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Worcester Massachusetts Marriage Records - 1800

Transcribed by Matthew Tooley

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Worcester was settled in 1674. Oct. 15, 1684, "It was ordered that the plantation at Quansigamond be called Worcester and that the town brand mark be as illustrated in the record." Mass. Rec., Vol. V, p. 460. Incorporated June 14, 1722. A city, Feb. 29, 1848. First (Congregational) Church organized 1716. Friends, 1735. Clergyman mentioned: Rev. Thaddeus Maccarty.

Note. Of the two old books in the office of the Worcester County Clerk, containing early marriage records, this includes all to be found scattered about in the first book. A copy of the other book has been carefully made for reference, and is on file with the Bureau of American Ancestry, P. O. Box 587, New Haven, Conn.

It is hoped that at some future time this also may be published uniform with the present work.

Source: Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior To 1800 As Found On The Official Records of Worcester County, First Book, Edited by the Rev. Frederic W. Bailey.