
Holmes, Joseph1739
Holmes, Luther1737
Holmes, Mary C.1740
Holmes, Nancy1738
Hood, William W.2540
House, Albert930
House, Francis F.932
House, Nabby C.1021
House, Nancy931
House, Samuel1020
House, Samuel T.1022
House, Wallace1023
Howard, Amelia S.282
Howard, Charles F.2820
Howard, Chelcias2742
Howard, Clarrissa281
Howard, Francis Y.2818
Howard, Julia A.2819
Howard, Willard283
Howland, Albert2518
Howland, Albert B.211
Howland, Andrew B.272
Howland, Asa2514
Howland, Calvin L.226
Howland, Calvin L.2029
Howland, Charles2410
Howland, Charles W.2413
Howland, Cornelia O.255
Howland, Cyntha2515
Howland, Cyntha J.2519
Howland, Davis W.2028
Howland, Evelyn H.2414
Howland, Freeman P.212
Howland, Friend W.2024
Howland, Friend W., Jr.2027
Howland, George2516
Howland, George D.2026
Howland, James H.213
Howland, John251
Howland, John F.226
Howland, Joseph2520
Howland, Joseph B.253
Howland, Joseph W.256
Howland, Julia225
Howland, Julia E.2412
Howland, Lucy210
Howland, Lucy2025
Howland, Lucy O.2030
Howland, Luther29
Howland, Lydia B.273
Howland, Maria2522
Howland, Martin224
Howland, Mary227
Howland, Mary254
Howland, Mehitable2521
Howland, Nathaniel T.2517
Howland, Pamelia L.2837
Howland, Pamelia T.2835
Howland, Richard2422
Howland, Sarah A.252
Howland, Sophronia O.2411
Howland, Susan F.2836
Jackson, William1527
Jenkins, Eliza830
Johnson, Sarah E.1111
Joice, Hannah710
Joice, Lorenzo S.819
Joice, Mary J.818
Joice, Theophilus S.817
Jones, Bethsheba3021
Jones, Betsey108
Jones, Simeon3020
Jordan, Elvira J.2839
Jordan, James M.2840
Jordan, James P.2838
Josselyn, Abbot W.824
Josselyn, Agar131
Josselyn, Algernon125
Josselyn, Benjamin132
Josselyn, Benjamin W.2324
Josselyn, Charles S.533
Josselyn, Clarra F.1839
Josselyn, David A.1837
Josselyn, Deborah522
Josselyn, Ellen A.129
Josselyn, Georgianna535
Josselyn, Isabella A.1840
Josselyn, Jacob1024
Josselyn, James W.823
Josselyn, Jane530
Josselyn, Jane R.532
Josselyn, Jarvis820
Josselyn, Joseph B.3023
Josselyn, Joseph H.825
Josselyn, Julius534
Josselyn, Lucy Ann2325
Josselyn, Luther529
Josselyn, Luther O.531
Josselyn, Maria E.128
Josselyn, Mary126
Josselyn, Mary427
Josselyn, Mary F.822
Josselyn, Mary O.821
Josselyn, Mary, Jr.127
Josselyn, Rusha A.130
Josselyn, Rusha P.133
Josselyn, Sally1010
Josselyn, Samuel W.141
Josselyn, Samuel W., Jr.109
Josselyn, Sophronia F.1838
Keen, Almira1834
Keen, Alvira2142
Keen, Averic S.158
Keen, Caroline H.1924
Keen, Charles1829
Keen, Charles W.1831
Keen, Daniel221
Keen, David L.1836
Keen, Drusilla1828
Keen, Ebenezer B.1826
Keen, Elizabeth1918
Keen, Ellar F.1927
Keen, Ellen M.1923
Keen, Francis F.1925
Keen, Frederic L.1926
Keen, Hannah B.1929
Keen, Hazwell A.W.1931
Keen, Henry A.D.1930
Keen, Isaiah157
Keen, John A.2141
Keen, Joseph1510
Keen, Luther1833
Keen, Luther L.1835
Keen, Mary1830
Keen, Mary A.159
Keen, Mehitable1827
Keen, Nahum1919
Keen, Nancy M.1920
Keen, Orrin1928
Keen, Rebecca F.1921
Keen, Silvenus E.W.1932
Keen, Thatcher1511
Keen, Wesley P.1832
Keen, William B.1922
Keith, Abby1326
Kiley, Caroline412
Kiley, Edward413
Kiley, Mary49
Kiley, Mary, Jr.411
Kiley, Patrick410
Kiley, Thomas48
Knowlton, Mary E.2633
Leach, Angeline2630
Leach, George G.2631
Leary, Daniel2240
Leary, Ellen M.2239
Leary, John2237
Leary, Mary H.2238
Leonard, Joseph2716
Leonard, Mazorie2717
Lincoln, Cyrus917
Lincoln, Emerline91
Lincoln, Lucy839
Lincoln, Lucy E.840
Lincoln, Rufus838
Lincoln, Rufus W.842
Lincoln, Sarah M.918
Lincoln, Sarah T.841
Louden, Isaac1736
Ludden, Flora1329
Ludden, Laura1328
Ludden, Peregrine W.1327
Ludden, Virgil W.1330
Luther, Edward Y.431
Luther, Herbert M.432
Luther, Job428
Luther, Josephene N.430
Luther, Lucy429
Lyons, Catharine2424
Lyons, James2425
Lyons, John2423
Lyons, Sarah A.2426
Macumber, Caroline W.1034
Macumber, George1032
Macumber, Mary M.1033
Macumber, Rebecca1035
Magoun, Ada F.221
Magoun, Adaline M.220
Magoun, Ezra219
Magoun, Francis1817
Mann, George2326
Mann, Josiah39
Mann, Josiah, Jr.311
Mann, Mary310
Mansfield, Edward P.734
Mansfield, Nancy E.736
Mansfield, Rebecca735
Martin, Robert722
McGoff, Anna1435
McGoff, Anna, Jr.1436
McGoff, Lawrence1434
Mitchell, Elisha1336
Mitchell, Joanna1337
Morris, Joseph1538
Mullally, Mary A.1442
Munroe, Alla D.2816
Munroe, Amanda241
Munroe, Charles2814
Munroe, Cyrus213
Munroe, Deborah214
Munroe, Deborah, Jr.216
Munroe, Francis H.242
Munroe, George W.2810
Munroe, Hiram2342
Munroe, Jane2815
Munroe, John F.244
Munroe, Julius W.243
Munroe, Lucy2813
Munroe, Lucy W.2817
Munroe, Mary F.2812
Munroe, Mary J.2811
Murphy, Ellen136
Oaks, Robert R.2841
Oldham, Mary137
Osborn, Barak2016
Osborn, Barak 2d.2023
Osborn, Edward N.2020
Osborn, Edward P.2022
Osborn, Polly2017
Osborn, Sophronia P.2021
Pagam, Ann527
Pagam, Francis526
Pagam, Francis, Jr.528
Percival, Gustuvius134
Percival, Josephene135
Percival, Urban H.136
Perkins, Celia1728
Perkins, Sarah1729
Perkins, Thomas1727
Perry, Betsey116
Perry, Chloe S.23
Perry, Clarry2715
Perry, Edward Y.21
Perry, Everline F.118
Perry, Henry J.117
Perry, Joshua36
Perry, Mary214
Perry, Mary37
Perry, Mary B.22
Perry, Otis59
Perry, Rebecca510
Perry, Robert115
Peterson, Algernon A.1235
Peterson, Asaph1233
Peterson, Cyntha1234
Peterson, Ellen M.1237
Peterson, James B.1238
Peterson, Silas N.1236
Phillips, Calvin3018
Phillips, Ezra1841
Phillips, George192
Phillips, Lot191
Phillips, Louisa3019
Phillips, Lucy C.195
Phillips, Lucy P.193
Phillips, Mary W.194
Phillips, Nabby1842
Pool, Elias C.711
Pool, Lucy M.712
Pool, Viala713
Pratt, Alphonzo314
Pratt, Angeline1026
Pratt, Betsey325
Pratt, Caroline S.1030
Pratt, Charles F.106
Pratt, Clarissa1037
Pratt, Ellen1031
Pratt, Emerline438
Pratt, Emily1110
Pratt, Isabelle1027
Pratt, Jacob B.104
Pratt, John Q.1028
Pratt, John S.1025
Pratt, Joshua H.312
Pratt, Joshua S.46
Pratt, Lucy A.315
Pratt, Mehitable103
Pratt, Melvina1730
Pratt, Nathaniel1036
Pratt, Nathaniel, Jr.119
Pratt, Orren S.47
Pratt, Salina C.105
Pratt, Sarah E.1029
Pratt, Sarah M.313
Pratt, Seth437
Pratt, Thomas102
Pratt, Thompson L.2031
Pratt, William H.107
Prince, Augustus179
Prouty, Charles O.725
Prouty, Charlotte724
Prouty, Joseph723
Ramsdell, Anna727
Ramsdell, Anna145
Ramsdell, Betsey C.1339
Ramsdell, Betsey C., Jr.1340
Ramsdell, Elbridge740
Ramsdell, Elijah1338
Ramsdell, Elijah W.144
Ramsdell, Eliza C.1341
Ramsdell, Elizabeth216
Ramsdell, Emer Jane742
Ramsdell, Harriet M.739
Ramsdell, Harris N.218
Ramsdell, Hellen C.217
Ramsdell, Isaac728
Ramsdell, Levi726
Ramsdell, Levi, Jr.737
Ramsdell, Mehitable C.1342
Ramsdell, Nancy738
Ramsdell, Robert215
Ramsdell, Samuel2724
Ramsdell, Silas741
Reed, Elizabeth C.26
Reed, Franck H.16
Reed, Herbert E.27
Reed, Hezekiah25
Reed, Isaac T.14
Reed, Nancy N.15
Reed, Porter17
Ripley, Christopher B.1523
Robbins, Amasa113
Robbins, Ebenezer1423
Robbins, Eliza1424
Robbins, Eudora1425
Robbins, Samuel O.1427
Robbins, Susan114
Robbins, Webster1426
Rockwood, Christiana E.1321
Rockwood, Christiana G.1318
Rockwood, John E.1320
Rockwood, Samuel G.1319
Rockwood, Samuel L.1317
Rogers, Harriet E.1316
Rogers, Samuel1315
Sampson, Andrew W.173
Sampson, Angeline T.275
Sampson, Augustus M.274
Sampson, Bartlett171
Sampson, Byram67
Sampson, Desire611
Sampson, Eliza T.928
Sampson, Ella F.610
Sampson, Esther68
Sampson, Fanny612
Sampson, Herbert W.174
Sampson, Lucy W.172
Sampson, Mary A.69
Sampson, Turner927
Shurtleff, Havel135
Smith, Edward1221
Smith, Elizabeth1530
Smith, Harriet T.45
Smith, Jane B.1220
Smith, Jason2131
Smith, Jonathan W.2842
Smith, Lucia1222
Smith, Marcia G.291
Smith, Mary2128
Smith, Mary E.2623
Smith, Nabby1529
Smith, Reuben2127
Smith, Reuben, Jr.2130
Smith, Saba D.1219
Smith, Thomas1528
Smith, Thomas2622
Smith, Walter M.2624
Smith, William A.44
Soper, Almira721
Soper, Arribella719
Soper, Charlotte715
Soper, Charlotte, Jr.717
Soper, Cornelia2136
Soper, Gad714
Soper, Heman2135
Soper, Henry718
Soper, Henry H.634
Soper, Isibelle720
Soper, James B.633
Soper, Jeremiah630
Soper, John S.2137
Soper, Julia E.632
Soper, Mary B.631
Soper, Nathaniel716
Soper, Sally76
Sprague, Betsey132
Sprague, Isaac133
Sprague, Mary D.12
Sprague, Melzar11
Sprague, Nathaniel131
Sprague, William134
Stebbens, John D.1113
Stebbins, Chloe1038
Stebbins, Rosetta1039
Stetson, Alden1017
Stetson, Charles H.2618
Stetson, Charles T.1018
Stetson, Chloe2214
Stetson, Edwin L.2222
Stetson, Eli417
Stetson, Eliza M.1014
Stetson, Elizabeth416
Stetson, Frederic C.2226
Stetson, George A.2227
Stetson, George E.419
Stetson, George E. K.2620
Stetson, George F.2213
Stetson, George F., 2nd2224
Stetson, George F., Jr.2215
Stetson, Happy F.2221
Stetson, Hiram415
Stetson, Isaiah2615
Stetson, Jeremiah323
Stetson, Jeremiah2220
Stetson, Lucinda1016
Stetson, Lucy418
Stetson, Lucy W.2225
Stetson, Lydia324
Stetson, Lydia E.2621
Stetson, Maria1012
Stetson, Melvina L.2223
Stetson, Nahum1011
Stetson, Nahum, Jr.1013
Stetson, Sarah B.2216
Stetson, Sarah F.2617
Stetson, T. Annette2619
Stetson, Thomas414
Stetson, Thomas, Jr.1015
Stetson, Tiley S.2616
Stetson, Wealthy1019
Stevens, Albert W.1133
Stevens, Arrimitta D.1132
Stevens, Benjamin H.337
Stevens, Deborah1131
Stevens, Edward1130
Stevens, Frederic A.341
Stevens, Frederic R.339
Stevens, Lucia340
Stevens, Nathan316
Stevens, Sophia338
Stollard, James P.1724
Stollard, Richard1722
Stollard, Sarah1723
Strang, Elizabeth1816
Taft, Andrew J.1312
Taft, Eliza L.1313
Taft, James E.1314
Tew, Nancy2442
Thatcher, Eliza S.249
Thatcher, Samuel G.248
Thayer, Aroline A.2117
Thayer, Charles H.2111
Thayer, Ellen C.2116
Thayer, George1632
Thayer, Henry2114
Thayer, Hiram B.2112
Thayer, Horace W.218
Thayer, Lucy D.219
Thayer, Mary H.2115
Thayer, Nancy J.2110
Thayer, Polly1112
Thayer, Sarah A.2113
Thomas, Abby1411
Thomas, Abby Ann294
Thomas, Abby F.1413
Thomas, Abby F.1612
Thomas, Abidon293
Thomas, Abigail C.2714
Thomas, Anna W.285
Thomas, Bathsheba1421
Thomas, Benjamin237
Thomas, Benjamin 2d.2242
Thomas, Benjamin F.236
Thomas, Betsey1616
Thomas, Betsey2927
Thomas, Betsey J.2928
Thomas, Celia2241
Thomas, Charles2926
Thomas, Charles A.2931
Thomas, Christiana2321
Thomas, Clarra A.1614
Thomas, Cornelia A.286
Thomas, Deborah L.2932
Thomas, Ebenezer1610
Thomas, Elihu2320
Thomas, Elijah C.637
Thomas, Eliza C.1611
Thomas, Eliza J.235
Thomas, Eliza T.295
Thomas, Elizabeth C.2921
Thomas, Elizabeth R.2924
Thomas, Emily S.2911
Thomas, Eveline C.2933
Thomas, Fanny J.233
Thomas, Flavel S.1416
Thomas, George L.287
Thomas, George N.2922
Thomas, Gershon B.288
Thomas, Heman2713
Thomas, Heman 2d.2912
Thomas, Ichabod38
Thomas, Ira1615
Thomas, Isaac1410
Thomas, Isaac S.1415
Thomas, John1419
Thomas, Josiah S.1414
Thomas, Julia A.D.1412
Thomas, Laura A.2930
Thomas, Levi298
Thomas, Lewis284
Thomas, Lydia C.1418
Thomas, Mary A.232
Thomas, Mary C.231
Thomas, Mary H.1420
Thomas, Mercy K.234
Thomas, Nathaniel B.2527
Thomas, Nelson2920
Thomas, Pamelia E.2529
Thomas, Pamelia O.2528
Thomas, Phebe C.299
Thomas, Polly B.2929
Thomas, Reuben L.1613
Thomas, Rosina I.289
Thomas, Ruth A.2923
Thomas, Sarah1618
Thomas, Sarah B.2910
Thomas, Tamer1617
Thomas, William1422
Thrasher, George W.2610
Thrasher, Israel268
Thrasher, Lucy269
Thrasher, Lucy J.2611
Thrasher, Mirian S.112
Tilden, Elizabeth137
Tilden, Frances138
Tolman, John925
Tower, Reuben28
Trow, Angeline276
Truit, Marette A.2428
Truit, Mary Ann2427
Tubbs, Deborah239
Tubbs, Erastus238
Turner, Caroline A.837
Turner, Deborah832
Turner, Ezekiel2133
Turner, George W.834
Turner, Nathan836
Turner, Priscilla B.835
Turner, Salome2134
Turner, Seth831
Turner, Seth P.833
Tuxey, Catharine441
Vaughan, Adoniram2327
Vaughan, Bethiah2328
Vinal, Deborah B.1716
Vinal, Deborah C.1717
Vinal, Delia1718
Wade, Lena3025
Wheeler, Austin E.1441
Wheeler, Clarissa1438
Wheeler, Gridley T.1437
Wheeler, Walter H.1439
Wheeler, William H.1440
White, Anna2736
White, Benjamin523
White, Benjamin2440
White, Betsey H.231
White, Caleb138
White, Clayton1521
White, Cornelius51
White, Cyrus230
White, Doratha524
White, Eliza1518
White, Eliza, Jr.1520
White, Ellen P.525
White, Everline140
White, Ezra2441
White, Harriet52
White, Joel2734
White, Joseph1517
White, Joseph, Jr.1519
White, Julius E.2737
White, Levi232
White, Maria E.139
White, Sarah J.1522
White, Sovia2735
White, Urania F.2439
White, Welcome2438
White, Wendel S.234
White, William L.233
Whiting, Abby M.1514
Whiting, Almira1429
Whiting, Cornelia J.1433
Whiting, Henry A.1430
Whiting, John A.1428
Whiting, Mary H.1431
Whiting, Thomas F.1432
Whitman, Herbert T.1542
Whitman, Mary T.1541
Whitman, Mary T.161
Whitman, Sarah C.162
Whitman, Seth1540
Whitten, Allice M.2122
Whitten, Aurora333
Whitten, Henrietta336
Whitten, John B.2120
Whitten, Judith334
Whitten, Lucinda2121
Whitten, Lucy335
Willet, Betsey B.915
Willet, Betsey R.914
Willet, John922
Willet, John, Jr.913
Willet, Louisa923
Willet, Louisa924
Willet, Lucy A.916
Willis, Adelia2942
Willis, David304
Willis, John148
Willis, John2941
Willis, Reuben147
Willis, Samuel301
Willis, Sarah303
Willis, Sophia302
Withington, Elizabeth1725
Young, Amy F.939
Young, Catharine (Idiotic)937
Young, Elisha935
Young, George940
Young, Jane938
Young, Mary936