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1855 Massachusetts State Census Index
Town of Hull
Plymouth County, Mass.

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Please Note: This index is designed to be used with these 1855 Hull, Ma. Census Records

Aldridge, Richard D.638
Allen, James319
Anderson, Heneretta536
Anderson, Isabell532
Anderson, James533
Anderson, Lewis531
Anderson, Lewis535
Anderson, Miles D.534
Anderson, Olive537
Angelo, Charles G.S.133
Angelo, Elisabeth G.129
Angelo, Elisabeth G.130
Angelo, John N.132
Angelo, Matilda W.131
Augusta, Adilain W.233
Augusta, Adiline M.236
Augusta, Eliza L.237
Augusta, George T.234
Augusta, John232
Augusta, John C.235
Augusta, Sharlot238
Bailey, Adrid F.636
Bailey, Hannah C.634
Bailey, Josephene H.637
Bailey, Robert S. J.633
Bailey, Stuert R.635
Bates, Abigal F.623
Bates, Charles617
Bates, Charles H.620
Bates, David H.624
Bates, Elisabeth613
Bates, Elisabeth B.625
Bates, Eliza H.619
Bates, Francis E.621
Bates, Henry612
Bates, Henry, Jr.614
Bates, James L.616
Bates, Labern618
Bates, Lincoln615
Bates, Marshal L.622
Berry, Elisabeth117
Berry, Emily E.118
Berry, William C.116
Berry, William C.119
Blackbern, Isaac711
Buck, James J.229
Burklins, Catherine439
Burns, Mary A.727
Burns, Mary E.729
Burns, Velina J.728
Burns, William726
Chute, Benjn. P.428
Chute, Martha722
Chute, Samuel721
Cleaverly, Alfonzo75
Cleaverly, Daniel W.76
Cleaverly, Francis H.73
Cleaverly, John M.71
Cleaverly, John M.74
Cleaverly, Mary B.72
Cobb, Elisabeth T.35
Cobb, Elisha T.37
Cobb, Eliza J.34
Cobb, Eveline A.39
Cobb, Joseph33
Cobb, Joseph W.36
Cobb, Mary R.38
Cobb, Walter O.310
Colatine, Margret45
Cone, John526
Cook, Salome D.429
Crowell, Ellen340
Cushing, Jane L.517
Cushing, Judith S.518
Cushing, Mary514
Cushing, Mary515
Cushing, Sarah516
Dill, Daniel426
Dill, Davis W.430
Dill, Henry335
Dill, Jeremiah58
Dill, Mary57
Dill, Mary J.431
Dill, Mary T.334
Dill, Sybil C.427
Douglass, Badary A.734
Douglass, Bona B.736
Douglass, Elisabeth731
Douglass, Emey J.738
Douglass, Henry E.737
Douglass, Hugh730
Douglass, Samuel F.733
Douglass, Sarah E.732
Douglass, William S.735
Drescall, Ellen141
Eldridge, Anna66
Eldridge, Emey63
Eldridge, Sevenus65
Eldridge, William62
Eldridge, William64
Fannin, John521
Gould, John424
Gould, Mary425
Gould, Nancy R.12
Gould, Robert H.13
Gould, Robert, Jr.11
Hart, Peter320
Hayden, Daniel (pauper)739
Hayden, John47
Hayden, Mary A.48
Hayes, John C.112
Heyadon, Michel527
Hill, John610
Hill, Marriah611
Hillier, James725
Hobbs, Catherine539
Hobbs, George H.540
Hobbs, James M.538
Hooper, Augustus A.715
Hooper, Charles J.714
Hooper, Elisabeth C. (twins)717
Hooper, Lucy D.713
Hooper, Mary J. (twins)718
Hooper, Nathaniel F.719
Hooper, Nathaniel R.712
Hooper, William D.716
Hooper, Willie E.720
How, A. L.520
Hunt, Eliza (pauper)740
James, Alburtus331
James, Alice A.433
James, Alice A.435
James, Ester A.336
James, Francis S.436
James, Joshua332
James, Laura H.44
James, Mary A. P.41
James, Mirion J.437
James, Reinar432
James, Reinar J.438
James, Roseanna333
James, Samuel342
James, Samuel, Jr.43
James, Washington E.42
James, William330
James, William434
Jewett, Edwin F.411
Jewett, Joanna H.410
Jewett, Nathaniel49
Kibble, Arthur M.134
Kibble, George A.136
Kibble, Margret135
Kimble, Bridget A.724
Kimble, Noah723
Knight, Albert L.23
Knight, Bitha B.22
Knight, Charles H.26
Knight, Edward G.24
Knight, Eliza J.25
Knight, Martin21
Knight, Winthrop27
Lantham, Ann641
Lantham, Cate640
Leavitt, Levi523
Leavitt, Maryann524
Loring, Huldah B.513
Loring, Lewis P.512
Loring, Lucy510
Loring, Lucy N.511
Loring, Samuel59
Loud, Irene68
Loud, Lawrence69
Loud, Robert E.67
Lovell, Jane417
Lueihe, Eliza A.416
Lueihe, Eliza T.413
Lueihe, John412
Lueihe, Lousia F.414
Lueihe, Simon P.415
Mathes, Catherine338
Mathes, David P.339
Mathes, Gideon337
Mathes, William77
McCarty, Sarah530
McDormitt, Harriet28
McKarty, Bridget321
McKarty, Catherin142
McKarty, Celia120
McKarty, John46
McRann, Ester J.15
McRann, Francis14
McSwily, Rosania522
Mellonwick, Gregory230
Mitchell, Alexena223
Mitchell, Alonzo L.421
Mitchell, Anna F.422
Mitchell, Arthur F.228
Mitchell, Claria H.227
Mitchell, Eugein226
Mitchell, Harison224
Mitchell, Heneretta S.419
Mitchell, John219
Mitchell, John, Jr.221
Mitchell, Nicholas418
Mitchell, Nicholetta420
Mitchell, Rebecca G.225
Mitchell, Susan G.222
Mitchell, Susan H.220
Mitchell, William B.G.423
Murphey, Mary642
Murry, Rose525
Pope, Andrew F.54
Pope, Arabela C.218
Pope, Benjn. F.215
Pope, Caleb G.L.216
Pope, Eben T.55
Pope, Emeline D.52
Pope, James W.51
Pope, Jane213
Pope, Jane L.214
Pope, Joseph212
Pope, Mary C.441
Pope, Rachel C.L.217
Pope, Sarah J.C.56
Pope, Sybil A.53
Pope, William440
Pope, William442
Rarha, Margret78
Rarha, Mary79
Rayhian, Margret231
Reed, Amey326
Reed, Daniel D.327
Reed, Elisabeth G. (insane)211
Reed, Ester B.329
Reed, Ester B. L.328
Reed, John324
Reed, Mary29
Reed, Mary210
Reed, Mary E.325
Ripley, Elijah S.519
Roark, Thomas710
Sanderson, Charles W.139
Sanderson, Hansine N.140
Sanderson, Rebecca A.138
Sanderson, Robert137
Sawyer, Hannah R.121
Sawyer, Samuel H.122
Sirovich, Lewis G.114
Sirovich, Nicholas113
Sirovich, Nicholas, Jr.115
Smith, Francis H.18
Smith, Frederic W.19
Smith, Jacob W.110
Smith, John H.16
Smith, Mary L.17
Souther, Daniel127
Souther, Elijah123
Souther, Franklin126
Souther, George H.125
Souther, Irene E.128
Souther, Martha J.124
Stoddard, David626
Stoddard, George A.629
Stoddard, Georgeanna630
Stoddard, Icabod341
Stoddard, John F.628
Stoddard, Mary627
Tower, Abner J.318
Tower, Jane B.323
Tower, John W.322
Tower, Lydia C.315
Tower, Mary B.314
Tower, Moses B.312
Tower, Moses S.317
Tower, Olive G.316
Tower, Olive L.313
Turner, Benj. F.31
Turner, Charles H.242
Turner, Charles W.311
Turner, Elisha239
Turner, Elisha W.241
Turner, Sharlot240
Whayland, Mary M.631
Wheden, William W.639
Whitcomb, Lorenza632
White, Ellen32
Whiting, Eliza61
Wilcott, Charles E.541
Wilcott, Sarah C.542
Worrick, Paul B.528
Worrick, Rachel P.529
Young, Letitia111