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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley


Birth Records, Town of Auburn

Cayuga County, New York

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Jan. 10		Emily L.		Lansing and Hannah Fiero
Jan. 11		Hellen I. 		Thomas and Sarah Gutrick
Jan. 12		Mary Elizabeth		Charles and Rhoda Ann White
Jan. 14		Ellen Miles		Daniel W. and Mary Bristol
Jan. 17		Mary E.  		John C. and Henrietta M. Ivison
Jan. 17		Jesse 			Curtis and Sally J. Stevens
Jan. 20		Frances A.		Isaac and Elizabeth Gaskel
Jan. 22		Herbert W. 		John and Sarah Rising
Jan. 24		Catherine M. 		James and Alice Brydon
Feb.  1		Sarah Ann 		Phineas and Elizabeth Stone
Feb.  2		Henrietta 		William and Sarah Trowbridge
Feb. 10		Ann 			George Rising and H. his wife
Feb. 10		John  			Nelson and Mary Rounds
Feb. 15		Ann			John and Mary Richardson
Feb. 11		Harriet J. 		Harvey and Mary G. Palmer
Feb. 16		Elijah  		Platt and Harriet Squires
Feb. 17		Mary 			Samuel and Sarah Dale
Feb. 20		George			Curtis and Emily Harkness
Feb. 22		Mary J.			John and Mary C. Woodworth
Feb. 22		Robert E.		David and Aurelia Nisbet
Feb. 27		Melissa 		Saul F. and Charity Elmira Hawes
Mch.  1		James 			George and Sophia Jones
Mch.  4		Unnamed 		Peter and Susan Rydenburgh
Mch.  9		Olive Maria		Clark and Jane Ivan Mastin
Mch. 10		Eliza			John and Sarah White
Mch. 15		Ann E.			Moses and Diadema Barron
Apr.  3		James Egbert		James M. and Jane Gale
Apr.  4		Jane			John and Margaret Freeland
Apr.  6		Caroline		William H. and Emeline VanTuyl
Apr.  8		Valentine		Charles A. and Harriet Hyde
Apr. 10		John 			Timothy and Charlotte Row
Apr. 11		James A.		James and Margaret Kelley
Apr. 12		John			John and Maria Hicks
Apr. 15		Mary E.			Hugh and Roxy Ann Wilson
Apr. 19		Harriet			Alva and Mary F. Fuller
Apr. 22		Martha Ann		Daniel and Mary Parkwood
May   5		Georgianna		Jesse and Fanny Egleston
May  14		William			Jacob and Sarah Brown
May  15		Ann M.			D. M. and E. M. Keeler
May   8		Frances			Jacob R. and Lucinda How
May  16		William 		Robert and Maria Blakely
May  17		Eliza Ann		David and Alice Burnham
May  29		Helen			John W. and Jane Loving Jenkins
May  30		Elisha D. 		David and Mercy Patchen
May  21		Emily 			Horace and Clarissa Gilbert
Jun.  1		George 			William and Mary Dean
Jun.  4		Unnamed			David and J(?)enette Namuel
Jun.  4		Rebecca			Thomas and Mary Hudson
Jun.  5		Jane 			Thomas and Eliza Kern
Jun.  7		John			John and Rebecca Stewart
Jun. 19		Charles			Isaac and Eliza Chatterson
Jun. 13		John V.			Robert Jr. and Catherine Nisbet
Jun. 18		Cora Eliza		Horace G. and Harriet N. Van Anden
Jun. 20		Henry			Francis and Susanna Cossum
Jun. 21		Mary			Edw. and Margaret McCabe
Jun. 21		Margaret		William B. and Mary Smith
Jun. 22		Caroline		Herbert and Rachel Vinay
Jun. 22		Abby M.			George C. and Abby Williams
Jun. 22		Mary C.			Henry H. and Sarah E. Cooley
Jun. 27		John			Robert and Elizabeth Bell
Jun. 28		Hellen J.		John and Eliza Jones
Jul.  2		Jane			George and Jane Abbey
Jul.  4		Lewis C.		Preston S. and Sarah E. Barr
Jul.  6		William			Daniel and Anna Dyer
Jul.  7		Lavissa A.		William and Margaret Remington
Jul. 10		John			Zebulon and Diana Holmes
Jul. 10		John			John and Peddy Clingan
Jul. 11		James			William and Mary Delaney (Negro)
Jul. 11		Josephine  		Levi and Ann Slater
Jul. 13 	Harriet Amelia		Nathan and Harriet Amelia Burr
Jul. 13		Louisa M.		William and Henrietta How
Jul. 23  	Anna			Jerry and Bryan Sullivan
Jul. 23		George			Alex and Phebe Henry
Jul. 25 	Catherine		James and Margaret McCarty
Jul. 25		James			William and Mary Pickerill
Jul. 28		Mary			L. and Hannah Ball
Jul. 28		Georgianna		Theodore and Martha Curtis
Jul. 28		Sabel			John and Sarah Hopper
Jul. 31 	Thomas H.		William and Mary Wilsterholm
Jul. 31		William			Michael and Mary Leddy
Aug.  2		Mary			Benjamin F. and - Hall
Aug.  2		Charles			M. and Margaret Tanner
Aug.  4		Mary			William and Abigail Pool
Aug.  5 	Benjamin		Benjamin and Harriet A. Tucker
Aug.  7 	Martha			Henry A. and Eliza Haney
Aug. 11		William Francis		Wm. Augustus and Sarah V. Claudius
Aug. 14		Unknown			R. G. and Caroline Wynkoop
Aug. 21		Mary			Henry and Eliza Smith
Aug. 25		Jane			W. and Lydia Rock
Aug. 25		Jane			Paul D. and Lydia Ann Cornell
Aug. 28		Eliza M. Brown		John and Mary Brown
Aug. 29		Sylvester       	Myron and Malvina Cowell
Aug. 29		John			Zeba and Ann Leland
Sep.  5		Edwin			S.and Mary Van Burgduff
Sep.  6		Henry Cook		Hermon and Jane H. Woodruff
Sep.  6		Charles Cushman		Charles and Sarah W. Bagley
Sep. 13 	Jane 			Albert and Jane Shepherd
Sep. 13		Edwin S. 		Richard W. and Sarah A. Jones
Sep. 14		Mary Ann		Thomas and Bridget Carter
Sep. 16		Emily A.		William and Jane W. Giffin
Sep. 19		Charles Gamewell 	Charles and Charlotte J. Taylor
Sep. 23		Valentine		Calvin C. and Mary A. Clemence
Sep. 23		Ellen A.		Andrew and Harriet S. Bankson
Sep. 30		Charlotte		David and Caroline C. Romer
Oct.  2		Ann			John and Mary Adams
Oct.  2		Jane			Daniel and Margaret McGarr
Oct.  6		Henrietta White		William and Elizabeth Lidden
Oct.  6		Charlotte A.		Emery and Dorcas Bruce
Oct.  7		Alethia			John M. and Sarah Ann Austin
Oct.  7		Helen Amelia		Perry and Cordial Cooper 
Oct. 13		Elizabeth		Henry A. and Emily VanAnden
Oct. 10		William L.		William and Hannah Hopkins
Oct. 10		James			Lewis and Margaret Clancy
Oct. 13		Gertrude		Henry M. and Lydia B. Stone
Oct. 18		Isaac J.		Isaac A. and Jane Bennett
Oct. 25		Isabella		Thomas and Anna Mallison
Oct. 28		Emeline Lucinda		William and Elizabeth Sunderlin
Oct. 29		Anthony H. Furmin	William and Mary Furnim
Nov.  7		Anna F.			David and Anna Shaw
Nov. 10		John			Orin and Mary Burdick
Nov. 15		John F. Loughborough	Barton and Margaret Loughborough
Nov. 16		Eugene P. 		Peter and Jane Todd
Nov. 17		Jennette		William and Agnes Crawford
Nov. 18		Edwin Mills		Henry A. and Margaret Nelson
Nov. 20		Frank M.		James C. and Larachie W. Derby
Nov. 27		Unnamed			Charles and Harriet White
Nov. 29		Unnamed			Mrs. E. Carr
Dec.  1		William David		Hezekiah and Helen Mastin
Dec.  9		Sophia			James H. and Maria M. Bostwick
Dec. 10		William H.		William and Jane Gibbs
Dec. 11		Mary Jane		William and Eliza Roberts
Dec. 12		Winifred S.		George and Hannah M. Rumril
Dec. 15		Charles			Patrick and Anna Heany
Dec. 20		John E.			Thomas and Maria Battams
Dec. 24		Unnamed			William and Susan Everetts
Dec. 24		Unnamed			Stephen and Caroline Ball
Dec. 31		Susan E.		Henry and Hannah Taylor (Negro)
Dec. 21		Abigail Maria		James and Catherine Maria Frey

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