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New Hampshire
Revolutionary War Association Test
Town of Boscowan

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WE, the Subscribers, do hereby solemnly engage, and promise, that we will, to the utmost of our Power, at the Risque of our Lives and Fortunes, with ARMS, oppose the Hostile Proceedings of the British Fleets, and Armies, against the United American COLONIES.


Joseph Hoit
Moses Morse
Moses Burbank
Moses Call
Jesse Flanders
John Flanders
Daniel Noyes
Benja Day
Joseph Atkinson
Moses Burbank, Junor.
Saml Atkinsen
Daniel Peterson
Jacob Flanders
Eben Hidden
Daniel Sheprd
Winthrop Carter
Benja Rolfe
John Elliot, Junr
John Muzey
James Garies
Jedediah Danford
William Danford, Ju.
Jonathan Coser
Samuel Burbank
Enoch Gerrish
Silas Call
Mikl Sargent
Simeon Jackman
Mossse Call
Simeon Atkinson
Joseph Pearson
Friend Little
Edmund Chadwick
Moses Manuel
Daniel Richards
Asa Corser
Edward Gares [Gerrish]
Bitfield Plumer
Nathaniel Gookin
Samuel Ames
Jonathan Atkinson
Daniel Clark
Nathan Corser
Robie Morrill
Thomas Gorden
Jereh Hidden
Caleb Merril
Benjamin Couch
John Knowlton
Henry Gerrish
Isaac Pearson
Samll Davis
Ezekiel Flenders
Thomas Eliot
John Jackman
Emos Flanders
Jesse Flanders, Junr
Samuel Coser
Stephen Gerrish
Moses Jakman
John Morrill
Joseph Gerrish
Thomas Bedel
Willim Welch
David Burbank
Timothy Eastman
Joseph Flanders
John Couch
Moses Morss, Jur
Samuel Jackman
David Corser
John Corser
John Manuel
David Carter
John Stevens
Thomas Corser
Peter Kimball
Robart Elliot
Saml Danford
Joseph Muzzy
Isaac Noyes
William Danford
Peter Coffin
John Bowles
John Corser, Juner.
Capt. Stephen Gerrish
Enoch Little
Joseph Bean
George Jackman
John Urann
Cutting Noyes
Joseph Eastman
Samuel Clifford
John Hale
James French
Benjamin Jackman
Samuel Muzzy
Peter Resewell Stevens
John Hsley
Oliver Fowler
John Bowles, Jun.
Nicholes Elliot
Nathaniel Atkinson
Nathan Davis
John Fowler
Samuel Agaton
George Jackman, Jur
John Elliot

To the Honourable Councel and House of Representatives for the Collony of New Hampshire or Committee of Safty.

This may Certify that the within Declaration Have Been offred to the Inhabitants of Boscawen and unanimously Signed Excepting one (viz) Aaron Flanders Refused to Signe the Same.

June 3 1776	George Jackson, Jr	}
		Cutting Noyes		} Selectmen
		John Elliot		}

Source: "Miscellaneous Revolutionary Documents of New Hampshire, Vol. 30 State Papers Series", Albert Stillman Batchellor Litt. D, Editor of State Papers, Manchester, NH Printed for the State by the John B. Clarke Co. 1910.

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