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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

1847 - 1849

Birth Records, Town of Fleming

Cayuga County, New York

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Feb.  1		Charles			Charles and Sarah Grey
Feb.  7		Sarah Jane		Artemus and Eunice Reed
Feb. 11		Godfrey			Richard and Mariah Gregory
Feb. 20		Eliza			John and Hannah Mosher
Apr.  8		John Wesley		Philip and Caroline Craver
July 12		W. Clark		Whitcomb and Harriet FArnsworth
July 16		Eugene			Marcus and Helen Holland
July 21		James Edwin		Edw. and Elizabeth M. Kelley
Aug. 16		Chauncey Edwin		Jeremiah and Caroline Simon
Aug. 19		Susan			Smith and Mary Anthony
Sep.  2		John			Lucas and Malisa Brunson
Sep. 22		Jacob			Jacob and Hannah Millis
Sep. 31		Edwin Winslow		Calvin and Jane H. Leach
Nov.  8		Stephen			Francis E. and Caroline Thornton
Nov. 14		Heman L.		Charles and Esther Kilmore
Nov. 14		Caroline		Israel and Mariah Taylor
Nov. 27		Mary Melissa		Josiah B. and Sarah Chatfield


July  4		Thomas Jefferson	John and Mary Perkins
May  29		Mary Frances		John F. and Harriet Sturtevant
June 27		Martha 			Thomas and Margaret Shannon
July  8		Ann			Andrew and Eliza Ennis
July 24		Julie Ann		Elijah H. and Caroline Meritt
Oct. 15		Lemuel C.		Erastus H. and Sophia Wheeler
Oct. 17		George W.		John and Hannah Mosher
Oct.  3		Harriet L.		Godfrey D. and Phebe F. Walker
Feb. 28		Zackery Taylor		John and Jemima O'Hara
Aug. 14		Mary E.			Harry and Sarah Spangler
March		Clary Annett		John and Caroline DeGroff
June  1		Mary J.			Lef? and Ann G. Shaw
Feb. 25		Elen C or G.		DeWitt C. and Juliett Simons
May  27		Harriet J.		Silvester and Emeline Riley
Oct. 17		Thomas J.		Thomas and Catherine Willis
Oct. 23		Devid P.M.		William M. and Hannah Chatfield
Nov. 27		Sarah			Alanson M. and Sarah Clark
Feb. 28		Sarah E.		Daniel b. and Amanda Hale
June 23		Charles Munson		George and Annie Post
June 30		John			Hanry and Cornelia Farnum
Oct.  6		Edwin Nelson		Edwin M. and Jane Mariah Perry


Jan.  9		Isaac			Israel and Fidelia Farmer
Apr.  4		Margaret E.		Jacob and Betsey Post
Apr.  9		John J.			Phylup and Julia Huslum
Apr. 14		Sarah E.		George and Rhoda Jones
May  10		Mary			William and Catherine Osborn
May  13		Anna E.			Wheaton and Mary Leach
June 12		Margaret		William and Bridget Delano
June 12		Albert E.		Hiram F. and Hannah M. Ingraham
June 16		Charles E.		Frances E. and Caroline Thornton
Aug. 18		William H.		Albert and Rachel Howe
Aug. 30		Elizabeth		William and Rosetine Beach
Sep.  1		Ellen L.		Charles and Luch Gould
Sep. 14		George			William and Helen DeGroff
Oct. 11		Alanson B.		DeWitt E. and Juliaett Simons
Oct. 14		Lorena ?		Israel and Mariah Taylor
Oct. 24		Edgar			David and Carolyne Myers
Nov.  9		Unnamed			Calvin and Jane Leach
Nov. 25		Henry P.		E.T. and E.A. Baker

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