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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

1847 - 1849

Birth Records, Town of Cato

Cayuga County, New York

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June		Delia			Ezra and Electa Stone or Stowe
July		Isaac Newton		Alonson and Joana White
Nov.		Ruth Helen		William and Fanny Jewell
July 15		Sarah Clementine	Joseph and Anna Cowell		
Feb. 26		Stillborn		Miles and Eunice Mott
Dec.  3		Samuel E. B. Abott	Miles and Eunice Mott		
Oct. 29		Stillborn		Moses and Martha Gilbert
Aug. 25		Catherine Ann		John and Nancy Palmer
Oct.  5		William Henry		William and Betsey Jane Morgan
Oct. 29		Jane			Baxter and Eunice Goodrich
Nov.  3		William Lewis		Robert and Ruth Blair
Sept. ?		Charlotte Adela		John and Mary Ann Carncross
Nov. 27		Sarah Hellen		Lewis and Sally Ann Carncross
June 11		Marion Elizabeth	Samuel and CAroline Matilda Wells
Aug.  7		Sarah Ann		George and Sarah Forward
Dec. 22		Marion Matilda		Isaac and Margaret Everts
Apr.  6		Phebe Maria		Archibald and Clarinda Chase
Mch. 12		Erastus			Lorenzo and Mary Palmer
June  5		William J.		John and Eliza Jane Armon
Mch.  3		Orville			Lewis and Mary Ann Donius
May   4		James L.		James and Almire A. Hickok
Jun. 27		Grove L.		Carter B. and Anstus A. Hickok
Jul. 25		Austin R.		Stephen C. and Sarah Terry
Jun.  8		Gilbert W.		James and Rhoda Ann Chase
Sept.15		Asenath			Parsons P. and Asenath Masham
Oct. 15		Lorin H.		Henry and Jane Cornell
Aug. 30		Elizabeth		Walter and Jane Higgins
Dec. 13		Ann			Oscar and Ann Britton
Dec. 13		Betsey			Salmon and Betsey Harris
Jan. 23		Clarissa Ann		Luke and Rebecca Prine
Nov. 16		Unnamed			Luke and Polly Ferris
Apr. 16		Julius			Andrew and Catherine Cappernoll
Apr. 26		Mary Jane		Stephen and Hellen Maria Bentley
Mch.  4		Albina			Fletcher and Fanny Hunter
Apr. 10		Melissa			Isaac and Austin Buck
June  3		Jerome			Samuel M. and Caroline Marble
June  8		Harry S. 		Sebastian and Philinda Putnam
Nov.  3		Charles			Jacob and Hannah Putnam
Nov. 15		Rosabell		Henry and Luna Bradt
May  15		Mary Amanda		James N. and Mary Ann Hansburgh
Aug. 10		Lucy P.			Benjamin and Miranda Wright
Oct. 21		Mary Elizabeth		Geroge and Harriet S. Lockwood
Dec. 21		Maria			Isaac H. and Susan A. Cogswell
Dec. 27		William			William and Lydia Burk
Nov. 30		Elfrida Florila		Reuben and Adeline Avery
Feb. 19		Melvin			William and Sarah Root
Apr. 22		Anthony Erwin Freer	Samuel A. and Louisa Botsford
Mar.  5		Hiram J.		David C. and Asenath Follett
Mar. 25		Eldon B.		Baxter and Sarah A. Doty
Aug. 20		Adelia Ann		James M. and Elizabeth Abels
Jan.  1		Caroline		John and Phebe Ann Daralt
Jun. 21		Oscar			Ambrose and Minerva Daralt
Jul. 13		Emma Cordelia		Solomon and Phebe A. Jewell
May   5		Joel			Jabez and Mary Ann Rhoads
May   2		Charles M.		Samuel P. and Sarah Ann Gray
Sep. 19		Harriet Elizabeth	Peter and Elizabeth Griggs
Jul. 20		Unnamed			John and Anna Hunt
Nov. 21		Unnamed			John and Rebecca Ann Forman
Oct. 17		Unnamed			Richard and Anna Norris
Oct.  5		Ann Eliza		David N. and Mary Ann Follett
Nov.  1		Unnamed			Robert and Ruth Blair
Aug. 10		Mary Josephine		Jacob and Mary G. DeWitt
Oct. 24		Elizabeth		Zimri and Thankful Jane Weaver
Nov. 23		Julia Annette		William and Julia Ann Merritt


Jun. 20		Unnamed			Christian and Phebe Fink
Jun. 28		Unnamed			Lawrence and Catherine Churchill
Oct. 17		James W.D.		Jeremiah and Mary D. Waters
Aug. 23		Elinus ?		Jacob and Samantha Mills
Sep.  5		Unnamed			Henry and Mahala Bevere
Oct. 25		Emily			James and Jane Bennett
Mch.  5		Unnamed			Robert and Louisa Gallt
Sep.  1		Unnamed			Alexander and Anna Thomas
Jul. 10		Unnamed			Robert and Maria Bayles
Mch.  6		Amon ?			Sylvester and Maria Farnum
Mch. 26		Harvey			Nelson and Catherine Roudy
Mch. 28		Elizabeth		Nathaniel and Betsey Townsend
May  22		Marien			Asa and Sally Crosman
May  26		May V.			John and Mary Leland
Jan. 14		Evelin			Norman and Mary Ann Blake
Mar.  1		Lucius Adelbert		Jacob B. and Margaret Relyear
Apr. 26		John Henry		John and Louisa Anthony
Dec. 14		Miles C.		Hiram and Louisa Everts
July 16		Sarah Ann		Jacob and Maria A. Doty
Apr. 17		Emily M.		Edwin E. and Catherine Dudley
Apr. 20		Theodore		Theodore R. and Charlotte Trimly
Mar. 13		William			William and Acenith Cooper
Mar. 26		Sarah Maria		Jeremiah and Margaret Hollenbeck
May   9		Carlos Bacon		John M. and Salome Shotwell
May  29		Emily Julia		George W. and Susan Mead
Jul. 12		Albert D.		Victor M. and Unice Wheeler
Aug.  7		Edgar Benedict		Peter and Susan Ann Shaw
Aug. 15		Mary Emily		William G. and S. Amelia Hubbard
Oct. 13		Polly W.		C. H. and Clarissa Hollister
Oct. 15		Frances A.		Paul and Frances Smith
Oct. 22		Hannah L. 		Davis R. and Mariah Conger
Oct. 23		Mary E.			Abram and Adaline Lynx
Nov.  5		Susan			Charles and Susan Ann Colton
Dec.  2		Frances			Pheneas and Frances Sawyer
Feb. 10		Theodore		Tolen and Abby Jerolmon
May  30		Betsey Ann		Abram and Barbary Ann LaDue
Jun. 29		Thomas			Oliver and Dianah Palmer
Aug. 15		Joseph Albert		Joseph and Amanda Lamphere
Mar. 15		Catherine Isora		George W. and Harriet Clark
Nov. 12		Lantha			William and Loisa Cornell
July  5		Robert Edgar		James and Margaret Bloomfield
July  2		Mary Jane		William G. and Catherine Sturges
May  25		Eliza A.		William and Eliza Slater
Sep. 12		John B.			Thomas B. and Ann Wiles
Mar. 28		William Henry		Richard and Isabel Stevens
Jul. 15		Edwin			James and Louisa Acker
Mar.  6		Sarah L.		Alvin R. and Lucila Stone
Mar. 29		Ann Electa		Nelson P. and Fanny Burke
May  21		Lydia Jane		George and Nancy A. Lincoln
Sep. 27		Edgar			John and Harriet E. Lawrence
Sep. 27		Henry Nelson		Benjamin and Rosina E. Hoyt
Dec.  2		Adelbert		Alfred and Nancy Parsol
Dec.  4		James 			Samuel and Dorcas Mills
Mar. 20		Seth Laroy		Willard and Polly Stone
Apr. 23		Smith Adelbert		Henry and Helen Auch Moody
Oct. 13		Altha			Richard and Maria Ladue
Aug.  7		Louisa			Isiah and Isabella Hallet
Jan.  7		Lorena			John V. and Lucy Daratt
Apr. 20		Alis R.			Norman and Betsey Sturges
Aug.  2		Unnamed			Eneas and Julia Ann Greenfield
Aug. 12		Adaline M.		John and Julia Frances Mills
Oct.  9		Charles Orlando		John and Betsey Jane Welch
Jul. 27		Emma			Sally Marie Olmstead
May   8		Sally Ann		Matthew and Sally Corwin


May  10		Unnamed			Anson and Julia Ingham
Aug. 13		Ugene			Samuel and Louisa Bothsford
Jul. 25		H. M.			Lorenzo and Alzine Beebe
Nov.  9		Allis Z.		Lewis and Sally Carnecross
Apr. 15		Hulbert			William and Jane Bonker
July 13		Amos J.			Solon and Rebecca Shurtleff
Dec. 20		Charles Jr.		Charles and Sally Henry
May   9		Mary L.			Olmstead and Louisa Gilbert
May  16		Elen C.			Ezra and Electa Stow or Stone
Mch.  2		Delia F.		John and Ruth Jewell
May  15		Elizabeth		Isaac and Elizabeth Schumerhorn
Jun.  3		Matilda D.		Jeremiah and Mariette L. Brown
Aug. 12		Unnamed			James M. and Elizabeth Abels
Jun. 11		Ambrose			Daniel C. and Asenith Follet
May  10		Joseph D.		Henry and Hepsey Perkins
Sep. 14		Lionel A.		Baxter and Sarah Ann Doty
Feb.  6		Joanna			Alanson and Joanna White
Jun.  8		Baxter			Preston and Emily Thompson
Jul. 22		George			Samuel P. and Sarah Grey
May   8		Unnamed			William and Lydia Mills
Jan. 18		Caroline D.		J.B. and Belinda Waldron
Jul. 31		Unnamed			Nathaniel and Mary E. Townsend
Dec.  9		Frances E.		Samuel and Ann sheldon
Dec. 28		Ellen			Perry and Margaret Wheeler
Nov. 17		Hellen			Richard and Isabel Stephens
Aug.  7		Jane Ann		James and Mary Ann Flensburgh
Dec.  5		Unnamed			G.W. and Harriet Clark
Apr. 21		Lewis			Philo and Nancy Rockwell
May  20		John			Daniel S. and Polley Parker
May  28		Albert R.		John? and Mary Cornell
Oct. 25		William			John J. and Abigail Jerolman
Oct. 27		Daniel			George and Christian Quakenbush
May  21		Hattie Ann		Stephen L. and Hattie Marie Bentley
Apr.  9		E.E.			Carter B. and Austis A. Hickox
Mch.  2		Ella A.			Nelson E. and Lovina VanScoy
Apr. 25		George Albert and C.E.	Albert G. and Almira Wheeler
May  27		David			Chauncey and Mary Jane Rockwell
Jun. 13		Henry			Nicholas J. and Susan VanPatten
Jun. 20		Judson H.		Theodore and Charlotte Timby or Trimby
Jul. 26		A.C. (female)		Garet V. and Eliza Peak
Aug. 14		Sarah A.		James and Rhoda Ann Chase
Sep. 14		Conrad			Richard and Lovina McNiel
Sep. 28		Mary			Francis and Elizabeth Nipper
Oct. 18		E.H. (female)		Samuel and Maladine Goodyear
Oct. 27		Ennet (female)		Philander and Lucy Whitmore
Dec.  1		Margaret		Elias and Mary Ann Whitmore
Dec. 19		A. W. (male)		Henry and Sally Ann McGregory
Dec. 22		O. H. (male)		L. G. and Matilda Appleby
Dec. 25		Andrew			Robert G. and Margaret Kimball
Dec.  1		Unnamed			Henry and Lunyann Bradt
Aug.  3		James Oren		Caleb B. and Sally Parmer
Dec. 27		Unnamed			Randolph and Catherine Hooper
Jun.  1		Emison			Samuela and Caroline Marble
Jul.  5		Harriet Viola		John and Liza Ann Arnon
Jul. 10		Anice Gilbert		Robert and Hannah Bayles
Nov.  1		Unnamed			Moses and Martha Gilbert
May   9		Unnamed			William and Eliza St. John
Oct.  2		Eliza			Miles and Eunice Abbott
Dec.  5		Unnamed			Jabez and Mary Ann Rhoades

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