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1855 Massachusetts State Census Index
Town of Plympton
Plymouth County, Mass.

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Please Note: This index is designed to be used with these 1855 Plympton, Ma. Census Records

Atwood, Benjamin119
Atwood, Harriet S.1110
Atwood, Josiah E.1111
Barrows, Deborah D.1023
Barrows, George D.182
Barrows, Lucia183
Bartlett, Remember97
Beaton, James237
Besse, Celia101
Besse, Lucinda942
Besse, Thos. B.941
Bessee, Stetson B.1513
Billings, James D.1311
Billings, Nathan D.139
Billings, Rebecca E.1312
Billings, Rebecca G.1310
Bisbee, Aelius W.1218
Bisbee, Catharine W.1216
Bisbee, Celia M.1219
Bisbee, Elijah1518
Bisbee, Elizabeth M.1522
Bisbee, Eva1221
Bisbee, Felicia M.1220
Bisbee, Hannah1214
Bisbee, John F.1523
Bisbee, Lucia S.1521
Bisbee, Lydia (pauper)1640
Bisbee, Maria1519
Bisbee, Maria1520
Bisbee, Priscilla198
Bisbee, Rebecca164
Bisbee, William W.1217
Bisbee, Wm. M.1215
Blackmor, Thomas2112
Blake, Dinah122
Blanchard, Chs. H.937
Blanchard, Eva M.939
Blanchard, H. W.935
Blanchard, J.C.1024
Blanchard, Maria E.936
Blanchard, Sally148
Blanchard, Sarah C.1410
Blanchard, Susan A.1411
Blanchard, Thos. W.938
Blanchard, Wm.149
Bonney, Arvilla S.1721
Bonney, Eliza C.1722
Bonney, Emily S.1719
Bonney, Fanney1723
Bonney, Francis W.1725
Bonney, James S.1716
Bonney, Margaret2328
Bonney, Mary C.2329
Bonney, Sarah A.1720
Bonney, Sophia E.1717
Bonney, Thomas E.1724
Bonney, Wm. L.1718
Bosworth, C.F.615
Bosworth, D.C.616
Bosworth, H.2036
Bosworth, Harriet N.2037
Bosworth, Hellen A.2038
Bosworth, Henry2034
Bosworth, Henry M.2040
Bosworth, Lucy2035
Bosworth, Sally614
Bosworth, Tryphena A.2039
Bradford, Abigail512
Bradford, Almeda B.425
Bradford, Betsey C.515
Bradford, Clarissa L.523
Bradford, Edward G.53
Bradford, Ella J.55
Bradford, Fanny S.422
Bradford, Fanny W.423
Bradford, Fitz Henry424
Bradford, Gideon513
Bradford, Gideon H.517
Bradford, James E.56
Bradford, Joseph W.520
Bradford, Lois A.54
Bradford, Luther518
Bradford, Mary519
Bradford, Mary524
Bradford, Mary A.521
Bradford, Olive1830
Bradford, Sally514
Bradford, Sally A.516
Bradford, Samuel57
Bradford, Samuel2431
Bradford, Samuel L.426
Bradford, Samuel N.511
Bradford, Susan V.59
Bradford, Susannah58
Bradford, Winslow421
Bradford, Wm. H.522
Briggs, Catharine W.2320
Briggs, Francis S.2319
Briggs, Lorinda2317
Briggs, Mary2316
Briggs, Mary A.2318
Briggs, Nathan S.217
Briggs, Rebecca218
Briggs, Rebecca J.2321
Briggs, Seneca2315
Britton, Albert1537
Britton, Albert R.1539
Britton, Aroline W.1538
Brown, Francis E.331
Bryant, Albert T.2340
Bryant, Barnabas H.1635
Bryant, Betsey1636
Bryant, Calvin H.2027
Bryant, Clara N.242
Bryant, Clarissa243
Bryant, Edwin2342
Bryant, Ella2341
Bryant, Eunice R.2028
Bryant, George2032
Bryant, Joanna2033
Bryant, Judith2323
Bryant, Lemuel2338
Bryant, Maria2339
Bryant, Mary P.538
Bryant, Micha2031
Bryant, N.E.2029
Bryant, Ruth E.2030
Bryant, Salome2413
Bryant, Sylvanus (pauper)1637
Bryant, William F.241
Bryant, William S.2325
Bryant, Zenas2322
Bryant, Zenas F.2324
Bumpus, Lemuel2015
Burns, R.B.244
Calaghan, Thomas2141
Carver, Permelia92
Carver, Sarah D.91
Ceavey, Fanney2424
Ceavey, Hannah2425
Ceavey, Patrick2423
Chandler, Caroline99
Chandler, Charles H.910
Chandler, Clara835
Chandler, Edward836
Chandler, Isaac147
Chandler, Jacob T.98
Chandler, Mary B.1021
Chandler, Merick E.1020
Chandler, Merick E.1022
Churchill, Abby113
Churchill, Albert S.1816
Churchill, Alexander1738
Churchill, Alexander L.1740
Churchill, Alfred1627
Churchill, Ansel75
Churchill, Ansel, Jr.115
Churchill, Bartholomew C.1829
Churchill, Bartlett (pauper)171
Churchill, Betsey1634
Churchill, Charlott P.227
Churchill, Daniel2016
Churchill, Edmond F.229
Churchill, Eliza P.2011
Churchill, Elizabeth1628
Churchill, Ellis1726
Churchill, Eunice R.2013
Churchill, Eunice T.124
Churchill, Ezra S.2220
Churchill, Frank P.128
Churchill, Frederick S.228
Churchill, G.L.85
Churchill, George H.89
Churchill, George L.120
Churchill, Georgianna M.88
Churchill, Harry2010
Churchill, Hellen1818
Churchill, Isaiah225
Churchill, Isaiah F.230
Churchill, James O.123
Churchill, Jane B.226
Churchill, Joanna114
Churchill, Joanna (pauper)1638
Churchill, Josephene E.2012
Churchill, Josiah1819
Churchill, Josiah S.113
Churchill, Juliet1742
Churchill, Leander S.1827
Churchill, Lemuel P.126
Churchill, Livona2218
Churchill, Livona B.2219
Churchill, Lois76
Churchill, Louisa F.86
Churchill, Lucy2014
Churchill, Lydia1739
Churchill, Lydia A.181
Churchill, Maria L.114
Churchill, Mary A.122
Churchill, Mary H.124
Churchill, Nathan D.118
Churchill, Oliver121
Churchill, P.F.R.125
Churchill, Pelham123
Churchill, Priscilla1828
Churchill, Priscilla C.1817
Churchill, Priscilla F.127
Churchill, Ruth H.112
Churchill, Sally209
Churchill, Sarah C.1826
Churchill, Sarah E.1741
Churchill, Sarah M.117
Churchill, Sarah P.116
Churchill, Simeon1825
Churchill, Spencer2217
Churchill, Sylvanus112
Churchill, Theodore P.231
Churchill, Timothy111
Churchill, Wm. L.87
Churchill, Zadack1633
Clark, Cyntha130
Clark, Dennis329
Clark, Henry F.134
Clark, Hiram H.132
Clark, Joseph H.131
Clark, Stephen129
Clark, Susan H.135
Clark, Thomas H.27
Clark, William H.133
Coad, John A.634
Cobb, John D.111
Cobb, Julia W.1042
Cobb, Lemuel1039
Cobb, Lemuel, Jr.1040
Cobb, Sophia P.1041
Conway, Ellen213
Conway, John212
Cook, Sarah2227
Cooper, Elizabeth141
Cooper, Jacob T.142
Cooper, Joseph S.143
Copper, Deborah1131
Cornish, Lydia1018
Corvay, Dannie2213
Coughlan, Joanna227
Curtis, Deborah189
Curtis, Elhanan B.186
Curtis, Hannah188
Curtis, John184
Curtis, Lorenzo T.187
Curtis, Orpha185
Cushman, Deborah L.2123
Cushman, Hannah (pauper)1639
Cushman, Mary M.2124
Cushman, Zenas2122
Darling, Albert A.1119
Darling, Charles1118
Darling, Chas. W.1115
Darling, George1117
Darling, James E.1121
Darling, Lydia A.1120
Darling, Lydia B.1116
Dean, Avery1737
Dean, Ebenezer223
Dean, George A.1734
Dean, Juliet T.191
Dean, Mary A.316
Dean, Matilda1735
Dean, Matilda W.1736
Dean, Rebecca29
Dean, Ruth224
Dean, Winslow28
Derben, Margaret934
Dickerson, Catharine W.109
Dickerson, Elkanah W.108
Dickerson, Willis K.1010
Donihue, Catharine1732
Drew, Jane W.1425
Drew, Sarah T.1426
Drew, Stephen1424
Duglass, Mary A.1626
Dunn, James1624
Eddy, Ezra1113
Eddy, Nancy1114
Eldridge, Wm. P.69
Ellis, Angeline E.1036
Ellis, Christania1017
Ellis, Edson1033
Ellis, Eunice A.1031
Ellis, George L.1037
Ellis, Gustavus B.922
Ellis, Henry K.1027
Ellis, Isabella D.1030
Ellis, James C.1025
Ellis, James F.1032
Ellis, Jemima921
Ellis, Joel920
Ellis, John P.1227
Ellis, Mary1034
Ellis, Mary E.1035
Ellis, Nancy1026
Ellis, Nancy S.1038
Ellis, Nancy W.1029
Ellis, Sarah H.1228
Ellis, Sarah J.1028
Ellis, Sophia834
Ellis, Sophia 2d.68
Ellis, Thomas D.918
Ellis, Willard1016
Engelstedt, Charles W.125
Engelstedt, Ch's N.127
Engelstedt, Jane A.128
Engelstedt, Jane H.126
Everson, Lucy B.96
Fahiy, Martin330
Field, George914
Field, Silas132
Finlon, Ann2114
Finlon, Morris2113
Finlon, Thomas2115
Finn, John2212
FitzPatrick, Ann2427
FitzPatrick, John2428
FitzPatrick, Michel2426
Folay, Daniel221
Fox, Ann628
Fuller, Albert21
Fuller, Amos136
Fuller, Bildad215
Fuller, Catharine1511
Fuller, Charles11
Fuller, Clara L.1517
Fuller, Darius F.26
Fuller, Dexter H.240
Fuller, Earl1324
Fuller, Edward32
Fuller, Eleanor F.24
Fuller, Eliza C.1326
Fuller, Eliza F.239
Fuller, Elizabeth1512
Fuller, Ephraim129
Fuller, Eunice140
Fuller, Felecia H.34
Fuller, George B.326
Fuller, George F.1212
Fuller, George L.241
Fuller, Harriet N.1213
Fuller, Harvey238
Fuller, Henry142
Fuller, Jane H.141
Fuller, Joseph H.23
Fuller, Lafayett328
Fuller, Lauraette G.1514
Fuller, Lewis W.139
Fuller, Lucinda137
Fuller, Lucinda22
Fuller, Margarett216
Fuller, Mary B.1210
Fuller, Mary E.1211
Fuller, Mary F.25
Fuller, Mary M.1516
Fuller, Philemon242
Fuller, Sally12
Fuller, Sarah R.327
Fuller, Solomon1510
Fuller, Sophia M.33
Fuller, Warren13
Fuller, William138
Fuller, Zebedee C.1515
Fuller, Zerviah1325
Gardner, Henry T.736
Gardner, Susan735
Gardner, Wm. C.737
Gardner, Wm. W.734
Gibbs, Daniel917
Glass, Alonzo T.2412
Glass, Caroline249
Glass, George O.2337
Glass, George W.2331
Glass, Mary A.2332
Glass, Mary C.2333
Glass, Nancy W.2334
Glass, Olive F.2335
Glass, Otis W.2411
Glass, Sarah E.2336
Glass, Thomas2410
Glass, Zenas T.248
Goff, Louisa911
Hammond, Betsey1812
Hammond, Hannah1815
Hammond, Josiah P.1813
Hammond, Josiah S.1811
Hammond, William P.1814
Harlow, Betsey31
Harlow, Betsey1012
Harlow, Caroline F.1015
Harlow, Jabez1011
Harlow, Jabez, Jr.1013
Harlow, Jerusha D.1014
Harrub, Abby W.2132
Harrub, Clara L.2136
Harrub, Fred M.225
Harrub, George E.224
Harrub, George W.222
Harrub, James M.2131
Harrub, James M., Jr.2135
Harrub, John W.2130
Harrub, Mary223
Harrub, Mary A.2134
Harrub, Rachel M.2137
Harrub, Sarah A.2133
Harrub, Webster226
Harvey, Alexander102
Harvey, Alexander V.104
Harvey, Joanna103
Hathaway, M.E.913
Hayward, Cordelia1924
Hayward, Elizabeth1922
Hayward, Ellen M.1926
Hayward, Lucia1923
Hayward, Lucy F.1927
Hayward, Martin1921
Hayward, Priscilla1925
Healey, Benjamin81
Healey, Charles B.742
Healey, Clarissa741
Healey, Clarissa B.739
Healey, Edward738
Healey, Edward740
Herdley, Timothy2214
Holland, Jerry810
Holland, Julia811
Holland, Margarett812
Holmes, Alace S.161
Holmes, Alexander1620
Holmes, Ellen M.1623
Holmes, Emily A.167
Holmes, Everett E.168
Holmes, Ezra837
Holmes, Henry S.1622
Holmes, Ira S.1540
Holmes, Lydia1615
Holmes, Martin E.165
Holmes, Nancy166
Holmes, Rebecca W.1541
Holmes, Samson163
Holmes, Sarah A.1542
Holmes, Sophia1621
Iris, Benjamin J.2111
Iris, Caroline P.217
Iris, Elizabeth J.216
Iris, James219
Iris, Lydia T.215
Iris, Mary E.2110
Iris, Orin214
Iris, Warren H.218
Jordon, John1226
Keough, Catharine2116
Keough, Francis2138
Knowles, Mary N.712
Lashure, Robert915
Lawless, James2210
Lawless, William229
Leach, Catharine832
Leach, Ebenezer831
Leach, Edmond Q.1919
Leach, Erastus1914
Leach, Henrietta F.1920
Leach, Maria1915
Leach, Maria L.1916
Leach, Melvin G.1917
Leach, Thomas M.833
Leach, William B.1918
Lincoln, Ann F.94
Livingston, Charles930
Livingston, Chs. H.933
Livingston, Harriet C.931
Livingston, Mary A.932
Lobdell, Ebenezer2215
Lobdell, Elizabeth P.2216
Lobdell, George2326
Lobdell, George B.2417
Lobdell, Isaac F.2421
Lobdell, Juliet2420
Lobdell, Louisa P.2418
Lobdell, Martha J.2422
Lobdell, Nancy A.2419
Lobdell, Orlando P.2327
Loring, Almaria E.174
Loring, Annie K.1225
Loring, Elcena F.1224
Loring, Eliza C.1235
Loring, Georgianna175
Loring, Isaac1234
Loring, Isaac2225
Loring, John2238
Loring, Joshua1335
Loring, Leonice2226
Loring, Lydia A.173
Loring, Mary E.1223
Loring, Nancy S.1236
Loring, Simeon M.1222
Loring, Thomas E.172
Lovell, Herbert W.213
Lovell, James B.210
Lovell, Lottie C.214
Lovell, Marian F.212
Lovell, Mary P.211
Lucas, Lydia1112
Lucas, Mary47
Lucas, Nathaniel46
Lucy, Timothy246
Manter, Eliza A.1832
Manter, Elizabeth B.1833
Manter, Leomice H.1237
Manter, Thos. B.1831
Mc.Lean, Andrew D.926
Mc.Lean, Daniel S.924
Mc.Lean, Deborah925
McCarty, Alexander W.732
McCarty, Charles818
McCarty, Francis44
McCarty, Hannah819
McCarty, Henry247
McCarty, Jerry733
McCarty, Margaret919
McCarty, Mary731
McCarty, Mary820
McCarty, Michel821
McCarty, Timothy730
McLauthlin, Deborah2126
McLauthlin, Frances A.2042
McLauthlin, Herbert W.211
McLauthlin, Simeon W.2041
Monroe, Caroline M.178
Monroe, Elva A.179
Monroe, L.D.177
Morey, Josiah2430
Morey, Nancy2429
Morse, Abby F.639
Morse, Charles S.636
Morse, Charles W.640
Morse, Joanna912
Morse, Nancy M.638
Morse, Nancy W.637
Morton, Arthur B.1316
Morton, Deborah E.1315
Morton, Wm. O.1314
Nelson, Cyrus617
Nelson, Susan W.R.618
Norton, Barbary238
Nye, George F.1527
Nye, Joseph B.1524
Nye, Susan M.1526
Nye, Susan W.1525
O.hara, Elizabeth729
Packard, Eunice1433
Packard, Mary H.1431
Packard, Mercy1430
Packard, Orland1432
Packard, Perez1429
Parker, Betsey625
Parker, Betsey C.725
Parker, Caroline119
Parker, Edmond O.727
Parker, George E.728
Parker, Gustavus723
Parker, Hannah S.623
Parker, Harriet N.724
Parker, Hellen M.620
Parker, Hellen M.622
Parker, Henry L.621
Parker, Herbert C.711
Parker, Ira77
Parker, Ira F.79
Parker, John K.710
Parker, Jonathan619
Parker, Lewis B.626
Parker, Maria W.726
Parker, Mary D.78
Parker, Mary S.722
Parker, Oliver721
Parker, Zacheus624
Parker, Zacheus, Jr.627
Perkins, Andrew J.1323
Perkins, Angenette195
Perkins, Chas. H.2117
Perkins, Chas. H.2119
Perkins, Clarinda1322
Perkins, Deborah1241
Perkins, Edmond1132
Perkins, Edmond, Jr.1134
Perkins, Edward S.43
Perkins, Eudora H.1242
Perkins, Henry1320
Perkins, Jane2121
Perkins, Jonathan B.1317
Perkins, Jonathan B., Jr.1319
Perkins, Josiah1240
Perkins, Laury W.196
Perkins, Levi2120
Perkins, Lucien L.340
Perkins, Lydia A.42
Perkins, Martin338
Perkins, Mary H.1231
Perkins, Mary I.1232
Perkins, Nathan1230
Perkins, Phebe A.1133
Perkins, Rebecca W.342
Perkins, Robert C.1233
Perkins, Ruth1318
Perkins, Sarah J.W.341
Perkins, Susan P.2118
Perkins, Susan W.339
Perkins, William194
Perkins, William, Jr.197
Perkins, Wilson1321
Perkins, Wm. M.41
Persons, Vesta1824
Phinney, Angeline B.1823
Phinney, Ann Girley2021
Phinney, Barnabas535
Phinney, Beri F.2432
Phinney, Betsey1938
Phinney, Clark W.1939
Phinney, Edward F.539
Phinney, Ezra537
Phinney, Ezra202
Phinney, George2023
Phinney, Isabella W.2019
Phinney, Isriel B.1141
Phinney, James O.2020
Phinney, John2022
Phinney, Lucy A.2018
Phinney, Lucy W.1941
Phinney, Lydia2433
Phinney, Lydia D.201
Phinney, Maria1940
Phinney, Martha B.1821
Phinney, Otis1937
Phinney, Otis W.2017
Phinney, Polly536
Phinney, Polly C.1942
Phinney, Simeon2434
Phinney, Wm. B.1822
Phinney, Wm. P. B.1820
Pope, Asa F.1128
Pope, Mary A. C.1129
Pope, Mary D.1130
Pratt, Joshua1733
Pratt, Joshua, Jr. (Pauper)1229
Randall, Foster L.151
Randall, George W.1438
Randall, Gilbert1440
Randall, Hannah1437
Randall, Herbert1439
Randall, Mercy A.1442
Randall, Rebecca1435
Randall, Thomas1434
Randall, Thomas S.1436
Randall, Wm. L.1441
Ransom, Frederick S.320
Ransom, Freeman B.36
Ransom, Hannah S.35
Ransom, Hannah S.37
Ransom, John318
Ransom, Susan A.319
Ransom, Wallace F.321
Ransome, Alvira95
Richards, Geo. C.635
Richards, Reuben1534
Richards, Rufus L.1535
Rickard, Betsey (pauper)1642
Rickard, Giles17
Rickard, Isaac14
Rickard, Isaac, Jr. (insane)16
Rickard, James C.419
Rickard, Jonathan416
Rickard, Jonathan, Jr.418
Rickard, Lemuel19
Rickard, Martin199
Rickard, Nancy15
Rickard, Nancy18
Rickard, Simeon420
Rickard, Susan417
Rickard, Warren110
Ripley, Celesta M.2312
Ripley, Charles E.1331
Ripley, Charles H.155
Ripley, Diana1339
Ripley, Edward T.2314
Ripley, Eliza S.1328
Ripley, Eliza S.1332
Ripley, Emma M.1333
Ripley, Ephraim C.1327
Ripley, Epraim C., Jr.1329
Ripley, Ezekiel152
Ripley, Ezekiel W.V.154
Ripley, Franklin W.2311
Ripley, Isaiah S.1936
Ripley, Joseph F.2313
Ripley, Joseph S.239
Ripley, Josiah W.1330
Ripley, Maria2310
Ripley, Mary A.153
Ripley, Ruth S.1334
Ripley, Sally1338
Ripley, Sarah W.1340
Ripley, Thomas S.1337
Robbins, Aribella T.928
Robbins, Betsey P.927
Robbins, Thadeus P.929
Rose, Francis916
Rouake, Catharine1932
Rouake, Daniel1933
Rouake, Ellen1930
Rouake, Margaret1929
Rouake, Patrick1928
Rouake, William1931
Rounds, Lizzie F.115
Rounds, Wm. F.510
Ryan, Dennis940
Ryan, John45
Savery, Augusta S.815
Savery, Emeline F.816
Savery, Geo. B.817
Savery, Ruth A.814
Savery, Wm.813
Sawyer, Joshua245
Scollard, John2142
Sherman, Algenon S.1729
Sherman, Amelia145
Sherman, Asa1910
Sherman, Betsey W.429
Sherman, Betsey W.432
Sherman, Charles62
Sherman, Edward S.1417
Sherman, Eunice923
Sherman, George W.430
Sherman, Irene S.S.49
Sherman, James1730
Sherman, John427
Sherman, Joseph1422
Sherman, Joseph, Jr.1341
Sherman, Lucy63
Sherman, Lydia1342
Sherman, Lydia A.146
Sherman, Marcia1913
Sherman, Nancy1423
Sherman, Nancy B.1728
Sherman, Nathaniel1912
Sherman, Polly S.64
Sherman, Rolinda144
Sherman, Rosebelle1421
Sherman, Rosina1420
Sherman, Saba1911
Sherman, Sally428
Sherman, Sally R.431
Sherman, Sarah B.1418
Sherman, Sarah E.1731
Sherman, William48
Sherman, Wm. S.720
Sherman, Zacheus1727
Sherman, Zina E.1419
Simmons, Alfred82
Simmons, Lorenzo84
Simmons, Mary83
Smith, Jane204
Smith, Peter228
Smith, Richard203
Smith, Rose205
Soule, Abbie J.106
Soule, Adoniram1427
Soule, Bennet105
Soule, Eliza W.1935
Soule, Francis R.1934
Soule, Lucy N.107
Soule, Mary J.1428
Soule, Nancy116
Soule, Polly611
Soule, Wm. H.610
Standish, Alace1416
Standish, Bethiah S.1413
Standish, Maria D.1415
Standish, Thomas C.1412
Standish, Thomas C., Jr.1414
Stetson, Henry2139
Sturtevant, Chs. H.2026
Sturtevant, Deborah207
Sturtevant, Deborah J.414
Sturtevant, Hannah540
Sturtevant, Hellen E.413
Sturtevant, Henry410
Sturtevant, Henry, Jr.415
Sturtevant, Isaac R.206
Sturtevant, John T.61
Sturtevant, Lemuel2024
Sturtevant, Lucy2330
Sturtevant, Mary E.208
Sturtevant, Mary T.2125
Sturtevant, Nancy411
Sturtevant, Nancy W.412
Sturtevant, Samuel N.541
Sturtevant, Sophia2025
Sturtevant, Susannah W.542
Sullivan, Dennis176
Taylor, Chas. K.1135
Taylor, Chs.1140
Taylor, Hellen1139
Taylor, Lavina121
Taylor, Mary1136
Taylor, Sarah J.1138
Taylor, William1142
Taylor, Wm.1137
Thayer, Eunice2416
Thayer, John2415
Thayer, William L.2414
Thomas, Anson1810
Thomas, Catharine527
Thomas, Chas. B.533
Thomas, Clarissa L.526
Thomas, Geo. W.530
Thomas, Henry L.525
Thomas, Henry L., Jr.529
Thomas, Irene528
Thomas, John H.531
Thomas, Noah532
Thomas, Wm. F.534
Thompson, Charles234
Thompson, Clarissa C.715
Thompson, Henry D.233
Thompson, Joanna C.716
Thompson, Joshua C.713
Thompson, Josiah W.236
Thompson, Lucy P.717
Thompson, Margarett C.718
Thompson, Reuben231
Thompson, Sally232
Thompson, Sarah M.93
Thompson, Silance P.714
Thompson, Walter235
Tinkham, Betsey333
Tinkham, Betsey A.335
Tinkham, Cordelia334
Tinkham, Matilda R.336
Tinkham, Wm. L.332
Tinkham, Wm. L., Jr.337
Turney, John2211
Vickery, Augustus1625
Vickery, Bathsheba1630
Vickery, Daniel1629
Vickery, Dulcina1617
Vickery, Ebenezer1616
Wade, Irene F.2224
Wade, Joanna B.2222
Wade, Laura J.2223
Wade, Lewis2221
Walsh, Alace2140
Warren, Benjamin829
Warren, Ruth830
Washburn, Abial822
Washburn, Austin827
Washburn, Cushing F.828
Washburn, Edwin B.826
Washburn, Ella M.237
Washburn, Eugene M.236
Washburn, Frances W.D.824
Washburn, Harriet823
Washburn, Harriet C.825
Washburn, Saba R.235
Washburn, Sarah233
Washburn, Zenas232
Washburn, Zenas M.234
Weston, Almira642
Weston, Almira73
Weston, Angeline F.W.310
Weston, Charles H.1126
Weston, Joseph P.641
Weston, Joseph P., Jr.74
Weston, Josephene72
Weston, Laurentine M.312
Weston, Lewis38
Weston, Lewis P.311
Weston, Lucy A.1127
Weston, Mary A.39
Weston, Mercy M.1125
Weston, Mercy S.1123
Weston, Noah719
Weston, Robert F.1124
Weston, Robert W.1122
Weston, Sarah A.71
White, Charles C.439
White, Darius629
White, Darius F.631
White, Eliza441
White, Emily F.632
White, Ezra436
White, Ezra S.51
White, Henrietta W.442
White, Julia M.438
White, Mary A.52
White, Rebecca437
White, Sophia B.630
White, Wm. H.633
White, Wm. S.440
Whiting, Mary (pauper)1641
Wilbor, Angeline157
Wilbor, Eunice E.158
Wilbor, Seth156
Wilbor, Seth L.159
Wilbur, Franklin P.842
Wilbur, Mary A.841
Wilbur, Nancy A.839
Wilbur, Reuben A.838
Wilbur, Reuben A.840
Wilson, Angeline M.131
Wright, Abby W.2233
Wright, Alonzo1841
Wright, Barzilla E.322
Wright, Betsey1711
Wright, Charles A.325
Wright, Charles B.315
Wright, Charlott A.136
Wright, Charlott C.1019
Wright, Chas. M.2236
Wright, Clarissa435
Wright, Cyrus1613
Wright, Daniel D.434
Wright, Deborah S.2129
Wright, Ebenezer169
Wright, Ebenezer, Jr.1611
Wright, Edgar W.1840
Wright, Edward A.137
Wright, Edward S.65
Wright, Edwin A.1714
Wright, Edwin H.192
Wright, Eliza118
Wright, Elizabeth134
Wright, Elizabeth E.2241
Wright, Emeline66
Wright, Emma E.67
Wright, Emma J.2242
Wright, Fanney1610
Wright, Fanney C.1612
Wright, Fernando N.138
Wright, Frederick219
Wright, Frederick F.1536
Wright, George E.117
Wright, George W.193
Wright, Harriet M.2240
Wright, Henry H.1838
Wright, Huldah1619
Wright, Isaac612
Wright, Isaiah133
Wright, Isaiah F.135
Wright, Jane2128
Wright, John B.317
Wright, John G.1618
Wright, Josiah1238
Wright, Laura E.1533
Wright, Louisa A.1530
Wright, Louisa A.162
Wright, Lucia R.220
Wright, Lydia A.2232
Wright, Marcia613
Wright, Maria J.1614
Wright, Martha E.2237
Wright, Mary314
Wright, Mary2229
Wright, Mary J.2230
Wright, Mercy1336
Wright, Nathaniel T.2231
Wright, Nelson1631
Wright, Newland H.1839
Wright, Peleg433
Wright, Permelia F.M.1715
Wright, Priscilla V.323
Wright, Rebecca1239
Wright, Rebecca1842
Wright, Rebecca A.1532
Wright, Roland A.1528
Wright, Rufus1834
Wright, Rufus F.1837
Wright, Ruth H.1632
Wright, Ruth W.1531
Wright, Samuel C.2235
Wright, Sarah H.1836
Wright, Sarah N.324
Wright, Sarah S.1529
Wright, Southworth2127
Wright, Theodore L.222
Wright, William1710
Wright, Winslow2228
Wright, Winslow B.2239
Wright, Winslow W.221
Wright, Wm. H. L.1712
Wright, Wm. H.H.2234
Wright, Zacheus H.1713
Wright, Zebedee1313
Wright, Zebedee 2d.313
Wright, Zerviah S.1835