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"Specializing in New England and New York Colonial American Ancestry"

1865 Massachusetts State Census Index
Town of Middleton
Essex County, Mass.

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Andrew, John D.8
Andrew, Sally8
Atwood, Elizabeth A.14
Atwood, George W.13
Atwood, Hellen M.14
Atwood, Levi F.13
Atwood, Mary A.13
Atwood, Morrison13
Atwood, William14
Averill, Albert E.6
Averill, Alfred A.2
Averill, Andrew P.6
Averill, Andrew P., Jr.6
Averill, Anna M.9
Averill, Benjamin7
Averill, Benjamin F.7
Averill, Charles S.6
Averill, Clarence B.2
Averill, Edward P.2
Averill, Elizabeth6
Averill, Ellen W.9
Averill, George P.9
Averill, Hannah7
Averill, John Q.7
Averill, Joseph9
Averill, Leverett P.9
Averill, Lois P.7
Averill, Martha A.9
Averill, Mary A.7
Averill, Mary H.2
Averill, Nathaniel P.7
Averill, Seresco P.2
Averill, Susan A.7
Batchelder, Amos14
Batchelder, Amos W.14
Batchelder, Barnard B.4
Batchelder, Charles F.20
Batchelder, Francis L.20
Batchelder, Henry F.21
Batchelder, John A.21
Batchelder, John C.21
Batchelder, Joseph A.14
Batchelder, Laura A.21
Batchelder, Leander R.3
Batchelder, Sarah P.14
Batchelder, Susan C.3
Bean, John4
Bean, John T.4
Bean, Lydia A.4
Belis, Charles B.12
Benjamin, Mary G.1
Bennet, Lizzie A.2
Bennet, Mary E.2
Bennet, Russell S.2
Berry, Allen15
Berry, Ann J.18
Berry, Catherine A.15
Berry, Charles O.18
Berry, Eddie A.18
Berry, Hiram18
Berry, Jonathan8
Berry, Joseph A.15
Berry, Katie E.18
Berry, Lucy D.8
Berry, Lucy J.18
Berry, Mary J.15
Berry, Rebecca15
Berry, Rebecca A.15
Berry, Sarah W.8
Berry, Susan15
Berry, William15
Bixby, Betsey F.10
Bixby, Charles P.10
Bixby, Charles P.10
Bixby, Ella M.10
Bixby, Frank A.10
Blodgett, Anna E.5
Blodgett, Anna J.5
Blodgett, Harriet E.5
Blodgett, Thomas C.5
Blodgett, William H.5
Blodgett, Wm. E.5
Brickley, David1
Brooks, Frank O.10
Brown, ------22
Brown, Charles J.22
Brown, Harriet E.22
Brown, Liola M.22
Brown, Sarah F.22
Brown, William N.21
Butterfield, John C.3
Buxton, John21
Carleton, Betsey1
Carlin, Mary16
Carlin, Thomas16
Case, Darius17
Collins, Margaret8
Conlon, James2
Conlon, James H.2
Conlon, Mary A.2
Conlon, Sarah2
Conlon, Sarah R.2
Conway, Catherine E.3
Conway, Dennis3
Conway, Ellen3
Conway, James3
Conway, Louisa3
Conway, Patrick3
Cook, Alice M.19
Cook, Eliza J.19
Cook, Harvey H.19
Cook, Henrietta M.19
Cook, Hugh19
Cook, James H.19
Cook, Mary A.19
Cook, Mary E.19
Cook, Walter G.19
Cram, Ellen M.15
Cram, Lizzie L.15
Cram, Louisa J.15
Cram, Oscar15
Crane, Alice A.12
Crane, Caroline12
Crane, Charles12
Crane, Charles S.12
Crane, Clarence12
Crane, Frank D.12
Crane, Jennie M.12
Crane, Lucretia12
Crane, Nettie12
Crane, Sarah E.12
Crane, Stephen O.12
Cummings, Anna R.18
Cummings, Augusta B.18
Cummings, Julia A.6
Cummings, Julia A.5
Cummings, Lutheria F.18
Cummings, Mary A.18
Cummings, Samuel A.5
Cummings, Thomas S.18
Currier, ------21
Currier, Althea K.16
Currier, Anna M.21
Currier, Charles16
Currier, Edwin E.21
Currier, Eliza16
Currier, Frank16
Currier, George A.16
Currier, George L.16
Currier, Ida C.16
Currier, James M.20
Currier, Jeremiah F.16
Currier, Mary J.21
Currier, Rebecca20
Currier, Thomas W.21
Currier, Willie J.21
Curry, John W.10
Curry, Samuel10
Curtis, Althea K.6
Curtis, James6
Curtis, James P.1
Curtis, John6
Curtis, John A.6
Curtis, Joseph F.1
Curtis, Levi1
Curtis, Lewis W.1
Curtis, Lucy1
Curtis, Pricilla K.6
Curtis, William E.1
Cushing, Alonzo D.19
Cushing, Asenath P.19
Cushing, Hosea H.19
Cushing, Mary O.19
Daigneau, Nancy17
Danforth, Catherine4
Danforth, George E.4
Danforth, Hannah F.4
Danforth, Joseph A.4
Daniels, George18
Daniels, George W.18
Daniels, Hattie W.18
Daniels, Juliette18
Daniels, Lucy (pauper)11
Daniels, Martha A.18
Daniels, Martha L.18
Daniels, Patty19
Daniels, Walter S.18
Daniels, William19
Darling, Lyman3
Darling, Lyman A.3
Darling, Rebecca R.3
Darling, Willie V.3
Demsey, Harriet2
Demsey, Henry H.1
Demsey, Samuel10
Demsey, Sarah10
Donovan, Elizabeth A.4
Donovan, Hannah4
Donovan, Honora14
Donovan, John4
Donovan, Julia A.4
Donovan, Margaret4
Donovan, Mary4
Donovan, Mary E.4
Donovan, Patrick4
Downing, Algelia17
Downing, Lucy17
Downing, William J.17
Dufy, Margaret16
Emerson, Almira D.17
Emerson, Darius17
Emerson, Darius S.17
Emerson, Eunice W.17
Emerson, Jane R.17
Emerson, Mary F.17
Emerson, Milton J.17
Emerson, Sarah R.17
Emerson, Stephen17
Esty, Abby D.20
Esty, Dolly A.20
Esty, Flint10
Esty, Frank L.13
Esty, Hannah A.13
Esty, Israel10
Esty, Jeremiah13
Esty, Jeremiah A.20
Esty, John W.10
Esty, Joseph N.13
Esty, Loren G.20
Esty, Martha A.10
Esty, Martha E.13
Esty, Mary A.13
Esty, Mary H.20
Esty, Rosa20
Esty, Samuel F.10
Esty, Sarah K.20
Esty, Simon A.13
Esty, Simon F.13
Esty, Warren20
Esty, Willis W.20
Fairbanks, James H.12
Fairbanks, James W.12
Fairbanks, Lydia I.12
Fairbanks, Nellie12
Fairfield, Elizabeth G.10
Fairfield, M. Ellen10
Fairfield, Mary R.10
Fairfield, Moses10
Fisher, Betsey10
Fisher, Nathaniel16
Fisher, Sally16
Fletcher, Caroline A.4
Fletcher, Charles S.7
Fletcher, Eunice G.7
Fletcher, Joseph H.7
Fletcher, Melintha7
Fletcher, Sally4
Fletcher, Samuel A.4
Flint, Abagail12
Flint, Almira12
Flint, Caroline A.15
Flint, Eliza A.15
Flint, Fanny F.12
Flint, Francis A.15
Flint, Frederick S.15
Flint, George B.15
Flint, Harriet12
Flint, Hellen E.15
Flint, James12
Flint, James H.12
Flint, Julia R.15
Flint, Louis P.15
Flint, Mariette A.12
Flint, Miranda12
Flint, Nelson P.12
Flint, Sarah E.12
Flint, Sylvanus12
Flint, Warren F.12
Foss, Charlotte A.20
Foss, Lewis15
French, George F.14
French, Georgianna C.14
French, Olive S.14
Fuller, Abijah3
Fuller, Belvidera B.12
Fuller, Daniel20
Fuller, Dean20
Fuller, Emeline L.20
Fuller, Eunice L.20
Fuller, George20
Fuller, Jeremiah20
Fuller, John B.H.12
Fuller, John I.12
Fuller, John P.20
Fuller, Martha W.3
Fuller, Mary20
Fuller, Mary E.21
Fuller, Mary E.3
Fuller, Sally20
Fuller, Sally K.21
Fuller, Sarah3
Fuller, Sarah20
Fuller, Sarah A.3
Fuller, Sophronia20
Fuller, William H.21
Gage, Christopher W.11
Gage, Frederick J.11
Gage, John11
Gage, Lucy M.11
Gage, Sarah B.11
Geary, Albert W.4
Geary, George H.4
Gillespie, Catherine17
Gillespie, Dennis17
Gillespie, John H.17
Gillespie, Patrick17
Gillespie, Patrick17
Gillespie, William17
Goldwait, Benjamin6
Goldwait, Ellen M.6
Goldwait, George O.6
Goldwait, Lucy6
Goodwin, Ira E.12
Goodwin, Loren12
Goodwin, Sarah J.12
Gould, Abagail14
Gould, Benjamin F.7
Gould, Joseph P.7
Gould, Lucy M.7
Gould, Mary A.7
Gould, Porter I.7
Gould, Sarah I.7
Gould, Wellington E.7
Graves, Daniel A.13
Graves, Daniel E.13
Graves, Edward K.13
Graves, Emma S.13
Graves, Harriet A.13
Graves, Nancy7
Graves, Olive R.13
Graves, Solomon O.13
Greene, Ella G.1
Greene, Ellen E.2
Greene, Frank W.1
Greene, George A.10
Greene, Henry H.17
Greene, Mary J.1
Greene, Richard H.1
Hall, Clarence B.18
Hall, Louisa K.18
Hall, Mary A.18
Hall, Myra E.18
Hall, Samuel W.18
Hall, William E.18
Haynes, Maria E.21
Haynes, Thomas G.21
Hayward, Abiel12
Hayward, Anna F.12
Hayward, Charles F.12
Hayward, Charles H.12
Hayward, Mary A.12
Hayward, Mary A.12
Hern, Ella12
Higgins, Abisha16
Higgins, Anguis A.16
Higgins, Benjamin16
Higgins, Clarissa F.16
Higgins, John16
Higgins, Lewis16
Higgins, Margery16
Higgins, Susan16
Howe, Ann J.3
Howe, Anna J.3
Howe, Asa11
Howe, Benjamin3
Howe, Carrie M.11
Howe, Hannah H.11
Howe, Henry E.11
Howe, Nellie C.3
Howe, Olive M.11
Hutchinson, A. Eustis13
Hutchinson, Alvin A.15
Hutchinson, Caroline A.15
Hutchinson, Charles W.16
Hutchinson, Elmer S.16
Hutchinson, Emma I.9
Hutchinson, Francis P.16
Hutchinson, George P.16
Hutchinson, Henry W.16
Hutchinson, Ira13
Hutchinson, James A.9
Hutchinson, Lucy8
Hutchinson, Nancy I.9
Hutchinson, William H.15
Jenkins, Aaron8
Jenkins, Sarah8
Johnson, Amos H.1
Johnson, Frances S.1
Johnson, Meta B.1
Johnson, Samuel1
Johnson, Samuel F.10
Johnson, Sarah P.12
Jones, John16
Jones, Samuel16
Kalley, Julia G.5
Kalley, Maria5
Kalley, Rebecca17
Kelley, Annie1
Kennedy, Jackson17
Kenney, Ira19
Kimball, Edith21
Kimball, Edmund P.21
Kimball, Edward P.D.21
Kimball, Eva V.21
Kimball, Francis W.21
Leavitt, James J.2
Leavitt, Jerome2
Leavitt, Mary A.2
Leavitt, Samuel H.2
Leavitt, Willie S.2
Lever, James H.5
Lever, Mary5
Lever, Sarah J.5
Lever, William5
Linn, Mary A.2
Long, Eliza A.14
Long, Henry A.14
Manning, M. Elizabeth22
Mansfield, Henry11
Mansfield, Mary11
Marr, Benjamin W.4
Marston, Albion A.3
Marston, Lowell H.3
Mason, Charles A.15
Mason, Charles E.15
Mason, Eveline14
Mason, Mary A.15
Mason, Mary J.15
Matheson, David19
McCarthy, Alice F.13
McCarthy, Dennis13
McCarthy, Eugene M.13
McCarthy, Famelia D.13
McGlauflin, Benjamin J.18
McGlauflin, Charles A.18
McGlauflin, Hiram18
McGlauflin, Hiram, Jr.18
McGlauflin, Jane F.18
McGlauflin, Lucy18
McGlauflin, Margaret A.18
McGlauflin, Samuel E.18
McGlauflin, Willie D.18
McIntire, Abraham3
McIntire, Alice G.16
McIntire, Augustus17
McIntire, Charles16
McIntire, Emily M.10
McIntire, Hannah3
McIntire, Hannah C.16
McIntire, Lucy W.16
McIntire, Mary17
McIntire, Olive A.10
McIntire, Ruth16
McIssiac, Sarah1
McKenney, Enoch1
McKenney, Henry1
McKenney, John J.1
Merriam, Alice W.14
Merriam, Andrew N.14
Merriam, Anna B.14
Merriam, Bessie B.14
Merriam, Elizabeth S.14
Merriam, Francis P.22
Merriam, Frank N.14
Merriam, Hannah B.22
Merriam, Hannah W.14
Merriam, James L.14
Merriam, James M.14
Merriam, Jonas14
Merriam, Katie22
Merriam, Mary F.22
Merriam, William A.14
Merriam, William S.14
Metcalf, John C.9
Moore, Catherine E.15
Moore, Susan A.15
Morrison, Angelia17
Morse, Eliza B.21
Muchmore, Jennie D.9
Muchmore, Russell9
Mudge, Catherine22
Murray, Alexander W.16
Murray, Anna L.16
Murray, George16
Murray, Olive W.16
Newman, Anna D.15
Nichols, Apphia8
Nichols, Benjamin (Idiotic and pauper)11
Nichols, Elizabeth (pauper)11
Nichols, Eunice10
Nichols, Nancy (pauper)11
Nickerson, Ansel22
Nickerson, Ansel I.22
Nickerson, George22
Nickerson, Mary A.22
Noyes, Alpheus P.9
Noyes, Harriet C.9
Noyes, Orlando S.9
Noyes, Ralph L.9
Peabody, Almira8
Peabody, Andrew W.9
Peabody, Annie E.2
Peabody, Antoinette2
Peabody, Arthur M.9
Peabody, Austin C.8
Peabody, Benjamin W.7
Peabody, Benjamin W., Jr.7
Peabody, Betsey2
Peabody, Catherine A.21
Peabody, Celia J.5
Peabody, Charles5
Peabody, Charles H.21
Peabody, David B.8
Peabody, Edward7
Peabody, Eliza B.7
Peabody, Elizabeth22
Peabody, Elizabeth22
Peabody, Elizabeth W2
Peabody, Ella L.21
Peabody, Frances10
Peabody, Francis, 2nd7
Peabody, Hannah W.7
Peabody, Hannah(insane)7
Peabody, Harriet7
Peabody, Harriet E.21
Peabody, Harriet E.21
Peabody, Hellen F.9
Peabody, Henrietta F.10
Peabody, Henry21
Peabody, Henry, 2nd7
Peabody, Isiah B.5
Peabody, Isiah B., Jr.5
Peabody, Jesse7
Peabody, Jesse L.21
Peabody, Joel7
Peabody, John L.22
Peabody, John M.15
Peabody, John W.22
Peabody, John W.8
Peabody, John W., 2nd9
Peabody, Joseph6
Peabody, Joseph W.2
Peabody, Lois L.5
Peabody, Lydia7
Peabody, Lydia E.6
Peabody, Lydia J.7
Peabody, Lydia M.5
Peabody, Lyman E.22
Peabody, Maria S.3
Peabody, Martha7
Peabody, Mary10
Peabody, Mary10
Peabody, Mary A.9
Peabody, Mary A.7
Peabody, Mary A.10
Peabody, Mary E.13
Peabody, Mary J.21
Peabody, Mary W.6
Peabody, Moses7
Peabody, Nancy P.7
Peabody, Nehemiah F.7
Peabody, Rhoda A.8
Peabody, Samuel2
Peabody, Samuel E.22
Peabody, Samuel L.21
Peabody, Samuel M.6
Peabody, Sarah E.22
Peabody, Solomon A.8
Peabody, Susan A.5
Peabody, Susan C.9
Peabody, Susan E.21
Peabody, William8
Peabody, William M.13
Peabody, William W.5
Peabody, William W.7
Peabody, Willis E.21
Perkins, Ann C.9
Perkins, Betsey1
Perkins, Caroline E.9
Perkins, Hannah2
Perkins, Hazen K.9
Perkins, James G.1
Perkins, James H.1
Perkins, Joseph B.9
Perkins, Mayo W.1
Perkins, Patty9
Perkins, Rachel A.1
Perkins, Rachel H.1
Perkins, Warren G.9
Perkins, William2
Perkins, William F.2
Perley, Elizabeth A.10
Perley, William P.10
Perry, Benjamin W.8
Perry, Charles C.8
Perry, Eliza M.8
Perry, Jonathan8
Perry, Jonathan A.8
Perry, Mary A.8
Pettengill, Adeline F.2
Phelps, Ann E.18
Phelps, Anna H.18
Phelps, Charles A.18
Phelps, Eben S.15
Phelps, Eliza H.15
Phelps, Florence E.18
Phelps, George B.15
Phelps, Henry L.15
Phelps, Horace D.17
Phelps, Laura M.18
Phelps, Lucy R.15
Phelps, Lydia S.18
Phelps, Reuel A.15
Phelps, Sarah18
Phelps, Sarah L.15
Phelps, Sarah W.15
Phelps, William A.18
Phelps, William W.15
Pierce, Charles F.8
Potter, Caroline8
Potter, Charlotte E.8
Potter, Charlotte K.8
Potter, Edward P.8
Potter, Isaac E.8
Potter, Otis W.8
Proctor, Charles E.13
Proctor, Ernest L.13
Proctor, Hannah M.13
Putnam, Peter13
Rennerd, Alice E.5
Rennerd, George A.5
Rennerd, George W.4
Rennerd, Mary P.4
Rennerd, Otis H.5
Richardson, Amos13
Richardson, Amos17
Richardson, Apphia17
Richardson, Benjamin F.20
Richardson, Benjamin P.19
Richardson, Betsey F.14
Richardson, Catherine M.20
Richardson, Charles H.11
Richardson, Clara J.20
Richardson, Clifton P.17
Richardson, Daniel1
Richardson, David C.11
Richardson, Eli E.4
Richardson, Elijah20
Richardson, Eliza A.19
Richardson, Eliza E.4
Richardson, Emily A.20
Richardson, Emma C.20
Richardson, Eunice H.20
Richardson, Ezra17
Richardson, Frederick A.20
Richardson, Gracie T.20
Richardson, Harlan P.17
Richardson, Hazen K.20
Richardson, Hosea W.13
Richardson, Jason20
Richardson, Jason, 2nd17
Richardson, Jeremiah A.20
Richardson, Johanna E.11
Richardson, John17
Richardson, John F.11
Richardson, Kate P.19
Richardson, Kendall F.13
Richardson, Lorena21
Richardson, Lucy13
Richardson, Lucy G.17
Richardson, Luella F.20
Richardson, Mary20
Richardson, Mary E.4
Richardson, Mary R.20
Richardson, Olive13
Richardson, Olive B.1
Richardson, Rosanna B.11
Richardson, Rosilla R.11
Richardson, Rosilla R.11
Richardson, Sally20
Richardson, Sarah F.17
Richardson, Solomon13
Richardson, Thirza J.13
Richardson, William Q.11
Richardson, Willianna E.20
Richardson, Willie J.4
Richardson, Willis17
Riley, George A.3
Riley, Mary A.3
Riley, Mary E.3
Riley, Nathan A.3
Riley, Osborn J.3
Ross, Henry8
Rounds, James C.2
Russell, Frank5
Russell, George A.5
Russell, Harriet E.5
Russell, Harriet M.10
Russell, Joseph W.5
Russell, Lucy M.5
Russell, Mary A.22
Russell, William A.22
Russell, William A., Jr.22
Sanborn, Abner R.1
Sanborn, Carrie3
Sanborn, Nathan2
Sanborn, Royal2
Sargent, Edward W.3
Shelden, Albert E.22
Shelden, Angeline22
Shelden, David L.22
Shelden, Harmon T.22
Shelden, Hermon A.22
Sheldon, Julia A.22
Shepard, Augustus19
Shepard, Eliza B.19
Shepard, Jonathan19
Smith, Charles E.5
Smith, Francis5
Smith, George F.3
Smith, John J.5
Smith, Mary5
Smith, Peter5
Smith, Victoria5
Soper, Eli16
Soper, Ellen E.16
Soper, Elsie R.16
Soper, George E.16
Soper, Polly A.16
Stewart, Ellsworth5
Stewart, Frank W.5
Stewart, John J.5
Stewart, Richard P.5
Stewart, Susan A.5
Stewart, Susan E.5
Stiles, Abbie D.1
Stiles, Clinton P.1
Stiles, David1
Stiles, Elbridge17
Stiles, Elbridge A.17
Stiles, Elizabeth P.10
Stiles, Ellen M.10
Stiles, Farnham10
Stiles, Hiram A.9
Stiles, Mary E.1
Stiles, Mary L.10
Stiles, Nancy11
Stiles, Nelson R.9
Stiles, Osgood F.10
Stiles, Rebeca1
Stiles, Ruth P.9
Stiles, Simeon10
Stiles, Sumner B.9
Stiles, William W.13
Stoder, Carrie L.8
Stoder, Harriet A.8
Stoder, Harriet S.8
Stoder, Mary V.8
Stoder, Ruth W.8
Stoder, Sarah E.8
Stoder, William H.8
Stone, James4
Stone, Lucy4
Stone, Martha4
Stone, Nancy G.4
Stone, Naomi4
Stone, Susan E.4
Symonds, Abijah F.19
Symonds, Camelia A.19
Symonds, Henrietta M.19
Symonds, Olive M.19
Symonds, Suzzie C.19
Symonds, Willard18
Symonds, Willard H.19
Tario, Sereno10
Tario, Sophronia J.10
Thomas, Amanda M.19
Thomas, Amos L.19
Thomas, Daniel17
Thomas, Edward W.19
Thomas, Eliza F.14
Thomas, Elvina N.19
Thomas, Franklin14
Thomas, George14
Thomas, Hannah A.14
Thomas, Ida L.19
Thomas, Lono M.19
Thomas, Mehitable E.17
Thomas, Rebecca17
Thomas, Ruth14
Thomas, Susan A.15
Thompson, George W.6
Thompson, John2
Tiernan, Catherine A.3
Tiernan, Richard R.3
Towne, Hannah P.9
Towne, Joseph9
Towne, Serena P.9
Trow, Charlotte2
Truel, Hannah A.21
Truel, James H.21
Truel, Nellie J.21
Truel, Sarah E.21
Truel, Susan J.21
Tufts, Alice M.11
Tufts, Anna W.11
Tufts, Ardelia L.11
Tufts, Eveline A.11
Tufts, Gustavus H.11
Tufts, Mary H.11
Tufts, Merriam R.11
Tufts, Myra L.11
Tufts, Nancy E.11
Tufts, Wilbur H.11
Tyler, Abagail3
Tyler, Addison3
Tyler, Alfred2
Tyler, Alma2
Tyler, Henrietta6
Tyler, Lewis6
Tyler, Maurice E.3
Tyler, Sally6
Tyler, William H.3
Upton, Betsey2
Watson, Julia3
Wellman, Charles A.13
Wellman, John R.13
Wellman, Sarah S.13
Wells, Charles D.4
Wells, Dennis4
Wells, George H.4
Wells, John A.4
Wells, Mary E.4
Wells, Sarah4
Wells, Sarah E.4
Wentworth, Charles11
Wentworth, Ellen M.11
Wentworth, Joseph H.11
Wentworth, Louisa D.11
Wentworth, Mary A.11
Wentworth, Millard F.11
Wentworth, Samuel G.11
Weston, Daniel14
Weston, Matha J.14
Weston, Polly14
Weston, Solomon W.14
Weston, William14
White, Asenath2
White, Edward N.1
White, Elizabeth1
White, Frank O.1
White, Henry F.1
White, Mehitable4
White, Oliver2
White, Oliver H.2
Wiggin, Andrew B.21
wiggin, Maria S.21
Wilkins, Alvin A.6
Wilkins, Anna L.9
Wilkins, Betsey8
Wilkins, Betsey6
Wilkins, Caroline E.9
Wilkins, Charles19
Wilkins, Charles C.8
Wilkins, Charles H.6
Wilkins, Charlotte A.7
Wilkins, Clarence B.6
Wilkins, Cyrus K.9
Wilkins, Edward W.6
Wilkins, Edwin A.6
Wilkins, Eliza A.22
Wilkins, Elizabeth19
Wilkins, Elizabeth6
Wilkins, Elizabeth6
Wilkins, Ella L.9
Wilkins, Elvira C.19
Wilkins, Emily22
Wilkins, Ernest K.9
Wilkins, Franklin F.6
Wilkins, Frederick H.14
Wilkins, George E.9
Wilkins, George P.7
Wilkins, George P., 2nd8
Wilkins, Granville H.9
Wilkins, Harriet P.7
Wilkins, Harriet S.6
Wilkins, Harrison H.6
Wilkins, Henry A.14
Wilkins, Henry Herbert14
Wilkins, James6
Wilkins, Leverett H.6
Wilkins, Lucy J.6
Wilkins, Luther22
Wilkins, Luther F.22
Wilkins, Lydia P.14
Wilkins, Lyman S.8
Wilkins, Marietta19
Wilkins, Mary E.6
Wilkins, Mary L.22
Wilkins, Nellie C.6
Wilkins, Otis L.22
Wilkins, Rebecca10
Wilkins, Samuel H.6
Wilkins, Samuel, 2nd6
Wilkins, Scott19
Wilkins, Walter W.6
Wilkins, Willie W.19
Wilkins, Wlado L.19
Young, Elsie L.22
Young, Elvina A.22
Young, George P.1
Young, John H.22