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Selectmen, Rochester, New Hampshire, 1763-1841

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From 1727 to 1751 selectmen were chosen by the proprietors. Afterwards their meetings were called by their clerk "per order of committee", or on petition of proprietors. The town first chose selectmen in 1737. The following is a partial list of the selectmen of Rochester from the incorporation of the town to the present time. In 1740, '44, '62 there were five chosen. The names are missing for the years 1782, '84, '96, '1800, '01, '03, '04, '07, '08, '09, '24, '26, '27, '29, '36 and '44.

Proprietors' Selectmen

Town Selectmen

* To fill out term of John McDuffee, he having gone to the army.

Prior to 1878 the selectmen had charge of the check-list, with full power to regulate the same according to their own judgment under the law. Under the revised Constitution special supervisors of the check-list are required to be appointed representing both parties. These have been chosen as follows:--