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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

1847 - 1849

Birth Records, Town of Aurelius

Cayuga County, New York

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Sep. 28		David E.		William and Mary Eggleston
Mar. 22		Mariah E.		Chester and Harriet Hoskins
Aug. 10		Charles H.		Charles and Sarah Wolvin
Dec.  9		William			William and Phebe Bills
Feb. 18		Walter			Philander and Huldah Nye
Nov.  7		Mary			Alexander and Mary Hoosac
Feb. 17		Clarissa Jane		Charles D. and Rebeca Belden
Feb.  4		Andrew			Henry and Asamanth Wolweaver
Mar. 24		Rachel M.		Charles and Sarah Jackson
Jun.  2		Edwin			Levi and Elizabeth Morse
May  16		Harvey			John H. and Harriet Cady
Aug.  9		Harriet A.		Elias M. and Olive M. Landen
Nov.  5		Julia Ann		Jonathan and Julia Ann White
May   7		Mary			William and Sarah Brown
Jun.  6		George W		Joseph and Mary Todhunter
May   8		Daniel E.		Elias and Hannah Baldwin
Mar. 31		Mary J.			Lewis and Maria Baker
Feb.  5		John			Henry and Mary Dowen
May  13		Mary J.			Mortimer and Lucinda Arnold
Aug. 27		Robert			William and Lee
Jul.  8		Mary			Owen and Catherine McGrain
Feb.  8		Effy Ann		Henry and Eleanor Shank
Apr. 25		Margaret		Thomas and Mary Rogers
Aug.  6		Unnamed			James and Polly Culver
Feb. 23		Josiah M.		Harrison and Elizabeth Lamb
Oct. 15		Stephen			Stephen and Mary Cornwell
Feb.  2		Maryella 		Allison and Rosaline Hoskins
Nov. 14		Clarence D.		John B. and Mary Ann Shank
Nov. 17		Samuel Jr.		Samuel and Margaret Hall
Nov. 10		Unnamed			Nelson and Frances Beardsley
Oct.  4		Unnamed			Albert and Melinda Kelsey
Dec. 31		Unnamed			James and Harriet Adams
Aug.  7		Charles			William and Adaline White
Aug. 18		Albert J.		George and Mary Breed
Jul. 25		Chester			William L. and Betsey Ervin
Nov.  9		Georgianna		James H. and Aurelia C. Sackett
Dec. 29		Unnamed			Lyman L. and Julia Rogers
Apr. 15		David E.		David and Mary Stone
May  28		Mary			Stephen B. and Mary Harlow


Feb.  1		Charles Francis		Charles and Sarah Foster
Feb. 14		Byron C.		Christopher and Ellen Trumphant
Feb. 27		Sarah J.		Cornelius and Susan Feek
Feb. 22		Charles E.		Elijah and Eliza Gould
Mar. 26		Charles T.		Charles and Mary Jane Coffin
Mar. 29		Samuel P.		David and Charlotte Brown
Apr.  4		Mary Eliza		William and Mary Ann Johnson
May   8		Allice Elizabeth	Joel F. and Deborah Davids
May   3		Catherine Ann		Robert and Eliza Dean
May   3		Unnamed			Samuel and Margaret Poter
May   6		Edwin W.		Edwin and Charlotte West
May  16		Allice M.		Edmund R. and Maria Garton
Jul.  9		Caroline Maria		William A. and Phebe Jane Townsend
Jul. 11		Ruth			Hiram and Deborah Depew
Aug. 20		Unnamed			David and Louisa Phillips
Aug. 25		Annett			James H. and Harriet J. Crofut
Aug. 29		Louisa Jane		Wafford and Jane Warrick
Oct. 19		Marion			William and Susanna Smith
Oct. 29		Mary Ann 		Timothy and Julia Murphy
Nov. 18		George E.		Elbridge and Mary Ann Green
Nov. 26		John			Michael and Ellen S. Bassett
Dec. 15		Sarah			Thomas and Jane Henry
Dec. 16		Anna B.			Henry S. and Jane Dunning
Dec. 14		Unnamed			Ransom and Elizabeth Olds
Dec. 19		David Jr.		David and Elizabeth Baker
Jan.  3		William			Henry and Aramantha Woolweaver
June  5 	Erastus	       		John and Renny Woolweaver


Jan. 		Minerva Jane		Samuel and Harriett Demont
Jan. 		Unnamed			Richard Lynch and Wife
Jan. 		William A.		Thomas and Ann Smith
Jan. 		Unnamed			William Thompson and Wife
Jan. 		Charles E.		Lyman Rogers and Wife
Jan. 		Unnamed			Timothy Roach and Wife
Feb.  		Ella Jane		William and Elizabeth Bills
Mar. 		Unnamed			John G. and Matilda Taylor
Mar. 		Unnamed			John Nostrant and Wife
Mar. 		Unnamed			David Carier and Wife
Mar.		Daniel			John and Catherine Hoar
Apr. 		William H.		Volney G. and Rachel J. Case
Apr. 		Unnamed			George B. and RuthAnn Halleck
Apr.  		Frederick A.		Lewis and Maria Baker
Apr. 		Unnamed			Mortimer and Lucinda Arnold
May 		Wallace E.		John B. and Mary Ann Shank
May  		Unnamed			Henry E. and Susan Curtis
May  		Unnamed			John and Fanny Thompson
May  		Mary			Mr. and Mrs. Couts
May 		Unnamed			P.R. and Cynthia Fairchild
May		George C.		David and Mary Stone
May		Phebe E.		Hezekiah and Sarah ???
June		Ann Effie		Alando and Catherine McGraham
June		Elizabeth		Charles and Mary Knowland
June		Laura C.		James and A.C. Doty
June		Samuel Jr.		Samuel Fitch and Wife
June		E. Frank		Asa S. Cummings and Wife
June		Unnamed			Charles Hibbard and Wife
July		Susan			James and Mary Bedell
July		Unnamed			Caleb L. Candee and Wife
July		Theodore		Horace Willey and Wife
July		Isadore			Horace Willey and Wife
July		John			John F. and Jane G. Adkins
July		Jasper			Charles D. and Rebecca Belden
July		John			Jeremiah and Mary Gurney
July		Sarah Caroline		Gilbert and Fanny Goodrich
July		Onora			Husband Dead  Elen Joiy
July		Georgianna		James and Harriet Webster
Aug.		Alton D.		Dradorus S. and Betsey Westover
Aug.		Milton			Kinyon and Mary Prelman
Sept.		Percy			Elvelin and Almyra Purchase
Sept.		James			William and Lee
Sept.		Harnett Ann		Cornelius and Cornelia Elwood
Sept.		Harriett Eliza		William and Sally M. Dickinson
Sept.		Nathan			Stephen B. and Mary Harlow
Sept.		Allen			Jonathan S. and Elvira Manro
Oct.		William			William and Mary Ann Thompson
Oct.		Unnamed			I. G. Maw and Wife
Oct.		Unnamed			Daniel Neil and wife
Dec.		Albert H.		Lorenzo and Sarah Lombard
Dec.		Unnamed			William A. and Phebe Jane Townsend

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