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New Hampshire
Revolutionary War Association Test
Town of Conway

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WE, the Subscribers, do hereby solemnly engage, and promise, that we will, to the utmost of our Power, at the Risque of our Lives and Fortunes, with ARMS, oppose the Hostile Proceedings of the British Fleets, and Armies, against the United American COLONIES.


John Osgood
John Dollof, Junr
Enoch Webster
William Merrill
Leonerd Harriman
Enoch Merrill
John Dollof
Jacob Walden
Richard Eastman
Jas Harrold
Abiather Eastman
Amos Merrill
Benjaman Farnum
Thomas Russell
Benoni Cory
Jeremiah Page
Robt Harrold
Jedidiah Spring
David Page
Barnes Hazeltine
Joshua Heath
Thomas Chadbourn
Abraham Colby
John Pendexter
Humphery Emery
Enoch Emery
Vere Royse
Stephen Coffin
Josiah Dollof
Natll Smith
Jams Huntriss
Jeremiah Farrington
Andw Mcmillan
Hugh Sterling
Ezekiel Walker
William Knox
Thos Merrill, Junr.
Joseph Odell
Ebenezer Burbank
Timothy Walker
Thomas King
Ebenezer Farnum
John Willson
Abiel Lovejoy
Benjamin Osgood
Thos Merrill
William White
Joseph Thomson
Joseph Colby
Humphery Emery
Nathanel Hariman
Antony Emery
Benjamin Copp
Richard Jackman
Christopher Huntress

To the General Assembly or Committe of safety for the Colony of New Hampsheir

We have Agreabel to the within Request Desired Every man that is twenty one years of age within this town and the Locations ajoyninge to set their names to the within instroment Excludeing such as ware orded to be Excluded in the Request and Every man has accordingly signed.

Conway June the 9 1776	David Page	} Select
			Joshua Heath	} Men

Source: "Miscellaneous Revolutionary Documents of New Hampshire, Vol. 30 State Papers Series", Albert Stillman Batchellor Litt. D, Editor of State Papers, Manchester, NH Printed for the State by the John B. Clarke Co. 1910.

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