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Middleborough Massachusetts Marriages

Transcribed by Lynn Tooley

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Middleborough Massachusetts Marriages From Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior to 1800 as Found in Ancient Court Records.

Additions to Book II. The following marriages have been found in an unnumbered volume of the court of General Sessions of the Peace, Plymouth County and are added here to complete that issue.

Groom/BrideDate of Marriage
Joseph HASKELL and Sarah BRALEY Mar. 27, 1729
Joseph LEONARD and Hannah PRATT Apr. 9, 1729
Willm. HACK of Taunton and Mary TINKHAM Aug. 21, 1729
Eleazer PRATT, Jr. and Hannah SHORT Sep. 10, 1729
Joshua COMBS of Rochester and Elizabeth PRATT Sep. 10, 1729
Joshua PEIRCE of Pembroke and Hopestill HOLLOWAY Nov. 20, 1729
Nathan HOLLOWAY of Taunton and Elizabeth MAKEPEACE Dec. 25, 1729
Seth HOWLand and Elizabeth DELANO May 24, 1728
Ebenezer Redden and Joanna Vaughan Sep. 10, 1728
David MILLER and Susannah HOLMES Oct. 31, 1728
Ignatius ELMES and Sarah BENNETT Dec. 4, 1728
Jonathan SNOW of Bridgewater and Sarah SOUL Dec. 18, 1828
Willm. HOOPER of Bridgewater & Lois THOMAS Jan. 1728
Thomas WOOD and Hannah Alden Apr. ult. 1728
Coombs BARROWS and Joanna Smith May 15, 1728
Robert Ransom and Sarah Chyles May 27, 1728
John Savery and Mary THOMAS, da. of Jonathan Thomas, dec. Jul. 17, 1728
John EATON of Kingston and Elizabeth FULLER Jul. ult., 1728
Rev. John WADSWORTH of Canterbury and Mrs. Abigail SPROUT Dec. 11, 1728
Jonathan FULLER and Hannah HARLOW Dec. 17, 1728
Cap. Ichabod TUPPER and Hannah TINKHAM Dec. 23, 1728
Dea. Thomas PRATT of Easton and Desire BONNEY Mar. 5, 1729/30
Isaac BILLINGTON and Mary DONHAM Mar. 5, 1729/30
Robert BARROWS and Fear THOMAS Mar. 12, 1730
Peter TINKHAM and Eunice THOMAS Apr. 1, 1739
Benjamin LEONARD and Elizabeth WEST Sep. 16, 1730
Elections REYNOLDS, Jr. and Charity CASWELL Apr. 1, 1731
Francis GAYWARD of Rochester and Anna MORSE July 10, 1730
Samuel WOOD and Sarah Howland, widow Aug. 7, 1730
Josiah HATCH of Pembroke and Mercy REDDING Nov. 12, 1730
Jacob TOMSON and Elizabeth Holmes Jan. 7, 1730
John WOOD and Hannah CHILES Feb. 18, 1730
Jacob SOUL and Mary THOMAS Mar. 31, 1731
Thomas HOLMES and Mary SPROUT Apr. 1, 1731
Francis MILLER and Experience SPROUT Nov. 22, 1731
Obadiah SAMPSON and Mary SOUL Dec. 14, 1731
Elias MILLER and Sarah HOLMES Feb. 17, 1731
Thomas KING and Mary GAUNT (?) Apr. 12, 1732
Thomas TOMSON and Martha SOUL Apr. 25, 1732
John MILLER, Jr. and Waitstill CLAP Jun. 26, 1732
Isaac BENNETT and Mary DREW Aug. 24, 1732
James WINSLOW of Plymouth and Susanna CONANT Dec. 7, 1732
Jesse GRIFFETH and Elizabeth BENT Jan. 4, 1732
Samuel EDDY, Jr. and Lydia ALDEN Feb. 5, 1732
Ebenezer REED of Abington and Hannah TOMPSON Feb. 21, 1732
Noah THOMAS and Mary ALDEN Feb. 22, 1732
Stephen DONHAM and Lydia TAYLOR of Taunton May 10, 1733
Nathaniel HOLLOWAY and Mehitabel BASSIT of Bridgewater Jun. 20, 1733
James BUMPAS and Rachel Hanks Mar. 1732-3
Benjamin WOOD and Presulla RICKARD, both of Plimpton Apr., 1733
Francis EATON and Lydia FULLER Jun. 12, 1733
Zacheriah WHITMAN of Bridgewater and Eleanor BENNET Nov. 1, 1723
Samuel SHAW of Plimpton and Desire SOUTHWORTH Apr. 21, 1731
Benjamin GURNEY and Sarah MORSE Jun. 14, 1731
Elkanah SHERMAN of Dartmouth and Margaret PITTS Jan. 16, 1731
Combs BARROWS and Mary DWELLY May 29, 1732
Samuel THOMAS and Lydia RICHMOND Jun. 9, 1732
Nathaniel RICHMOND of Taunton & Alice HACKET Nov. 2, 1732
Thomas RAMSDALE and Mary PEIRCE Nov. 2, 1732
Eleazer LYON and Bethiah ALLEN Jun. 27, 1732
Jotham CASWELL and Mary RENOLDS Jan. 11, 1732
Timothy ROGERS and Damarus MACUMBER of Taunton Jan. 31, 1732

Source: Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior To 1800 As Found On Ancient Court Records of the Counties of Middlesex, Hampshire, Plymouth And Bristol, Third Book, Edited by the Rev. Frederic W. Bailey, B.D.

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