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Hancock Massachusetts Marriages

Transcribed by Lynn Tooley

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Hancock Massachusetts Marriages From Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior to 1800 as Found in Ancient Court Records.

July 2, 1776. The plantation called Jericho established as Hancock.

Groom/BrideDate of Marriage
Griffin REYNOLDS, son of Jas. & Marthy GARDNER, da. Of Nath'l Sept. 22, 1793
Willard, son of Wm. SMITH & Hannah & Amy, da. Of Palmer GARDNER Dec. 26, 1793
Isaac, son of Widow HADSELL? & Isabel, dau. Of Thos. ELDRED Aug. 7, 1794
Josiah PERRY & Rebecca CHURCH Dec. 4, 1794
Ward KING & Sarah WALKER Feb. 26, 1795
Elisha BECKET of Stephentown & Mary WALKER Feb. 26, 1795
Stephen POTTER of Cheshire & Esther HARWOOD of Windsor Oct. 27, 1794

Source: Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior To 1800 As Found On Ancient Court Records of the Counties of Middlesex, Hampshire, Berkshire And Bristol, Third Book, Edited by the Rev. Frederic W. Bailey, B.D.

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