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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

1847 - 1848

Birth Records, Town of Brutus

Cayuga County, New York

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Jan.  1		Frances Amelis		John and Sally Ann Carsell
Jan. 17		Hulbert Natamon		Eathen and Malissa Lampher
Feb.  4		No name given		David and ___Cole
Feb. 18		Irene			Isaac and Phebe Hoyt			
Feb. 18		Harvey Allen		Amos b. and Sally Ann Stevens
Feb. 22		Margaret Angeline	John and Roxanna Travers
Feb. 26		Amelia			George and Abigail Nestle
Mar.  6		Martha E.		Caleb and Jane Adelia Jones
Mar.  3		Julia			Joshua M. and Elizabeth Bidluct?
Mar.  9		Leroy			Lewis and Caroline Crim
Mar. 21		Lewis			Morgan and Cornelia McCartha
Apr. 22		Sarah A.		Benjamin I. and Celisha A. Bucklin
Apr. 25		Willia			Daniel and Sarah Crim
May  11		Betsey Jane		Rinslar and Eliza Miller
June 11		Harriet			Chester and ___ Hitchcock
July  2		William Alexander	Alexander and Mary Jane Jones
July  8		Franklin		Edwin and Martha Crim
July 10		Jacob. M.		William and Margaret T. Vannie
July 20		Amelia Ann		Ezeakle and Eliza Ann Patten
July 20		Unnamed			J. and Sarah Ann Bryant			
Aug. 28		Unnamed			Oliver and Rebecca Watterman
Aug. 29		Levia			Daniel H. and Lauree Moore
Sept.12		John			Lyman and Deborah Sales
Sept.19		Florence		William and Louisa L. Faatz
Oct.  2		Jennett A.		James and Elizabeth Howard
Oct.  8		Elizabeth		Orlando and Caroline Barker
Oct.  9		Ransler			Illeg and Betsey Jane Miller
Oct. 16		Unnamed			George and Rachel Herrington
Oct. 18		Unnamed			Nathan Holcon and Wife
Oct. 19		Unnamed			John and Mary Donley
Oct. 20		Ellis			Robert and Ann Bosnett
Oct. 26		Mary Louise		Richard and Phebe Jane Dean
Oct. 18		Unnamed			Nathan and Jane Hubbard
Oct. 26		Eliza I.		Eson and Eliza St. John
Oct. 17		Bibbins			John W. and Lydia Ann Bibbins
Oct. 29		Unnamed			Luke and Rebecca Ranney
Nov.  4		Lewis P.		Charles and Lucinda Moorehouse
Nov. 10		Catherine		Edwin P. and CAroline Townsend
Nov. 16		Unnamed			John and Elizabeth Alexander
Dec. 12		Allis			Morgan and Sarah Mosher
Dec. 16		L. Haml??		Dexter and Mary S. Havens


Apr.  4		William Henry		George and Louisa Lamphere
Jul. 23		Harriet Amelia		Almond and Margaret Lamphere
Sep. 12		John Henry		Edward S. and Catherine Skadden
Oct.  1		Zeno			Orlando and Mary Remmington
Nov. 17		Elizabeth Amelia	Charles and Mary Cook
Apr. 24		George Henry		Thomas and Eliza Petrie
Jul. 28		Laura			Daniel B. and Mary K. Baldwin
Sep.  7		Charles			Charles and Emily Rowley
Oct. 22		Hanah			Mattec and Christian Kendle
Sept.20		Nancy M.		Joseph and Sally C. Beard
Aug. 19		Lydia Idelle		Harvey and Sally H. Daniels
Jan. 10		Henry			Rex and Ordelia Beldin
Feb.  9		Milton			Orlando and Catherine Barker
Apr. 12		George			Adam and Rilla Papage
Jan.  5		Mary Ann		Simon and Mary Ann Bristol
Feb. 15		Adison			David and Lorry Moors or Moons
Oct. 14		Augusta			Samuel and Hannah White
Apr. 25		Daniel			Daniel and Abigail Moores

Note:  Copy sent Feb. 23, 1849 for previous year 1848 gives
the following:  15 males  16 females- John Moores, James Brown,
Mark Casner, James Henderson, Francis Batchelor, E.W. Turner, 
Jason Rude, Thomas Bentley, M.E. Brisbane, Ebenezer Taylor, 
Alexander Jones, Clark Jacobs, D.C. Rude, Margaret Babcock, 
Geo. Colbert (Twins), George Nestle, John Radford, Ben. Hasbrook, 
N. D. Caldwell, Oliver Combs, James M. Bryant, Lewis Moores, 
D. E. Havens, Richard Dean, William Hines, Adolphus Ridgers, 
Nathan Hubbard, Syulvester Alexander, William Richards, 
A. D. Hendrickson, James Lutts.

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