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1865 Hull State Census Records
Plymouth County, Massachusetts

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  1. Line Number
  2. Dwelling-house numbered in the order of visitation.
  3. Fanilies numbered in the order of visitation.
  4. Name of every Person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June, 1855, was in this family.
  5. Age
  6. Sex
  7. Color
  8. Place of Birth.
  9. Condition - Whether single, married or widowed.
  10. Profession, Occupation or Trade, of each Male Person, over 15 years of age.

Page 1

Inhabitants in the Town of Hull, County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the eleventh day of May, 1865.

NameAgeSexColorPlace of BirthConditionOccupation
11/1Cleverly, John-mw-mFarmer
21/1Cleverly, Mary B.49fwMAm-
31/1Cleverly, Alphonso-mwMAsFarmer
41/1Cleverly, Amber-mwMAsFarmer
6/2Cleverly, Francis U.22mwMAmFisherman
7/2Cleverly, Mary E.28fwMAm-
8/2Mitchell, John L.5mwMAs-
9/2Mitchell, Webster3mwMAs-
10/2Cleverly, Emma T.5mfwMAs-
122/3Lowe, James68mwNYmLaborer
132/3Lowe, Lydia55fwSt. Johnsm-
142/3Lowe, Cordelia22fw-s-
152/3Lowe, Stephen19mw-s-
162/3Lowe, Alonzo17mw-s-
172/3Lowe, Hannah13fw-s-
182/3Vining, Alexander46mwMAmInnholder
203/4Lowe, James, Jr.29mwMA--
213/4Lowe, Sybil A.23fwMA--
223/4Lowe, Mary A.9mfwMA--
233/4Lowe, George F.25mwMA-Longshoreman
254/5McRann, Francis39mw--Marriner
264/5McRann, Esther38fwMA--
274/5Sirovich, Nicholas24mwMA-Marriner
295/6Mitchell, Harrison25mwMA-Marriner
305/6Mitchell, Alice A.23fwMA--
315/6Mitchell, Alice2fwMA--
325/6Mitchell, ------2mfwMA--
34/7Curtis, Susan38fwN. S.--
35/7Curtis, Ella9fwMA--
386/8Sawyer, Samuel U.47mwMA-Pilot
396/8Whitaker, Sarah32fwMA--

Page 2

Inhabitants in the Town of Hull, County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the eleventh day of May, 1865.

17/9Souther, Elijah48mwMAmCarpenter
27/9Souther, Martha43fwMAm-
37/9Souther, George17mwMAsFarmer
47/9Souther, Francis15mwMAs-
57/9Souther, Daniel13mwMAs-
67/9Souther, Irene10fwMAs-
77/9Souther, Anna F.7fwMAs-
87/9Souther, Edward4mwMAs-
108/10Hayes, Charles33mwN. S.mFisherman
118/10Hayes, Elizabeth32fwMAm-
128/10Hayes, Maud4fwMAs-
138/10Angelo, Mrs. Elizabeth68fwMAw-
159/11Cobb, Joseph58mwMAmMarriner
169/11Cobb, Eliza J.52fwMAm-
179/11Cobb, Joseph W.28mwMAwFisherman
189/11Cobb, Elisha T.25mwMAsFisherman
199/11Cobb, Evelyn A.15fwMAs-
209/11Cobb, Walter O.11mwMAs-
2210/12Knight, Martin52mwMAmFarmer
2310/12Knight, Bitha B.-fwMAm-
2410/12Knight, Eliza J.22fwMAs-
2510/12Knight, Charles U.20mwMAsFarmer
2610/12Knight, Winthrop14mwMAsFarmer
2811/13Knight, Edward G.24mwMAmCarpenter
2911/13Knight, Lizzie A.19fwVTm-
31/14Reed, Mary68fwMAsTailoress
32/14Reed, Elizabeth58fwMAs-
3412/15Pope, Joseph59mwMAmTelegraph
3512/15Pope, Jane52fwMAm-
3612/15Pope, Rachel C.L.19fwMAs-
3712/15Pope, Arabella C.12fwMAs-
3913/16Gould, Robert48mwMAmCarpenter
4013/16Gould, Nancy R.44fwMAm-
4113/16Gould, Robert U.12mwMAs-

Page 3

Inhabitants in the Town of Hull, County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the eleventh day of May, 1865.

1/17Gould, Rebecca46fwMAs-
2/17Gould, Elizabeth44fwMAsTeacher
414/18Mitchell, John80mwRagusa, AustriamMarriner
514/18Mitchell, Susan54fwMEm-
614/18Mitchell, Euguene19mwMAs-
714/18Mitchell, Clara15fwMAs-
814/18Given, Georgiana31fwMAw-
914/18Given, Arthur7mwMAs-
1014/18Waters, John26mw-sMarriner
1215/19Augustus, John48mwItamFisherman
1315/19Augustus, Adeline46fwMAm-
1415/19Augustus, George T.22mwMAsFisherman
1515/19Augustus, John C.20mwMAsFisherman
1615/19Augustus, Adeline M.18fwMAs-
1715/19Augustus, Eliza L.15fwMAs-
19/20Cook, Orlando D.27mwMAmTrader
20/20Cook, Emeline D.25fwMAm-
21/20Cook, Effie2fwMAs-
22/20Cook, Ina7mfwMAs-
2416/21Carney, William B.31mwMEmTelegraph
2516/21Carney, Lizzie T.30fwMAm-
2616/21Carney, E. Josephine5fwMAs-
2817/22Marsh, Rev. Joseph68mwN. S.mM. E. Clergyman
2917/22Marsh, Mary A.65fwN. S.m-
3017/22Marsh, Josephine20fwMAs-
3117/22Wedlock, Mary22fwMAm-
3418/23Reed, Daniel D.36mwMAmFisherman
3518/23Reed, Esther B.31fwN. S.m-
3618/23Reed, Esther S.11fwMAs-
3718/23Reed, Emma J.7fwMAs-
3818/23Reed, Annetta L.4fwMAs-

Page 4

Inhabitants in the Town of Hull, County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the eleventh day of May, 1865.

119/24Reed, John44mwMAmFisherman
219/24Reed, Mary E.32fwMAm-
319/24Reed, Hattie S.9fwMAs-
419/24Reed, Mrs. Emma73fwMAw-
519/24Reed, Fannie S.1mfwMA--
620/25Tower, John W.44mwMAmFarmer
720/25Tower, Jane B.46fwMAm-
820/25Allen, James59mwMAsGentleman
1021/26James, William, Jr.54mwMAmMarriner
1121/26James, Catherine-fwMAm-
1221/26James, William 4th.20mwMAsMarriner
1321/26James, John19mwMAsMarriner
1421/26James, Esther17fwMAs-
1521/26James, Samuel12mwMAs-
1621/26James, Joshua16mwMAs-
1721/26James, Mary E.9fwMAs-
1821/26Steele, John M.56mwSwedsLongshoreman
2022/27James, Samuel40mwMAmMarriner
2122/27James, Mary A.34fwMAm-
2222/27James, Samuel, Jr.12mwMAs-
2322/27James, Washington14mwMAs-
2422/27James, Laura H.10fwMAs-
2522/27James, Fannie E.8fwMAs-
2622/27James, Lillie R.6fwMAs-
2722/27James, Abby A.3fwMAs-
2822/27James, Esther S.1fwMAs-
2922/27Perkins, William22mwBritish N. AmericasMarriner
3123/28Mathews, Gideon52mwNHmCarpenter
3223/28Mathews, Catherine43fwMAm-
3323/28Mathews, David P.11mwMAs-
3624/29Lucihe, Eliza T.46fwMAm-
3724/29Lucihe, Eliza A.15fwMAs-
3824/29Lovell, Mrs. Jane75fwMAw-
4025/30Sirovich, Louis G.27mwMAmFisherman
4125/30Sirovich, Nicoletta26fwMAm-

Page 5

Inhabitants in the Town of Hull, County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the eleventh day of May, 1865.

1/31Mitchell, Nicholas51mwPlymouth, EnglandmFisherman
2/31Mitchell, Henrietta43fwMAm-
3/31Mitchell, Alonzo23mwMAsFisherman
4/31Mitchell, William B.16mwMAsFisherman
5/31Mitchell, Annie U.3fwMAs-
6/31Mitchell, Ambrose B.2mwMAs-
826/32James, Joshua38mwMAmMarriner
926/32James, Louisa22fwMAm-
1026/32James, Louisa L.5fwMAs-
12/33Pope, Benjamin F.27mwMAmMarriner
13/33Pope, Rosannah-fwMAm-
14/33Pope, George B.4mwMAs-
1627/34James, Rinier50mwMAmMarriner
1727/34James, Alice49fwIrem-
1827/34James, William 3d.27mwMAsMarriner
1927/34James, Marrion16fwMAs-
2027/34James, Francis18mwMAsMarriner
2127/34James, Rinier, Jr.14mwMAsMarriner
2328/35Dill, Davis W.32mwMAmMarriner
2428/35Dill, Mary J.29fwMAm-
2528/35Dill, Webster7mwMAs-
2628/35Dill, Annie5fwMAs-
2728/35Dill, John L.3mwMA--
2828/35Dill, Jennie L.1fwMA--
30/36Dill, Mrs. Sybil59fwMAw-
3229/37Pope, William59mwMAmFisherman
3329/37Pope, Mary56fwMAm-
3429/37Pope, James W.28mwMAsFisherman
3529/37Pope, William, Jr. (Partly Insane)15fwMAsFisherman
3629/37Pope, Andrew20mwMAsFisherman
3729/38Pope, Eben17mwMAsFisherman
3829/39Pope, Sarah J.15fwMAs-
4030/38Hayden, John51mwMAmLaborer
4130/38Hayden, Mary A.60fwMAm-

Page 6

Inhabitants in the Town of Hull, County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the eleventh day of May, 1865.

131/39Loring, Samuel80mwMAmFarmer
231/39Loring, Lucy79fwMAm-
331/39Loring, Lewis P.42mwMAsFarmer
431/39Loring, Miss Lucy49fwMAs-
732/40Souther, Samuel C.41mwMAmFarmer
832/40Souther, Sarah31fwMAm-
932/40Souther, Nathan13mwMAs-
1032/40Souther, Ella10fwMAs-
1132/40Souther, Samuel7mwMAs-
1232/40Souther, Lester1mfwMAs-
1533/41Galiano, Andrew40mwItamFisherman
1633/41Galiano, Emily R.29fwEngm-
1733/41Galiano, Elizabeth4fwMAs-
1833/41Galiano, Emily7fwMAs-
1933/41Galiano, Josephine T.5mfwMAs-
2033/41Galiano, Alfred A.2mwMAs-
2133/41Galiano, Thomas J.8mmwMAs-
2334/42Smith, John H.42mwPrusmFisherman
2434/42Smith, Lettecia40fwIrem-
2534/42Smith, Frederick14mwMAs-
2634/42Smith, Franklin16mwMAs-
2734/42Smith, Jacob11mwMAs-
2834/42Smith, John8mwMA--
2934/42Smith, Mary L.6fwMA--
3034/42Smith, Esther C.3fwMA--
3134/42Smith, Nicholas S.1mwMA--
3335/43Milekin, Clement58mw-mLaborer
3435/43Milekin, Angeline52fw-m-
3636/44Bates, Thomas33mwMAmLight House Keeper
3736/44Bates, Mercy V.32fwMAm-
3836/44Bates, Martha J.9fwMAs-
40/45Shore, Robert24mwNYmLight House Keeper
41/45Shore, Juliet21fwNYm-
42/45Shore, William T.2mwNYs-

Page 7

Inhabitants in the Town of Hull, County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the eleventh day of May, 1865.

1/46Ford, Lyman51mwMEmLight House Keeper
2/46Ford, Mary S.58fwMEm-
3/46Ford, Angeline F.48fwMEs-
537/47Woodfall, James H.36mwNYmFisherman
637/47Woodfall, Lydia33fwNYm-
737/47Woodfall, Willie H.13mwNYs-
837/47Woodfall, James L.3mwNYs-
1038/49Kimball, Noah34mwMEmFisherman
1138/49Kimball, Bridget32fwEngm-
1238/49Wilburn, James38mwMEsFisherman
1439/50Hooper, Nathaniel52mwMAmLight House Keeper
1539/50Hooper, Lucy53fwNHm-
1639/50Hooper, Charles32mwMAsFisherman
1739/50Hooper, Wallace27mwMAsFisherman
1839/50Hooper, Eliza23fwMAsFisherman
1939/50Hooper, Willie16mwMAsFisherman
2140/51Hilliar, James70mwMAsFisherman
2341/52Coombs, Ezra V.25mwMEmFisherman
2441/52Coombs, Nancy M.22fwMEm-
2642/53Turner, James54mwEngmFisherman
2742/53Turner, Margaret38fwIrem-
2842/53Turner, James, Jr.17mwMAsFisherman
2942/53Turner, Kate16fwMAs-
3042/53Turner, Mary15fwMAs-
3142/53Turner, Margaret13fwMAs-
3242/53Turner, George9mwMAs-
3342/53Turner, Ellen7fwMAs-
3442/53Turner, Joseph5mwMAs-
3542/53Turner, Frank3mwMAs-
3743/54Ripley, Nehemiah48mwMAmInn Holder
3843/54Ripley, Hannah S.45fwMAm-
4044/55Hobbs, George H.26mwMAmFisherman
4144/55Hobbs, Jantha19fwMAm-
4244/55Hobbs, George L.6mmwMAs-

Page 8

Inhabitants in the Town of Hull, County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts, enumerated by me, the eleventh day of May, 1865.

145/56Norcross, Frank W.36mwMEmInnholder
245/56Norcross, Margaret N.35fwMEm-
345/56Norcross, Frank M.14mwMAs-
445/56Norcross, Ada F.11fwMAs-
545/56Norcross, Walter M.5fwMAs-
746/57Quilty, Jeffey32mwIremLaborer
846/57Quilty, Ann32fwIrem-
946/57Quilty, Mary A.3fwMAs-
1046/57Quilty, Hannah1fwMAs-
1247/58Anderson, Luis65mwDenmFisherman
1347/58Anderson, Isabella40fwEngm-
1447/58Anderson, Henrietta13fwMAs-
1547/58Anderson, Harriet10fwMAs-
1748/59Bates, Marshal36mwMAmFisherman
1848/59Bates, Abby S.32fwMAm-
1948/59Bates, Lucy3fwMA--
2048/59Bates, Annie L. A.10mfwMA--
2148/59Bates, David U.13mwMAs-
2248/59Bates, Abby S.7fwMA--
2449/60Crowell, William N.33mwMAmFisherman
2549/60Crowell, Mary E.32fwMAm-
2649/60Crowell, Jennie N.11fwMA--
2749/60Crowell, Mary E.5fwMA--
2849/60Crowell, Catherine F.4fwMA--
2949/60Crowell, Willie B.1mwMA--
3150/61Packard, Samuel41mwMAmFisherman
3250/61Packard, Margaret27fwCTm-