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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

1847 - 1849

Birth Records, Town of Conquest

Cayuga County, New York

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Jan. 18		Ira Jr.			Ira and Susan Youngs
Jan. 13		George Edwin		Richard and Aseneth Emerson
Feb.  1		William Edwin		Cornelius D. and Ervilia Earl
Feb. 21		James Ira		Leonard B. and Lydia L. Courtright
Mar. 17		Emma O.			Morgan and M. Grant
Mar. 23		Edgar A.		Preston A. and Charlotte Chafee
Apr.  9		Maner			Ballard Jefferson and Polly Thompson
Apr. 16		Stephen Eaden		Stephen and Polly Willson
Apr. 20		Jacob			Jacob and Leona Crounse
Apr. 23		Harriet Mariah		Ruben and Emeline Fuller
Apr. 25		Manson			Moses and Betsey Robertson
May   7		Harry C.		Hardy and Geralden Coul
May  23		Julia			John and Abigail Bosler
May  15		Homer Lockwood		Losie and E. Rumsey
May  31		John H.			Elias and M. VanNocking
May  16		Sarah			Thomas and Jane Cooper
May  15		Unnamed			Sidney and Harritte Haley
June  9		Ellen A.		Lorenzo and C. Reynolds
June 20		L. ?			James and M. Parcel
June  9		Hannah			Jaramiah H. and Esther A. Christian
June 22		Winfield S.		Daniel and Charlotte Lucas
June  8		Mariah			Ira B. and S. Gutchens
June  8		Samuell A.		John L. and Elizabeth Vananthorp
July  2		Mary E.			George A. and Mary Starks
July  2		Emily			Libo and Eliza Colins
July 30		Mary Augusta		David and Jane Legg
July 27		Albert			John and Mary Hateman
Aug.  3		Unnamed			Isaac W. and Eliza Shepard
Aug. 29		George VanOlondy	Mary Square (illeg.)
Sept. 7		Cornelia		Ransom and Jane Gates
Sept.25		High M.			Hugh and Ann Crowell
Sept.29		Caroline		Loren T. and Ann Coulman
Sep. 11		Dudley B.		James and Broxey L. Petty
Oct. 13		Danie J.		Henry and L?H? Wolford
Nov.  8		Lucinda			Achable and Margaret Wilks
Nov.  8		Andrew M		John and Hannah Krom
Nov. 25		Jesse			John and Betsey Braxton
Dec.  4		Unnamed			Homer and Caroline Holcomb
Dec.  4		John S.			Michael and Eliza Blass
Dec. 24		George			Nolton and B. Scott
Dec. 30		Unnamed			Sylvanus and Polly Moon


Jan.  8		Isaac A.		Isaac and Harriet Dodge
Jan. 15		Charity E.		John and Louisa VanBlaricum
Jan. 20		Raymond J.		Allen G. and Mary J. Titus
Jan. 24		Anna Perilla		Edward and harriet Burgduff
Feb.  3		Eliza Ann		Andres and Barbara VanDeWater
Feb.  7		Hellen N.		William N. and Harriet L. Babbitt
Feb.  8		William			Adam and Julia Cooper
Feb.  9		Hannah Ebb		Hiram and Lena Crowell
Feb. 25		Malinda			Earl W. and Malinda Court
Mar.  5		Alfred			George and Elizabeth Coleburn
Mar.  5		George			George and Elizabeth Coleburn
Mar.  6		Cora			Daniel and S.A.Starks
Mar.  9		Rosalinda V.		John A. and A.J. Hunter
Mar. 14		Elizabeth H.		Jacob and Mariah N. Van Auken
Mar. 30		Henrietta		Jesse and Mariah Bell
Apr.  2		Nancy Jane		Joseph and Nancy Slayton
Apr.  5		Emma			John and Margaret Ann Hamilton
May   3		Edwin			Charles B. and Fanny Howell
May  18		Daniel			Lyman and Jane Pinckney
May  22		Mary Ann		John J. and Mary Ann Cooper
May  23		Charlotte E.		William and Hannah Petty
May  28		Harvey S.		Albert G. and Eveline Chapel
Jun. 20		Aaron J.		Joseph H. and Elizabeth Treat
Jun. 30		Rosetta Meramda		Charles W. and Catherine Scot
July 14		Leonard			Ezra L. and Jane McWithey
July 31		Mary A.			Seneca and Gitty Everts
Aug.  4		Fanny Jane		Garret and Samantha Windover
Aug. 10		Rodney			--- and Eliza Knapp
Aug. 13		Polly Lucretia		Henry and Polly Wood
Aug. 17		Reuben Augustus		Samuel and Sintha Caswell
Sep.  7		Hellen			Rolan and Barbara Holcomb
Sep. 11		Berthana		john S. and Berthana Wilson
Sep. 19		Archibald		Aaron H. and Arvilla Carr
Oct.  2		Peter			Levi and Lois Brooks
Oct.  3		Peta			Jacob S. and Ann Haws
Oct. 10		Joseph Henry		Joseph and Phebe Ann Hufman
Oct. 12		Marinda			Orange and Adeline Starks
Oct. 19		Unnmaed			William S. and Sarah E. Worthington
Oct. 26		John Henry		Daniel and Catherine Loveless
Nov.		John			Zachariah and Margaret Blass
Nov. 12		John			Philip and Ann Klahler
Nov. 19		Unnamed			Manly T. and Mary J. Treat
Dec.  3		Unnamed			Geroge W. and Louisa Miller
Dec. 26		Unnamed			Barnabas and Permelia Wood  


Jan. 23		Jane A.			Jeremiah and Amy VanAuken
Jan. 23		Helen C.		Norman and Phebe J. Loveless
Feb.  1		Thomas J.		Daniel and Charlotte Lucas
Feb.  4		Dexter			Samuel C. and Jane Wood
Feb.  4		Martha			John and Betwey Brayton
Mar.  3		John			Alexander and Nancy Bush
Mar. 27		Volney E.		Ephriam and Demarias Woodworth
Apr. 11		George L.		Cornelius D. and Arvilla Earl
Apr. 21		Sarah E.		Lacy and Eleanor Rumsey
May   8		Clarence A.		Richard and Asenith Emerson
May   9		Arsetia and Permelia	Peter and Mary Jane Lemon
May  16		Elisa J.		David and Jane Crownee ?
May  18		Catherine E.		William and Hanah Cummings
May  31		Elizabeth		Hiram and Caroline E. Crownee
June  6		Eleanor			James and Christiana Cooper
June  8		Elnoir			James and Elsie A. Van Tasch
June 16		Charles D.		Zachariah and Mary Aldrich
June 23		Unnamed			James and Melissa Parcels
June 23		Hanah			Andrew and Louis Morehouse
July  2?	Phebe			Hiram and Clarissa O'Byrne
July 24		Helen L.		John and Elizabeth VanAntwerp
Aug.  4		Mary E.			Charles and Betsey Goodele
Aug. 15		Unnamed			Giles and Jane Phelps
Aug. 20		William E.		Ransom and Jane Gates
Sep.  2		Mary A.			John and Anna Carter
Sep.  3		William W.		Lewis and Elsie D. Hammond
Sep. 10		Charles S.		Elias and Margaret Cooper
Sep. 11		Jeremiah		John and Eleanor Crownee
Sep. 13		John			David B. and Jane Rumsey
Sep. 18		Hariet P.		Stephen and Minerva Burgdurf
Oct.  2		Zachariah		Timothy and Catherine Beebe
Oct.  1		Unnamed			Jacob and Anne Eliza Crownee
Oct. 16		Unnamed			Hiram and Elizabeth Lake
Nov.  2		Horatio			Joseph and Charity Ballard
Nov.  8		Alonzo			Henry and Phebe J. Cooper
Nov. 23		Martha			Archibald and Margaret Wilks
Nov. 23		William			Charles and Maria Miller
Dec. 12		Charles D.		Conrad and Martha Pickard
Dec. 12		Jacob O. 		Peter and Annis Carle
Dec. 14		Unnamed			David and Maria Gutchins
Dec. 25		Unnamed			Otis and Betsey Dodge


Jan. 22		John			Jefferson and Polly Ballard
Feb.  6		George			Geroge M. Pitt and ---
Feb. 18		George Stewart		Harry J. and Ann Eliza Wilcox
Feb. 20		Rhoda A.		Edward and Evaline Belknapp
Mar. 14		Ida Stewart		John and Hannah Krum
Mar. 23		Cornelia Ann		Earl W. Court and ---
Apr. 22		Roselinda		Robert and Lucina Miller
Apr. 22		Mary Jane		Gideon and Polly Granger
Apr. 27		Unnamed			Sylvester and Maria Lawson
May  11		Henry E.		Philip and Ann Keelaher
May  16		Calvin Eugene		William and Harmony Brown
May  16		Phebe Jemima		William and Hannah Petty
May  26		Ann K.			Charles and Sarah Carman
June 21		Salina E.		George and Mary Ann Parsell
June 23		Martha Jane		Silas Lincoln and ----
July 13		Alvaretta		Abram and NancyJane VanPelt
Aug.  1		Cecelia E.		Peter D. Betsey A. Blass
Aug. 26		William Bryant		Alexander B. and Catherine Phelps
Sep.  3		Unnamed			Hiram and Lena Crowell
Sep. 18		Calista M.		Charles W. and Catherine Scott
Sep. 17		Nilan			Louisa Dodge (illig.)
Sep. 21		Theron E.		Rosel and Ann Treat
Sep. 20		William			William H. and Jane VanTasel
Sep. 27		Francis D.		Ephriam and Emeline Arnold
Oct. 14		George L.		Reuben Fuller and ---
Nov. 28		Canfret'd ?		Horace and Lydia Ann Jerrod
Dec.  3		Francis M.		Almeron and Laura M. Snyder
Dec.  5		Unnamed			Henry and Polly Wood
Dec. 15		Unnamed			Thomas J. and Lucy Callayton
Dec. 16		Unnamed			James and Eley Ann VanTasil

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