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1860 Jefferson County Mississippi Mortality Schedule

Deaths occurring from July 1, 1859 through June 30, 1860.

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NameSexAgePlace of BirthMonth of DeathCauseNo. Days Ill
Armstrong, WilliamM16MSDecUnknown3
Brown, James O.M38OHAprTyphoid Fever28
Coleman, MarthaF17MSJanConsumption8 mos.
Cox, William M.M45MSMayTyphoid Fever21
Darden, CarrieF19MSMayTyphoid Fever20
Donoho, RobertM38MSJulyIntemperance3
Drake, Benjamin M.M60NCMayHeart DiseaseSudden
Dunbar, OliviaF74MDDecTyphoid Fever14
Mayberry, Walter B.M1MSAprN/A8
McGruder, SusanF87MDAugOld AgeSudden
Scott, Henry T.M31MSOctTyphoid Fever7 wks
Spandan, CharlesM38BavariaJuneSuicideSudden