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Assessors, Rochester, New Hampshire, 1738-1816

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Assessors were first chosen in 1738. In 1818, it was voted not to choose assessors, and in 1819 Jonathan Dame and James Tebbets were chosen, but afterwards excused from serving. Since that time to the present the selectmen have been the assessors, except in 1844, when Nathaniel D. Wetmore and Thomas McDuffee were appointed. The following is a complete list of assessors in Rochester:--

Assessors - Rochester, New Hampshire, 1738-1816

In addition to the regular assessors as given above, the following were chosen to take inventories of ratable polls and estates. In 1767 pasture lands are specially mentioned, and it was voted "that the pasture land should be taxed as the law directs, and what will pasture a cow be four acres."

In 1859 Richard T. Rogers, John F. McDuffee, and Stephen Shorey were chosen to make a new valuation of all real estate in town.