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New Hampshire
Revolutionary War Association Test
Town of Henniker

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WE, the Subscribers, do hereby solemnly engage, and promise, that we will, to the utmost of our Power, at the Risque of our Lives and Fortunes, with ARMS, oppose the Hostile Proceedings of the British Fleets, and Armies, against the United American COLONIES.


Jacob Rice
Thomas Pope
Alexander Whitney
Amos Goold
Elijah Rice
Charles Whitcombe
David Pope
Eliakim How
Jonas Alexander
Asa Putney
Nathl Joslyn
Abel Gibson
Ezekiel Stone
Samuel Farizel
David Campell
Thomas Howlett
James Joslyn
Joseph Willams
Ephraim Morrill
Jesse Ross
Thomas Townsed
Phinies Ward
William Clark
Jonas Bowman
William Powers
Ebenezer Harthorn
Ezekiel Smith
Alexander Patterson
Moses Smith
Timo Gibson, Junr
Joseph Lewes
Joshua Heath
Samll Wadsworth
Francis Withington
Jacob Whitcomb
Benjamen Whitcomb
Reuben Whitcomb
Uriah Ansden
Daniel Rice
James Peters
John Pudney
Otis How
Eliphelet Colby
Thomas Stone
Benjm Clark
Isaac Gates
Timothy Ross
William Heath
Stephen Spoldin
Timothy Gibson

Those Person Refuse to Sign the within Decliration are under Whriten

Joseph Kimball, Esqr
Joshua Kimball
Wm Chabers
Sam Marison
Ezra Tucker Present Leut
Josiah Ward Cap.
Serjant Hethe
Thomas Stone, Ju.
Benjn Currier
Moses Powel
Netheniel Merick
William Kimball
Corol Samll Kimboll
Aaron Estam
Noah Gile
Ebenr Heramon Preasent Ensn
Moses Huse
Robard Camball
James Dusten
Aaron Adams Cap.
Jonn Basford
James Stone

			Jonas Bowman		} Selec men
			Sam Wadsworth		} of Heniker

Source: "Miscellaneous Revolutionary Documents of New Hampshire, Vol. 30 State Papers Series", Albert Stillman Batchellor Litt. D, Editor of State Papers, Manchester, NH Printed for the State by the John B. Clarke Co. 1910.

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